5 Ways To Pay The Pag-IBIG Fund

Pag-IBIG Fund members can be grouped roughly into two:

  • those based locally in the Philippines, and
  • those based overseas (The Filipino Overseas workers, Filipino Expats, Immigrants and the sea farers)

For the first group, sending their payments and contributions to the Pag-IBIG Fund should be easy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Not every place in the Philippines has a Pag-IBIG branch where they can go to anytime. For practical reasons, many of these offices are still located in strategic locations of the country — like the key cities and some capital towns of the provinces. Some people are also not aware of other ways of sending their payments to the Pag-IBIG Fund.

As for the OFW’s, the reasons could be obvious. They are not here in the Philippines so this quite presents a little problem to them.

In this article, let’s explore the many ways of sending your payment to the Pag-IBIG Fund. After reading this, you should be able to learn the payment option that’s best for you. Whether you are based in the Philippines or in any part of the globe, not paying your dues and contributions to the Pag-IBIG Fund should not be an excuse anymore.

Method #1: Salary Deduction for the Locally Employed

Locally based employees are somewhat lucky that Pag-IBIG is implementing this kind of collection scheme.

The way it works is really quite simple: the employer deducts a portion of the employee’s salary for his/her monthly Pag-IBIG contribution. Philippine-based companies are already required to register with Pag-IBIG and share on their employees’ monthly Pag-IBIG contribution. These same companies will send their combined employer-employee contributions to the Pag-IBIG Fund month after month.

If an employee has a Housing Loan from Pag-IBIG, he may also request his employer to deduct from his salary an amount equal to his monthly amortization plus his membership contribution to the Fund. Take note that in case the employee has an outstanding loan with Pag-IBIG, that is solely his own responsibility to pay for the loan. That is, the employer is not anymore required to chip-in with the loan payment.

The Salary Deduction Scheme may be the most popular and preferred payment option by the employees here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, some companies don’t want to be bothered anymore especially if the employee has a loan with Pag-IBIG. If such is your case, you may want to consider the other payment options discussed on the succeeding paragraphs.

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Method #2: Over The Counter Payment

Almost every Pag-IBIG Office here in the Philippines has an over-the-counter cashier where you can pay for whatever dues you may have. The primary advantage of this method is that you can be very certain that you are dealing with the right entity and that your payment really goes to where it is intended to go: the Pag-IBIG Fund.

The result is instant. Your transaction is posted sooner, if not immediately. And you also get the chance to receive the Official Receipt from the Pag-IBIG Fund with your name on it plus other details about your payment.

But this method can get a little toxic in some cases especially if you are far from the Pag-IBIG Office. You may have to do the legwork and commute to the office, or endure a long line together with other Pag-IBIG Members waiting for your turn at the counter.

If such is not possible, the Bank Payment Option discussed below may be for you.

Method #3: Bank Payments

Online Banking in the PhilippinesThanks for this initiative, paying for your Pag-IBIG Fund dues is made even more convenient with Pag-IBIG’s tie-up partnership with the country’s biggest bank. These banks have the most branches scattered all over the country and even abroad so making your payment should not be a problem anymore.

Listed below are the current partner banks of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • Allied Bank
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Land Bank of the Philippines
  • Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metro bank)
  • Philippine National Bank
  • UnionBank of the Philippines

If you think visiting these banks to pay the Pag-IBIG Fund is already so convenient to you, wait until you experience in action the Internet Banking Servicesprovided by the BPI and the UnionBank.

Note On Paying From The Bank:

Please inquire at the bank first if they are accredited to accept Pag-IBIG Payments (for Housing Loans, Contributions and others). The list of accredited banks may change from time to time.

As of last update, only Landbank of the Philippines (all branches) are accepting payments for Housing Loans for locally based clients.

Method #4: Using Remittance Companies, Other Agencies

Most Overseas Filipino Workers are so familiar with remittance companies. You can inquire from your favourite remittance company if they ever have an arrangement with the Pag-IBIG Fund that allows them to be an accredited agency that accepts Pag-IBIG Payments.

So far, the Pag-IBIG website has listed iRemit as one of its accredited remittance agencies.

Hint: Locally in the Philippines, you can also tap the services of SM Business Service Centers to send your payments to the Pag-IBIG Fund!

[See also: Pag-IBIG International Directory.]

Method #5: Issue A Set of Post Dated Checks

This one is actually very simple and very handy. Sadly enough, not everyone is familiar with it.

A Checking Account, sometimes called a Current Account, is very similar to your regular Savings Account that comes with an ATM card or a passbook. With a Checking Account you will be given a set of checks, called a booklet, that you can use as payment. With each check that you issue, you write down the following details:

  • The Payee — the entity that you are paying to; it could be a company or an individual person
  • The Amount — this is the amount of money that you are paying out.
  • The Date — the date when you want to pay for the transaction. Make sure that you have enough fund on your Checking Account to cover the Amount on the Date that you indicated.
  • Your Signature – Very important. This makes a checking account much more secure on your part.

The term “Post Dated Check” (PDC) is not very familiar in other countries because that is not practiced very often, but here in the Philippines, this is the preferred choice especially by businesses, big and small.

What it means is that, you issue a number of checks with some future dates (The Date) on each one. Now, “The Payee” should only encash or deposit a check to his account only on the exact date indicated in check or some time later — and, of course, never prior to that date.

As The Payor or the issuer of the check, all you have to remember is to deposit an amount of money that is at least equivalent to The Amount you put down on the check. This one is very important because this lead to a lot of complications and even lawsuits — the main reason why people are afraid of using checks.

If you get a chance please try to inquire from your bank how you can have a checking account.

5 Ways To Pay The Pag-IBIG Fund” is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • Laine

    hi..inquire ko lang kung pwedeng yung updated receipt lang ang dala pagnagbabayad sa sm business center? wala kasi kami nare-receive na billing statements eh. tnx. hoping for your immediate response.

  • elsie

    good pm. inquire lang sa home improvement loan. last yr. nakapag avail na ako ng provident share. I am planning to apply para sa home improvement loan, qualified pa ba ako?
    how much i would get? or amount na pwede ko i apply?

  • Sha Lopez

    I called UNION BANK how to pay pag ibig monthly contributions online and they told me they don’t have that kind of facility. likewise, they don’t have it in their website. WRONG INFO

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I’m sorry, to hear about that. But… Did you ever consider the fact that you could have asked the Union Bank guy the wrong question? If you have an account with the Union Bank, maybe you should explore its Internet Banking feature.

    A home improvement loan is just another loan on top of an existing housing loan. If you currently have a Housing Loan, then you may be able to apply for a Home Improvement Loan.

    I’m not sure if SM would accept that. Normally, the payment centers will be requiring you present the Billing Statement.

  • fatzie

    my bill date is every 29th can i pay pdc on the 29th?

    • nitz fernandezgutierrez

      gud pm po tanong ko lang kung saan pwedeng magbayad ng pag ibig loan .kc pmunta po aq sa sm bayad center kailangan daw po yong statement of account para mabuksan,kc d aq nkapagbayad sa loan ko’sana matulungan ninyo ako .marami pong salamat.

  • Tommie

    I am an immigrant here in Canada, and i want to know a way of paying my pagibig housing loan payments through a bank. Thanks for your help.

  • redge

    hi, i’m an OFW here in UAE and i want to pay pag-ibig housing loan…how and where should i pay it directly? thanks

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    To pay direct, please do it over the counter. For the other ways of paying, please re-read the article above.

    Please inquire from your Philippine bank if you can have an auto-debit arrangement to your Pag-IBIG Account.

    Yes, or even earlier.

  • tin

    hi, admin..tanung ko lng poh. kc ngloan ako last yr ng MPL tapos salary deduction yon after 2 months nagresign na ako sa company. It took me several months bago makahanap ng work and now me new work na ako how can i pay my loan? I worked in the province before and my new work is based in Manila poh?

  • mm zam

    I would like to pay through PDC’s.
    What will be the name of the Payee?
    Pag-ibig, HDMF?
    Also, Is there a need to indicate my HLID?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    On the Payee, you have to put this: HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND
    There is no need to indicate the HLID, but you have to see to it that it is reflected in the Official Receipt.

    Better yet, please verify the whole thing at the branch.

    They probably took from your TAV a portion of the payment for your MPL Loan.

  • Katy

    I am a public school teacher and I would like to pay directly to the bank my MPL because no deductions have been done in my salary inspite of my effort of (1)approaching our division liason officer to have the IBM deduct the necessary amortization amount I should be paying, (2) writing twice the IBM on the authority to deduct, (3) personally talking with the Pag-ibig personnel of Calapan on what to do with this problem. My MPL amortization period should have started January 2011, but then, it’s almost end of the year. Now I visited the nearest bank to our place and ask me for this billing..and told me of this on line payment. How can I get the billing? Where should I get it? Any website for this matter? You’re help will be greatly appreciated.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Since your MPL Loan was due for almost one year already, please visit the office of the Pag-IBIG FUnd to inquire about the status. I’m quite surprised why you can’t have a salary deduction on this loan. As to the website or online facility you are asking, please don’t rely the current one. It’s not giving your an updated information.

  • Patrich Medios

    Hi admin,

    How would I know my Pag-ibig number?

    I am a voluntary member, and my previous employer pays my contribution on my behalf. Since I am no longer connected with them, I have to pay it for myself.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You can check it at the branch. And while there, it would be to your advantage if you can request a copy of your past contributions.

  • Kathreen

    hi. What if i wrote the wrong pop number for my monthly contributions? Are my contributions gone? Where can i trace and do the necessary actions abt it? I am in abu dhabi so i pay through a payment center. I cannot even track my my contributions online. When i enter my pop number, it says there is no record… Please help me…

  • Cherry

    hi? can i encash my pag ibig check in any landbank branch..im currently based in Bicol but my pag ibig check needs to be encashed in cubao quezon city

  • http://facebook cecille

    hi,panu hanapin ung form ng statement of account para un na lng ang dadalihin ko sa banko na malapit sa min,panu ang pag aaly o paggawa ng ganung form.hnde kc ako napapadalhan ng billing statement ng pag ibig.thnks po.

  • azrael

    hi, please help. the soa for my housing loan is always late. like now, i still haven’t received the soa due for jan 28.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, things like that could happen. :-( Sometimes it’s the delivery guy that causes it.

    Pag-IBIG should mail it to you. If not, please visit the office.

    You can deposit it to your bank account. You may have to wait to be cleared, though.

    I can only hope that you kept your Official Receipts or proof of transaction. Please notify your remittance company first.

  • Girly

    Good afternoon.Just want to ask about the PDC’s for payment to HDMF representing housing loan amortization payment.Is it okay to the check if will write in the lower left portion of it,the nature of the payment? Example-ist month payment-Is it acceptable in Pag ibig? Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

  • emy

    Good afternoon po, ask ko lang, father ko po isang OFW, before xa mgSaudi nkpgloan xa ng P500.00 that was 1990’s ata.. tpos since then hindi n po ata xa nkpghulog, pno po b malalaman if active p ung account nya at kung pno po b gagawin to continue ung contributions nya.. tnx po!

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Did you really mean P 500? The way the MPL works is that if a member fails to pay his loan, Pag-IBIG would take the payment from his TAV.

    I’m not sure if that’s acceptable to the banl, but you can write at the back portion and also make a note on your Check Register, if you have one.

  • prue

    hi. re : housing loan payment….i just learned na pde na daw po mgbyd sa mga sm malls and they told me na requirement daw po ang latest soa…hindi po pde latest receipt… advance po ako ng 1 month sa payment maybe kaya wala po akong narereciv na soa. pano po ba ako makakakuha through internet.

    thank you po.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    They will deliver the Billing Statement to the address you specified.

  • em

    I have few questions in behalf of my husband.My husband worked in a company for two years,since he started working their his salary always deducted for pag-ibig, but then we’re not sure if his former company remitted it consecutively for two years.We’re planning for a housing loan and as far as I know remitting for 2 consecutive years is the primary requirement before we can have a loan.Is their other way on how we can see his contributions in pagibig without going to your branches? since he’s a contractual based he don’t have leave and he doesn’t have time.and also we want to continue paying his monthly contribution quarterly so we really want to know his current status in pagibig.

    is he eligible for a housing loan?

  • em

    follow up question..since he is considered like a self employed what amount he needs to contribute per month?

  • em

    In behalf of my husband.I would like to ask if they are going to allow me to know his past contributions in pag-ibig if Im the one who’s going in your branch to check for his status?.because he really doesn’t have time to fix this things.and we want to make sure that his former company really remitted the amount that they deducted in my husbands salary for two years..I do appreciate for your quick response..thanks

  • http://facebook june

    how do i know the amount of payment should i be paying?
    the thing is, i have received an amount of 7,000php for my loan lat year when i was still employed. but the problem now is i dont know the amount i should be paying plus my monthly contribution. .please do share some info..thank you

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I suppose that’s for your MPL Loan. Remember that you don’t even have to think about paying it because they will just use your TAV to cover the payment.

    Yes, you can check it out at the branch in behalf of your husband. If he is self employed, he should be the one paying for his contribution which is equivalent to 200 per month.

  • karen

    hi, my brother and his family already migrated in Australia last October only and he asked me to pay their Pag ibig Housing Loan thru UCPB to avoid some additional charges if they will be the one to pay for it. My brother payed advance until January 2012 that’s why im only paying direct to UCPB now for their February due but they told me that they are not accepting now any Pag ibig loan payment instead i must pay direct to Pag-ibig offices…Kelan nagstart na hindi na pwede magbayad thru UCPB?

  • maricel

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    How can I transfer my housing loan account from PS bank to PAGIBIG?
    I have a good standing home loan account at PS bank with no delayed payments.But I am considering PAGIBIG low interest rate at 7% if I will just loan from PAGIBIG an amount of 600 thousand to settle my balance at PS bank. I am always hesitant if I can manage to pay the bank in the succeeding years plus the fact that I know that banks easily foreclose properties. I am single and supporting my old mother, bank’s high interest is a burden for me.

    I’ve got a 1 million loan from the bank at 10.5% fixed interest rate for 10 years. I am planning to settle my loan balance at PS bank for 4 years instead of 10 years. I am currently finishing the full 3 year of payment now. I plan to transfer my loan to PAGIBIG. I will pay the loan amount of 600,000 from PAGIBIG to PS bank. Then I will pay my loan to PAGIBIG in 4 years. Would this be possible?

    Thank you so much.

  • ryan joseph

    hi admin,

    just like to ask if ano po usually yung mga bank na ginagamit ng mga nagloloan sa pagibig s pag-iisue ng post dated check. nagtanung kasi ako sa BDO and sabi nila hindi daw sila nagbibigay ng postdated check kapag loan.. may loan po kasi ako sa pagibig at gusto ko na postdated check na lang ang pagbabayad..thanks

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Sorry, but we can’t comment on that one. Please remember to always keep your Payment or Deposit Slip and verify it with Pag-IBIG. Things like that sometimes happen. As of the moment, it’s best to pay over the counter or using Land Bank or SM Payment Centers.

    It could be possible, but I would suggest that you consult with the Pag-IBIG branch that has jurisdiction over your area and inquire on how to go about it. You may have to coordinate this also with PS Bank.

    Actually you can use any check from any bank.

  • mic

    hi gusto ko lng po malaman kumg pde ako po mghulog ng pag ibg ng sister ko dto po sa philippines ofw po lc sya eh ayaw daw po i accept ng system dun kc my skip daw na one month. anp po ba mga needs at san po pde mG bayad. tnx

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes you can. Please ask her which branch is keeping her records. Hopefully, it’s near your place also.

  • Divina Pacamparra

    Hi Admin, I just called BPI, Union Bank and Metrobak and i ask them about these, and told me “WALA DAW SILANG PAG-IBIG”. ano ba yun

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    As of now, only Landbank is the locally accredited bank that accepts payments for housing loans. Please refer to the link below for the accredited banks overseas.


  • johnjosephbernardo

    ask q lng po.. gus2 q po kc bayaran ung 2009,2010, at pti ung 2011 na d q po na bayaran pde po ba un.. ofw po kc aq ang nabayaran q lng ung 2012 lng hanggang May…

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You can’t pay anymore on your missed contributions.

  • kim

    ask ko lng po, paano makukuha ang Statement of Account sa Pag ibig?and wat are the requirements…

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  • Gina Pardilla

    How can I download my housing loan statement of account on-line? Sometimes I do not receive it on time.

  • armi

    i’d like to ask how to go about enrolling or making pag-ibig loan payment thru online with BPI. Hope you can help me on this

    • joseph villaflor

      If you have a BPI corporate access you can pay Pag-ibig.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I’m not sure if BPI is accredited by Pag-IBIG to accept payments for
    housing loan. Please ask their staff.

    @Gina and @kim:
    Please request it from the branch.

  • Ferds

    Follow-up ko lang yung tanong ni Laine (which is question #1). Paano nga walang natatanggap na billing statement? Meron ba kayong other plans or any consideration para naman hindi kami mahirapan sa pagbabayad ng loans sa banks or service centers? Nagbabayad nalang kami eh pinahihirapan nyo pa kami. Tapos pag delayed eh may penanlty. Syempre nagbabudget din kami ng pera namin kaya hindi kami makabayad ng advance. Paano nyan eh kayo ang may problema kc wala nga kaming natatanggap na BILLING STATEMENT tapos dapat pa kaming pumunta sa office nyo na napakalayo. Tapos ayaw tanggapin ang payments kung wlang billing statement. UULITIN KO….. Gawa kayo ng bagong procedure para sa amin payor na hindi kami mahirapan kung walang billing statement. GOT IT?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You hope you can refer your case to the branch.

  • anna takayama

    hello po admi,paano ho ba maging member ng pag ibig?almost 18years napo ako dito sa japan.hindi rin po ako nag apply sa pag ibig sa pilipinas.dahil hindi po ako nakapag trabaho sa pilipinas.at wala ho akong lead sa ngayon.

  • anna takayama

    paano po mag apply ng pag ibig sana matugunan ninyo nag pansin mail naman po sa e mail ko ang sagot thank you..po

    • joseph villaflor

      kailangan po matured na po ang membership ninyo sa pag-ibig po atleast 24 months na po, tapos po kuha kayo ng requirements sa malapit na pag-ibig branch na malapit sa inyo, sa case po namin nag punta pa kmi ng ng pag-ibig (makati branch) medyo mahaba ang pila at madaming pipirmahan kaya naman ng isang araw po. at mag ready na rin po kayo ng checking account po kakailanganin ninyo po iyon. kailangan meron na rin po kaung napiling bhay at name ng developer para hindi sayang ang pag asikaso ng pag-ibig requirements po.



    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Sorry, but you can’t to it this time.

      • marjorie


        magtatanong lang po sana ako kung may penalty po ba kung sakali madelay yung monthly contributions? pwede pa rin po ba maupdate yung mga months na delayed yung payments..thank you so much and hope to hear you soon..

    • sinli kenkuri
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  • madel francisco

    bakit palaging delay ang on line pag ibig billing statement.?medyo nakakaharass na po ang procedure na bagong inimplement nyo…kasi kung ang remitt ng landbank is end of the month pa ata,ang update ng billing namin eh late na for due date na 5th day of the month.ang masama pa eh ang schedule ng payment eh tue And thurs lang.so kung di pa updated ang bill ng date n un,the tendency is to pay for the charge for late payment..sana lang every bank could accept payment like in sss payment…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rosemary.edquibal rhose

    How many arrears bago ma buy back..I`m afraid kasi, Apr-Jul 2012 ang payable ko. magsesettle ako for apr plus the 4mos penalty..baka bigla magulat ako buy back na ako..wag naman sana

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      If you know you have missed payments already for at least 2 months, visit the branch immediately.

  • Nors

    pwede pa bang magbayad ng pagibig housing loan sa SM business service center due date na ng 1 day?wala kasi akong natatanggap na billing statement,kadadownload ko lang sa pag ibig nito kagabi,,,ang layo naman kasi ng bayaran pagibig pag overdue na….

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      They should be able to accept your payment, but please ask them to verify. They may have their own rules.

  • leo

    What is the process on paying lump sum to be deducted to principal on my housing loan?

  • nina

    just want to ask po kasi my Pag-ibig number po ako pero di ko pa po nahuhulugan ever since i opened it..OFW po ako before sa Brunei and now sa Singapore na po ako,pwede ko po pa ba hulugan un previous number ko?or do I need na magpamemeber po ulit. salamat po ng marami

  • RED

    kapag may pay ng PDC , any branch po ba ng pag ibig pwede dalhin,,thanks

  • jhoanna

    I have an existing housing loan (5 years) with pag-ibig and paying it thru PDCs. I still have 2 years to pay it but planning to pay the balance in cash. What will be the procedures and will there be any rebate for paying it ahead of time or penalty will be imposed since I didn’t fulfilled what was agreed in the contract. Thanks in advance! :)

  • CodCav

    Very helpful thank you very much!

  • Fohla


    Ask ko lng anong branch at anong department pwede mag submit ng post dated checks?

    Thank you

  • john erickson

    hi admin… may i ask if how can i get my statement of account in pag-ibig through online..can you help me pls reply? thanks

  • http://yahoo thelma


  • nitz fernandezgutierrez

    dti po akong ofw doon po nagbbyad ng mpl at nandito n po sa phil.problema ko po kung paano po aq magbbayad kc nl nbuksan yong account ko . thanks and regards po .

  • http://facebook Chaddy