The Pag-IBIG II Savings Program

Pag-IBIG Fund is not just about Housing Loans, though this is the most popular benefit offered by the institution to its members. Once you become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund, you also participate in its Savings Program where you get yearly dividends and which you can claim upon maturity of your membership.

There are actually three types of Savings Programs under Pag-IBIG, namely:

The Pag-IBIG I (P1) Program

This is the most popular Savings program and one that recently become mandatory for all Filipino employees based in the Philippines. So far on this website, we have focused our discussions on Pag-IBIG I and Pag-IBIG Overseas Programs and there are a lot more topics to be covered in the coming days.

The minimum monthly contribution to the Pag-IBIG I program is only PhP 200 (combined employee-employer contribution.)

Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP)

This savings program is applicable to overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and Filipino immigrants abroad. Minimum monthly contribution to the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is only USD 5; actual contribution will be converted to Philippine Peso upon payment.

Overseas Filipinos should learn more about the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program and take advantage of it.

Pag-IBIG II (P2) Program

This is the lesser known Savings program of Pag-IBIG Fund, maybe because it is non-mandatory. It was first introduced in 1989 for members who want to avail of larger amount for housing loan. That is, large loan must have bigger contributions. But a lot of changes has been made since then. Today, Pag-IBIG II is much similar to P1 and POP, but with much higher dividend. The minimum month contribution to the program is PhP 500 only; this is on top of your contributions to P1 and/or POP.

Q & A: Other Important Information On Pag-IBIG II Program

1. Can I participate on Pag-IBIG II if I am already a member of Pag-IBIG I or POP?

Yes, and it is also open to POP members. You have to file a separate application to do this. Remember that this is an additional contribution of at least PhP 500 per month. This of this as a savings program with a higher yield, more than anything else.

And one more thing, to participate in this program, you must be an active member of either P1 or POP.

2. Can I apply for a loan under Pag-IBIG II?

No, Pag-IBIG II is purely a Savings Program.

3. Can I withdraw my savings anytime?

Members of Pag-IBIG Fund can withdraw their total accumulated value (TAV) upon maturity of their membership only, but there are exceptions:

  • total disability or insanity
  • separation from service for health reasons
  • death

The Total Accumulated Value is your total contributions plus its dividends.

The term of this investment is five (5) years. That is, by the end of five years, you will get your TAV.

4. What are the other benefits of investing in this program?

  • higher dividend compared to Pag-IBIG I
  • your dividend is tax-free
  • your investment is guaranteed by the government

5. How much exactly is the dividend?

Remember that you are investing in a mutual fund and your dividend depends on many factors. But so far, on the average, P1 so offers 5.5% per annum and P2 is something around the 6.5% figure. That is still comparably larger than your usual regular savings account with a bank.


The Pag-IBIG II Savings Program is written by Carlos Velasco.

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    • rhodora caliso

      Can I know in here if I can now withdraw my PII contribution? thnx

  • Marc Callada

    Good day Admin, I’m currently active POP member and inactive with PAGIBIG-I. I’m interested with PAGIBIG-II savings since I have noticed that I got better earnings from POP dividends for the past 4 years compared with banks. Do you think it is a good savings option that I’ll avail of PAGIBIG-II aside from my current to POP membership?

    Also, I have noticed that the new PAGIBIG website( longer highlights POP, was the program dissolved and integrated into PAGIBIG-I? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Marc,

      “Good savings” has different meanings to different people. Compared to a regular savings in the bank, Pag-IBIG II is indeed a better alternative. But take note that your money can’t be withdrawn within 5 years or until maturity.

      As for the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) by the Pag-IBIG Fund, it is still available. Maybe the website is down or the page has changed. Please check again.

  • Jonathan Canlas

    Gud am sir i just want to inquire about seeing pag-ibig II as form of savings can i pay more than 1000pesos monthly eg 2thousand pesos monthly within 5yrs? Is this pagibig 2 the same lyk of sss flexifund? Thanks in advance

  • Jonathan Canlas

    Gud am sir im eyeing for pagibig II as a savings can i pay more than 1k php monthly for example 2k php monthly until 5yrs? Then leave the fund until 20yrs and withdraw?

    • admin

      Hi Jonathan,

      Yes, you can certainly contribute a large amount.

  • Marc Salcedo

    Gud day sir. Can i contribute to Pagibig II 10 thousand pesos monthly for 5yrs? Then im planning to use that as my retirement so i will leave the fund until 20years is that possible?

    • admin


      Yes, you can, if you can afford it and you want to do it, why not. They thing is, you have to be consistent with the contributions.

  • Maria G. Salaveria

    Gud evening! dont know much about the Pag-ibig fund which our employer is regularly deducting from our pay. If i retired without any housing loan to payoff, is there any benefit i can get after my retirement?

    My husband is also a retiree, and he had contributions in Pag-ibig fund during his employment..
    In fact, we highly appreciate the housing loan we have availed of from your program. We have already paid off our housing loan 2 years ago.

    Is there any benefit that he can avail of as we are looking for any source of income that we can get out of his previous employment.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.. More power!!!

    Mrs. Salaveria

    • admin

      Hi Ms Salaveria,

      Basically, there are three benefits in becoming a member of Pag-IBIG:

      1. Provident Savings — You can get all your contributions plus dividends earned by that money when it reaches maturity.
      2. Housing Loan — This is the most popular one and most members are aware only of this.
      3. Short-term Loans — This includes Calamity Loan and Multi-purpose Loan.
  • Anthony Basilio

    Dear Admin,

    I increased my Pagibig contribution to 400 pesos from the mandatory 100 pesos due to employee. I believe this is already under PAGIBIG II. What is tax exemted? is it the mandatory 100 pesos only or the whole contribution of 400 pesos? Could you please e-mail me the Revenue regulation or BIR ruling in support to it? Appreciate if you can e-mail me the whole text.

    For the Provident Savings, when is the maturity?

    Thank you and God bless!

    • admin

      Hi Anthony,

      The Total Accumulated Value (your contribution, your employer’s contributions, plus dividend) are all tax-free when you withdraw them. This is guaranteed by the Philippine Government. I’m not sure if I can provide you with the BIR Regulations, but you can go and check it at the official website of Pag-IBIG.

      The Maturity Period is usually a total of 240 contributions, so that’s roughly 20 years since your first contribution. (The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program will have the options of 4, 10, 15 or 20 years depending when they apply.) It also matures when you retire.

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  • Irish

    Would like to inquire: How to apply for Pag-IBIG II (P2) Program?

    • admin


      Please proceed to any Pag-IBIG Office. They have the form there.

  • Mary GRace M. Garcia

    Hi there!
    I want to know my contributions…Can you kindly send it to my email or do you have an online inquiry? I’m planning to apply for a loan..

    Hope to get feedback from you!

  • John M. Montojo

    Hi there!
    I want to know if the Pag-ibig 2 interest rate is compound interest

  • lueeze

    Hello there,

    Can i apply for a cash loan for the pag-ibig II savings program and what is the maximum amount that i can recieve?

    thanks a lot,

  • admin


    It is an investment. The interest is only an estimate and yes, at the end of the year, all of your earning will be re-invested back, just like in compounding interest.

  • admin


    No, you can’t apply a loan against that account.

  • lueeze

    ok thank you,
    i’m already an existing pag-ibig member in the philippines, my problem is i don’t know my pag-ibig number, i want to continue my contribution here in kuwait, can i just pay here and is it automatically continue my existing contribution?

  • lueeze

    for POP pag-ibig overseas program, for the maximun contribution, can i apply for a buseness plan or car loan?

  • anji

    how and where to pay existing salary loan? Can I pay half or full amount 1 time?

  • Noli


    assuming i apply for the P2 and contributing P1,000 per month. Can i increase my contribution?

  • lala

    Does my contributions for PAG-IBIG II be tagged as part of my non-taxable income? just like SSS contributions

  • Carlito C. Tan

    Dear admin,
    i am a member of pagibig here in saudi arabia. my contribution is 60 dollars a month. my wife in manila paying it for me. the last time i know i was advance till june. where i can fine your site for members. ty

  • Joselito Madarazo Saupan

    Good day to you,

    Where can I verify the previous contributions I made.

    Before I was employed 1995 and my company was on time remitting my contributions. After 5 years I joint again with another company which up to now its remitting my contributions.

    Now, I found out that my previous contributions were not reflected to my updated contribution.

    What will I do to recover those past contributions?

    Thanks and best regards,
    lito OFW

  • abe

    gud pm sir, i’m asking on behalf of my brother, a bfp uniformed personel, could he apply and file for the maturity of his policy here at the pag-ibig branch office at tuguegarao cagayan instead of filing it at the main office in manila. my brother is a bureau of fire protection uniformed personnel who is assigned at Kalinga province. Thank you and more power.

    • admin

      Hi Abe,

      Yes, he can file at any Pag-IBIG branch. Take note to always make some follow-ups after that and whom to get in touch with. Ask the branch.

  • ed

    Hello Sir, My brother is interested to your Pag-ibig 2 program. He is a seafarer and he only has 6 to 8 months contract per year. Assuming his agency will automatically deduct his monthly saving while he is on board and while on vacation is not, what should he do to continue his monthly contribution? Your guideline says a member will contribute for 5 yrs but not clear if it is every month non stop from the start. Is it Ok not to contribute 1 to 2 months while on vacation?
    Thanks for your generosity and God Bless…

  • ed

    Almost forgot…For Pag-ibig 1 where to go to avail a new plastic ID card? Mine is 15 yrs old and details on card is already unreadable. and for Pag-ibig 2 once already a member of pag-ibig 1 should he gets another ID card for pag-ibig 2?
    Many thanks…

  • Rodney Mandap

    Hello Sir. I have been working around but most small companies I had and even the company I am having now doesn’t pay or contribute for Pag-ibig. Since I have read a lot of articles about Modified Pag-ibig II, I still craving for it. It is allowed for a new member ( a self-paying, voluntary) for grab the Modified Pag-ibig II? If not, how long does does it take for a new member just in case I can only avail Pag-ibig I to go for Modified one? I’ll be very pleased to hear a word from you.

  • Joy

    Hi Admin.. My Questions:
    1) I’m an OFW and would like to join Pag-ibig2 program. Is there a way we can transfer money to Pag-ibig account so we can do it ourselves while working abroad? This will be more easy way for us to do it online and many will be interested if we have this option.
    2) Do you have website like SSS where we can see the amounts we already paid/contributed so we can track down?
    3) Can I pay in any amount say for January = PHP500, February = PHP1000, March = 500, April = 1500 and May = NONE — as I may not have cash to pay or missed out. Is the case above possible?
    4) If I missed out the payment, can I cover it on the succeeding months?
    5) Do you allow advance payment or yearly payment say since PHP500/month then you pay for 1 year in one go the amount of PHP6000 (PHP500*12months)?
    6) What if I’m unemployed for few months but I have paid my contributions already for several months. Probably NOT paying for those unemployed months.. What will happen to my contributions and how does the maturity period will be calculated now?
    7) As refered to #6 – What if I’m employed later but didn’t cover the months I have been unemployed in which I just continue the time I started working onwards.. What is the computation of the maturity period? Any penalty on this?
    8) Can I withdraw the money before the maturity ends? As sample maybe you needed the money for hospitalization whether by yourself or family members so you want to withdraw your contributions for say 3 years which is less than the 5 year-maturity period. What are the rulings and penalty if early withdrawal?


  • Macky

    Hi Admin,

    For the pagibig II program, do i have to fillout a separate application form?
    Seems like pagibig II’s only disadvantage with pagibig I is that you can’t use it to get multipurpose loan.

  • rackel

    i just want to ask.. im living now in the USA how could i withdraw my provident savings? can i still withdraw it eventhough i stopped paying my premiums for 5 yrs?..thanks

  • reychand pabona

    Hi Sir,Can I apply for PAGIBIG 2 anytime o may schedule lang po ito,
    Maraming salamat po,God bless…

  • ed

    salamat po sa sagot nyo. pls disregard my associated question on the latest one. GBU…

  • ayn

    sir, i am interested in pagibig II savings. I am a member of pag ibig for a year and a half already. my question are
    1. where can i get the form for that
    2. what are the requirements
    3. can i pay it without my employers knowledge? I mean can i just pay it on my own without needing their consent?
    please reply

  • jainab sehadje abdalla

    hillo,gusto ko lng sana magtanong bakit kailangan pa ang contrata para makakuha ng house an lot for pag-ibig member?f ofw nmn kami sguro nmn no need na yon dhl kagaya ko since1999 pa ako member ng pag-ibig,now i decided na kumuha ng bahay hnd ko magawa dhl wla akong kontrata,ofw ako narito ako sa kuwait on a family visa.pero im paying my contribution,bakit ganon.for what yong nag pa member kami then hnd din nmn magagamit.pwede tanggalin nalang ninyo ang bagong requirements na kontrata for ofw,dhl paano nalang ang mga ofw na member yong walang kontrata,thank you…..

  • admin

    1. There is a form there at the office.
    2. YOu have to be a member of Pag-IBIG 1 first. The rest is easy.
    3. Yes, it’s your investment and your employer is not involved in any of these.

    Anytime. Please visit the Pag-IBIG Office near you.

    You are correct. It is a separate investment altogether.

    1. As of now, that’s not possible yet. But you can arrange this with your bank.

    2. Yes, but it’s not fully functional yet, meaning you can’t rely on the system to give you the results you needed.

    3. The minimum monthly is 500. But please avoid lapses on your payments. 500 should be a small amount if you think about it.

    4. See answer to #3.

    5. Yes

    6. If you have doubts about your future employment, this program may not be right for you.

    7. It will mature in 5 years. And you can’t withdraw it earlier than that.

    It of it as a time-deposit with a lock-in period of 5 years. Please don’t play around with your money if you might be needing it sooner. Remember, there is a lock-in period of 5 years.

    Yes, you are right. Pag-IBIG II is open to Pag-IBIG I members.

    The minimum investment is only 500 per month. If he thinks that’s difficult to save, then Pag-IBIG II is not for him.

  • makoh guevarra

    what if i will deposit an amount of 1Million to P2 once only and will wait for the maturity period. is this possible?

  • Rex

    Is Pagibig 2 taxable?

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  • admin

    It’s tax exempt. Plus you may want to read the other related article, which is a new one. Here’s the link:

    Yes, that’s possible also.

    • Rhyne

      In the case of depositing a lump sump amount (i.e. 1Million) upon enroll to P2, will the computation of fist year’s dividend be based on the lump sum amount?

  • Mitch

    Dear Admin,

    I just want to clarify:

    1. For the P2 Program, if I am not an OFW, can I get the TAV after 5
    2. Can I have this facilitated under my company, meaning I would not
    remit contributions personally but have my company deduct this on my
    pay, like how it is with P1?
    3. Assuming I am already on P2, and between months, I have transferred
    employers, would I be delinquent for these months or would I be
    excused? Would you suggest in these months, I give the contributions
    4. Should I not be able to give contribution for P2, say for 1 month or
    2, but be able to contribute again in the next months, would there
    be penalties?
    4. Assuming, I am on my 3rd yr under P2, and I’d be transferred abroad,
    and want to continue the savings, would I reapply under an OFW P2?
    If yes, would the maturity be based on the new cycle, for TAV
    purpose? Is the currency changeable too?
    5. Is there a department in Pagibig focused on the P2 program? Who
    should I best contact?
    6. Could I monitor from Pagibig, all the contributions they should have
    received from me under P2?

    Thank you very much,


  • admin


    Quick reply.

    1. Yes

    2. Yes, but remember you have to shoulder the investment. You’ll be lucky if your employer will also contribute for you. :-)

    3. You are right about just continuing your contributions by personally paying it over the counter or through accredited payment centers.

    4. No penalties.

    4. There is no such thing as P2 for OFWs; P2 is for anyone whether locally employed or OFW.

    5. YOu can ask around once you are at the branch. That should be easy.

    6. Yes and always keep your Official Receipts or Deposit Slips.

  • vandy alberca

    i want to avail for a pag ibig 2 member.but my problem is my employer is based in manila and im working here in cebu my pag ibig membership is in manila.i dont know my mid no. or pos no. as you required in online application.what is my first step to be a pagibig2 member.can i just simply write a request letter to my head office and they will be the one to apply for me.and how will i know that i am a pag ibig2 member already.

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  • jacqueline aranzaso

    gud day pow.tanong ko lang pow yung status ng housing loan ko..ksi pow nhulugan ko pow ng ilang buwan sa pag ibig.ang last pow ng bill q di ko na pow nhulugan ksi pow wala n pow aq natanggp na billing mula ng lumipat pow aq ng house..pwede po bang ituloy ang hulog at kung meron po bang interest..? thank you pow.

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    hi! how to apply pag ibig II voluntary member?

  • Niña

    Hi admin! i have enrolled in pagibig 2 since july 2011 and been deducted from my salary. what if i”ve got employed abroad, can i continue my pagibig 2? if yes, how? if not, what will happen to my contributions? TY!

  • Gemma P. Ramos

    Good day! How can I apply for Pag-ibig Program II? Is application form available at HR Department of my employer? Could it be deducted directly on my monthly salary?? Thank you.

  • admin

    You have to apply for it at the branch. And yes, you can arrange a salary deduction to send your contributions.

    YOu can and you should continue it even when you are already based abroad. Please check the link below
    to learn about the payment options:

  • Cresente D. Isican

    Good day Admin, I want to start my Pag-IBIG II contibution in this year 2012 and I want the whole year paid completely, Can I pay the first three months contribution then continue regularly?

  • Arnel

    Hi admin,
    I’m a pag-ibig member, recently I made a lumsum payment for me to qualify in 24 months contribution requirement of Pag-ibig. I want to apply/or avail the Multi-purpose Loan , since I have 24 months contribution including the lumsum payment i made. How much do I need to apply for a multi purpose loan? Where should I go to submit my MPL Application? Is that possible that I could loan P1M or above? I have an existing business and we want to expand but we need huge capital for us to start our expansion. Thanks and God bless.

  • Jonald Aguirre

    Dear admin,

    I have only 1 question,hope you answer it.

    Im working abroad and current contributing to POP. How can I pay for the pag ibig II, if ever I enrolled to it? Do i need to add the amount my contribution (like 1000)for the pag ibig II into my monthly POP contribution? In other words, Im contributing in POP the amount of 1500 monthly,do i need to make it 2500?additional 1000 for the pagibig II.

    Im asking this because payment traction here in my place KSA only receive pagibig monthly contribution as a whole.


  • Icy

    Hi admin,


    1. If I enroll in P2 Program what will happen to my P1 contributions.?

  • admin

    Remember that they are two different programs. So one will not affect the other.

    I hope you’ll have time to read this. If I were you, considering your case, you just stick with Pag-IBIG I.
    POP, P1 and P2 are different programs. And the only one that is required for OFW’s is Pag-IBIG I.

    Pag-IBIG II is really like a savings program, which you can withdraw later on, just like POP.

    The MPL Loan is really not that much. It is dependent on your total contributions, or more specifically, your TAV.

    Please read this article to know more:

    Yes, you can do that.

  • benedicta harless

    Hi ,
    If I apply P2 , can I pay quarterly? please reply.

  • Isaac Catampatan


    Itanong ko lang po sana about saving at Pag-ibig, anu ang exact na interest para doon sa amount na iniagay ko sa PAGIBIG FUND?
    Thank you po sa pag address sa aking concern.


  • kakashi

    Hello. 1 question. I am contributin 200 a month to Pagibig (100 for me and 100 for my employer). Assuming I will increase my contribution to 500 a month, is my employer required to increase its contribution to 500 also? Or can it remain to 100 only?

  • Donald S.A. Valdes

    Hi po? Jobless po ako ngayong March at wala po akong nakuhang separation pay from my company after 14 years. Puwede po ba akong humingi ng tulong sa PAGIBIG upang makapagpatayo ng kahit na maliit na tindahan man lang for my family habang wala akong trabaho? Buntis po ang wife ko nang 4 months. Papasok po sa college ang panganay ko this June. 2nd year highschool ang 2nd, Grade 5 ang 3rd, Grade 4 ang 4th at Grade 1 ang bunso. Wala akong kapera-pera by now pero nakapaghulog ako sa PAGIBIG since 1998. Wala rin po akong existing loan sa kanila. Payuhan po ninyo ako. Maraming salamat po!

  • jonjon manzo

    makukuha ko po b yun contribution ko ng 12 yrs. wla n po akong work ..gagamitin ko na lng sana po sa business.

  • admin

    Yes you may already claim it. For details, please read this related article which discusses how to claim your savings:

    I’m afraid that if you claim your Pag-IBIG Savings, it may not be enough to cover your financial needs. And also, if you are thinking about apply for an MPL Loan, it may be harder for you since you can’t show a documented source of income at this stage in your career.

    You can increase your membership, but it is only optional on the part of the employer.

    There is no such thing as exact interest when it comes to saving with the Pag-IBIG Fund. The office is giving annual dividend to all members and that money depends on the performance of the organization.


  • Nard

    Dear Mam/Sir

    Gusto ko pong kumuha ng PM2 kaso wala po akong PAG-IBIG NUMBER. Bale tinawagan ko yung dati kung employer at ang sabi ay birth date daw ang ginamit ng PAG-IBIG noong naghuhulog pa ako sa pinas. At sabi nya ngayon lang daw ng issued ang pag-ibig ng PAG-IBIG MID at TEMPORARY NUMBER. Please pwede po bang makuha yung aking PAG-IBIG MID and security code or Temporary number para makapagregister ako online sa PM2.

  • Rey B. Perodez

    Sir, please send me information as the mode of payment/contribution if I enroll in the Pag-ibig II. Thanks

  • admin

    You need to check it at the branch where your records are kept.

    The mode of payment is monthly. Minimum contribution is 500 per month.

  • Wil

    Hi Admin,

    I have been paying 500 monthly thru salary deduction and another 350 that was added on top of my monthly housing loan amortization. I have not enrolled in the Pagibig II program. Can I still enroll in the Pagibig II and use the above amounts which I am paying regularly as my contribution.

    • admin


      Yes, Pag-IBIG II is a separate program and you can enroll anytime.

      • Wil

        Dear Admin,

        In relation to my previous inquiry, I just would like to clarify if I could transfer the amount that I have been paying now under Pagibig I into a Pagibig II(two) account. Thanks.

        • admin


          Since they are separate and two different programs, you can’t transfer one to the other.

  • leizel

    I requested my employer to increase my personal contribution to 500 from 100 under pag-ibig 1 program? what benefits or advantages will I get from my decision?

  • roy meredor

    Magtatanong ko lang po kung papano po namin maclaim yung dividends pero 2 years lang po kami nakapaglaglag sa Pag-ibig with my employer. Maclaim po ba namin yung dividends namin if 2 years lang At pano po ang process to claims.

    • admin


      Since your contribution earns dividends, you may be able to claim higher amount when you finally cash out later on when it reaches maturity period.

    • admin

      You can only claim it when it reaches maturity period. But the dividend is paid out annually and accumulates to your account.

  • http://yahoo weng

    mayroon pong five storey building ang beyanan ko,at binigay nya na po saamin ang pangatlong palapag nito bilang mana ng asawa ko .pwede po ba kaming makapagloan para sa home improvement,kahit na ang title netong building ay nakapangalan pa rin sa beyanan ko?plano ko po kasing gawing paupahan ung bahay. pwede ko po bang ecolateral ung ibang title ng lupa na nakapangalan sa akin para sa loan?

    Thanks weng

    • admin


      Pag-IBIG will only consider a residential unit. And the land title must be in the name of the borrower.

  • Ram

    Hi Admin,

    Good day. I’m a currently active member of Pagibig II program and would like to ask the ff. questions.

    1) I already paid three months right now and would like to ask if I can see my payment via online like SSS. If yes, kindly provide the link.

    2) Do we have an ID or related documents that will support that we are a member of this program?

    3) After the maturity date (5 years) what are the documents you need on claiming the money?

    4) In the event that we would like to avail the housing loan, is it possible that it will get approve much easier because we are a member of this program?

  • mel

    gusto ko lng itanong kasi nag early retirement ang husband ko sa company nila and he is paying pagibig for 10 years pwede b kming makakuha ng claim.

  • Jay

    Good Day! my question is how can a member withdraw his savings? he is already 61 years of age. thank you!

  • Jay

    Paano po ma c-claim ng isang member ang naicontribute niya? 61 years old na po siya. please reply, thank you!

  • Bea

    Magandang Araw po!

    I was a contributing member of P1 when i was still employed unfortunately i stopped working working and wasnt able to continue paying my contribution for quite sometime now. I would like to enquire if it is possible for me to continue my P1 contribution as voluntary one and if i can how much will be my monthly contribution will i shoulder the counter part of the employer? Another thing is i am interested with the P2 Program, how can i participate on this i have to mention also that all my past employers were in Manila and i want to do my voluntary contribution and P2 here in Cebu i understand i can do that.

    Thank you. Anticipating for your kind and immediate reply.

    • admin


      Yes if you have your own business or you are a practicing professional. The contribution is still P 200/mo, minimum. To transfer your account, you have to notify the Cebu and Manila branches so they can consolidate your records.

  • Rolly

    Hi Admin,

    Good Day!

    Question! If nag-mature na yung P2 ko for 5 years then I withdraw it already, can I enroll ba ulet for another 5 years or every five years?

    Thanks and regards,

  • sharon

    dear admin:

    what if I wasn’t able to claim my TAV or Provident savings? can i avail it anytime? what are the requirements? I’ve been contributing to pagibig since 2000. Please help.

    • admin


      The schedule is 10th, 15th and 20th year. But you can check with staff at your Pag-IBIG Branch.

  • sharon santos

    Good day.. i just want to ask for how long are we going to contribute for the Pag ibig this a savings plan or retirement plan..

  • Charmz

    Do you really allow advance payment??
    Is it okay if monthly payment vary, like 500 for march, 1000 april, 500 may…etc.??