On Collateral And The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

Can you imagine life without mortgage loans?

To say the least, only a very few families would be living in their own homes. The reality is, most people can’t really afford to pay Spot Cash on a piece of property. Even a 2-year interest-free, installment payment is still hard on the average family’s budget.

But thanks to financing programs like mortgage loans (or housing loans), many families now enjoy having a roof over their heads while still paying the property over a series of monthly payments on a longer term.

The concept is actually very simple. Given the appraised value of the property, a lending institution can assist the buyer in purchasing the property by financing part of the price. Normally, the lending company may shoulder up to 80% of the property’s price and the borrower should be able to raise the 20% cash down payment.

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Pag-IBIG Member Benefits and Responsibilities

As a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund, one of the benefits you can enjoy as member is becoming eligible for Pag-IBIG Housing Loan and paying it in longer periods of up to 30 years.

One of the most important things you need to understand about Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, or any mortgage loan for that matter, is that, it is a secured form of financing. This means that when you sign a housing loan with Pag-IBIG, there are two points that you need to keep in mind:

  • You promise to repay loan on time as set in the agreement.
  • You put the property as collateral to backup your pledge.

The moment you fail to pay on the scheduled monthly amortization, that’s when the Foreclosure clock starts to tick.

It’s a very stressful event and you should do everything in your capacity to contact the Pag-IBIG Fund branch where you applied for the housing loan before it’s too late.

Collateral Requirement of Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

You should already know that Pag-IBIG Housing Loan is only applicable to residential types of properties; not commercial properties.

The collateral requirement of Pag-IBIG Home Loan is very simple: A clean Title (TCT/CCT) issued by the Registry of Deeds.

Important points to remember:

  • The tax on the real property must be updated.
  • The borrower is required to submit a copy of tax receipts.

Furthermore, the following properties / Titles are not acceptable as collateral:

  1. Free / Homestead / Miscellaneous Sales Patent Titles
  2. Properties with Encumbrances
  3. Properties with Liens

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Buyer, Beware

Take note of the above-mentioned list of “unacceptable collateral” because they are very important especially if you are buying from individual sellers; that is, not from developer corporations.

When buying a property, insist on getting a copy of the Title — (TCT for Lot, or CCT for condominium unit). Once you have it, verify its status at your local Registry of Deeds. Always avoid buying properties that belong to any of the three categories mentioned above.

Foreclosure properties are another type of properties you should avoid at all costs until you have educated yourself already on the whole idea. However, if you are not that confident yet, forget about all those money-making schemes they preach in Foreclosure Seminars. These properties are much more complicated and a much more painful investment than seminar experts would want to believe.


“On Collateral And The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan” is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • paulice

    Can I avail Housing loan using a newly issued TCT?

  • http://Touch Sally

    I assume ko po sana ang bah ng kapatid ko kc ma foreclose na po, kaya LNG naubusan n po ako ng pera kababalik ko LNG po dto Italy OFW po ako,pwede ko po bang I assume true pag ibig ? Kc po sa Balikatan housing program po iyon na belong, mura n LNG po kc ang binabaan po kc ng Balikatan ang price ng Bahay halos po lahat dto sa Davao the amout is 255,000 na LNG po, para dw mabayaran na LNG dw namin , ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin , capable po namn akong mag loan sa pag ibig kc ng pa certificate of income n po ako dto sa office ng pag ibig dto sa Milan s

  • noe o pante

    naipasa na namin ang aming requirement sa pag-ibig calamba ano po ba ang basehan para maapprove ang aming documents , kasama po ba ang ang facilities para maaprove gaya ng overhead tank at drainage cover. sa ciudad calamba po at lote lang ang iloloan namin thank you

  • leony gomez

    good day! ask q lng po qng mkk avail aq ng housing (reconstruction ) loan since i have a bad credit history because of my credit card… i’m a private employee and my husband is a seaman. thanks.

  • leony gomez

    good day! ask q lng po qng mkk avail aq ng housing loan ( renovation) since i have a bad credit history on my credit card. i’m a private employee and my husband is a seaman. thanks

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, please bring the title at the office and them have them look at it. You will be advised what to do next.

    Definitely, yes.

    Yes, Pag-IBIG will not only inspect the property but also the facilities of the subdivision itself.

    They can’t take a look at your credit history at the moment. So maybe yes.

  • lorna

    naipasa na po lahat ng req q sa Pag-Ibig Main bldg. kailan po ba ito maaaproved halos 4months na po akong nag aantay.

  • Jane

    Hi, I am a member of pag-ibig fund, just want to ask, gusto ko magloan and collateral is my land title, saan po ba cya pasok sa housing loan ba? what are the other requirement for this? at saka magkano amount pwde ko ma-loan? ang original plan ko po kasi if ever ma-approved ipapagaw ko cya ng apparemnt pwede po ba yun?

  • al-john

    pwede po ba makita ang picture ng mga house? plzzzzzzz

  • Kaye Temporosa

    Hi. I really need an answer to this question asap.
    Does Pag-Ibig allows the Pag-ibig borrower/owner of the Pag-ibig mortgaged property to execute a deed of assignment of the condo unit with assumption of Pag-Ibig loan/mortgage in favor of a third party? Meaning that, that third party will now own the property and assume the pag-ibig loan obligations of the original borrower. Does the execution of such deed requires the consent of Pag-ibig? If, yes, are there still other requirements before the assignment with assumption of pag-ibig loan be approved and recognized by pag-ibig? I would appreciate if can give me a reply soonest. Thank you very much.

    • Francisco Magnaye

      pakitagalog kaye, hindi ko naintindihan

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, that’s possible with Pag-IBIG. There are pre-printed documents that you can use and you can request it at the Pag-IBIG Office. Study the document properly because all the other requirements are also listed there.

    We are still looking to integrate that feature here on this website. Stay in touch.

    That should fall on the Housing Loan Program and the house must be constructed on the same lot that you use as collateral. The house must be a residential type.

    please follow up with them

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com/articles/2011/on-collateral-and-the-pag-ibig-housing-loan/ sharon

    ask ko if possible ako makapag loan kung gagamitin ko pambili ng lupa?and up to what amount ang pwede kong maloan?

  • Martin Palao

    ask ko lng po kung pwd i-combine ung pag-ibig accts ko. isa po under POP then the other one po ay Pag-Ibig 1. i decided not to work abroad anymore and just work here. im currently working at genesis transport inc. hope to hear from ur answer ASAP. maraming salamat po!

  • http://yahoo.com zaldy bertumen

    tanong ko lang po member po ako ng pag- ibig since 1995 at may loan ako s house loan kya lang d q maasikaso ang pag babayad kc nandito ako s abroad ano po dapat kong gawin?.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You have to check the real status of that property whether or not it was already foreclosed.


    The maximum loan amount that Pag-IBIG can possibly grant is P 3M. But you have to be qualified to get it.

  • Philip

    Dear Admin,

    May tanong po ako , Kumuha po kami ng asawa ko ng house & lot worth 1.4m, nakapagbayad na po kami ng 140k kasama na yun reservation at equity.
    Then, IPAPASOK palang sa pagibig housing loan. Nagkapirmahan na yun wife ko pati ang pagibig kasama na un developer last MAY 2011. Tapos hanggang
    ngayun hindi pa po nauumpisahan ang hulog sa pagibig, pero may balak na
    kami ng asawa ko hindi na ituloy dahil sa financial problem.
    TANONG: Pede ko po ba eh backout sa pagibig ang housing loan tru developer consent???May makukuha po ba kami kahit under pa ng developer un house??Sa nahulog namin 140k mga ilan percent lang po ang makukuha namin?? Pede ko po ibenta sa iba kahit under pa ng developer un house?
    Pls help me…

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, basically you are still on the application stage. Your loan is yet to be granted. About your payments made, please check that one with the developer because it is under their own policies. You may or may not be able to refund any of your payments. The best thing to do it to have someone assume that unit.

  • marjorie

    hi, since d na pwede bayaran ung 24 months in one time..its july right now means u can just start paying the month of july o pwede po sa previous month like may and june? im here in canada po and im interested to continue my pag ibig contribution..thanks.. pls email me on my add..God bless.

  • Gie bullon

    hello po,plano po namin magloan ng house sa pagibig pero 21sqm lang po ang house, 40sqm ang lot so maliit ang huose.(un lang kasi kaya ng budget ).ask ko po if pede po palakihan pag nagkapera ako?If yes,wen po?as long as nagbabayad na ba ako ng monthly amortization pede ko na palakihan ang house?tnx!

  • zoey

    can i apply both salary loan and multi purpose loan at the same time?if ever that is possible, can they possibly grant my loan even if we are just renting a house?(for home improvement)thank you!

  • jean

    hello po, i have been a member of pag ibig for about 12 years now and based on my net pay i am allowed to avail 1.2M to 2M.can I possibly get a 2 unit (same subd.magkatabi po) worth 630k each at the same time?.Hope to get ur reply soonest possible.thank u so much.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    It’s possible but one unit must be house and lot and then the adjacent property has to be lot-only. Essentially, you will be getting a house and lot with a bigger lot area as a result of the other extra lot.

    The Pag-IBIG Fund doesn’t distinguish between a salary loan and a multi-purpose loan. They are one and the same Multi-Purpose Loan. ANd yes, you may be granted even if you are just renting.

    Yes, once the unit is turned over to you, you should be able to do whatever you want with it provided you are not violation any rules in the community. Please check also with the developer up to what extend they would allow you to make modifications.

    You can’t pay anymore for the past months, but you can pay any time for the current month.

  • Vicki

    hi, i have gone through the counselling session previously and have filled up the application form. however, the lot I am going to purchase through financing is mortgaged with a bank. The counsellor told me to get a statement of account from the bank, then a contract to sell from the owner. The mortgage balance with the bank is lower than the amount in the contract to sell. Is that alright, will the contract to sell prevail over the mortgage balance?

  • henry

    hello po.

    balak ko po sanang mag loan mag 2yrs na ako this july 27 naghuhulog sa pagibig.

    it is possible na makapag loan ako ng 1.5M?

    pero walang title.. lead of sales lang saka nagbabayad sa home owners association?

    ayos na yung haws binebenta lang talaga.. pde ko ba iloan yun? 500 yung contribution ko dati 100 lang..

  • tine

    i want to avail of the 2M housing loan, but my monthly premium is only 200, can i increase my monthly premium and pay it on a lumpsum basis so i can avail of the said loan amount

  • ams

    hi! ano po bang loan ang pwede ko i-apply if i want a cash for our house construction..kaya lang wala pong title dahil rights pa lang po karamihan ang meron..sa province po ng bataan ang location..thank you very much., ang i hope i’d get an answer..godbless.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Sorry, but that’s not accepted as collateral.

    You will be asked to “upgrade” your contribution once you are granted the loan.

    Please refer to this article to see the maximum amount of loan you are entitled to:


    Yes, that should be the case since you are still paying your loan from the bank. No problem about that. Good luck!

  • ruel

    hi admin!

    Is my representative are allowed to attend a housing loan seminar in my behalf?, is there a need of SPA?

    Thank you.

  • george

    admin is there a way i can chat to you personally coz i have a lot of question …i cant understand u can add me at my YM account “seven.gmjads@yahoo.com” pls .. hope u reply tnx

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Sorry, but we don’t allow that here. Please call the Pag-IBIG Fund Office if that’s an immediate concern.

    Yes, no SPA required yet at this stage.

  • Laine

    hi..inquire ko lang kung pwedeng yung updated receipt lang ang dala pagnagbabayad sa sm business center? wala kasi kami nare-receive na billing statements eh. tnx. hoping for your immediate response.

  • Brian C. Pamisa

    gud day sir/madam, pwede ba ako mag apply ng housing loan? kaso lang hindi continous ang contribution ko. Ceguro ang last contribution ko ay noong 2005, OFW po ako,kung halimbawa ang kontribusyon ko sir/madam ay 20 months pwede ko ba bayaran ang 4 months para makumpleto ko ang 24 months, at ano ang mga requirements, thanx pls send me an email…..

  • TJ Penalba


    Pwede bang ibang house property yung ipang-collateral sa Pag Ibig o yung mismong bahay na pag gagawan ng renovation lang yung pedeng gawing collateral?


  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    It has to be the land title on which you want the house to be constructed.


    I’m not sure if SM will accept that. Usually, they will be asking for the Billing Statement.

  • batmanexy

    Hello Admin,

    I’m planning on rebuilding (gigibain and patatayuan) our family house.

    1. Is it required for the land title to be on my name?
    2. What Housing Loan category would that fall into? Construction Of House?
    3. If I pass all requirements, how long is the approval?
    4. I’m also looking at including my sisters as Co-Makers, However, one has a Bad Credit Card History, would that make my loan invalid?

    Thank you so much….

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  • Lielle

    Hello, gusto ko lang iask, if possible na di na required and co maker sa pag loloan?.. im employed naman po, and home improvement lang naman ang niloloan ko. As per helpdesk na nakausap ko dapat daw may co maker, then ung second call ko naman sabe if may kakayahan naman na magbayad di na need ng co maker., napag isip ko pede ngang wala na kc nakacollateral naman ung house and lot title. Ung mga napagtanungan ko naman na nakapagloan na, di na daw kelangan ng co maker… pls enlighten me kc wala ko magiging co maker.,wala ako kapatid, 60 years old na mother ko and self employed ang asawa ko.. walang mapapakita na ITR.

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  • dandel_58

    good day po,
    ask ko lang po kung pwede at kelan po ako makapag apply nung reconstruction. kc po may housing loan po ako na nabayaran ko na apat na taon kasama equity kaya nawalan po ako ng work last year kaya sa ngayon 15 months ko na po itong di nabayaran, tulungan nyo po sana akong malaman kung panong wag namn ma forclose ang bahay nmin.

    salamat po,

  • april lou

    Hi i would like to ask if pwede ko bang habaan ang year ng pag ibig loan ko.. im currently on a 10 yr amortization term. pwede po ba siyang gawing 15 yrs or 20 yrs?



  • Rose

    Hi, Paano po mag avail ng recontruction loan? I’m currently paying mmy pag-ibig housing loan, but we really have to renovate or recinstruct the house that we got kasi po masyadong maliit for us nga family ko. Kaya lang kulang ang funds namin paro mapaayos po nang tuloy tuloy. I’m really hoping I can hear from pag-ibig. ano po mga requirements?

  • Rose

    Hi, Paano po mag avail ng reconstruction loan? I’m currently paying my pag-ibig housing loan, but we really have to renovate or reconstruct the house that we’ve got kasi po masyadong maliit for us ng family ko. Kaya lang kulang ang funds namin para mapaayos po nang tuloy tuloy. I’m really hoping I can hear from pag-ibig. ano po mga requirements?

  • nezz

    is it really needed for a comaker when applying to pag-ibig housing loan. i have a spot cash downpayment last week.however i was very disappointed since an employee from the developer’s office said that i am not qualified to apply with pag-ibig since i dont have anyone to be my comaker.I hsvr no other choice but to avail the in house financing which is 20% for 15years.

    Can you please help me with my concern..thnks

  • lester

    hi admin,may binebenta kasing bahay sa compound namin,worth 1.2 million sya,pwede ba kong mag loan thru pag ibig ng ganung amount at pwde ko ba sya bayaran within 15 years?

  • wennie

    gud day….admin pls…p send po s email ad ko ung mga foreclose property s canlubang…..meron po b kyo foreclosed property n itutuloy nlng po nmin….tnx…

  • mike

    im planning to apply for PAGIBIG’s home improvement loan, ang concern ko lang po, yung bahay ko kasi ay nakatayo sa compound namin, in which the title is named to my mother (deceased). May iba pa pong nakatayong structure sa compound namin (isa pang bahay, apartment at tindahan ng mga kapatid ko)
    Pwede ko po bang gamitin yun as collateral for the loan? badly need your advise,salamat po

  • Jojo

    Sir , Ask ko po Sana If Possible po ba na makapag loan po ako sa Pag-ibig pang build ng house?at magkano po kya ang pwede i loan? Meron na po kasi kaming Lot. Pero ang problem po ay hindi sa akin nakapangalan yung Lot, sa asawa ko po. May dalawa po kaming anak pero hindi pa po kami kasal. Ako lang po ang member ng pag-ibig.

  • perl

    Hi gusto sna nmin magapply ng mother ko just like to ask if pwede ba maging collateral ang lupa kng sa mother k nkapangalan pero ako magapply kasi po ako ung member hope you can help me tnx.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    The title must always be in the name of the borrower. This article might be of help to you:


    Please refer to the answer above @perl

    I’m afraid Pag-IBIG won’t allow this kind of setup.

    If you qualify for a loan, yes of course.

    A co-borrower is usually needed if your income is not sufficient to cover the monthly amortization dues.

    Please check the link below for the requirements:


    Yes, it’s called loan restructuring.

    I hope you can still read this reply. Please check this article:


  • Vladimer M Manglanlan

    pwede po bang i qualateral ang lupa ng magulang ko na ginawan po namin ng deed of donation sa akin ng aking magulang?

  • ohmz….

    ask ku lng po admin,meron po house na hihulugan siya ng 25yrs,nbyaran na nya ng 16 yrs….benta nya po ng 500t….panu ku sya ma-avail as a pag ibig member….ASAP reply po////

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    First, you need to be a member first with at least 24 months contribution. Please visit the office or branch on how to go about this.

    That may be acceptable as collateral, but you need to verify it with the Pag-IBIG first.

  • alfredo ylanan jr.

    isa po q ofw s kslukuyan my kinukuha q house and lot,ayon s pinirmahan ng asawa ko heto nksulat, 1. loan granted P807,000 2.loan charges 8.5%, processing fee upon loan application P1000 upon loan take out P2000 3.deduction from loan proceeds A. insurance 1st yr. 1. MRI P5659.80 2.fire insurance P2452.20 3.interim P8112 B. conversion of CTS P56,490 4.net loan proceed P742,398 5.loan term 30yrs. monthly amortization 1-29 yrs. P400 mem.contribution P465.40 MRI P204.35 fire P6205.13 interest P7274.80 total. medyo nguguluhan po kc q gusto ko lng po mliwanagan dito bkit po nging P7274.80 ang monthly ko s loob ng 30yrs. pr san po b tong MRI at fire.ayun s bracket ninyo kpag ang loanable amount ay P800,000 ang interest rate 8.5% ang long term 30yrs ang monthly amortization P6151.30 nging nging P7274.80 ang monthly ko….tma po b ang mgigigng monthly ko P7274.80, ang developer po niyan NEW APEC sa laguna…mrming slmat po gusto ko lng ng linaw….

  • Seth Policarpio

    Good Day! Ask ko lng po kung pwede ako mag apply ng housing loan, yung Titulo po ay nka pangalan na sa akin. actually binili po yun ng mother ko at pinangalan sa akin. plan ko sna na ibalik sa mother ko yung pera na ginastos nya pra magamit nya personal yung pera. at ako nmn ang magbabayad sa pag ibig. saan po ba pwede pumasok na loan yun. at kailangn pren ba ng deed of sale yun.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The loan would be for house construction since you are not buying the land anymore.

  • crizel

    I just want to ask bakit po ang pag ibig won’t accept as coaterral young mga “free patent” title. – want to buy my uncle’s lot but ayaw e accept ng pag ibig.pls help.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      That’s their policy.

  • malou

    good day po! member po ako ng pagibig may binibili po akong residential lot somewhere in pangasinan at gusto ko din xang patayuan ng bahay paano po ang proseso nun through pagibig financing? thanks po.

  • reynaldo taluban

    If PAG-IBIG cancel your loan application because of one of the rules from Pag-ibig that collateral properties should be free of all TCT encumbrances, ” DOES PAG-IBIG WRITE A NOTES TO YOUR LOAN APPLICATION THE REASON WHY THEY CANCELLED THE LOAN?” This I notice that from my nephew point of view is that the clerk from Pag-ibig said to him this loan is cancelled or not valid because the TCT has encumbrances. But again do you relay from what the clerk said it was, without written note as evidence of the the matter?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Normally, they won’t notify anymore since there are so many applicants for a housing loan. But when you make a follow-up, they may tell you the reason why they deny a particular loan.

  • marilou bautista

    Good day, ask ko lang po if may house and lot ako fully paid na and then gusto ko siya ibenta sa pinsan ko at gagamitin as collateral ang property ko. Ano po ang requirements at kanino ma release ang check? Thank you

  • Winefreda H. Mullet

    Good day.My husband is a pag ibig member in a private company.Meron po kami nabili na bahay sa Bulacan raw houses bayad na po kami doon.Meron na po kami hawak na TCT(trasnfer certificate title) nakapangalan pa po sa foundation.Meron na po binigay ang foundation sa amin na original TCT,secretary`s certificate,deed of sale notarized indicating na sa amin na po ung house and lot na iyon.Plano po namin mag apply ng housing loan tapos i collaterral po namin ung TCT na hawak namin.Gagamitin po namin ung pera pa construct ng maliit na bahay sa ibang lugar(Leyte).
    Ang tanong ko po:
    1.Pwd ko ba gamiting collateral ung TCT sa bahay at lupa namin sa Bulacan kahit hindi pa namin nai pa transfer sa pangalan namin?
    2.Asang branch ng Pag ibig po kami pumunta para mag inquire tungkol dito:
    3. Yearly na po kami nagbayad ng property tax sa Sta.Maria bulacan
    Paki advise po para kami maliwanagan tungkol dito.

    Marami pong salamat.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The check will be in the name of the seller — that’s you.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Some quick replies for you:

      1. To get a housing loan, the title on the land must be in the name of the borrower.

      2. You must apply at the branch that has jurisdiction of the property you are buying. In this case, you are not buying, but rather will be using the proceeds to finance a business. Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow this one.

      3. Please visit the Pag-IBIG branch to inquire more.

  • bing

    Hello admin,
    May bahay po ako binibinta, tapos may buyer na, tama po ba kami kukuha ng mga requirement na ito, vicinity map, zoning clearance. O ang buyer po ba ang kukuha? Ng apply po sila Pag Ibig loan .

  • mhina

    8 years na po namin hinuhulugan ung bahay na nailoan namin sa pag ibig… mejo magulo na po dun sa place dahil puro forclosed na po ung katabi ko pero may mga nakatira na kung cno cno lang… balak po sana namin kumuha sa ibang lugar tru pag ibig dn po.. kaso ung pag ibig account ko po nagamit ko na dto sa bahay namin ngayon… pwede ko po ba itransfer sa ibang bahay? or irefund ko na lang? how much po ang marerefund? after magrefund pwede po ba ako ulit magloan sa pag ibig?

  • Thebadmyth

    may client kami, bibili sana sila ng house-and-lot packge sa isang subdivision. pero na-realize nila later na mas gusto nila na sila na lang ang magpa-contruct ng bahay instead na ipaubaya sa developer para ma-ensure yung quality ng bahay at maimplement ng maayos yung revisions nila s interior partitions. ok lng naman daw yun sa developer basta pasok sa deed of restrictions. in short, lot na lang gusto nilang kunin. ask ko lng if possible ba na ma-cover pa rin ng pag-ibig yung lot at pati yung bahay na sila na mismo ang magpapatayo? paano po ang proseso?