Why This Question Is Wrong: “Can I Pay The Whole 24 Months Contribution One-Time So That I Can Avail of the Housing Loan?”

Yes, that’s a wrong question and later I will explain why.

The main purpose of this article is simply to tell you not to ask that question from now on, because it’s a wrong question. Enough of that question. Period.

The Right Answer To The Wrong Question

We have received that kind of question several times and the answer has already been put at the FAQ Page of this website. You can go visit that page if you don’t want to read a lengthy explanation.

But since you are already here, heck, let’s answer that.

Maybe someone already told you that you can pay the whole 24 months upon membership and right there and then apply for a housing loan. That used to be possible. But the management of Pag-IBIG Fund found out that it’s been abused many times with some members doing it just for the sake of getting a loan.
And so they fixed the loophole. A new rule was implemented and it is not anymore allowed do it. In other words, if you are a new Pag-IBIG Member, you really have to be actively contributing for a period of 24 months before you can begin applying for a housing loan.

So Why Is It A Wrong Question?

The very question itself shows that the person asking is in desperate need of a loan. Unfortunately, just because you are desperate need of a loan doesn’t mean you will get the money. As a matter of fact, the odds are against you if you display such a behavior.

It’s a wrong question because:

  1. Pag-IBIG Fund Doesn’t Care If You Need A Loan.
  2. Pag-IBIG Fund Doesn’t Know You Yet.
  3. Pag-IBIG Fund Can’t Tell If You Have The Means To Pay For The Loan.

Okay, let’s tackle it one by one.

Reason #1: Pag-IBIG Fund Doesn’t Care If You Need A Loan.

One of the erroneous notions Pag-IBIG Members have is thinking that they are entitled to a loan. Unfornately, no. Just because you are a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund doesn’t mean you can apply for a loan any time and get the proceeds too.

Reason #2: Pag-IBIG Fund Doesn’t Know You Yet.

Most people who are asking such question are either not yet members or new Pag-IBIG Members. That means, these people have no proven records yet at Pag-IBIG. They are like strangers asking for a loan. They could be here now and gone the next day, who knows?

As a member, it is to your advantage if you maintain a clean, active and impressive record with Pag-IBIG Fund before you even attempt to apply for a loan. See to it that your records are updated and your contributions are up-to-date.

Reason #3: Pag-IBIG Fund Can’t Tell If You Have The Means To Pay For The Loan

Think about it. When you get loan, you are most likely to benefit from it and Pag-IBIG is taking a risk in granting you the loan. So to lessen the chances of making a mistake in granting the loan, and therefore losing money, Pag-IBIG has to make sure that they are giving it to the right guy — the one who has the means of paying the loan.

One of the ways Pag-IBIG checks for you are capable of paying the loan is by checking on your employment records such as employment history, contract of employment, salary, etc. So, before applying for a loan, see to it that your finances are in the right order.


This article is written by Carlos Velasco to help Pag-IBIG Fund Members understand the importance of the 24-month period of active membership to the Fund. The question is also among the most asked by the website visitors and with this article we at PagIBIGFinancing.com hope to make things clear for all Pag-IBIG Members.

  • http://www.worldstopjobs.com VPDJ

    Nice article! Very informative…

  • Joshua

    i’m almost 1 year in 6 months here in dubai, and before i left the country i have existing calamity loan? how can i know the existing balance and how much i need to pay because i want to settle it., can i pay it for monthly basis including the penalties for being late.., Please advice me what to do..

  • http://www.facebook.com/healthandbeautyneeds Miles

    I am a member of PAG-IBIG, how to update my contributions?

  • Arnold D. Espina

    Thanks for the very comprehensive & informative article, keep up the good work…

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Arnold,

      We appreciate your comment.

  • aldy pagkaliwangan

    Good day Admin, ive been reading almost all the post here, trying to know the answer on my case, but the result is futile or maybe i missed the specific article. so i decided to ask you this, Im a Pag-ibig member for almost 8yrs and actively paying my contribution regularly when im still in the philippines until last december 2009. so im here now working overseas, kaya na stop na un contribution ko since then, may i know if pwede pa din ako mag avail ng house and lot loan sa pag-ibig?,should i continue my contribution there thru my representative or should i need to be POP Member? this coming december will be my vacation kaya i can process my application.Please enlighten me what the best thing to do. Thank you very much…my email add: acpsafety@yahoo.com.ph

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Aldy,

      You simply have to reactivate your membership since you have been contributing for 8 years already. Once you are here in the country, please take time to attend the scheduled seminar so you will know the other details.

  • aldy pagkaliwangan

    Thank you very much Admin for the immediate reply. Nabuhayan ako ng loob akala ko kasi i still need to wait for another 2yrs to be qualify.I will update my contribution there in Phils. as soon as possible thru my mother as my representative and i will attend again the seminar on this coming december when i get home. So is that mean i don’t need to be a member of POP because im still an active member there in Phils.? wala din kc POP agency dito sa south africa(WORK AREA) where i can be a member and pay my contribution. Thank you again

  • aldy pagkaliwangan

    additional question po, ano po bang requirements dapat kung icomply, un sa ordinary PAG-IBIG member or un POP housing loan requirements? hindi pa kasi ako POP member dahil wala agency dito sa host country ko(south africa).thanks again.

  • baby yap

    Hi mabuhay!!
    i’ve been member of POP since June 2009,i understand that i have to pay my contribution for 24 months,and till then i can apply my housing loan!!
    ask ko lang sir kung ano pa po bng requirements ang kailangan like collateral,can u be more specific for that.God Bless

  • helbert

    thank you sir for the information you had written here actually i am not member of pag ibig but i’m thingking to ask the same question above because i’m interested to make a housing loan in pag ibig fund… thank you for the information… by the way sir can you provide me all requirements for membership in pag ibig? and send me a form to fill up my application just attach only to my email so that if i’m going to polo office here in qatar i have a smooth transaction of it without any delay… thank you… i’m currently here in qatar…

  • trizia

    hi po,
    ask ko lang po hindi na po pala pwede yung magbayad ka agad ng 24 months na hulog para maka-loan pero bakit po nung umuwi ako last sept. 15 yung tinignan ko po na bahay at nakausap ko yung agent eh sabi nya samahan nya daw ako magbayad ng 24 months na hulog..aware po ba yung mga agent sa bagong law ng pag-ibig?thanks po

  • nette vergara

    hi..i want to ask about housing loan po..i am a memebrr of local pag ibig more or less 5years, and i went abroad.and i am a member or POP. more or less 2yrs napo ngbayad ng contribution ko, ask ko din po sana kung pwede na ba akong mag apply ng loan?pauwi ako this coming may,2011.
    and 1mo.lang po ang vacation ko.kaya po ba lahat ng processing sa vacation time ko?thank you!

  • http://none ladio

    i want make investment like buy house and lot..so tell me what i do..pls..thx…

  • http://facebook.com,hotmail ESTELA I. GASPI

    dati na po ko memeber ng pag ibig since 2006,palipat po ko ng employeer ky d na consolidate ung contribution ko,ngayon po government employee ko as contractual.gusto ko po sana mag-apply for housing loan.paano po ba ang ggawin ko last time po ng verify po ko ng staus contribution ko dalawang lng na employeer ko ung updated,Ngaun po nakatira ko sa Pasig pwede po ba ko doon mgbayad para makumpleto ko po ung 24 months contribution.


  • Ferdie

    Hi!…Last December 2009 i paid the whole 12 months POP but before I do that I asked the Pag-ibig office personally if it is possible and they said it’s ok. So now December 2010 I am on my schedule to pay the next 12 months since they told me last year that it was ok to do that. So the question is it possible to take the loan lets say December 2011 if all my documents required are complete? You mentioned 24 months is not allowed to pay in one time, how about in my case which I have paid already one time 12 months. Please help me. Thanks.

  • jean manantan

    good day po…ano po ba ang complete requirements para mag member sa pag ibig..

  • webs

    gd pm..
    nasa riyadh ksa po ako, ano po ba requirements para maging member ng POP/pag ibig? thanks

  • lani

    inquire ko po, i became a pagibig member since Sep 2009, and this jan 2011 i want to avail pagibig housing loan but i only have 16 months contribution, possible b to pay the remainining months for me to avail?and if pde when can i pay the day before the seminar or during the seminar po? thanks po

  • elizabeth

    gud pm,
    since 2002 til 2006 may contribution po ako then nag stop kc nag resign me,then nag start po uli ako ng hulog oct 20009 as ofw,maka avail po ba ako ng housing loan?salamat

  • Jeanne

    Ask ko lng po panu ko po ma chechek kung ilang months n po ang nabayaran ko sa pagibig,I started like mar.2003-till feb 2005.tpos d n po ako nag hulog kc nag abroad n ko.may balak po kc me mag loan.thank you.
    More power!!!

  • datu

    d p po ako member ng pag-ibig,pro balak ko magmember ngayon s d2 s abroad bayaran yung 24mos.at ituloy ang hulog bgo ako mkauwi itong darating n aug.2011…pd n po b ako mka avail ng housing loan?

  • Dennis

    hi admin, itatanong ko lang po. meron po me nakita ipinag bibili na residencial lot. pwede ko ba applyan ito ng lot loan sa pag-ibig?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You can apply for POP when you are back here in the Philippines. Meanwhile, if you want to apply for a housing loan, you can do so with your regular Pag-IBIG membership.

    Baby Yap:
    Please read the details on Housing Loan and Multi-Purpose Loan. One is secured (with collateral) the other is not.

    Please refer to this link ==> Pag-IBIG Fund Membership Requirements.

    Yes, you can apply for a housing loan. But you need to re-activate your account. Please attend the seminar in your place once you are here in the Philippines.

    Please have them consolidate all your contributions. You can do this at any Pag-IBIG Office.

    Hi Ferdie:
    I think the rule was effective September 2010. Please check again with the Pag-IBIG staff.

    The rules have already changed. So have to be active for at least 24 months.


    Please proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office in your place and then request for them to consolidate your records.

    It’s possible. It’s a lot of hard work on your part though.

    • http://marygrace242001@yahoo.com grace

      Hi admin! i’ve been a member of pag ibig since 2008, april 2011 pa po last contribution q, kc nag stop aq sa work and nag bussiness na lng po,,,i am planning to apply for propose extension renovation,(nsa name q na po tittle ng house and lot) pd po b yun? if i co continue q po contribution q?

      thank you

      • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


        The first step is for you to reactivate your membership. Then after that, you can apply.

  • Rosario

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Pag-ibig member since before I became OFW. I want to continue my contribution so that I can avail my pag-ibig benefits as I want to apply for a housing loan. Could you help me on this. I’m currently in Abu Dhabi, please refer me to the right office here so that I can inquire and submit necessary documentation to update and continue my contribution.
    Yours sincerely.

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  • olivia pimentel

    hi matagal na po akong member ng pag ibig kaso matagal narin akong nag stop dahil hindi na ako nag wowork,pano ko po ma veverify if pwde ko malaman kung pumasok lahat ng contibution ko eh wla po akong document.

  • olivia pimentel

    one more pwde ba kong maka avail ng housing loan

  • thel

    gud day sir/madam:
    juz want to ask if we can avail a loan (400,000)if we’re going to back pay our 24 months contribution?
    we membered last year 2008, but we did not pay our contribution that year so we want to back pay it now and avail a loan if its possible.

  • jun


    Good day po,active member po ako ng Pag ibig na nag tratrabaho ngayon under ng isang cooperative organization., na assign po ako sa semiconductor company sa cavite,balak ko pong magloan, ang question ko is paano po ang pag pa file ng Housing Loan!? kasi base po sa orientation sa amin eh self employed po ang status namin sa Pag ibig since di raw po kami sakop ng DOLE but in a cooperative pero yung organization po yung nag re remit ng contribution sa Pag Ibig,please take note that i already have 56 contribution last time i checked & never pa akong nag file ng any loan sa Pag Ibig.Self employed po ba o employed pa rin ang filling ng loan,sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng Idea or Advice kasi po nag worry ako na ito ang maging dahilan ng pagka deny ng Loan Application ko.

    Thanks po & More Power

  • http://facebook.com Fernando Lumangyao

    active pag-ibig member po ako at nakatira sa antipolo city, nasira po ang bubong ng bahay namin sa bagyong pedring, maari po ba akong mag-avail ng calamity loan?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Sorry to hear about that. But yes you and your neighborhood may all apply for a Pag-IBIG Calamity Loan — that’s just a special kind of Multi-Purpose Loan. Please do it at the nearest branch.

    That’s very interesting… But if you are indeed considered as self-employed, you have to file as such.

    You can try, but there is no assurance of your loan being granted.

    You can reactivate your membership by simply paying your contributions anew.

    Please visit the Consular Office there in Abu Dhabi.

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  • nhez

    hi! member po ako ng pag ibig last jun2010…naglumpsum payment po ako ng 24months after nun di n ako nakapaghulog, dahil ang akala ko after ng 24 saka pa lang magmonthly pay ng contribution, after ko nun nagbayad nag aply ako ng housing loan nagsubmit n po ako ng requirements s developer ko at nakapagbayad n din s knila ng equity, til now wala pa confirmation un aply ko s pag ibig…since po new policy n ang pag ibig ngayon, mawawalan ba ng saysay yun hulog ko dun s lumpsum ko?

  • http://contributiongap Lorilyn P. Dayrit

    I have been a member of PAG IBIG since 2004. It so happen that I always shift job,fortunately I was able to consolidate my contributions but there are gaps of 2 months and 4 months. Can I still avail for a housing loan? or shall I wait for another 2 years to make a good record?

  • chrizel de castro

    hi admin.. i would like to ask on behalf of my 3siblings. Active member po kaming apat ng pag ibig for 2yrs and gusto sana namin magpatayo ng bahay . Meron po kaming property na ipinamana sa amin ng parents namin it’s a 5.6 hectares of land and nakapangalan po ito sa aming apat na magkakapatid. Gusto po sana namin mag avail ng loan sa inyo po pwede po ba yon na isang title lang ang gagamitin tapos kaming apat ang mag apply? Salamat po

  • Lian

    Hi ,
    May nkuha na po kaming bahay at matatapos na po ang equity nmin by Nov 2012. OFW po kami dito sa Qatar dalawa kami ng asawa ko . Dahil nga po na bago na yong rules ng pag-ibig we are on our 1 yr of actively paying our pag-ibig so we have remaining 12 months to pay our pag-ibig. Tanong ko lng? makaka avail po bah kami agad ng housing loan or hndi pa or after our 24 months of paying? . Ilang buwan po ang processing ng loan? at Ano po bah ang dapat nming gawin?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      It’s good that you already know the rules. You should coordinate with your agent/developer so they can assist you in your housing loan.

  • Gemarbie

    Greetings! I had been a Pag-ibig member since 1995 until 2007, when I left the Phils. to work abroad. Whenever I go back home for a vacation, I visit POEA & been paying certain amount for HDMF. The last payment that I had was 2010 before I went back to work in the US. Now, my husband (who had been a member of Pag-ibig also before he joined me in the US as my dependent) and I are planning to apply for a housing loan. I’m quite confused as to what steps we need to do in order to avail of the housing loan. My husband is going to the Phils. to process the requirements. And I would greatly appreciate your advice with regards to things to prepare on my part since I am the principal borrower and my husband as co-borrower.
    Thanks. -Gemarbie-