For Employees : How To Become a Pag-IBIG Fund Member?

Are you a regular employee who always wonder how that Pag-IBIG deduction got in to your pay slip? Or you don’t really care since it is as normal and as inescapable as the income tax?

This article shows you how to become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund if you are an employee here in the Philippines.

Pag-IBIG Membership For Employees

Earning at least P 4,000 a month? Thanks to Republic Act 7742, membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund has become mandatory for all employees covered by the Social Security System (SSS).

That’s right, all you have to show is you are earning a minimum of PhP 4,000 and you are working in a legitimate company, then you can be a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

As for employees earning less than P 4,000 a month, membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund is only voluntary.

So How Do You Exactly Become A Member Of Pag-IBIG Fund?

In most cases, you don’t even have to bother about it since your employer will file your membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund and remit your contributions on your behalf.

In a perfect world, everything is taken care of. In reality, that’s not always the case.

If your company won’t even bother, you can always be in control take the necessary steps yourself. This is especially true if you are considering getting a housing loan anytime soon. You want to show them that you have “perfect contributions” and is ready to take a loan.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Locate the Pag-IBIG branch that is nearest to your place of work. Usually, this is the regional office of Pag-IBIG Fund.
  2. Proceed to the Marketing and Enforcement Division of the concerned branch.
  3. Request for a copy of the Membership Registration/Remittance Form (MRRF).
  4. Accomplish and submit two copies of the MRRF together with the following supporting documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division:
    • Members’ Data Form (MDF)
    • Certificate of SSS Coverage and Compliance (for the current year), if private employer
    • GSIS Certificate of Membership, if government employer

Pag-IBIG For Employers

Yes, local employers are taking part in contributing to “your membership.” That’s why some of them (the small businesses, especially) feel a little bit itchy when complying to this mandate.

A problem arises when your company is not even a member of Pag-IBIG. (And this is not uncommon for very small business outfits.) In that case, here are some guidelines for employers.

  1. Accomplish two copies of the Membership Registration/Remittance Form (M1-1).
  2. Prepare the following documents (2 photocopies):
    • SEC registration or the company’s DTI and SSS registration
    • R3 and R1A forms (SSS registration and remittance forms)
  3. Present all documents (M1-1, Registration and SSS forms) to the Marketing Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office for verification (bring all originals for authentication). Secure a referral slip from the Marketing staff.
  4. Proceed to the office’s Cash Division for payment of the first monthly remittance.
  5. Submit the referral slip prepared by the Marketing staff and all verified documents to the cashier.
  6. Succeeding remittance dates shall depend on the schedule of payment of the office. Accomplished M1-1 shall serve as the remittance form for succeeding payments.
  7. Submit to the Marketing office two copies of the accomplished Member’s Data Forms (MDF) of all qualified employees to the Marketing Division on the second month after the first payment of contributions.

The names of newly-hired employees, who are covered by RA 7742, should be included in the accomplished M1-1 form and their corresponding contributions duly remitted to the Fund. The accomplished MDF of the new employees shall be submitted on the following month.

For Sole Proprietorship

  • DTI Registration
  • Mayor’s Permit/ Business Permit

For Partnership/Corporation

  • SEC Registration
  • Articles of Partnership/Incorporation and By-laws

Important Notes:

  1. The original copy of the documents shall be presented for authentication.
  2. Upon submission of complete documents, the Marketing and Enforcement Division shall issue the Payment Order Form
  3. Proceed to the Cash and Administrative Services Division and pay the 1st monthly membership contributions (MC).
  4. Upon payment, present the Pag-IBIG Fund Receipt (PFR) to the Marketing and Enforcement Division.

Summary of Pag-IBIG Fund Membership For Employees

Once you have verified your membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund, your employer should be able remit your monthly contributions (which is deducted from your salary) to the Fund since your employer also acts as a collection agent of the Fund.

  • Tony C

    Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

  • rizabel galdones

    how can and will know my pag-ibig number thru a particular site? the pag-ibig site is not functional.

    • admin

      Hi Rizabel,

      At the moment, Pag-IBIG doesn’t have that facility yet.

      You can do any of these to obtain your ID number:

      Phone the nearest Pag-IBIG Office / branch
      Personally visit the office
      If you are not here in the Philippines, issue an authority to someone and have him/her go to Pag-IBIG on your behalf

  • Reyna Jackson

    Where I can apply for Pag-ibig membeship? I’m currently living overseas Okinawa Japan. I am an immigrant of United States.

    • admin

      Hi Reyna,

      At the moment, Pag-IBIG has no Office / Contact yet in Okinawa. It’s best if you can drop by or contact the staff of Pag-IBIG in-charged with the Overseas Program.

      Here is a useful link ==>> Pag-IBIG Fund Overseas Program International Directory.

      Please follow the link to see the presence of Pag-IBIG Fund in key cities worldwide.

  • Daffodil

    I am currently staying abroad. How could I become a member?

    • admin

      Hi Reyna and Daffodil,

      You need to check if there is a branch of Pag-IBIG there in your host country.

      If there is none, you can assign someone from the Philippines to pay for your membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund office.

  • Mary Lynn


    pwd b ako mag loan khit 6yrs ko n hondo nahuhulugan ang pag ibig ko? at pano ko i ko here in duabai but on wednesday im leaving gusto ko sana malaman..


    • admin

      Mary Lynn,

      Only active members can apply for a loan.

  • mark anthony

    hi can i apply as a member on line? tnx….

  • mark anthony

    can i apply membership online? tnx

    • admin


      Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. Not yet as of now.

  • nelsie


    san po kayang branch kami pwede na pag apply for memebership. at d ko po ma search ang form for employeer. need po namin kc, d2 kami sa romblon. ang pinaka malapit po na branch.

  • Ronald

    Hi, I’ve been working since year 2006, got deducted on Pag ibig monthly of worth P100.00. My question is, how do i know my contribution?My former employer said that, its automatic to be deducted when your are a member of SSS. Since this year, my recent employer, i sign-up a Pag-ibig form but i have’nt a number yet. Does it mean that my contribution from my former employers are not remitted to PAG-IBIG?

    • admin


      You can check it with Pag-IBIG. Go there have request a print out of all your contributions including those of your previous employers.

  • sally

    hi good day im working here in koreafor a garment factory im akorean ziticen my husband having a smallbusiness of his own i want to be a member of pag ibig can u please tell me what are the requaremnts and how to be a member i waiting for ur reply thanks

    • admin


      Pag-IBIG Membership is only open to Filipino Citizens.

  • Rogelio Balighot

    Hi, I just need to know some info. I used to be a member of PAG-IBIG Fund when I was in the Philippines. Now, I migrated to Australia and already become an Australian Citizen. How can I activate my AG-IBIG Fund membership? Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Rogelio,

      First, you check request for a list of your contributions from any Pag-IBIG Fund Office — have them consolidate your payments. When you continue paying, these payments will just be added to all of your previous contribtions and you are once again active.

  • James

    I am currently an active member of the fund and had availed of the housing loan but subsequently defaulted and the house was foreclosed. Am I still entitled to avail of the other loans, like the multi-purpose loan? I heard of some members, receiving cash surrender value of their policies. How can this be availed of?

    • admin


      Yes, you can still avail of the multi-purpose loan, though it will be difficult on your part since you have defaulted on your housing loan already.

  • honey


    I am a sole proprietorship, with 4 staff, Is there any minimum number of staff for a one company, to become a pag ibig member? I want my employee to have this benefit ( pag ibig) how can i register them? pls reply

    • admin

      Hi Honey,

      It is now required for you to contribute to Pag-IBIG even if you only have one employee. There is an article here for employers, please check it.

  • Rona Samaniego


    I just would like to know on how to get my pag-ibig number if im already a member? Thank you!

  • Jonalyn G. Tingson

    Gud morning.. May I ask if what form i’m going to use if I have correction about my name. Thank You..

    • admin


      It is better that you proceed to the nearest office of Pag-IBIG since this one can’t be done online.

  • Ramon Michael Mababa

    Hello I just want to ask how can I retrieve my number. I work for a company in QC and the branch in my place of residence cannot verify if I am a member or not. My employer never gave me my number. Do I need to go to your branch on QC to verify this information. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Ramon,

      Yes, that’s the best way to do it. Go to any Pag-IBIG Branch and then request for a hard copy of all your contributions from Day One till the last. The print-out should reflect your Pag-IBIG Number.

  • juvie

    Sir/ Madam good day!
    ano po ang mga requirements ng employer kung kukuhanan ng Pag-ibig yong mga employee?

    hoping for your response

    • admin


      I think there is an article here that answers that question. That’s for employers and it’s really best if you can proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office if you are the one processing this on behalf of the company. My guess is that, your accounting or bookkeeper also knows how to handle this one.

  • albert

    hi im albert i just want to ask kng ilan years ang requirements para mkpghousing loan aq,member ako since january 2010,tnx and more power

    • admin


      That’s a minimum of 24 months.

  • flora almario

    nahinto ang contribution ko as employed pagibig member yr. 2007. may small business po ako, pero wala akong dti and itr, barangay permit lang po angmeron ako. maari pa rin po bang ituloy ko ang aking contribution as self emloyed or unemployed member na lang para affidavit na lang ang requirements na kailangan? wala na po bang ibang requirements for unemployed member application?

    Thank you verymuch!

    • admin

      Hi Flora,

      Please check the article on Voluntary Membership.

  • sharon

    just wanna ask. where can i file complain for employers who failed to remit employess pagibig contributions.

    • admin

      Hi Sharon,

      You can do it at Pag-IBIG or Department of Labor or DTI.

  • bheds

    ask ko lang po.. pinapakuha po kc ako ng employer ko ng pag-ibig. 1st time pu eto kc sa lahat ng previos works ko e ndi ako hiningan pero my kaltas po sa payslip ko ang pag ibig..
    ibig sabihin pu ba non e member na ako? panu ko po ito ma veverify?
    salamat po.

    • admin

      Hi Bheds,

      You may visit any Pag-IBIG Office and then request a print-out of all your contributions. The staff there should be able to give you the correct forms to use when doing this request.

  • marx

    hi! pwede po ba makahingi ng employer’s data form? hindi kasi makita sa internet…members data form lng available..kindly email to my email add..tnx

  • Louie Samonte

    how can i know my pag-ibig no.? sa manila po kc nag-aply yung company namin, im here in ilocos norte nagtanung ako sa branch ng pag-ibig dito sabi nila di nila makita kc hindi sila centralize….

    • admin


      They should be able to check it from the other branch. It appears that they are just lazy.

  • Louie Samonte

    kindly email your aswer thx…

  • Esperanza

    hi, What is the requirements to become a member of Pagibig for the Overseas Workers? thank you.

  • shane

    we’re (my husband) planing to apply for a housing loan.we have our own lot given to him by his it possible for us to apply a loan for the same property?

  • shiela marie

    ask ko lng po kung pwede pa kming makahabol magloan tomorrow db deadline na po para sa mga new member. makahabol pa po kming magloan bsta mbyaran lng namin ung 24 months na hulog

  • irene jean paule

    just want to ask if how can i verify my husband would i know if his former company and he’s recent company paying for his contribution deducted from his salary?and is it possible na ma doble ang membership o kagaya po ba ito sa philhealth na isa lng ang membership i.d number?thanks?

  • irene jean paule

    just like to add a question?my tita has a property if she wants to sell it,and we want to buy it can we avail a housing loan at pag-ibig?pls reply.information from you will be a gud help.thanks…

    • admin


      If the property has title and all other documents are ready, yes you can use Pag-IBIG to finance it.

  • corazon panergo canding

    hi gud day,,gusto q lng poh itanung kun magpapareserve aq ng property eh kun magkanu ang reservation hir in imus cavite…at kun nbgay q n b un reservation n un maari q n bng maoccupy agad un property n un..hope msagot ph agad an aking ktanungan…maraming salamat

  • roseann

    ask ko lang po..pano ho yun kc ako po ung in charge po kc sa pagba2yad ng pagibig contribution,,kya lang bago lang kc ako sa work ko, eh hnd ako nainform ng employer ko na ung isang trabahante namin wala pa syang pagibig nakapaghulog na ako…online kc ang pagba2yad ko sa onehub eh kc khit sss# ok na..kaya kala ko ok na talga…pano kaya un..ill wait for your reply…

  • lucy

    hi, what happens to my pag-ibig membership if i change citizenship? can i still continue it? and avail of loans etc?

  • marge

    my employer is not remitting my contribution to pag ibig but they are deducting it from my salary, what action can i do, they been promising that they will remit it but until now they are not doing so, i have a housing application filed in pag ibig… need your help!!!!!

  • jaybhe

    hello po… ask ko lng po pag binayadan ko ba ng buo ung 24months na membership possible po bang makakapagloan ako agad at kung sakali po na puede na mgloan ilan buwan po bago maapprove ang loan..tnx pls i need your response us soon as possible..

  • JoyPono

    hi, i’m member of pag-ibig since may 2009, so 4 months para 24 months na contribution ko. can i pay nalang the 4 months para ma-complete ang 24months and then magloan ako ng multi-purpose loan? thank you! God bless..

  • mara

    same kay jaybhe..,pwede ko ba byaran yung 24months sa pag-ibig para mkapag house loan akoh agad.., im working at the City Hall of Makati since june last year…

  • nora bautista

    hello po , nahulugan ko na po ang 24 months pde na po ako makapag loan , cash loan mo kasi ibabayad ko lang po sa car na gusto ko . pls reply po 09301908030

  • Jen

    This so helpful.. Thank you for doing a great job.

  • Jen

    how much ba maximum payment sa pag ibig? I MEAN MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT.

  • Maggi

    According to the requirements of the company to apply its employees as member to pag-ibig are the, R3 and R1A forms (SSS registration and remittance forms. what if, the company has not paid the initial months remittances say for like July, August, and September. Can we apply for the employees membership if the only remittance that the company has so far are for the months of October and December?

    Thank you

  • marie

    is it true that there is a new program implements that the funding can be withdraw even if she will not work? because my mother wants to. please anserw as soon my mother’s name is elenita c. imbong retired employed in taiyo yuden phils.

  • ayko

    hi po ask ko lang jung pano pumunta ng pag-ibig branch sa kamias if i’m from tondo po.. pwede po ba maglrt? thanks..

  • jenny

    how many days ang processing ng housing loan? during counselling we are told 15-22 working days ngunit tumawag kami to folow up, sabi naman 30 working days, ano ba talaga? nakakalito?

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  • anne

    hi Sir/Mam i stopped working 8 years ago so i was not able to contribute in pag ibig can i still continue my membership contributions? how about the 8 years that i stopped am i going to pay for it also? can i go to any branch office of pag ibig? thanks and GOD bless!!!

  • mharie

    i was a member of HDMF my last contribution was march 2006.. and now i currently working as OFW in saudi arabia. And i want to continue may contribution. What should i do?

  • admin

    @corazon: The reservation fee is not dictated by Pag-IBIG, so it depends on the developer/seller.

    @lucy: yes.

    @marge: you may want to call the attention of Pag-IBIG so that they can take appropriate action.

    @mara: I’m not sure if getting a MPL is what you need really. Please read on the article about the Multi-Purpose Loan to know how much you can borrow.

    @nora: same reply with @mara

    @Jen: Thanks and there is no maximum payment; you can pay as much as you want.

    @Maggi: Sorry, I don’t understand.

    @marie: if she’s already retired, then she can withdraw her contributions all the TAV.

    @jenny: Yes, nakakalito talaga ang Pag-IBIG. That’s why this website is created.

    @anne: Yes you can continue anytime. your previous contributions will be combined with the newer ones.

    @mharie: you simply pay for your new contributions to become active again.

  • Leo

    Good morning po. active member po ako ng PAGIBIG Fund since 1997. Naghousing loan po ako in 1997 unluckily di ko po nabayaran ang housing loan at ang bahay ay naforeclosed. Ano po ba mangyari sa membership ko? makukuha ko pa ba ang contribution ko upon my retirement inspite of my housing loan default? Di na po ba ako puede magapply ng housing loan ulit? Salamat po.

  • admin

    @Leo: Please check the article on Foreclosure.

  • lorna cuesta

    hello, Ask ko lang po sana ung Email add nio sa pag ibig at ung contact person.. Please send it to my email add. Thank you po.

  • john

    very informative site! my question is if i have a small business where my single employee is only working part-time and earning less than pHp 4k per month, do i need to inform pag-ibig this info?

    the reason i’m asking is that i received a letter from pag-ibig that i need to remit my employees’ pag-ibig donations, but then from the article, it is the employee who should apply to be a voluntary member.

    hope you can enlighten me with my query.


  • admin

    First, it’s not a donation, but a contribution. 😉 If the salary is less than 4k, you can safely ignore that letter.


    good day po, pwede po bang makahingi ng employer’s data form FPF040 kasi hndi po ako mkahanap sa site nyo. tnx


    paki send nlang po sa email add ko, tnx

  • john


  • jena may

    hi,i just want to know how to do the pag ibig menbership online,,,for ofw..thanks

  • eman

    hi! i’m a fresh graduate and one of my requirements is to have a Pag-ibig ID or No…. i went sa pag-ibig branch, i submitted my MDF form, and the guy said to me na you don’t have any contribution yet, i must come back on August for a temporary no. ganun po ba talaga?

  • admin

    Your employer should be able to process this for you.

    It’s best to do it at any Pag-IBIG office.

  • renelio mangubat ycot

    how can i update my loan balance thru online?

  • mela

    Hi!Good day!i need some clarification regarding this matter..i went at pag-ibig branch here in our area to get my pagibig number because it is one of the requirements of my employer, since it is my first time to apply in pagibig they told me to register online and print the MDR form then submit it to my i did the online registration..but when i’m already going to print the MDR, i noticed that my contact details was not written in the form even though i wrote it on the registration form before proceeding to the next step..what am i going to do regarding this matter?how can i put my contact details on my MDR form?also, is it okei if i choose “not yet employed” on membership category?since i’m still completing the other requirements and not yet signing any employment contract from my employer..thank you in advance! :)

  • admin

    It’s good that you pointed this out. Please just go on with whatever printable form what generated by the system. And yes, you can choose that “not yet employed” option.

    Please try this link from the Pag-IBIG Website:

  • http://yahoomessenger juvy salazar

    pwede po bang malaman ang pag-ibig number ko kc po nawala po yung card ko dahil natangay po ng baha.nakalimutan ko na po?salamat

  • admin

    You have to request it from any Pag-IBIG branch or better yet to the branch where you are currently based.

  • ruth

    hi! magtatanong lang po kung pwede po bang gamitin ang pag-ibig housing loan to pay for a GSIS property? for sale na kasi yung house and lot. di na natuloy nung previous owner yung pagbabayad sa GSIS. we have plans of buying it, pwede kaya yung pag-ibig housing loan?

    thank you!

  • http://PagIBIGFinancing Joy

    Gudpm. Gusto ko lng po malaman kung paano ako makakapagloan s Pag-ibig. marami po ko pinaggalingang company ung iba s kanila ay lumipat n… at hindi ko mahagilap. Panu po kaya ko makakapag-loan s pag-ibig?

  • Echad

    pwede po bang malaman kung may online membership apllication ang Pag-ibig? panu dn po ako magkakaroon ng number nito?

  • admin

    You can find it by going to the Official Website of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    I think the first problem that you should address is your membership status withe Pag-IBIG. If you have the time, please go to the Pag-IBIG Office and have then consolidate all your contributions from the different companies you had.

    Yes, but then this is going to be very complicated.

  • http://yahoo roel m. talon

    i want to know my multi purpose loan was approved

  • http://yahoo roel m. talon

    I to know the amount,when to releas & where is my cheque

  • george

    Hi! i am planning to apply for a house loan. Ive made contributions before for 18 months or so then it stopped and then just reactivated it last year. Ive been contributing for a year now. could i still apply for a house loan regardless of the inconsistency of my contributions?

  • lance delfin

    ask ko lng po san ba makikita ung form pra maging member??hindi ko po kc makita..wala nmn po akong tym pra magpunta pa ng branch so sa internet lng po tlga way ko pra maging member..plzz help me

  • Michelle Garcia

    I’m paying my contribution every month but my company haven’t issued any Pag-Ibig number yet. They told me that pag-ibig haven’t generated any numbers yet because they’re going to have unified I.D. with philhealth… i would wanted to know my contributions and when can i loan to and i can’t track all of my conrtibutions. Thank you so much.

  • alexa

    hi! i asked pag-ibig to consolidate the payments I have made since 2005 because i am planning to apply for a loan. is there any way that i could verify my contributions online or via phone?

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  • admin

    Yes, you were a member in the first place.

    You have to check it again at the office where you made the request.

    Please check your contributions at the office.

    If you are an employee, your employer should be able to process it on your behalf. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to visit the office of Pag-IBIG.

    It depends on many factors. The rule says, it has to be 24 months consecutive.

    Please check it at the office where you applied for the MPL Loan.

  • lisette

    how can i update my husbands membership?

  • nikita


    How can I check my registration tracking number online?I was told by our HR personnel that I can check it online but I’m having a hard time finding it.And where can I get the security code because I only know my PAG-IBIG MDI NO. and it’s asking for a security code when I tried Updating Online.Thanks.


    hi! I just want to know kung bakit wala pa akong na receive na Pag-ibig ID as I ‘ve paid my contribution for almost 3 years.

  • Soleil

    I’m working here in Singapore and I just want to ask how can I check if I’m already a pag-ibig member? I worked for several companies in Philippines in a short time and I’m an SSS contributor that time but I’m not so sure if I have contributed in pag-ibig already. Please help me how would I know if I already have a number and how can I retrieve it?
    Thanks. :)

  • Mark

    san po ako makakakuha ng security code ko? salamat sa pag reply :)

  • Ma. Doraine Con-ui

    Hi there. I’m currently working at a BPO company. When I applied for a Multi Purpose Loan, it was denied kasi 23months palang daw contribution ko. This is my 2nd company and I was hired sa first company ko July 2009, sabi ng friend ko from Pag-ibig San Fdo, may gap daw yung contribution ko, parang 2 surname lumalabas sa database nila which is CONUI and CON UI. What do I need to do?

  • grace

    i am currently working for a company and i was the one in charged for all the sss, pag-ibig contributions, etc. we just send our payments to pag-ibig thru a friend who is working for pag-ibig. my problem is that the company itself doesn’t even have its own pag-ibig well as all its employees. is it really possible n may contribution kmi pero wlang pag-ibig number? ang sbi nung friend nmen n nagwowork sa pag-ibig hindi n raw kailangan un kc sss number nmin ang it true? please answer.
    thank you in advance.!

  • jheed

    How can I get my security code? I. Only know is my pagibig number. Pls rrply

  • Ryan

    Admin, ask ko lang when can i get my security code. Nag avail kc ako Via online application? thanks

  • admin

    @Ryan, @Jheed and @Mark:
    Please email your concerns to

    Sorry to tell you, but friend is not the Pag-IBIG Fund. What if he/she transfers to another company?
    For one, employers (or companies) are required to become members of the Pag-IBIG Fund also and are mandated to
    contribute for the membership Funds of their employees.

    You need to update your account information with them. Please visit the branch. After doing that, you may also want to have a consolidation of
    all your contributions.

    The only way to find that out is by requesting it from the branch where you think your contributions are recorded.

    You are not alone. Pag-IBIG doesn’t really release an ID like the SSS do. But you should have a membership number on file there at the branch.

    YOu may want to send an email to

    you can do that at the branch that handles your husband’s account.

  • catherine arcaya reyes

    where and how can i apply online membership?tnx

  • rael

    Hi admin, Im an Ofw paanu po ako makaapply ng home loan restructure program pwede po ba wife ko mag apply dyan in my behalf, anu po mga requirements.thanks

  • Jissa

    hi! ok lng po ba ung mgloan gamit ung term na lot purchase pra ikuha sa isinanlang agricultural land?

  • admin

    Sorry, but Pag-IBIG Housing Loan is only applicable to residential type of properties.

    Yes, your wife can process it on your behalf. Here’s a good starting point:

    You can do it from the official website of the Pag-IBIG Fund at:

  • ronel

    hi admin, saan po b ang office nyo dito sa Baguio City.

  • ronel

    hi, pwede po m gmitin ng wife k yung business permit nmin para magmember?pero sakin po nakapangalan yung permit. thanks..

    • admin


      If your wife is an employee of your company, then that’s possible.

  • Maureen Mando

    How can I get my security code? Thanks

  • JESS


  • maria emem

    good pm po.. dati po akong ofw.. my duductions po kme ng pag ibig b4 kme umalis ng bansa.. pano ko po malalaman ung pag ibig id ko.. or kung may contributions nga ako dito sa pagibigfund…

    • maria emem

      even when i work dito sa local employment lagi me my deductions for pagibig fund.. pero hindi ko po alam ang pag ibig MID # ko.. pano ko po machecheck kung member nga ako or may contributions..