Your Money In Pag-IBIG Fund

This article is a must read for every Pag-IBIG Member whether active or inactive. If you are a member, please read carefully. If you know someone who is a member, please share it.

How Your Money Enters The Pag-IBIG Fund

The moment you become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund, that’s the first time your money enters into the Fund. For some, there is really no choice. All employees who are covered by SSS and GSIS are mandated and required to also contribute to the Pag-IBIG Fund. Others are voluntarily contributing to the Fund.

Is It A Mutual Fund?

First things first. Pag-IBIG Fund is just a fancy term for Home Development Mutual Fund. That’s a handy term to help you remember it easily. Unfortunately, it also blinds you to a lot of other things about the company and what it does with your money.

Next, let’s talk about Mutual Fund. Let’s call on to assist us on the definition of the term Mutual Fund:

“A mutual fund is nothing more than a collection of stocks and/or bonds. You can think of a mutual fund as a company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other securities. Each investor owns shares, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund.”

That definition says a lot of things. If not for the last statement, the Pag-IBIG Fund could have qualified for a Mutual Fund Company. In other words, the usual definition of a “Mutual Fund” doesn’t apply here.

Pag-IBIG Fund and Cooperative Setup

It’s easier to think of Pag-IBIG Fund as a cooperative rather than a Mutual Fund.

Here are some important points to bear in mind:

  • In the Philippines, a Mutual Fund is an investment company, owned by its shareholders who are also the investors in the fund. Pag-IBIG Fund is organized, owned and controlled by the government. Members of the Pag-IBIG Fund are not shareholders.
  • A Mutual Fund investors can withdraw (redeem shares) anytime. Pag-IBIG Members has to wait for a maturity date to claim their savings money.
  • Anyone can invest in a Mutual Fund — even foreigners. Pag-IBIG Fund is limited to members only.
  • You can’t loan against your investment money in a Mutual Fund. With Pag-IBIG, you can take out a Personal Loan or a Housing Loan.

( To learn more about Mutual Funds and Investments in general, please head over to this article on )

It’s easier if you think of Pag-IBIG Fund as a cooperative, rather than a mutual fund. That’s the best analogy I can come up with.

Pag-IBIG Money As Savings: How Your Money Earns in Pag-IBIG Fund

Pag-IBIG says that you are saving money when you are contributing to the Pag-IBIG Fund.

In a way, yes. You and your employer have combined to save in the Fund. But, unlike a regular bank savings that you have been accustomed to, your money has no fixed rate of return. That money is being invested and its earnings vary and depend a lot on so many factors. At the end of the year, your savings will earn an annual dividend which is also automatically credited to your total savings. The total savings is also referred to as Total Accumulated Value (TAV), and it includes your contributions, your employer’s contributions plus all the dividends it earns.

Provident Claims: How To Withdraw You Money

Now comes the itchy part: How do you withdraw your savings?

(A lot of our OFW visitors are asking how to withdraw their contributions in Pag-IBIG since they are no longer active. We hope this article helps.)

You may be surprised, but your savings with Pag-IBIG is not as liquid as your regular bank deposit. In other words, to withdraw it, you have to wait… 20 years or so, that’s the maturity period of your money.

Here are the instances where you are allowed to withdraw your money in Pag-IBIG.

  • The member has been contributing for 20 years and after having made a total of 240 contributions.
  • Upon retirement (early retirement at age 45; optional retirement at age 60; mandatory retirement at age 65)
  • Permanent departure from the country
  • Total Physical disability or Insanity
  • Termination from service for health reasons
  • Death of the member (of course, your beneficiaries will be the one to claim it)
  • For members who have registered under RA 7742 and RA 9679, you may withdraw your money after 10 years or 15 years of continuous membership.

( See also: The benefits of becoming a Pag-IBIG Fund member. )

Armed with the information above, I’d like to ask a few questions about your money and savings in relation to your Pag-IBIG Fund Membership.

  • Is it wise to contribute more money to your membership fund with Pag-IBIG?
  • What are the pros and cons of putting more money in excess of the minimum requirement by the Pag-IBIG Fund?
  • Should you approach Pag-IBIG Fund as a reliable source of retirement fund?

That’s something for you to think.

  • Mildred Vestal Concepcion

    how can i know my membership number wherein i resigned long time ago and now the company closed down, we don’t have identification card before. Please advise me where to go to know my number and how to claim my contribution.
    Thank you very much.

  • lenzky

    in 10years member tru pag-ibig fund pwede na po ba lamsum ung 10years contribute po?

  • ralphy

    ano naman po ang requirement para makapag lampsum ka at pano naman kung meron kang housing loan kakapaglampsum ka pa rin ba..

  • admin

    Hi Mildred,

    Please check the FAQ Page. The answer is already there.

  • admin


    Please re-read this article. The answer is there already. Or, better yet, ask the nearest Pag-IBIG Staff if the article is not yet clear to you.

  • ralphy

    hi admin,

    during cash loan in pag-ibig makakapag lampsum po ba ang isang tao kapag meron siyang housing loan..

    correct po ninyo ako if mali po ako base po dito sa articel na ito wala pong sinasabing hindi puwedeng mag cash load ang tao may housing loan..
    tama po ba ako or mai…

    • admin

      Hi Ralphy,

      Good question. Cash Loan is different from Housing Loan, so you should be able to apply for a personal loan even if you still have an outstanding Housing Loan. But of course, there are other factors to consider.

  • jeffrey lineses

    how can an ofw avail the membership?

  • richard n. omila

    mam, pede po pakisend sa email ko yung employee statement of accumulated value

  • che

    hi…pwede po bang ako mismo ang magbayad sa pag.ibig fund ko and after 2 yrs pwede na po ba ako maka pag housing loan?

  • ralphy

    hi admin,

    what is the factors to be consider like???????

  • r.salas

    good day..tanong ko lang po kung pwede pa i continue ang membership sa pag ibig..noon kasi sa housing loan namin ginamit namin yung nacontribute ng husband ko para makabayad sa amortization..thanks and godbless

  • ehm

    i have a total of 5mos contributions now at pag-ibig. am i eligible to have a housing loan if i’ll be paying the 19mos to complete the 2yrs requirement?
    if so, what are the process on paying? coz im planning to get a housing loan for my mom.

    when will be the estimated month do the issuance of permanent numbers be?

  • MAC

    OFW po ako dito sa Qatar pero matagal na akong member sa pag ibig mula pa noong 1990 kaya lang di ko natuloy ang pag huhulog last july 2010 nag bayad me sa paibig polo ng qatar pero pinag sign me ng bagong form at binigyan me ng Temporary no. para daw iyon ma check ko sa internet ang mga na hulog ko, kaso hangang sa ngayon ay wala akong makitang hulog ko last nov nag bayad me sa kanila at tinanong ko sabi nila ina ayos pa nila kaya okey lang nag bayad ulit ako ng advance kasi gusto ko bayad na me ng 2011 kaya lang pag tumatawag po ako sa polo pagibig walang sumasagot .
    pede po bang malaman kung bakit nag lagay pa sila ng phone kung walang tagasagot sa mga tawag kasi po karamihan sa aming mga OFW ay umaga hangang hapon ang work pag off na kami off narin sa office ng pag ibig, ang solusyon namin liliban o absent sa work para lang mag tanong sa office ng pag ibig na ang sagot “pasensya na po busy kami kaya di masagot ang tawag sa phone” marami pong salamat

  • Teya David

    I would like to claim my provident fund (pag-ibig)as I am now 65 years old. I used to work in Makati. However, I am now a resident of the US and my relatives are nearer to the Dinalupihan branch. Can we work out the claim from that Bataan branch? Or should they go to Makati everytime a transaction is needed? Better yet, are the records of Pag-ibig already consolidated and accessible to all branches? Thanks.

  • joy paulino

    hi ggusto ko lng po malaman if may ma claim b kmi sa pag-ibig. bcoz my mom is a member and she passed away last nov.2010.. tnx

  • Alva Azores

    If the member is decease…what benefit he could get?

  • admin

    You may want to have your representatives process the claim in Bataan, but it will take time to do so. It’s best if you can have a representative near the Makati area. Pag-IBIG will usually post it on the Bulletin per Regional Office.

    I’m sorry to hear about that, but yes if you are a beneficiary. Please check this out at the Pag-IBIG office.

    The beneficiaries can claim the benefits by going to the office.

  • steve

    pwede po ba gamitin ang pagibig sa pag purchase ng lot na private own,saka kung pwede gaano katagal ang process?
    sana masagot nyo ,TY

  • admin

    That’s what Pag-IBIG Housing Loan is all about.

  • kristine loro

    ASK Ko lng po kung ano mga requirements pagkukunin na ung share o funds sa pag ibig pag wla k ng work.


    gusto lang sana malaman ung contribution status ko

  • andrea

    Good day sir/madam,
    Tanong ko lang po pwede ko po ba mawithdraw ung savings ko kahit 7 year na ako tigil sa work ko? 8 years po ako my hulog.

  • ralphy

    hi admin,

    what is the factors to be consider when i loan on a cash loan if i have a housing loan that i not yet pay regularly??

  • maricel

    sir/madam! good day!bakit di po makita ung previous montly contribution ko…i was a member of pag ibig overseas program since 2008….and now i’m applying for housing loan..di makita ung first monthly contribution ko..paano ba ma trace up un?salamat po..hintayin ko npo response ninyo…thanks

  • Don

    hi admin ,
    Tanong ko lng po,pano po ba macheck kung may contribution ang Father ko? sya po ay patay na ..kung nakapag hulug nmn sya sa ng contribution…may makukuha ba yong mama ko na Benefits? kasi po sa SSS lng po ang nkuha ng mama ko. Thanks

  • kits

    good day!

    i’m a Pag-Ibig member since last year (february,2010)and what i got since then is a temporary membership number (POP). The Pag-Ibig representative in my place told me that we have to wait for the MID/membership card number. When do you think they will finally give us that number?

    another thing: I visited your website and curiously opened my account through my POP number. I was surprised because it is not updated. It only reflects 3 months contributions out of 13 monthly regular deposits i made. Again, i talked to the reprensentative and she told that they don’t no longer update any transactions nor issue a Pag-Ibig bankbook. Of course, I do have with me all the receipts of my deposits. But could you please tell me how often they update one’s personal transactions and how can i have mine updated?

    thanks for your help in advance.

  • fernando ariola estoesta

    gusto ko sanang malaman ang aking pag ibig fund number ko kung mayroon pa member ako noong akoy nagtrabaho pa sa pinas last 20 yrs ago huminto akong nag hulog last 1990 valid pa ba hangang ngayun ang aking pagibig fund . now im working as on ofw dito sa saudi arabia for 20 yrs ,but i want to continue may contribution for my pagibig fund …until now is it my memebership no. is still valid or no more?? pls response so that ican still continue…ty


    pwede po ba akung maka avail ng provident claim. malapit ko na pung matapus ang ten years contribution sa pag ibig next year…may requirement pa ba yan?

  • Margarita C.Magpile

    gud pm po,,just want to ask lng po kung may makukuha ako kc member po ako ng pag ibig since 2000 to 2009…isa po ako sa naredundant sa company nmin.di ko na po naituloy hulugan kc nga po nwalan n ko ng work..kung sakali po na may makukuha ako my mga requirements po ba na kelangan?thanks po…

  • macy

    hi gud eve po.. ask ko lang po if i will apply for a housing loan.. pano po yung process nun.. like yung sa mga “rent to own”. thanks po..

  • admin

    Please take note that you only withdraw it once it reaches maturity period. If that is your case, please proceed to the Pag-IBIG office for an updated requirements.

    YOu can request it from any branch or office of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    No you can’t. Please re-read the article for some clarifications.

    Sorry, please clarify your question.

    It’s best if you can request it from the Office of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    I’m sorry to hear that. Please request this one from the Pag-IBIG Office and check if his record is there.

    Please follow-up at the office from time to time about your Member ID.
    ANd don’t be surprised by tha online facility. It’s not yet in full-force at the moment. To check for your contribution, you have to do it the old way and wait for about a week.

    Please check your Pag-IBIG NUmber from any branch and of course, it’s still the same.

    You may want to do it next year.

    Please understand that you may claim it only if you have contributed at least 10 years.

    Same process with a regular housing loan application.

  • Naz

    ask lang po kung maclaim ko ang contirbution ko nasa 12 yrs po ang naging contribution ko. Ano po ang mga dapat kong gawin? pano po ba malalaman kung magkano na po ang naging contribution?

  • jessica

    Pag ibig member po ako ang aking kamag anak ay my Pag ibig housing Loan na di nya na kaya bayaran ang kanyang loan gusto nya ibenta ang bahay at lupa sa akin kahit naka Pag ibig loan pwede ko po ba ipagpatuloy ang hulog o i transfer sa akin pangalan para ako na ang magpatuloy magbayad

  • Elmer H. Rebamontan

    ask ko lang po kung magkano yung makuha ko sa pagibig

  • Elmer H. Rebamontan

    how can i check my savings account in pagibig now?

  • Marlou Viola

    |Dati na po akong pag ibig member sa kasalukuyan nandito ako ngayon sa KSA..ang tanong ko po paano ko po ma trace o malaman ang na contribute ko eh nakalimutan ko na ang pag ibig number ko? kasi baka magamit ko sa housing loan..nag inquire po ako dito sa Al Khobar (KSA) at ang sabi sa akin pede ko daw gamitin ung dati kong hulog sa dati kong kompanya…

    sana matulungan nyo ako

    Marmaing salamat po!


  • Marites

    @Marlou Viola: Pwde mong ma-trace ang na-contribute mo by sending your employment history (employer name, employer address and date employer) and full name (including middle name) to

  • admin

    Yes that’s possible. Please proceed to your nearest Pag-IBIG Fund Office to inquire about your TAV.

    Even if you are relatives, make sure that you do everything legally. That’s possible, indeed.

    You may request it from any Pag-IBIG Office.

    Same reply with Elmer.

    Thanks for the help. And to Marlou and Elmer, please be patient if you are using that email address.

  • Kimberly Tan

    How can I change my Status from single to married. How can I continue my contributions I resigned from my work 3 mos. later and I want to continue voluntarily.

  • Kimberly Tan

    Why is it your office is too small to accomodate your many clients. Many of us are just standing while waiting for your employees to assist us. Too bad many of us are tired waiting. Hope there are lots of chair and bigger space for your many clients. Specialy on payments line. Thank you.

  • mark

    how will i know that i am a member of pag-ibig?since i start working last 2004 i always saw in my payslip a pag-ibig deduction. am i already a member?and lastly i would like to have a house for my family can pag-ibig help me?

  • Apolonio, Amie N.


    Lagpas 60 years old na ang papa ko at member siya ng pag-ibig at matagal na pong walang trabaho.. Makikita po ba sa net kung member siya ng pag-ibig at kung magkano ang contibution niya dun? ano pong website.? Paano po namin ma-aavail ang mga benefits kung wala kaming hawak na dokumento. Pero may SSS number po siya na sabi ng iba makakatulong yun s problema namin tungkol sa concern na ito.



    i am a member of pag-ibig provident savings program registered under RA 7742.This June 2011 will be my 15years of continuous membership.I went to pag-ibig office-Ormoc City,Leyte,to apply for a partial withdrawal of my savings but they refused because they don’t process 15 years withdrawal of savings.

    in this connection,kindy, pls..i need clarifications based in one of the above provisions “PROVIDENT CLAIMS: HOW TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY” specifically”FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE REGISTERED UNDER RA 7742 AND RA 9679, YOU MAY WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY AFTER 10YEARS OR 15YEARS OF CONTINUOUS MEMBERSHIP”.Thank you very much.GOD bless.-Joefrey G. Gerzon

  • jhernilyn

    Hi po, ask ko lang kung pwede ko bang makuha ang share ko sa pag-ibig(7years), kahit meron akong existing salary loan balance. Nag-resigned po ako last year lang, at di ko na po nahulugan ung pag-ibig ko, pati ang loan balance ko. Thank you.

  • http://pagibigverifycontributions renato mortera

    gud day po ako po ay member ng pag ibig sa compny po ng eei asko ko lang po kung saan pwede mag loan sa nga un po ay nasa ibng compny na ko pwede ko po bng malamn kung ilan months na ko ang hulog ko pa ra maka pag loan sa housing tnx po and god bless paki send na lang po sa email ko ang reply

  • zenaida aguilar

    hello…i just want to know po if my member is still active !how i can use my contribution po !member n po ko since year 2000.if still active let me know?

  • marjorie

    I am working here in canada for 9 months as a live in caregiver.
    I have re-activated my membership and resume payments paying for 4 months july- oct, 2011 3000ph for pag ibig 1 and 1000 for pag ibig 2.. do i need to make 24 payments as a POP to qualify for a loan.? though
    ive been a member of pag ibig for 2 yrs wayback when im working in the philippines and had been a loan which i already payed…
    I am planning to demolish my mom’s house and construct a new one. I can’t come up with P2m cash to finance the project, so I need to apply for a loan. The lot is under my mom’s but we can transfer the title in my name. my mom is still working in hongkong for 15 yrs and
    i could make her as a co maker just to meet the lonable of 2m. im single and 25 yrs of age with a net income of 40,000 php.
    …am i qualify for the loan? thanks in advance.


  • neriza zamora

    hello, good day!!! just want to ask regarding my pag-ibig membership, I’ve been inactive for 7 years already, I forgot about my number membership. will I ever trace again my contribution I have given? & how can I trace my membership since im here abroad. thanx for your time. hope to here from you….

  • john

    good day!
    i just want to ask if how can i have a pag.ibig no? until now im still using the temporary no. which i had when i was working landbased abroad. now, that im working seabased im still using it for my contributions.. is it still valid if ill use my temporary no. for my housing loan. i think i have more than 24months contribution already.


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  • John M. Abalos

    Hello po. pag-ibig member po ang asawa ko at my housing loan kmi, na approved na po, nkalipat na rin po kami. concern ko lang po hindi pa n change yung new address namin, at wala po kmi natatangap ng statement of account every month. eto po add. JOHN M. ABALOS, B-5 L-1 venezuela st. birmingham alberto2, GB 1, san mateo Rizal… thank you, ang Godbless po!

  • Rey Fanoga

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede magremit ng contribution sa Pag-ibig Batangas Branch, since resident po ako ng Occ. Mindoro

  • Josephine

    Good morning ADMIN: Josephine from Cebu City
    – Two years ago I applied through a Developer (Window 1) of a Housing Loan and PAG-IBIG Fund Approved and it was TAKE-OUT.
    -The unit was RFO so after 2 months of reservation and paid all the necessary misc, I was granted with Occupancy Permit and occupied the house.
    -2 months after: need to PAY both Monthly Equity and Monthly Amortization.
    -It was actually OK but I went to Manila to grab the oppurtunity that was being offered and my husband currently working abroad.
    -We decided to let the agent of my developer to find someone to ASSUME the house and FORTUNATELY found the SAVIOR.
    —-Please we need your advises, do I need to go to my DEVELOPER to request the TRANSFER to the person who assumed to clean my name in your office and once again can still avail housing loan? If so, how will I know if it was successfully transfer, do we both need to come to your office (me and the person who assume)?

  • Roger G. Biltz Jr.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’am an OFW worker and by June 2012 I will be finishing my 2 yrs membership contribution. I kindly ask you to send me by email my Pagibig I.D. number for my future references and record.

    Thank you and looking forward for your consideration in this matter.

    Best Regards,

    Roger G. Biltz Jr.

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  • eds

    Thru: ADMIN DEPT.

  • admin

    The minimum contribution is P 100 per month. Maximum housing loan amount is P 3 Million.

    1. Yes
    2. Any amount not excedding 3M is possible, but there are qualification requirements.
    3. Yes


    Maam, here are your benefits:

    Short answer: You both need to clear this up at the branch. Most agents are not well suited to handle such cases as this.

  • Rhea Abdul

    I just want to inquire whether I am elligible to apply for Salary loan. I am a pag-ibig member (OFW) with monthly cotribution of P200. I availed housing loan year 2006 and by September 2012 it will be fully paid. My question is..can I avail this called Multi-purpose or salary loan because I am in need of money? How is the process to apply? How much and how can an OFW apply for this one if applicable? Thanks!

  • admin

    Definitely, yes. Please file your MPL Loan application at the branch. Please read this link to know more:

  • Federico Bagayas Jr


    I retired as a government employee since last January 2008. I have been a member since the pag ibig fund was established since 1981 (broken service 1977-1986, AFP then 1987-2008 government employee), . At present I am living abroad. How can i get my refund or whatsover from pag ibig contribution. Thank you and could i know the answer to be posted on my email. Thank you and good day.

  • admin

    Sir, here is the process on how to claim your Pag-IBIG savings, or TAV:

  • Rowena Real

    Good morning! Gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano na po ba ang mangyayari sa pag-ibig contrubution ko kung hindi ko na nabayaran ung housing loan ko. Bali 1 year ko lang po nahulugan tapos napabayaan na. Pwede pa rin po ba ako mag-avail ng withdrawal of membership to get my contribution? kasi po naka 13years po ako. May marerepond po ba ako sa nahulog ko sa housing?

    • admin


      Your membership and your housing loans are two separate accounts and obligations. If you default on your housing loan, the property will be foreclosed. Please check with the staff about your provident savings.

  • http://yahoo emie

    i registered on line recently, but i forgot to get the cell phone number that I should text to get my I.D #….Could you send it to me?

    • admin


      Please get it from the official website — that is, from where you registered.

  • vivian zeta

    good day, i retired age 53 in service with a total of 25yrs Pag-ibig Fund contribution, ask ko lang if like in GSIS when i turned 6Oyrs old nag pension na ako, meron din bang pension sa Pag-ibig & how to apply pls.
    maraming salamat, , ,God bless us………..

    • admin


      There is no pension money in Pag-IBIG. But you can withdraw all your contributions and its total dividends accumulated.

  • julie

    i would wish to know , i have a pag ibig overseas programaccount in US$and was open in Singapore year back 2003 in a 5year contract and 5yrs to wait , unfutunately i only paid once now i wanted to know if it is still possible to collect the money i put into the account after many years until now ?

  • ariel rodriguez

    member po ang kaptid q ng pag ibig fund.6years po sya nkapaghulog..ngayon po namatay n ang kapatid q may makukuha po ba ang mama nmin s pag ibig fund kse po sya ang benificiary ng kapatid q.tnx po..

    • admin


      Yes, your mother can claim the proceeds from the Pag-IBIG Fund. Please go to the office to inquire about it more.

  • RICH

    Can i avail lump sum ..OR WITHDRAW my MONEY at pag-ibig kahit may existing housing loan ako?…mag 20yrs na kasi ang contribution ko sa Aug.???

    • admin

      Rich, you have to settle your home loan obligation first before you can get your lump sum.

  • Lourd

    Hello Admin,
    Loan Entitlement Based On Pag-IBIG Contribution:

    So looking at the table, if you need, for example, to get a loan amounting to P 2,000,000 your contribution should be P 950 / month. Now PhP 950 /month is easier for most Pag-IBIG Members. Quite frankly, there is no problem in that area.

    Ask ko lang po, example na approve yung housing loan ko ng 2,000,000.00 like your figure above then my contribution monthly will be 950.00… then the question is… HOW LONG PO AKO MAGBABAYAD NG CONTRIBUTION KO AMOUNTING 950.00/ MONTH???? For example 20years to pay ang housing loan ko, ibig bang sabihin nito eh 20years din ako magbabayad ng ganong amount as my contribution?

    Currently kasi is OFW din ako, meron kaming 100/month contribution as POP na compulsory sa lahat ng OFW? kung sakali ba, pwede ma consulidate ang contribution, gawin ko na lang 850.00/month kasi meron na akong 100.00 as OFW?

    Hope you can enlightened to me on my questions…


    • admin

      Hi Lourd,

      You will only be required to upgrade your contribution to a higher amount once you are approved for a bigger loan amount.

  • Delma

    Good Day!
    I just want to ask. How can I update my monthly contributions on PAG-IBIG since I’m here abroad?

  • John Martin

    Hi admin..I have pag-ibig contribution 2,000k monthly..what are the benefits I can get with this amount and can I get my money back if I want..? Thanks admin,,

  • John Martin

    Hi admin..I have pag-ibig contribution 2,000k monthly..what are the difference among other lower amount? And how much I can do loan from it?