Benefits of Becoming A Pag-IBIG Fund Member

It’s a deplorable fact: A lot of Pag-IBIG Fund Members, especially the employees, are not aware of the benefits they can derive from becoming (forcibly, since it is mandatory) a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund. For some, getting a payroll deduction for Pag-IBIG contribution is an automatic acceptance of something that is unavoidable -– no questions asked, no complaint unless the net salary is already far too low to even pay for electric bill. After all, there must be some deductions to the salary just like Income Tax, SSS or GSIS, right?

Well, since you are already at it and since it is an inescapable fact that you (and your employer) will be deducted with Pag-IBIG contribution, wouldn’t it be good also if you know where your money is going and what you are getting in return? After all, that’s still your money.

Here, we’ll discuss the three benefits you can get by participating in Pag-IBIG Fund. This is applicable to any member of the Fund : employees, OFW’s under Pag-IBIG Overseas program, and voluntary members alike.

If no one has explained this to you in the past, please read it carefully and share it to any Pag-IBIG Member whom you care about.

Okay, without so much talk, here are the three basic benefits you can get from being a member of Pag-IBIG.

  • Housing Loan
  • Short Term Loan
  • Provident Savings

That’s it. Only three benefits so far and you need to remember and understand those. Detailed explanation of each one follows next.

Housing Loan — This is perhaps the most popular program benefit of the Pag-IBIG Fund. Any member knows a little bit about this. In fact, the mere mention of the term “Pag-IBIG Fund” almost always translates to Housing Loan.

One of the mandates of Pag-IBIG Fund is to be of assistance to the public in providing cheap financing for their housing needs. Pag-IBIG accomplishes this by working in partnership with the local Real Estate Developers and arranging affordable loans to real estate buyers (Pag-IBIG members).

An affordable loan means lower interest rate compared to the prevailing rate in the market and payable in longer terms. At the time of this writing, Pag-IBIG Fund offers a home loan at a low interest rate of 6% (for PhP 400,000 loan) with a loan term of up to 30 years. A qualified member can get a maximum loan amount of up to 3 Million Pesos.

Short Term Loan — Just like SSS and GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund also offers financial assistance to qualified member by granting short term loan.

There is a Calamity Loan for members affected by unforeseen calamity like flood, fire, volcanic eruption and other similar cases. There is also a Multi-purpose loan that you can use for whatever reasons: financing a micro-business or buying the latest toy you have been dying to get.

So, the next time you need money, before asking from your friend (who has every doubt if you can ever pay him back), try your luck at Pag-IBIG Fund.

Provident Savings — This is something that a lot of members are not aware of. If you are one of them, pay attention to this part.

Another way of looking at your contributions to Pag-IBIG is to consider it as your savings, which you can withdraw at maturity date. Pag-IBIG Fund makes it very clear that your contributions, plus that of your employer will earn dividend. Now, you can get all that money, called Total Accumulated Value (contributions plus dividend), when it reaches maturity.

Unlike the money in a bank regular savings where the interest rate is given, your earnings in Pag-IBIG is not readily foreseen ahead of time. In other words, you are essentially participating in an investment and your earnings will depend on the overall performance of that investment.

Speaking about Savings under Pag-IBIG Fund, you may also want to check the Pag-IBIG II Program, which is another investment option from Pag-IBIG and is available only to its members.


This article on the Benefits of Becoming Pag-IBIG Fund Members is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • Jesus M. Manalastas

    Good day,

    Currently i am work here in the state of Qatar, i would like to ask regarding my previoue contribution. how can i verify my contribution? starting 1992 or 1993 up to 2005, my employee in the philippines they will pay and cut into my salary but did not give a pag ibig number. according to them the SSS number are using to pay my contribution.

    please let me know how to verify so that i will continue my contribution after i received my pag-ibig number and previously contribution.

    Thanks & Regards

    Jesus M. Manalastas

    • admin

      Hi Mr Manalastas,

      Please proceed to any Pag-IBIG Office and request for a hard copy of all your contributions. The report should reflect your Pag-IBIG Number. Please take note that this will usually take around a week.

  • Josephine A. Sanoy


    I’m glad that I’ve read this article.
    I’ve learned that my contributions can be treated as savings (plus dividend) but how will I know the maturity date of my contributions?


    • admin

      Hi Josephine,

      I am about to write an article about the maturity date or how to take your money out. But here is a short answer:

      1. A total of 240 contributions will cause your account to mature. That’s roughly 20 years!
      2. When you retire from employment.

  • Benjamin A. Malate

    Good Day!

    I went to Pag-IBIG yesterday to verify my contributions but then they said I can get the results in “1 YEAR”. This is my first time to verify my contributions and same case of MR. Jesus Manalastas I have no Pag-IBIG IDnumber too. I was planning to loan to buy a house maybe next year. Is it really a 1 year process just to verify my contribution?

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and more power!
    Benjamin Malate

    • admin

      Hi Benjamin,

      That’s overly stupid if it will take them one year. Maybe you should talk to the head of that branch and have him explain why it would take that long.

  • Jocelyn

    Good day,

    I was a member of Pag-IBIG when I was still working and living in the Philippines but when I resigned and came to the US, I stop my Pagibig membership and got my contribution. Is there still any posibility for me to get my membership back? If so what are the requirements? I have a dual citizenship. Also can I apply for a housing loan even though I am not a member anymore?

  • arlene bael

    i want to know my monthly contribution in pag-ibig. and i want to know my paibig no.

  • may mirasol

    hi.i just want to know my pagibig number coz my previous employer did’t gave me any informaaion but as far as i know i already fill out the form. my bday is march 19,1989. and wat/s the pagibig hotline?tnx

  • Marlon Rendon Morales

    i want to know the maturity of contribution?

    • admin

      Hi Malou,

      Please check this article.

  • Vicente Marco

    I am a member of Pag-ibig since 1991 and I availed of early retirement from government service in 2005. After working abroad for 4 years, I came back and worked in a private company. When I started working, I gave my old pag ibig membership number where (I hope) they credit my payments. My plan now is to pay the gap that I was not able to pay after retirement until the day my new employer started paying again to complete the number of contributions or months and in due time get back my contributions.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Vicente Marco

    Can I fill in the contribution gap?

  • Maryln V. Pacho

    i want to know my monthly contribution in pag-ibig. and i want to know my paibig no. My birth date is January xx, xxxx. (Note: Date has been removed by admin. You don’t need to share that information here.)

  • Mildred M.Pabilando

    Good Day!
    Currently i am working here in Saipan , I would like to ask regarding on how to apply or be a member of Pag-ibig Plan.I already working for almost 7 years here in Saipan. I heared that we have office here of Pag-ibig Loan before.But sence we dont have Pag-ibig representative here now.I really want to know how to apply becouse I also want to avail housing loan too.

    please let me know how to get application to be member and how much the membership amount.Also if posible to be a member here.Pls let me know where and how to diposit my monthly contibution.
    Thank you very much..

  • Lorrie Mae

    Good day!
    I resigned from my work due to illness. Unfortunately i had a personal loan which i inquired last year. How can i pay for the remaining amount and how much do i have to pay including the interest. Do i have any options of how may i be able to pay for it?
    Thank you very much….

  • admin

    Mildred: You can apply from any Pag-IBIG office once you are here in the Philippines.

    Lorrie: You can always go to any branch and pay for it over the counter or issue a set of Post Dated Checks.

  • Maria Victoria S. Liwag

    I have a sister working in a private firm who died last month, she is also a member of Pag-ibig fund. What benefit can her beneficiaries get. Please reply.

  • http://pagibigloan&quity katherine yap

    if the price of the house & lot that we will loan is 2 million, how much will be the equity?

  • asunta

    Hi sir!! member po ako ng pop since 2005 tapos may buwan po na di ko nabayaran kasi nakalimutan ng kapatid ko magbayad kasi sya po naghuhulog quarterly di sya nakapagbayad ng due date pwede po bang mag backpay ako sa buwan na di nabayaran balak ko kasi pag bakasyon ko sa april gusto ko pong mag loan for lot purchase di kaya makaapekto ung bwan na di ko nabayaran?Sir advice me po..Maraming salamat and More power.

  • Cecil T. Ca-ang

    Hi good day. I would like to ask my PAG-IBIG registration number. Hoping for your immediate response Thanks.


  • Mercy Balla Mangulabnan

    hello sir,gusto ko pong malaman kung ano na ang status ng aking PAGIBIG FUND,member po ako since 1997,pero nagstop po ako for personal reason.eto po ang aking HDMF ID NO.1506-0174-5910.Gusto ko kasing ituloy.hoping for your immediate response…thank you very much, More power and Godbless..!!

  • http://n/a Neslie M. Rebares

    Goodday! I would like to ask my PAG-IBIG registration number. Hoping for your immediate response Thanks

  • ricojose

    elow po sir matanong ko lang po member po ako ng pagibig ng 4year ng dyan pa me sa pinas nag work but after 5 years n sumunod hindi n po nahulugad kc company ang naghuhulog ng pagibig ko at magbabakasyon galing africa po ako nito gusto ko po malaman ano dapat ko gawin para mahulugan uli ito at kung may penalty at para maka pag loan ng bahay na

  • contessa tadena

    seafarer po ako and approved naman po loan ko.ang SPA ko ay ang mother ko pero paalis na rin po sya going abroad.tuwing aalis po ako nag issue po kami lagi post dated check. pero dahil aalis na rin po sya this feb gusto ko po sana mag auto debit na lang sa atm ko kasi wala na po ako mautusan sa pinas pag alis ko ng march.galing po ako sa pag-ibig and sabi nila sa metrobank daw po puede ako pumunta para magpa auto debit. pero sabi ng metrobank hindi daw po puede un. ano po ba talaga ang gagawin ko.kasi worried ako dahil malapit na ako umalis. thank u po.

  • antonio soberano jr

    Member ako ng Pag-ibig since 1997 ngunit yong contribution payment ko ay hindi tuloy-tuloy. Yong unang Pag-ibig branch na member ako ay doon sa cubao at ang ikalawa naman ay d2 sa Coloocan hanggang sa kasalukuyan, may ni-loan po ako rati doon sa Cubao branch amounting to six thousand pesos ( P6000.00) ito po ay hindi ko nabayaran. D2 naman po sa Caloocan branch ay mahigit 2 1/2 taon na akong member at hindi po ako nakapag loan. Gusto ko po sanang i-lumpsump na ang pera ko dahil mag ma migrate na ako sa ibang bansa.

  • http://none nanette

    can i get my pag ibig contribution and my membership #???nanette e. de guzman

  • Nilsa

    pwedemag housing loan kahit me calamity loan pa ako na hinuhulugan?

  • emelita balnig

    15 years na ko nakapaghulog sa pag ibig then nag stop na ko sa work so stop na rin paghulog ko.pano ko maaavail yong provident fund na sinasabi na 20 years ang maturity ?do i need to pay for the remaining 5 years contribution to avail for it?

  • Ricardo

    to pagibig personnel,
    nakareceive na po ako ng approval letter from pagibig last october,2010 pero hanggang ngayon di parin natatakeout ang bahay. ang sabi po ng filinvest personnel ay dec,2010 pero hanggang ngayon wala paring inpormasyon na matatakeout na namin,,paano po ba ang process ng takeout na bahay e kung may pagibig approval na sya…,gaano po ba katagal ang process nito….ano po ba nag dapat kong gawin para maumpisan na naming matirahan ang bahay…..mag22 years na kaming naghintay,,,marami na kaming nagastos….hanggang sa nakarating na ako ng saudi……i hope na matulungan nyo ko……. thanks,,,,ricardo

  • Aita V. Dumdum

    Tanong ko lang po kun pwede pa po akong makapag-apply ng housing loan.
    Kasi po way back 2005 nag-apply po ako ng housing loan sa ALPHINEVILLE
    GENSAN ng bahay.Partial lang po ang naibigay kong downpayment at application form other than that wala na.Wala po akong balita after how many months.Kaya expected ko hindi na approve kasi nga kulang po ang requirements ko.Pero na nang mag-verify ako sa PAG IBIG my outstanding loan daw ako.Pero na settle na yun na buy back na.Kaya ang tanong ko na lang kung may posibilidad pa akong makapag-apply uli na housing loan?


    what are the guidelines to withdraw my savings contribution to pag-ibig fund when it reaches the maturity period of 15years. pls. response.thank you very much.

  • admin

    I’m sorry to hear about that. Pag-IBIG has a Mortuary Fund which you can claim. Plus, you can also
    withdraw all of her TAV in Pag-IBIG. Please get an assistance from the staff at Pag-IBIG.

    Most developers will required that you put at least 20% equity.

    There is no need to pay the missed payments. All you have to do it continue your present and future dues.

    An auto-debit arrangement is usually done at the branch. Please ask again your banker or other banks with tie-up with Pag-IBIG.

    Please go to the branch near you.

    Sure if it reaches maturity already.

    YOu have to settle that Calamity Loan first.

    You need to wait until the 20th year.

    I guess you can still apply.

  • grace

    hi im a member of pag-ibig, employed, can I apply for a business loan?

  • http://PagIbigwebsite fammy

    my Pag ibig will soon mature Apr 4, 2011 i want to know how much will i get just a rough estimate please. ive been contributing 100php per month since april 4, 1991. thanks

  • Victor M. Gutierrez

    Hi, good day. I am making this inquiry in behalf of my daughter who is presently working abroad. Prior to her employment abroad, she worked for a local firm, had remitted PagIBIG contributions and was able to secure a loan. Since she was “direct hired” no PagIBIG contribution is deducted from her income. How may we inquire on the outstanding balance of her loan and what are the requirements to reactivate her membership in the FUND? Thank you so much and more power.

  • haydz

    hi..ask lang po,,member kami (+husband) ng pag ibig last time kaso hindi namin alam yong numbers namin..gusto naming ipagpatuloy as a ofw kaso hindi namin alam kung saan kami pupunta para mag verify..thanks

  • John Lagman

    Hi Mam/Sir ask ko lang
    kung magkano dinededuct sa pag-big kada payroll 100 pesos lang b monthly or 200 pesos

  • admin

    Actually, it should be 2% of your gross salary, but the common practice is just 100 employee share and then the other 100 is contributed by your employer. That’s a total of 200.

    YOu can always have your representative go to the office of Pag-IBIG to request such information.

    You may, as her authorized representative with SPA, inquire it from the office.

    If you are employed, your monthly contribution should be around 200. Multiply that with the number of months (roughly 120 mos) plus you have to factor is the dividend of roughly 5% per annum. That’s a good estimate of your total TAV.

    Business Loan in Pag-IBIG is actually under the Multi-Purpose Loan. You may want to apply for the MPL instead.

  • juncil

    Im a seafarer currently im onboard and we only staying here for 2 days here in oregon state USA.malayo dw yung consul dito. ok na dw lhat ng mga documents kuna ini scan at pinadala sa asawa ko kso ang special power of attorney nlng daw problema dhil kailangan dw ng bacolod branch pag-ibig na dapat original ang form at original ang sign ko at importante my stamp dw ng consul. ngayon nag print ako ng original form n downloand at pinirmahan at ipadala nlng sa asawa ko.puedi bayon khit wlang stamp ng me with this pls. nkita n nmin yung ideal house and lot nmin.thank you

  • admin

    Maybe the Pag-IBIG Staff is not aware that you are a seafarer. Actually, you can simply have the SPA document notarized here locally in the Philippines.

  • juncil

    Thank you very much admin. nabuhayan talaga ako. regarding that sinabi na ng misis ko na seaman ako. peru kailangan daw talaga yung stamp ng consul. peru thank you talaga, pabasa kunalng to sa misis ko yung reply niyo at nang ma process na niya. thank you very much

  • Liz

    ask ko lang po yung tungkol sa maturity benefit sa Pag-ibig kapag naka 10 yrs continuous member.. paano po if nakalagpas ng 10 yrs kasi now ko lang nalaman yung tungkol dito… pwede pa po bang humabol? i’m on my 12th years member na sa pag-big and up to present employed po and still paying contribution… thanks a lot!

  • margie

    good day.., ask ko lang po kung panu malaman ung pag-ibig # ko? anu po mga process? when i was working my mga deductions po ako ng pag-ibig eh ndi ko po alam kung member ako,wala po ksing pinapirmahan na form sa amin.

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  • say


    I want to increase my monthly HDMF contributuion?Is this possible? How do you go about this process?Thanks!

  • admin

    For simplicity, the Pag-IBIG Fund has decided to put it at P200. But if you are qualified for a bigger amount on your home loan application, that’s the time you will be required to upgrade your contribution.

    You may want to personally check this at the Pag-IBIG branch near your place.

    Yes, you can even get it at 20 years. Please refer to this link:

    The last part of the article mentions about the time when you can withdraw your money.

  • acel

    Hi po,

    Ngpplan kasi ako mg kumuha ng house thru PAG-IBIG.
    Ngremit ako since 2005.
    When i went to UAE, nahinto ng 1 year ang contribution ko.
    Then ngpunta ako dito Doha, ngremit ako August 2010-December 2011.
    Ung lapses po ba nung 2009 Nov- July 2010 pwde ko bayaran?
    Sabi po kasi need nila continous na contribution.
    Or kailangan ko talaga tapusin yung continuous na 24months na contribution.

    Please help.

    Thanks much!

    Please help.

  • Mark Andrew


    I acquired a loan back in 2008 for a house and lot mortgaged for 30 years. The property is already turned-over to me and currently paying directly to Pag-IBIG. No one in my family want to settle down in the property and so I am thinking of reselling the property once more. Is this possible in Pag-IBIG? If yes, what is the process?


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  • http://houseloan Mary Ann

    Sa kinauukulan,

    Itatanong ko lang po kung paano maging memeber ng Pag-ibig, My sister who is a BAhraini citizen already but want to buy a house for her future retirement. Paano po kaya maging member?

  • admin

    Here’s is an old article on How to become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund. That’s for the voluntary membership.

    Yes, that’s possible. You can start by posting the property here on this website. Luckily for you, we offer a Free Listing service. Please check the Pag-IBIG Marketplace link for the details..

    Please take note that any missed contributions can’t be paid any more. All you can do it pay the current one and any future dues.

  • nestor

    hello to admin?
    ask lang po sana ako if magkano ang first loan sa OFW allowed npo ako for loan kc na reach kna ang 2 yrs and my monthly payment is 20 dollar a month…pwede ko ba malaman if magkano for my first loan?ty a lot and more power…

  • ian

    How may i know if I already have pag-ibig account, cause as I can see on my PaySlip, Pagibig and other stuff are being deducted on my Salary. Hope to hear response from you soon. Thanks

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  • Rey

    Last 1994 I had a housing Loan that was foreclose and that year I was not a PagIbig member.
    As a new member of POP, can I avail again another housing Loan?
    Thank you very much.

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  • dexter marayag

    gusto ko malaman ang proseso s lot purchase..kasi my location ako nkita at itoy for sale..pano po iaply tru pagibig…tnx anyway…

  • rodrigo madrigal

    im rodrigo madrigal working here in uae abu dhabi is my housing loan is approve its in blue ilse phs 1 in sta maria sto tomas batangas thnk good day

  • Edwin M Deligero

    Iverify ko po sana yung contribute ko sa pag ibig at gusto ko po sana malaman ang number ng pag ibig ko kailangan po kasi sa papasukan kong pabrika ngayon para po matuloy ko ang pag hulog sa pag ibig ..mraming salamat po.godbless us

  • marilou

    im a member of pag ibig pund last dec 2011 and im pay already for 2 years here in dubai..but i have pag ibig before in the philippines when i was working in garments in clark field pampanga last 2006 untill 2007 everymonth i pay..but in the philippines i used of my husband last name coz im a merried.. but when i come here in abroad i used my name when i was a that’s mean i have a two membership in pag ibig fund.. married before in the philippines and single here in abroad..what i do.. thanks god bless

  • admin

    If both accounts are for the regular membership, you can consolidate them.

    Please check it at the office/branch.

    You have to follow up it at the branch or from your developer.

    Please read this:

    Please remember that you are not allowed to take another housing loan once you had undergone foreclosure.

  • Cheryll Leus

    I want to ask if we can get the provident savings maturity even if we have an existing housing loan?

  • Cheryll Leus

    How can I consolidate my contribution now that I am married and using my husband’s surname and already employed in a different company to my contribution when I’m still single?

  • admin

    You can get a part of your provident savings but there is a schedule for it, so you need to check at the branch.

    To consolidate your records, please request it at the branch also.

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  • missy dhel

    ilang months po ba ang kailangan para makapagloan po sa pag ibig?

    • admin

      it’s 24 months minimum.

  • ditas cuizon

    I just want to clarify on the PAG-IBIG nos. that was given to me. I am a PAG-IBIG member since 1997. I previously worked in a private firm in the Phil. from 1997-2002. I stopped my contribution when I went abroad mid of 2002. By year 2007, I was given new PAG-IBIG no. when I had my PDOS in P.O.E.A. saying that the new no. will be as an OFW. By year 2011, I changed my employer and during my processing of employment docs in P.O.E.A, paying for PAG-IBIG became mandatory but the problem, even though I told the officer that I already have my PAG-IBIG no., they still gave me new no. So now I have 3 PAG-IBIG nos., one when I was working in Phil. and two nos. as OFW.
    My query is, (1) which no. should I use between the two OFW nos. given to me?
    (2) How about the contributions I made on all the PAG-IBIG nos., can I still claim?
    Please Advise.
    Thank you.

  • Cleotilde D. Olayres

    This is to inform that claims for retirement benefit quickly released but interest to contributed amount for years was not included. The amount claimed from Legaspi City branch was not cleared if the interest in Kamias ,Q.C. branch was included. Please facilitate reply ASAP. Thank you very much

  • Aldrin

    I’ve been a contributor for 2 years and stopped, applied to another company and started paying for another 10 years. I think the accounts were not combined or continued. Now, I’m resigned and wish to withdraw my contribution. I also have an outstanding loan. May I know if I’m qualified to withdraw the contribution. If I am, may I know the requirements? Thank you.

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