How To Check If You Are Qualified For A Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

“Am I qualified for a Housing Loan?”

This is a recurring question which appears on this website as comments under different articles with different topics. This article is intended to address that question once and for all and also show you some useful tips.

You can actually personally determine if you are eligible for a housing loan based on the following:

  • Your Pag-IBIG Membership
  • Your Age
  • Your Capacity To Pay
  • Other Pag-IBIG Loans

We’ll try to elaborate each one on the succeeding paragraphs.

Your Pag-IBIG Membership Status

You need to remember the following basic requirements for Pag-IBIG Fund Members.

  • You must be an active Pag-IBIG member for at least 2 years and has contributed a minimum of 24 monthly contributions.
  • Both the principal borrowers are subject to the above mentioned requirement.
  • Up to three Pag-IBIG Members may avail of a single housing loan (same collateral) provided they are related within the second civil degree of consanguinity.

Question: Can I pay 24 months one-time and then avail of the Pag-IBIG Home loan immediately?

Answer: Not anymore, the new Pag-IBIG Law of 2009 has changed the rule. But, you may still pay 24-months one time (Pag-IBIG will be more than happy to accept it) and wait for another 24 months to apply. (Other branches will allow you to wait for just 12 months.)

Pag-IBIG Financing Tips on Membership:

For the complete list of document requirements, please check this article.

Your Age

  • You must not be more than 65 years old at the time of loan application.
  • You must not be more than 70 years old at the date of maturity.
  • You must be insurable.

Advanced age really is a hindrance to getting a housing loan. And take note that this is true whether you are using Pag-IBIG or any Bank.

Pag-IBIG Financing Tip: If you can afford it, apply for a housing at a young age.

Your Capacity To Pay

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan InterestAs a general rule, your monthly amortization should not exceed one-third of your gross income. This is the rule used by many financial institutions when qualifying a loan applicant.

But when it comes to Pag-IBIG Financing, your monthly amortization (principal + interest) should not be more than 40% of your Net Disposable Income.

Actually, there is a table that you can use to determine much loan amount you can get given your income, contributions and loan term. To see the Table, please refer to the article on “How Your Income And Contributions Affect Your Housing Loan Entitlement”.

Pag-IBIG Financing Tips:

  • Have your finances in order by saving enough for the Down Payment (or Equity).
  • You need to show some proof of income. Prepare the following documents: Pay Slips, Income Statements, Employment Contract (with indicated salary).
  • Learn about the 5’s of Credit
  • If your income is insufficient, you may take on a relative (within the second civil degree of consanguinity) or your spouse and tack-in your contributions then apply for a housing loan.

Other Pag-IBIG Loans

  • You are only allowed one Housing Loan at a time. If you want to take another one, you have to pay your existing loan.
  • If you have previously availed of the housing loan, make sure that it was not foreclosed, cancelled, bought back, or subjected to dacion en pago.
  • If you have an outstanding Multi-Purpose Loan, your payments must be updated and it must not be in arrears at the time of application.

It is important that you take note of the information presented here before you apply for a housing loan from Pag-IBIG.

And if you are disqualified for some reasons, please remember that Pag-IBIG is not the only Home Financing option available. Or, you may want to try applying again in the future. Your loan application may be approved by that time.


“How To Check If You Are Qualified For A Pag-IBIG Housing Loan” is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • Len Salas


    We would like to apply a loan for a lot that we wanted to get. But the thing is I am currently in Canada and wanting to apply for a loan so we could take advantage of the current promotion the lot agent offers.

    Is it possible po ba to apply a loan even if the member is currently abroad? What requirements do I need? How can I apply?

    Thanks and I appreciate your prompt response.

  • Arlon

    Is the % of the amount loaned calculated per annum or it’s a monthly amortization (i.e. 2M = 10.5%)? ~ Arlon of DSFH

  • josephine

    I just want to ask coz my husband used to have apply for a rent to own program of yours..we already leave the place since its to far from our work..we didnt inform ur good office we just stop paying the monthly bills..but we already vacant the said place.would he be able get a housing loan bec were spotting a house in antipolo??? thanks

  • josephine

    just want to ask coz my husband used to have apply for a rent to own program of yours..we already leave the place since its to far from our work..we didnt inform ur good office we just stop paying the monthly bills..but we already vacant the said place.would he be able get a housing loan bec were spotting a house in antipolo??? thanks

  • Ralph Q. Pedrozo

    Sir/ Madam I’m OFW and member of Pag-Ibig for 7 years, now, i want to
    purchase a vacant lot, and this vacant lot, the location is in the province like nueva ecija, can i apply for Pab-Ibig loan, to purchase this vacant lot, even its in the province? I’m am qualified? for the loan, please give me some advise.

  • ronald

    good day sir and mam,
    i worker as a seaman,i have pay my contribution but im not sure if i completed 24 mos i still dont to know what is the entire amount,i want to purchase a house in lot,if i contribute less 24 mos, then i will complete the 24 mos this mos do i have to wait until 2 years to avail a housing laon,please give advise…

  • aileen m.barba

    good day po.tanong ko lng po,seaferrer po ang husband ko,pag ibig member po seens july2008,nag advance po kami ng hulog ng 2yr for only 200 for a month,tpos po nkalimutan ko po hulugan un pang july2010 up to dec2010,ginawa ko po hinulugan ko n lng ulit ung jan 2011 to may2011,ok lng po b un ginawa ko,at ok po ba un para pwede sy mkapaghousing loan pagdating ny this july2011,balak po kasi nmin magloan for the prize of 1.3m to 1.5m, kung hundi nmn po sy pwede ng gnung amount n iloan,ano po b ang dapat nmin gawin para mkapagloan po sy ng gnung halaga?…..i hope n may sagot po kayo sa mga question ko.thank u po and God bless…..

  • ronald

    halo po,,
    pede po bang bagohin ang monthly contribution ko..anu po ang gagawin.

  • Eric

    I’m currently working in Saudi. And i plan to get a housing loan during my vacation. I have every requirements i believed except for one thing – the name in the lot title is not me.

    Am i still entitle for the housing loan?

    Please advise. Thanks.

  • jojo espiritu

    gud day po tnung k lng po kung pwede k byaran ng buo ung naloan k kc po hnd k po nahuhulugan ng bayad since nung 2008 halagang 4000 pesos po ung loan k n un ska pwede k dn po ba bayaran ung hulog k s pag ibig simula nung 2008 tpos kung pwede po ulit me mgloan pambili ng bahay andito po kc me ngyn s saudi.

  • Rey Guzman

    Good Day po to the Pagibig officials,pwede po ba mag HOUSING LOAN dating member ng pagibig? fr:1997 to 2005. Fr. 2006 til now hindi napo ako nakapaghulog sa pagibig,but i have work till now? kindly explain to me YES or NOT? Thank you very much…. God Bless po…..

  • http://yahoomail Rodelio S. Arzadon

    Good day..

    Recently po i am working here in Saudi Arabia at balak ko pong mag loan pag uwi ko ng pinas ano po bang mga requirements pwede kung prepare para mapadali ang proseso ng aking housing loan please reply me at my email address… thanks and regards Rodelio S. Arzadon

  • bernard

    hi admin,
    8 yrs napo akong member ng pag ibig,ask ko lang po kung pwede n akong magfile ng housing loan habang nandito pako abroad(Dubai)para po pagbakasyon ko jan sa pinas this coming november aprove na loan ko may nakita napo akong bahay thru then kausap ko na po ang seller.pls i need help thanks.

  • malou

    have a good day po,nag apply po ako ng housing loan last dec.2008 and iam working that time,now that im not working and the down payment already done(fully paid) until now hindi p dn naumpisahan construction ng bahay at kaialngan dw po employed pra s contribution.paano po b dapat ko gawin kc ang tagal na.kung mag back out po b ako amkukuha ko ung total d/p ko.

  • ricardo pagas

    gud day ask q lang po yung loan q last 2005 pa as of now nd q pa nbayaran magkano n po ba ang interest at pwde po ba ng installment o 1 tym payment plz reply at my email add tnx

  • admin

    As for your down payment, it is still covered by the policies of the developer, so you may coordinate with them.

    As for your loan, on of the most important requirements when applying for a home loan is the proof of income. And this usually means your employment or business status.

    Yes, it’s possible and your agent should be able to assist you on this. First thing is, you need to be an active member. Secondly, you or your representative shoudld attend the loan seminar. From there you can apply for a loan and then wait for the approval.

    Good question. I’ll be writing another article on this one because it’s really better explained in details with figures.

    Yes, because that was just a rental agreement you had with Pag-IBIG. It should not affect your loan application at all.

    Yes, as long as that lot is considered residential. The best thing that you can do is to attend the Housing Loan Seminar.

    I think paying the 24 months will post that much of a problem for you. The waiting period could take only about 12 months. But please inquire this at the Pag-IBIG Branch wher you are applying for a home loan.

    Regarding your other question on changing your contributions, you may also do that anytime.

    He needs to be an active member. As for the loan amount, please check on this article.

    Yes, you can simply execute a contract of sale for the said lot.

    Please check first the status of that loan. I believe it’s a multi-purpose loan and maybe part of your overall TAV is being taken
    to pay for your dues.

    YES… You just need to reactivate your membership.

    Please check this article

    Please check that one at the Pag-IBIG Office.

  • venus

    hello! i’m more than 9 yrs pag-ibig member.i’m planning 2 avail housing loan…pwd b mag-apply housing loan khit ng wlang pirma ang asawa ko kc separated na kmi?

  • sheryl

    hello po, 3yers n po akng OFW d2 s UAE, last yer ngbakasyon ako at pgblik ko august 2010 ksama na s byad ng exit pass ung s pag ibig. tanong ko lng automatic member n po ba ako?o i still need to pay it every month?tnx

  • Rhona marie

    Good day! tanong ko lang po kung pwede na akong magavail ng housing loan, almost 2 years n po akong nghuhulog. kaso putol putol po yung hulog ko. ngayon po nka 1 year n akong tuloy tuloy ang hulog. pwede n po ba akong magavail ng housing loan?

  • http://google Elanie Hirose

    Hi ma`am & sir,good afternoon.Iam “ELANIE G.HIROSE” marraiage.My family here in japan & iam 30 year`s old.Iam planning to get a housing loan from pag-ibig sir & ma`am.But the problem is no time to visit there in philippines to go pag-ibig office bcoz of my family here sir & ma`am…If i have a chance sir n ma`am can you help me? Bcoz iam not a member yet as of now…

  • jed

    hi i would like to inquire if possible to apply loan for renovation,but the lot is not in my name but on my parents name

  • admin

    One of the ways you can be a member is to have your representative do it for you. You may have to execute a Special Power of Attorney.

    You may want to use an MPL Loan for that. It’s simpler and will not require a lot of documents.

    For married people, the signature of the husband is really necessary for the loan to be released and for the title to be registered.

  • bernard

    Gud day po sir/mam ask ko lang po ulit 8 yrs napo akong member ng pag ibig and presently nasa akin po ang passbook ng pag ibig ko,ask ko lang po kung pwede n akong magfile ng housing loan habang nandito pako abroad(Dubai)para po pagbakasyon ko jan sa pinas this coming november ay maaprove na loan ko may nakita napo akong bahay sa cavite thru then kausap ko na po ang seller.pls i need help kung ano mga steps na kailangan kong gawin at ano mga requirements?thanks.

  • genie

    good day! i’m planning to loan Php 1.1 M thru pag-ibig probably next year for a condo unit. My current salary is 28k. I’ve already upgraded my monthly contribution to Php 500. Do you think I have a chance to be approved for the said amount of housing loan? Thank you!

  • genie

    by the way, i’m 26 yrs old.

  • marites lojica

    para sa kinaookulan,good day po sa lahat,isa po akong ofw last year july 2010 nag apply ako ng housing loan sa GREEN CIRCLE REALTY/PRO-FRIENDS.through PAG IBIG FUND nabayaran ko na ang equity at nagbabayad n rin ako ng monthly,saan po b ako dapat mag follow up?dahil nagtanong ako sa realty ko ang sabi nila vinevirify p daw ang msvs ko.gaano po b katagal magverify sa pag ibig ng msvs.before p ako nag ofw morethan 10 yrs ako member ng pag ibig,ikinontinue ko n lng d2 sa dubai.3 months na po ang nakaraan hanggang ngayon sinasabi pa rin nila nakaprocess n sa pag ibig.

  • mahmoy25


    I have been employed by two companies for almost 5 years now. However, I have not accounted how much my total PAGIBIG contributions are already. Is there a way in which I can have this information (e.g., can I get it from my previous and current employers? Or I have to go to a PAGIBIG office?P?

    Many thanks!

  • Donaldo A. Villanueva

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I am a Pag-IBIG member from 1995 to mid of 2005 using my name Donald A. Villanueva. I continue again my contribution from 2009 August up to present. My question is, Is there any problem if my first name that I used before is Donald and I am using now Donaldo? I am OFW here in Saudi Arabia. If there is, Please advice me what I have to do. Kindly reply on my email.
    Thank you very much.

  • del

    Mas maganda pa rin kung pupuntahan ang pagibig office near your place for all the infos you need. It was my first time to go there last week sa Makati branch for membership verification and supposed loan. All my questions answered. Staffs were polite and accomodating. May pila pero mabilis naman. For OFW’s, go to 6th floor.

  • sye aniga

    can my husband and i apply for separate housing loans, different properties? thanks

  • admin


    You are definitely right on that one. Please do it if you have the time. And better prepare your questions.

    You need to execute and affidavit verifying that those names are under the same person.

    YOu may want to have your contributions consolidated. Please request it personally at the office.

    Please refer to this article

  • edgar

    gud day po!gus2 ko lng po i ask kung pwd p ko mgloan uli ng housing loan kht n d ko n nhulugan ung house n nkuha ko mga 3years ago n im here working in saudi arabia.ano po b dpat kong gwin since i change my status as ofw in ur office tnx!

  • dindo

    Hi gud day po!when i work in phils locally nakakuha po ako ng house s lguna thru pagibig pero hndi ko po nsustained ang pghuhulog d2 monthly hanggang s mforeclose.ngaun po nand2 me s ksa at ngpmember po uli s pgibig as ofw may chance p po b n mkavail ako uli ng housing loan at ano po ang gagawin ko? Mgkaiba po b ang pagibig locally at ofw status?

  • Reniel Federiso

    I applied a housing loan in Las Palmas before i tooked the bare type then i decided to change it to semi complete with 1 bed room then the developer told me that my DP will increase because my loanable amount will decrease but it is ok for me i pay my DP in monthly basis in 6months. Now i ask them that i want to move-in to house i bought then they told me that my papers will submit in window 2 and to enable to process it i need to pay my full DP it will increase again because of the same reason, my loanable amount will decrease. My question is, is it possible that my loanable amount is decreasing? if yes, what is the reasons why it is decreasing? Please i need your help on this matter.

    thank you very much

  • parsimony101

    sirs… paano kung dalawa kami uutang ni mrs? pwedeng dalawang less than 1M na loan? for a 1.5M combined loan… para less interest? we’re both paying members naman.

  • elma joyce

    gd day po! I was just employed December of 2009 in a government agency but then employed in a private company on December 2007-December 2008. I would just want to know if I am qualified to apply for a housing loan and how much?… tnx po.



  • jennifer

    Good day! po, My name is jennifer and I am a member of pag-ibig since 2007.I am usually a contractual worker and I keep on updating my contribution by merging them into my latest jobs. I just want to ask if it is possible for me to avail the housing loan eventhough i just end my contract? kahit na po babayaran nalang po namin ng papa ko monthly besides he has a stable job. he is now 53 years old. Thanks.. hope to hear u soon..

  • oyie

    good day po. ngbabayad na po kami ng asawa ko ng downpayment para sa 2 unit ng bahay, worth 600k++ each. initially po, bank financing ang inaapply namin. kung sa pag-ibig po ba pwede po ba kami magloan ng 2 unit?

  • admin

    I’m putting this answer on top of everyone else because, that’s a good question you have. Take note that when you apply for a loan, the lender (Pag-IBIG Fund in this case) will:

    • conduct an assessment of the property’s value (appraise it)
    • screen you as an applicant for your capacity to pay
    • determine the loan eligibility based on these

    That’s also possible. If each of you is qualified, then no problem.

    When applying for a loan, it is very important that you can convince them of your capacity to pay. That usually means, a steady source of income that is documented.

    YOu can request it from any Pag-IBIG Branch.

    Please re-read the article to check if you are qualified for a loan.

    Yes, you can combine as one and then apply for a single loan.

    Sorry but Pag-IBIG doesn’t grant a housing loan anymore to those who have a history of foreclosure.

    you have to personally do it at the Pag-IBIG office.

  • JP


    Iā€™m currently working abroad. I want to avail a housing loan, pra mapatayuan ko n ng bahay ung lupa n nabili ko na. since gusto ko po i-avail as much as possible ung mataas n loanable amount pwede po bang ang gwin kong co-borrower e ung tita ko. Ung asawa ko po kse presently is not working.


  • mervin flores

    gud day po sa inyong lahat,isa po akong seaman tanong ko lang po kung paano ang tamang gawin upang makapag loan po ako ng mas mabilis. may sarili na po akong lupa at nais ko na pong magka-bahay. sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako god bless po sa inyong lahat

  • rea baculo

    hi,ask ko lng po ano ang kaylangan requrement para maka avail ang husband ko ng housing loan ofw po xa kya lng po d active ang knya hulog sa pg ibig kng bayaran na nmn yng 2years gano katagl pa kmi mg inty pra maka avail ng loan tnx. po

  • admin

    Please check this link for the requirements :

    There are really a lot of factors to consider and just because you applied for a loan doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get it.


    1. you need to be an active member and of good standing.
    2. make sure that you have proof of income.
    3. attend the loan counselling seminar.

    The principal and co-borrower have to be any of the following: parent-child, or between siblings, or husband-wife.

  • Lorraine

    Hi, I’ve been in 5 companies already which are from different places in Metro Manila since 2005. Is it possible to get all my contributions record in Pag-ibig Makati office (Atrium), since I just got aware that I should have asked for that with my previous employers? Also, I am not aware of my Pag-ibig fund memebership number or do I really have that? I would like to know all of these since I was not able to continue my contributions for more tham 3 yrs already and would like to reactive it. Please advice. Tnx!

  • Rachel Santos

    Dear Mr. Admin,

    Your site is very helpful!

    Do you have any article on properties which used to have legal “issues”. We are buying a property na nagkaroon ng case because the owner used it as a collateral. He already paid for it though and there was already a court decision na naka award na sa kanya uli ang property. By these consequences, meron tatak yung TCT and I heared Pag Ibig does not accept TCT na may nka tatak.

    Your inputs and recommended articles to read will be very helpful.

    Much thanks and regards,


  • admin

    You can do it from the Makati Branch and then they should be the one to coordinate it with the other branches. It may take them a while to do this is since there is no centralized databased system in place yet for the whole agency to use.

    As for your Pag-IBIG ID Number, it should be given to you together with the Contributions Report that you are requesting. Meanwhile, only your name and the name of the different companies will be needed this time.

    As of now, we don’t have that kind of article yet. Maybe not in the future. We are trying to limit the discussions on this website on the issues revolving around the Pag-IBIG Fund especially those that relate on membership and loans. My suggestion is for you to consult someone who is an expert on that topic.

  • LEO


    Pwede po ba mag-loan sa pag-ibig for rennovation of my house pero hindi po nakapangalan sa akin ung lupa kundi sa mother ko..

  • jeneth

    Good day,
    Tatanong ko lang po kung gano katagal ang proseso ng multipurpose loan? ano-ano ang mga requirements kapag halimbawa po ba na dati akong may work tapos wala na ngayon siguro almost 1 year ko nang di nahulugan yun makakapag loan pa po ba ako? ano pong mga req? thanks!

  • admin

    That’s possible, but you need to have a permission from your mom, because the land title will be used as collateral.

    Please take note that one of the important requirements in getting a loan is your proof of income. Without it, your qualification will be very slim.

  • jas

    can we collateralize our land title to have financial loan for us to buid a house. is it possible how can we avail?

  • Charles


    Will it be possible, at any chance, that I can apply for a loan even though I am not yet contributing or 24 months? I’ve been contributing in PAGIBIG for only 1 year.

  • admin

    Yes, a collateral is one of the important requirements for a Pag-IBIG housing loan.

    The minimum number of contributions is 24 months for you to be able qualified for the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Program.

  • renan

    i work as a teacher last year and an active member of pag ibig, now i work as an OFW in abu dhabi, how was the status of my existing pag-ibig contribution now that i am an ofw?

  • Yacinth


    Is it possible to apply housing loan or any loan in PAG-ibig eventhough your a new member just last MAY 2011 but already Payed one time (24 months).. thanks!

  • grace

    ask ko lng po paano maging member andito po ako sa canada…wala po kasi ditong pag ibig…sana po matulungan nyo ako..tnx po

  • http://google jerickbulong

    ask ko lng po pano po bang mag apply sa pag ibig new lng po ako pero nag wowork na po ako sa U.A.E ng 5years.nais ko lamang po na maka loan ako ng bahay sayang kc ung pinaghirapan ko wla nmn ako sariling bahay sa ngaun ,kya sna po mabigyan nyo po ako ng guide pano maging member sa pag ibig…

  • jen

    hi! ask ko lang po, im planning to purchase a lot worth 380,000. possible po ba na mas mataas ang appraisal ng pagibig kaysa sa seller’s price na 380k? if yes, for example pagibig appraised it for 450,000, are they going to lend me 450,000 instead of 380,000.00?
    On the other hand, if pagibig appraised it on a lower amount…lets say 300,000. Does it mean that I have to find another means even if my capacity to pay is capable of 500,000? thanks po!

  • Jerico

    Jerico: Pag Ibig member na po ako sa Pilipinas simula 2003-2008 pero ngayon po eh OFW nako dito sa Malaysia gusto ko sana mag avail ng Housing loan pwede po ba at upgrade ko nlng po yung Hulog ko

  • jen

    pag ibig member po ang asawa ko ,tapos po nk pag loan po cia nung yr 2000..then lumipat cia ng work still s pilipinas p din po eh nag abroad po ciah,since 2004 OFW N PO CIAH so hinde po nmin alam kung s previous niang work eh nabayaran yung loan nia…tanong ko lng poh ..pano po namin ma process n mabayaran un and makaka avail po bah kami ng housing loan …

  • cresente mapula


    ask ko lng po if pwede akong mag apply ng loan member po ako ng pag ibig mga 2yrs. na po sobra, gagamitin ko po sana yung pera sa pagpatayo ng bahay po, ask ko lng yung mga amount na pwede kong e loan,

    salamat po

  • Andrew Andalis

    Hi my client wants to avail a housing loan in Pag-ibig how much po ba yung maximum na pwedeng i loan and is Rockwell project can be loaned through pag ibig. Thank you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless.

    Best Regards:

    Andrew Andalis

  • mai mai

    i have a friend n teacher but she resigend last mar, she wants to aplly for salary loan is she entitled kahit wala cyang work now but she is nagrereview for board exam,who will sign sa part ng employer?thanks a lot

  • admin

    One thing she should consider is how to pay for that loan that she is planning to get. If Pag-IBIG detect that she is
    not capable of paying it, then it’s futile to even apply for one, because it will be a negative right from the start.

    The maximum housing loan that can be granted to a member is P 3M. Please check with your developer if that project is okay for Pag-IBIG Housing Loan. The developer should know.

    Yes absolutely.

    You need to check it from the office of Pag-IBIG where she got the loan.

    Yes, you can provided you remain an active contributor to the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    @jen [#58]:
    You have already answered both of your questions. :-) Yes you are correct on both.

    Please refer to this article for the details about your membership:

    Same answer, please read the article on Voluntary Membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    Please take note that there are other factors that they will consider before your loan is granted.

    YOur previous contributions will never be lost. You may continue paying for it even if you are already based there in Abu Dhabi.

  • irene alfa fangon villamil

    im 55 yrs. old and has been a pag ibig member since i employed with comelec in dec. 23 1979. i wanted to build a house where i can live w comfort when i retire. how much can i avail. pls give me an idea and likewise the requirements. thnk you and more power.

  • Ofel

    how much monthly income ang kelangan para makapag avail ng housing loan? Please email me back! Thanks!

  • Ofel

    and what if sa kamag anak ko lang ako bibili ng lupa??? walang land developer… will you still approved the said loan?

  • may

    gud pm, just want to ask, paano kung may nalaktawang hulog, pwede ko pa ba syang hulugan?

  • Jonathan

    Dear Admin,

    I am already a member of pag-ibig, gusto ko po sana i upgrade ung monthly contribution ko from 20 AED to 50 AED/Month. Pano po ang gagawin ko? D2 po ako ngayon sa Dubai, pede ba yung dumiretso na agad ako sa mga bayad centers at sabihin na ag change ako ng amount per month?


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  • leniemae

    just want to ask can i avail amount of 150k payable within 3yrs me binebenta po kc sa me amin pero wla pang title rights lang pero gus2 po nmin mbili. isang beses lang po b puedeng mghousing loan ang isang member?kindly give me an idea…more power

  • mhel

    hi admin… ditopo ako ngayun sa abu dhabi, member na po ako sa pagibig since june2010, nag bayad na po ako ng 24months sa halagang 10$… pwedi po ba akong maka avail ng loan sa pagibig? kc po may property po na gostong ibintay…at kahit saan po bang lugar dito sa pinas?… hingi po ako ng tulong kung pwedi kong bilhin yung property na nagostuhan ko through pagibig? i need your advice…. salamat po…

  • http://PAG_IBIG grace c. lu

    hi admin,gud am po.d2 po ako sa taiwan,member n po ako sa pag-ibig d2,ask k po kung kailan pwede po ako mka pag loan ng housing loan.1 year palng po ako member,1,500peso po ang hulog ko monthly.salamat po. w8 kpo ang reply nyo.more power!

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  • deth

    pano po ba yun nagapply po kasi husband ko for housing loan ok na po sana kaya lang we found out na yung latest employer nya was not paying his contribution sa pagibig since jan. 2011 pano po iyon yun n lang po kasi ang problem namin?

  • pamela abatayo

    hi…my husband and i are interested to apply for housing loan. I would just like to ask if we our eligible. He is an OFW and just had contributed 1yr but now he will be paying for the 2nd yr one we need to wait for another yr to apply for a housing loan or right there and there we can apply and be granted?…thank you and more power.

  • timothy chua

    hi… i just want to ask kc c papa ko po may housing loan sa la trinidad village ang problem po ay ndi n po nabayaran e gusto ko po sana i redeem ung house pnu po ang gagawin member po ako since 2005 pls reply naguguluhan lng po kc kmi..

  • Majel Bernabe-remigio

    Hi, member po ak ng pag-ibig since 2008 nun ngwwork pa ako sa pinas. now po eh ofw na ak d2 sa uae, pano ko po b ippaconsolidate un contributions q? and pano din po ak mkkasiguro na ni-reactivate nila un membership ko nun ngstart ako mghulog.

  • Maricar Sagun

    Good Day!
    Tanong ko lang po pwede ko po ba ipa check sa inyo yung application namin kasi sobrang tagal na po kami naghihintay. ang alam ko po kasi 2-3 weeks lang malalaman mo na ang result yung samin kasi 2 years na tpos nung april nagpa update sila ng requirements. until now, wala pa rin result kapag tumatawag ako sa Filinvest ang sinasabi wala pa daw kayo pino forward na letter para sa application nmin. nakakainip na po kasi dahil ang tagal tagal n nmin naghihintay. ang tita ko nga po 3mo’s lng lilipat n sila. kaya dko maintindihan kung san me problema kung sa Filinvest b or sa Pagibig. Conssesa Sagun po ang name ng sister ko yun yung nag aapply ng housing loan, Sunrise Place ang name ng subdivision. thanks po!

  • Alex P.

    Hi Admin,

    Nag housing-loan ako noong 2004. Na grant ung loan. Pero hindi kami tumira sa ni-loan naming bahay, kc nagkaroon ng financial problem, in-short, hindi ako naka-hulog ng amortization.

    1. Pwede pa ba mag loan?
    2. Bakit merong buy-back ang developer kung kung na pwedeng mag-housing loan ulit?
    3. Bakit pinapayagan ng PAG-IBIG ang Buy-Back sa developer?


    Good day, ask ko lang po paano ako makakapagloan my binibenta kc sameng house & lot 900t lang sayang po kc dhil manila gusto ko po sana iloan through pag-ibig, nandito po kasi ako sa abroad pede ko po ba ipaprocess sa taong pinagkakatiwalaan ko?anu po ang mga documents na kailangan?

  • Pam

    Pwede po ba ako makapagloan ng housing even maliit ang sahod (14t) n nkastate saken?pede po ba ako mkapagloan sa name ko? i think kaya ko naman po bayaran kc besides sa salary ko my tinatanggap din akong salary sa ama ng anak ko na 25t a month.

  • ely

    hi! ofw po ako dito sa saudi,meron po akong bldg and lot sa manila boarding house po na nakasanla po sa isang tao ng 2M, gusto ko po matubos agad kaya mag loan po ako sa pagibig,equivalent to 2 years pa lang po yung naihulog ko sa pag ibig,mabilis lang po ba process/approval ng loan kasi 1 month lang yung vacation ko next year,ano po mga requirements kailangan po sa processing,possible po ba na within my vacation of 1 month maapprove? salamat po

  • Alex P.

    Hello !!! Buhay pa ba ang admin dito? Bakit wala na syang answers?

  • admin


    :-) Yes still alive, but busy.

  • bernabe o. padilla jr.

    gud day,, ask q lng po kng nahuhulugan ng agency q ung pag ibig q, kc twice a month aq kng kaltasan ng agency q pra s pag ibig, e wla p nman aq pag ibig number. san q b pwd iverify kng nkailan months n aq hulog,tnx.

  • bernabe o. padilla jr.

    ask q lng din po kng pwd po b aq mag loan kpag 2 yrs n aq nghuhulog, ung pwd po pangpuhunan. tnx..

  • admin

    Please check your account status and other details at the branch.

  • chicco

    good day,100 a month lang po ang contribution ko sa pag ibig every m0nth,im planning to increase it to 500,makakaloan na ba ako ng malaki immediately?

    • hazel lopez

      Good day Admin,

      Tanong ko lang po if kelangan ko png mghintay ng 24 or 12 months being an active member again before makapagloan.. Na stop po kase ang contributions ko nung nging OFW ako.. 21 months lng po ang nahulugan ko and now I want to have this housing loan.
      but as I understood upon reading this questions and answers, I have to be an active member again for 24 months? Pls. help me about this matter. Thank you and more power..

  • jun macay

    hello po! magtatanong po sana ano yung dapat gawin kasi mag aaplay po sana ako ng housing loan ang problema me former housing loan ako na isinurrender tapos me nag assume na po ng pagbabayad dun sa former loan ko..i understand nakapangalan pa rin yung unit sa akin unless mafully paid ng kumuha..makaka avail po ba ako ng new housing loan kasi di naman na forclose o na cancel ng developer?thanks and more power!God bless po…

  • admin

    I’m not sure I understand your meaning of surrender. That normally means you are not continuing your loan anymore and that Pag-IBIG has to take the collateral and FREE you of your loan obligations. Which means also that you can take housing loan any further.

    Remember that the loan amount also depends on your capacity to pay and your income. Please read this article to know more:

  • marlita balimbin

    good day! magkano po ba ang first loan para sa short term loan?

  • Arian


    Is there a Pre Approval process for Pag-Ibig? Is there like a form where I could submit to Pag-Ibig to check how much is my loanable amount? I do understand the table, but I’d like to have it pre-approved by Pag-Ibig before I go ahead with the actual application.

  • Eric

    good day! ask ko lang, paano mag apply ng pagibig kasi andito ako sa abu dhabi gusto ko sana kumuha. im only 23 years old. am i qualified? thank you.

  • admin

    The MPL Loan Amount depends on your TAV. Please refer to the article that discusses the Multi-Purpose Loan.

    Yes, you can be pre-approved once you attend the Housing Loan Seminar.

    Please re-read the article above to know the factors involved in the pre-qualification process.

  • AlexP

    Hi Admin,

    Kindly comment on Item #80. Thank you.

  • ricardo sy

    good pm,, i want to ask if pwede mag pa member ng pagibig.. im only 18 years old.. thnx po!

  • jecelyn

    To the Pag.ibig Admin;

    Good day po! ask lang po ako, pareho kami ng husband ko active member ng Pag ibig. my husband monthly contribution P1,450.OFW po ang husband ko.
    we want to acquire housing loan we have already our CTC. ask ko lang kung kailangan ba pag mag loan may 30% start na ang house building before kami makapag loan nang house namin?…or pwede loan muna bago ipa tayo ang house. may mga sabi-sabi kasi nga kailangan daw matayo muna ang house bago ipatuloy na sa pag ibig loan…sana maipaliwanag nyo para maintindihan ko at ng husband ko.

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  • jhe

    me and my girlfriend were planning to get a house thru pag ibig housing .. were not married yet but we will in the next 2 years.. we have monthly basic salary of 18k a month .. we already have savings and can pay already the downpayment and equity of the house were planning to get.. the house worth 700k.. do you think pag ibig will approve if we gonna loan… ty

  • admin

    At your current situation, you can’t be principal/co-borrower for the other.

    It loan amount will be release on a per progress basis. First, you apply for a housing loan and then wait for an approval. Once approved, you need to personally finance the initial construction, which is roughly 30% of the project cost, before Pag-IBIG will release your first loan amount installment.

    Yes, sure.

    Sorry, but you are not allowed to get a loan anymore once you experienced a property that was bought back by the developer.
    The Buy-Back Gurantee is a safety net implemented by the Pag-IBIG Fund to make sure that the borrowers are eligible to really pay the loan.

  • Ben.L

    Good pm..gusto ko pong malaman kung pwede po akong ma avail ng loan. ofw po ako and retired 61 years..and a SSS member and how i can get the pag ibig loan application loan.

  • admin

    Are you still a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund? If so, you may have a chance.

  • andrea CD

    hi! may i ask lang po if for example, nagloan po ako ng 2M, let’s say payable po for 20 yrs, pero nagkapera po ako and then gusto ko na pong hustuhan ung natitirang balance, is this possible po na bayaran na lahat? thanks!

  • admin

    It’s possible to retire your loan earlier. Please read this for more details:

  • Ezekiel

    I have been contributing to pag- ibif for almost four years and then planning to set up a transient business in palawan as my collateral . My monthly contribution is only 200 for four years . Can i loan with my contfibutions and my lot as collateral for business? What type if loan do you call it admin? What will be my requirements and can i used the lot as my collateral?

  • Ezekiel

    I am planning for 2 million and my salary is around 14900 only

  • admin

    It’s called home equity loan. But Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow that at the moment. Please check with the banks in your area if they have that kind of loan.

  • may a.

    we are planning to avail of your housing loan but we head that you do not accept titles whose mother title is homestead. can i get a confirmation to this? anyway, the title was transferred to his daughter and to us. thanks!!

  • Jaime

    I am an ofw for 10 years in many countries. I have just applied as POP member here in Saudi Arabia last Sept. 2010. yesterday, I went in Pag ibig branch office here in Al Khobar to continue may contribution (US10) from Oct.2010 till December 2012. I am planning to apply for house construction in a lot given to me by my parents when I go vacation on December. My questions are: 1)how is the process for house construction since I am planning to loan an amount of 800 thousand, is the lot enough to be a collateral? 2) how long is the processing since I will be staying in the Phils. for only 1 month, can my wife authorized to take care everything when I go back here in KSA? 3) if ever my loan was approved, are they going to give the whole amount of 800 thousand or in installment basis?
    Thanks a lot admin..and more power!

  • admin

    Yes, that’s right. Not all kinds of titles are accepted.

    Please refer to this link:

    Yes, you should ask your wife to take care of this once you go back abroad.

  • geraldine

    im a member of pag ibig and i just pay already 2 years for the 300 piso monthly contribution i want to ask f pwde na po aqng maghousing loan.

  • japs10boy

    My objective is to be able to obtain a housing loan.

    My situation is that I have been moving companies and also was not active in my pag-ibig payments for quite some time already:

    1997-1998 Pag-ibig contributions paid.
    1999-2002 Pag-ibig contributions paid.
    2003-2012 No payment/contributions made.

    1. How do I find out what is my old pag-ibig number from 1997-2002?
    2. Is there a way to consolidate the old pag-ibig number with the new one generated by the new central IT system? How is this done?
    3. Will I be able to secure a housing loan given that I have been able to provide payments from 1997-2002?

    Thank you.

    • admin


      To be able to get a housing loan, you only have to reactivate your membership and you have to be an active member for 24 months. Please visit the branch where you want to pay for your contributions and request them to consolidate your past contributions.

      • japs10boy

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        Final question:
        What if the 1997-2002 contributions were done at a different Pag-ibig branch (e.g. Pasig city) and the branch for >2012 to-be contributions would be in Makati? Would a pag-ibig branch in Makati have access to my old Pag-ibig number as well as old contribution records from 1997-2002 OR do I need to go first to Pasig city branch to get my old Pag-ibig number/contribution records before going to Makati branch?

        • admin


          They have to request it from the other branch. All you have to do is supply them the right information about your past employments. This may take time, though.

          But of course, it would help if you can also help in the processing of your records.

  • http://yahoo claire

    hi admin,

    please assist me in my present situation and this is how it goes:
    i already have more than 24 months contribution since 1996, but stopped for several years and now employed again, i resumed my contribution. i am presently renting a house and the owner is offering the house for sale worth 1.5million. but i have no spot cash in buying the said house, can pag-ibig assist me on this matter? here are some factors for consideration:
    a) my income is only 19thousand pesos monthly, and having a net income of 16thou pesos.
    b) my dad is an OFW but aging of 64 years old, but he has the capacity to pay as he is receiving a salary of 3,000USD.
    c) my dad has a passbook of pagibig for OFW workers and paid a total of 5thou pesos, breakdown as 200 pesos (membership) plus 4,800 (for 24 months) but for now he stopped paying.

    admin, from the facts above, am i qualified to avail housing loan for 1.5Million to buy the present house i am residing? if yes, is my dad qualified to be the AGGREGATE– or my co-maker for that loan REGARDLESS of his 64 years old age? if yes, what are the requirements on my part and on my dad’s part- and on the part of the seller?

    thanks a lot. more power.

  • Joann

    Hi Admin,
    Is there any way I can avail of home improvement loan even if the title is named to my Parents? Hope you can give clarifications.

    • admin


      The title must be in the name of the borrower.

  • Lery

    Hello Admin,

    Good day. I would like to inquire regarding my husband’s qualification to a housing loan.

    I just found out that he has an outstanding MPL balance of 2.5k due as far back as 2010. We have paid this through Pagibig office already.

    I was just wondering if this could affect our application for a housing loan? I will be the principal borrower (my MPL is updated and will be paid in full soon) and he will be my co-borrower.

    Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Lery,

      No, it won’t affect the housing loan application.

  • ria mae

    good day
    i am an ofw,i just want to ask lng po if i can still apply for housing loan if i have stop my contribution for for almost 2 yrs,pero may 2 1/2 yr naman po akong contribution from my past employment.and i also have an existing balance of salary loan.
    tnx po.

    • admin

      Ria Mae,

      You have to be an active member by the time you apply.

      • ria mae

        how can i activate my membership?

  • Baby

    Hi Admin,

    Would a bad credit card history affect a housing loan application? Do you do CI based on this or the capacity of pay, property and PIF records alone? Please enlighten me. My husband has a cancelled credit card in 2005 and he is trying to settle this bit by bit but i know his name is tarnished already by this credit history. Thank you.

  • jackei

    gud day!ask ko lng po f pwde po bng mg loan ung husbang k ng 500k pra ibili ng lupa at bahay ksi my binibinta po ksng lupa dto sa title na po ang lupa…salamat ang GOD BLESS….

  • wilfred costales

    i gaved my application in pag ibig office but it necessary to merge my payment or account bec ive worked in 2 company but now im here in just asking if im qualified to avail a housing loan? thank you

  • Dahlia B. Villar

    i have my desire to have my own home using my PAG ibig …since from 12 year as member want to apply PAG IBIG low cost housing considering my age now 45 yrs old…if possible assuming of house or if possible not too far distance from the city.could i possibly know where and how…and possible requirements.

  • Dahlia B. Villar

    particularly in Davao City…since my kids studying there



  • Don

    Good day!

    I already have an approved housing loan year 2002 and started with my mothly payment with your office. Unfortunately, i became broke and failed to continue my payments and the unit became foreclosed. At around year 2004, i asked your office to recompute for settlement of my loan which comes around 70k plus including attorneys fee. etc. etc. But still i was not able to settle such a big amount.
    Now, I am presently employed with a good company and financially stable, Will the company give resettlement and can I apply for a new housing loan?

    • admin


      You can still have your house back if you settle all the payment dues and provided the house is still in the hands of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • http://yahoomail JEOFREY P. EVERO

    Pwedi po bang magtanong kc OFW ako since 2007 hanggang ngaun nagbabayad ako ng pag ibig pag nakuha ako ng OEC ang tanung ko kung pwedi ba ako dyan sa housing loan na yan?

  • april

    Good day!!

    Ask ko lang po if pwede po ba ako mka avail ng housing loan?member po ako year2004 po mga 5contribution lng ang hulog ko..if babayaran ko po ba ung 24 months kailangan ko pa mag wait ng 12 mos. pa?

    Tnx and God Bless….

  • eve

    Good day!
    i just want to ask if there’s any way that my husband can apply for a housing loan even if i have a housing loan foreclosure already. or can he assume my loan? Thanks a lot…


    Good Day!
    Ask ko lang po kung kelan po matake-out house ko.Need kna po kc makalipat agad bgo pasukan this june…tnx po!

  • SAI

    Hello po. May housing loan po ako from Profriends now gusto ko po sana ma transfer yung loan ko to Pagibig. Ano po requirements to be able to avail yung transfer loan. Fully paid ko na po yung deposit. Isa din po akong OFW.

    Salamat po.

  • jj

    hi I am just a new member in PAG-IBIG and i just wanted to know if is it possible that I could pay the whole year of my contribution in just a single payment? is it allowed already to apply for a housing loan after wards?
    waiting for for your reply thank you



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