Money Matters: Pag-IBIG Fund Provident Savings and Provident Claims

Every member of the Home Development Mutual Fund — or anyone who desires to be one – should know that there are basically three types of benefits that are available to qualified members. They are the following:

1. Short-Term Loan — This is the Multi-Purpose Loan Program of the Pag-IBIG Fund that is payable in 24 months. The one thing that makes it unique is that the loan amount that can be granted to you is dependent on your “savings” with the fund. Let’s discuss the savings part in the succeeding paragraphs. A lot of people call it with many names such as personal loan, salary loan, cash loan, etc. It doesn’t matter what name you call it, you can use the proceeds anyway you want.

Click this link to know more about the Pag-IBIG Short-Term Loan Program.

2. Housing Loan — To many of its members, the Pag-IBIG Fund is almost synonymous with Housing Loan. This is a long-term home loan program that qualified members can tap in order to finance the purchase of a real estate in the Philippines. The article entitled Pag-IBIG Housing Loan 101 is a good place to start learning about this program.

3. Provident Savings — Your contributions to the Fund are like your Time-Deposit Account in the bank. It earns interest overtime and you can withdraw it, too. We’ve already mentioned a few things about this in the past article, but here we’ll elaborate more in this article, so keep reading.

Provident Savings — What Is And How It Works

Pag-IBIG Money Savings and ClaimsI searched for the meaning of the word “provident” and I got a good response. Provident (an adjective) means “making or indicative of timely preparation for the future.” Thanks Google, I don’t have to open my good old dictionary.

The meaning of the word “savings” should be easy, right? It is explained below.

Savings here refer to your membership contributions to the Pag-IBIG Fund. If you really think about it, that’s your own money that you “saved” with the fund. If you are locally employed in the Philippines, you know for a fact that your employer is also mandated by Law to contribute to your savings.

The Pag-IBIG Fund is one huge organization that pools together all the savings of all its members and invests that money by financing real estate development projects and mortgage loans which would eventually be beneficial to its members. As such, this money is expected to grow, or earn, over the course of time.

As a member, you must also be aware of the term Total Accumulated Value (TAV), which is your total contributions plus that of your employers (if you are employed) and the dividend earned by that money.

So essentially, Provident Savings is the TAV money which you can claim in some future time as a result of becoming a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

Provident Claims Or How To Withdraw Your Money

This part is exciting and irritating as well.

Here’s a minor irritation you have to deal with: you can’t just get your money anytime you need it. There are set guidelines on when you can apply for provident claims.

Here are the six instances when you are entitled to get your money from the Pag-IBIG Fund. The document requirements are also listed for each of the respective category of provident claims.

1. Membership Maturity – Regular members of the Pag-IBIG Program or the Pag-IBIG I can apply for provident claims upon maturity of their membership. Maturity here means having made an equivalent of 240 monthly contributions, so that’s roughly 20 years. (See the Basic Document Requirements below.)

Members of Pag-IBIG Overseas Program have their maturity date set from 5 to 20 years. They are advised to have their POP Passbook when applying for the provident claim.

2. Retirement – The retirement can be as early as 45 years old to the mandatory age of 65. The following are the important documents to bring:

  • Notarized Certificate of Early Retirement (For Private Employee, at least 45 years old)
  • SSS/GSIS Retirement Voucher or any two valid IDs
  • For AFP, Philippine Navy and Army Personnel (Any of the following: Order of Retirement, Updated Statement of Service, Statement of Last Payment )

3. Separation from the service due to health reasons

Important Documents:

  • Physician’s Certificate/Statement
  • Notarized Sworn Employer’s Certification that member was separated from the service due to health reasons
  • Latest SSS Disability Voucher (For Private Employee)

4. Permanent and Total Disability or Insanity

Important Documents:

  • Physician’s Certificate/Statement of Insanity
  • SSS Total Disability Voucher (If Private Employee)
  • For AFP, Philippine Navy and Army Personnel: ( Updated Statement of Service, Statement of Last Payment, Compulsory Disability Discharge Order)

5. Permanent Departure from the country

If you have another to call home and you finally said goodbye to the Philippines, here are some documents to prepare:

  • Notarized Sworn Declaration of Intention to Depart from the Philippines Permanently
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Any of the following : Immigrant Visa, Residence Visa, Settlement Visa

6. Death

That dreaded word. Beneficiaries or heirs should prepare the following documents:

  • Member’s Death Certificate issued by NSO
  • Certification from Funeral Parlor
  • Notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs
  • Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship (For children 18 years old and below, or physically/mentally incompetent)
  • Birth Certificate of all Children, if any, issued by NSO or Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate

To establish relationship with the deceased member, the claimant shall submit any of the following:

  • Member’s / Claimant’s Birth Certificate issued by NSO
  • Member’s Marriage Contract, if married, issued by NSO
  • Certified True Copy of Member’s/Claimant’s Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate
  • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) (For Single Only)

Basic Document Requirements

On top of the document requirements above, the following document should come handy:

  1. Duly accomplished Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim
  2. Two (2) valid IDs
  3. Updated Service Record (For government employees)
  4. Special Power of Attorney and two (2) valid IDs each of the Principal and Attorney-in-Fact (If member cannot claim personally)


“Money Matters: Pag-IBIG Fund Provident Savings and Provident Claims” is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • http://. Alfonso N. Manalo Jr.

    Good Day ! ask ko lng po kc nging member din po ako ng pagibig fund.mula po ng nag resign ako s work dn po nhulugan ang pagibig ko,may mkukuha po b ang aking pmilya incase n mamatay ako khit n more than 20yrs. nkong d naghuhulog.slmat po .

  • http://. Alfonso N. Manalo Jr.

    Good day ! ask ko lng po kc dti npo akong nkpaghulog s pagibig. kung may mkukuha po ba ang pmilya ko kung skling mmtay ako khit 20yrs.npo akong d nkpaghulog mula ng nagresign ako s trabaho ko.slmat po.

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    • http://pagibigfund josua arboleda

      ask ko lng po if on process na po loan ko?

  • Cecilia V. Sandagan

    sir/madam: good day po..i have been an active PAG-IBIG member since 1997.I am still employed in a private school here in Bataan.Pwede ko na po ba maavail ang lump sum since I’m almost in my 15th year as a member of PAG-IBIG..Thank you

  • denver c wales

    ask ko lng po sana kung okay na yung merging ng pag ibig ko para hndi masayang effort ko pagpunta jan kung hindi pa nag merge.tnx po!

  • cora

    follow up lang po sa tanong ni cecilia sandagan same question lang po ang sa akin.

    salamat po

  • admin

    Your question makes me want to cry. But the answer is YES, they can claim your money if you have no loan obligations with the Fund.

    @Cecilia and @Cora:
    Yes. Please request it at the branch.

    Please call them up to follow-up your request.

  • kevin

    isang katanongan po ,ako po ay OFW gusto ko sa taun na to maka pag loan na housing loan.pero naka pag hulog ako wala pa isang taun sa nag trbaho pa ako sa pinas ,poydi ko ba maka pag loan .ano po bah requirement po ,cebu po gusto ko loction or sa sogod leyte.

  • mark

    Good day. yung kapatid ko ay sundalo (Phil. Marines). nasa Jolo sya ngayon, dahil sa mahirap na situation don hindi sya madaling makababa mula sa bundok, for that reason hindi sya makapagProcess ng kanyang Membership Maturity. Ask nya po, kung pwede ako na ang magClaim? and what are the requirements?

    thank you.



  • reynaldo

    Dear:Sir/Mam,saan ko po ba makukuha ang notorized certificate of early retirement,kahit matagal na akong hinde pumapasuk sa trabaho,ang age ko po ay 52 anyos na,nagredandancy po ang aking company tulongan nyo po ako salamat po.


    Dear Admin,
    Member po ako dito sa Saudi under POP at may contribution ng 3 years 2003 – 2005. Limang taon ang maturity.
    Pwede ko bang malaman ang outstanding balance?
    Active pa po ba?
    Pwede po bang ma-withdraw or mapagpatuloy pa contribution?
    Pwede po bang magamit sa OEC?


    bale 16 yrs n po ko s dati kong work d ko lang po alam kung yung first work ko ay nkapag hulog rin po noon .bale resigned n po ako ask ko lang po kung pwede ko po i lamsome yung pag ibig ko.

  • admin

    If you were a member before, definitely YES you can file a claim on your savings with the Fund.

    You can claim it anytime now. Just check it at the branch.

    You can request that document from your previous employer.

    Yes, that’s possible. Please refer again to the article above for the requirements.

    The membership requirement is at least 24 months before you can apply for a housing loan. And please visit your branch to know more.

  • Carl

    Nag early retirement ako dahil nagpunta akong America. 20 years akong member ng Pag ibig.Ipinalakad ko ang ano mang claim ko sa aking kaibigan. Nakarating na ako sa America pero nawalan ako ng kontak sa kaibigan ko na pinalakad ko ng ano mang claim na makukuha ko, dahil nagkasakit siya at tuluyang namatay, dahilan kung bakit di ko alam kung nakuha niya ang claim ko sa pag ibig.di ko po alam kung paano ang aking gagawin.umaasa po ako ng kasagutan kung ano ang aking gagawin. Nasa Amerika pa po ako at di ko alam ang aking dapat gagawin.

  • admin

    Actually, I’m confused with your message. :-( But you can go check at the branch about the details of your account.

  • Jonathan Ragos Naboa

    Gud day po..Verify ko lang po kung magkano na po ang naihulog ko sa Pag ibig ko since 2008-2010.Nag trabaho po ako abroad ng mahigit dalawang taon.hindi po nag rereply sakin ung agency ko kung hinulugan po nila ung pag ibig ko during po ng time na nasa ibang bansa po ako..Pls naman po pa verify lang po ng Status ko para alam ko kung pwede ko na syang gamitin..salamat

  • Jonathan Ragos Naboa

    nagtatrabaho na po ako ngayon dito sa pinas for 8 months na po..hinuhulugan naman nila ung pag ibig ko ngayon..gusto ko lng po malaman kung ung dati kung agency ay hinulugan nila ung pag ibig ko noon..tinatawagan ko sila wla naman sumasagot sakin..ano po dapat kung gawin para malaman ko po ung status ng pag ibig ko??/

  • mai

    meron po akong loan before (ilang years na) nde po nababayaran kc nastop po ako magwork..ngaun po 1 year na ako nagwowork pero nde pa din nahuhulugan..pwede po bang magloan nlang ako ulit then ioffset yung loan ko before sa amount na pwede ko maloan ngaun kung sakali…thanks po

  • admin

    You can check that one out from the branch.

  • Fernando B. Sabaldan

    Magandang araw po, membro po ako ng Pag-ibig mula pa noong 1985 kaya lang isang taon lang ako nakapag contribute. Gusto ko pong ituloy ang contribution noon pa kaya lang nahirapan akong ituloy dahil sa hirap ng buhay at saka napakalayo po ng office ng Pag-ibig sa amin nandon sa Butuan City at ako po ay sa Mangagoy, Bislig City at lalong naging mahirap sa akin ang pag contribute dahil nakalimotan ko na kung ano ang number ko sa Pag-ibig. 5 years na po ako dito sa Dubai gusto ko pong ituloy ang Pag-ibig ko, paano ba ang pinakamadaling paraan para makuha ko ang number ko at maipagpatuloy ko ang contribution, dahil sabi ng Misis ko hindi daw makikita sa system kung pangalan ko lang ang titingnan, kailangan daw talaga ang membership number ko. Sana matulongan niyo po ako, marami pong salamat…

  • yani

    admin, this is the scenario:

    My father is a member of PAG-IBIG since 1981 to 1987. After that(until now, di na sya nakapagbayad for monthly contribution/s.


    1) Is it possible to withdraw his contributions?
    2) (As per #1) He paid his contributions in Negros, Occ., pede ba nyang i-withdraw his contributions in main office?
    3) where is the main office of Pag-ibig (preferably for claiming/withdrawing application)?
    4) If questions #1 and #2 are not possible, what’s the best thing to do?

    Thank you.

  • yani


    as per previous post, it should be : 1981 to 1997

    Thank you.

  • admin

    You have to check it at the branch where your past contributions were being sent.

    1. Please re-read the article on the guideline about withdrawing the Pag-IBIG Savings.

    2. Yes, but it would take a long time to process.

    3. It’s in Makati.

  • Mary Rose Apelacio

    I just want to know how much is my existing HDMF Multi-purpose loan balance?

  • admin

    Please check it at the branch which granted you the loan.

  • Andrew Loyola

    Hi po, ask ko lang po if magkano na ang total ng naihulog sakin and ask ko lang po if kailan ako pwedeng mag loan? Thank you po.

  • admin

    Please check it from the branch where your account is recorded. Only they can give you the answer to your question.

  • ferdinand t . ramirez

    gusto kung mag member ng pag ibig saving yung 1000 per month, pwedi po bang mag registered through on line tapos sa bangko na ako mag babayad

    ano po ba ang kailangangan requirement, at saan ko po makita ang mga foreclosure na mga house pinapahulogan nag pag-aibig housing loan

  • admin

    Yes, you can register online from this link:

    But, take note, it is still best to do it at the office or branch. If you have a representative here in the country, please do it instead.

    As for the foreclosed units, please check them at the respective branch that has jurisdiction over those properties.

  • Gilda Martinez

    Hi! I am a wife of your member. Just want to ask if my husband’s personal informations in your data bank are different from what is written into his birth certificate, like for example his middle name and date of birth. Which data should he follow? Thank you very much!! Godspeed!!

  • admin

    Please verify that one at the branch where his records are kept.

  • Maria Madonna Manacob

    Good day!

    Ask lang po kung pano mag-avail ng LUMP SUM sa PAG-IBIG
    Ask ko din po mga requirements kung pano mag-avail ng LUMP SUM..

    Thank you.

  • Mae

    More than 20years nang Pag-ibig member ang husband ko at continious ang contributions nya up to present. Pwede na po ba naming ma-withdraw ung previous savings nya even he still working? Ako din ay Pag-ibig member din for the period of 1987-1992 and July 1994-May 1995, makukuha ko na rin po ba ung nai-contribute ko? Paano po kaya at kelan?

  • admin

    Normally, you can claim it on the 10th, 15th and 20th year. Please inquire about records at the branch.

    Please re-read the article above. The process is outlined there.

  • Mary Ann Mendoza

    If I have lapses on my monthly contributions due to maternity leaves, am I not qualified to withdraw my savings (lump sum)? I have maternity leave on year 2000 and 2004, when can I possibly avail it? Do the contributions should be continuous 10, 15, 20 years?
    Thank you.

  • carmen

    Good day po! Ask melang po, June 1996 – May 2008 member napo ako ng pag-ibig at nagresign po ako sa work last June 2008 at may salary loan ako ng P4,000.00 na di pa nahuhulugan, now I’m 45year old puede ko na bang i-claim ng lump sum ang contribution ko para naman po magamit ko sa maliit na negosyo at ano po ang mga requirements to claim. Maraming salamat po at sana mabigyan din po ninyo ng pansin ang sitwasyon ito. God Bless!!!!

  • lex

    Hi, Gud Day! Ask ko lng po kung kelan ko pwede marefund ung Total Accumulated Value (TAV) ko??? Ngstart ako mghulog nung year 1987 hnggang September 1993, ngpadala ng letter ang PAGIBIG nung ngstop ako sa work at cnbe na marerefund ang contribution after 20 years.. my marerefund po ba ko khit nd ako umabot sa 240 months of continous contribution?? pls reply! thank you very much..

  • Marisol admin:
    i would like to ask if there is an available website for the follow-up of my mother’s maturity claim that covers her 20 years contribution? thank you for your attention..,


    sir/mam may tanong lang po ako sa pag-ibig fund dati po kasi ako member ng pag-ibig fund since ng mag umpisa compolsary pa yata noon until ng pinatigil sa private company ginawa na lang bale matagal din ako miyembro lets say mga 12 to 15 yrs din po pero year 2001 nag-work ako sa saudi for 11 yrs. di na ako nakapagpatuloy ng contribution ko kasi di naman kalakihan ang income ko doon sapat lang sa ngayon po 50 yrs.old na ako andito na ako sa pilipinas uli pero hirap na ako ma-employed uli dito..may makukuha po ba ako sa konti kong savings na naiwan sa inyo.. ilang taon po ba ang edad para ma-withdraw ko ung konti kong savings sa paano po ang proseso meron po akong mga cert.of remittances ng mga company na pinasukan ko noon dito..meron din po ako I.D pero ung dati pa pong I.D ng pag-ibig fund..ung luma ..pwede ko na po ba i widtdraw ung konti kong savings..p.s reply thank you po


    sir/ mam may isa pa po akong tanong magkaiba po ba ng presyo ung foreclosed na lupat bahay kesa doon sa bagong unit malaki po ba pag kakaiba..thank you po..

  • JUN

    Gud day! Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko pong ma-claim ang lump-sum pay ko. May housing loan po ako at nag-start nung 2010. I’ve been a member since 2002. Tnx