The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program

For many Filipinos, times seem so hard these days in their homeland. That is why more and more Pinoys try their luck abroad, where the grass is perceived to be greener. They work in foreign lands that promise them the financial freedom that their native country cannot seem to give them.

For those who are lucky enough to return to their native land with sufficient money they have accumulated abroad, the first sound investment that would come to mind is an investment in real property. Home ownership is in every responsible Filipino’s wish list.

Overseas Investment

But waiting for a good sum of money to pay Spot Cash for a property in the Philippines is not only a good idea, but would also take a long time for most Overseas Filipinos. After all, there are other expenses, family remittances and obligations to take care of also.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they can start building their home in the Philippines while they are building their nest of cash overseas? In other words, building a house in the Philippines, without requiring too much upfront cash and pay for it in installments (mortgage amortizations).

Enter: The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program

To help the Overseas Filipino Workers, along with immigrants and naturalized citizens realize their dream home, the Pag–IBIG Overseas Program (POP) was created.

The Pag–IBIG Overseas Program is a voluntary Savings Program, wherein members are given a chance to set aside money for their future housing investments. With the program, members may avail of a housing loan of as much as Php 3,000,000 (at the time of this writing).

The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is open to the following:

  1. All Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with valid Visas or Employment Contracts
  2. Filipino immigrants and naturalized citizens

Money Talk – Member Contributions

Members of the program are to contribute monthly an amount equal to $US 5, at a minimum.

An upgraded membership is required for members, who would like to avail of a higher loan amount.For instance, if a member wishes to avail of a housing loan ranging from P1,500,000 to P1,600,000, he or she will have to contribute monthly an amount equal to the US dollar equivalent of PhP 750 at the point of availing the loan.

The upgraded membership contribution will form part of the housing loan monthly amortization.

POP As Savings / Investment

The Pag–IBIG Overseas Program not only serves as the OFW’s aid in fulfilling his dreams of owing a home. It also serves as a savings investment in the mutual fund company, that promises positive gains on the investment money. Note: The Pag-IBIG is a government controlled Mutual Fund corporation.

As a Pag – IBIG Overseas Program member, one is entitled to variable dividends from the excess earnings of the Fund. These dividends are distributed annually to the members and are credited to their Total Accumulated Values (TAV).

Members of the program have the option to withdraw their accumulated savings at the end of five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), or twenty (20) years upon membership.

Foreign denomination contributions shall be converted to the Philippine Peso based on the prevailing US dollar exchange rate. As such, withdrawals of savings shall be made in Philippine Peso.

Member Benefits

Members of the Pag-IBIG Overseas programs are illegible to the following benefits:

  1. Housing Loan
  2. Multi-Purpose Loan
  3. Dividends

It is good to know that the Pag–IBIG Overseas Program is there to reward the efforts of OFWs through an effective savings and home financing scheme. Somehow, through POP, the OFW’s return to their native land will grant them the freedom that was somewhat denied them in the first place.

Indeed, perhaps one’s best investment in life is one’s own home. It reflects one’s status and achievement in life. This is especially true for Overseas Filipino Workers, who take chances and make sacrifices abroad for their future and that of their families.

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The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is written by Kyro Jo.

  • Joanne May Z. Liwanag

    Can I have a form to fill up through this website to become a member of the pagibig. How much is the monthly contribution? I am here in saudi albaha. Thanks………

  • admin

    Hi Joanne,

    If you have a Pag-IBIG Office there in your place, it is best to visit them for the details especially since you are about to become a member yet. Please read again the article for the monthly contributions, but take note that the rate may change in the future.

  • wilfreda c. etac

    my husband is a seaman, we are currently constructing our house in the province, but seems we are running out of funds,as we estimated we are on our halfway in building our house.Because of that we are planning to have a loan, not actually a housing loan because we still procesing our lot papers, we need to finish our home as soon as posible.In what loan category are we qualified?

    • admin


      You can always apply a personal loan from a lending institution like bank. But take note that personal loans are usually smaller and has a shorter payment term compared to a real estate loan.

  • bernardo b. valencia

    i would like to purchase a house in novaliches, but i dont have enough money to buy that house, that house is used, the owner give the price of P2,500,000.00. i have only P500,000.00 is there anyway to help me. i know im not a member yet in pag-ibig, but, if somebody to help me i will be happy to be come a new member og pag-ibig. thank you so much.

    • admin

      Hi Bernardo,

      First, make sure that the Title of the property is in order and that there are no encumbrances.

      Since you are not yet a Pag-IBIG member, you can always use Bank Financing. Visit your favorite bank and get a pre-qualification.

      Another option would be to sign-up immediately for Pag-IBIG Fund Membership and pay the 24 months minimum. Then apply for the loan.

      I hope this helps.

  • Francisco R. Gonzalez Jr

    hello! I am an overseas worker here in Qatar and I am planning to get a housing loan from pag ibig,but I am not a member yet as of now,is it possible for me to avail the said load and how? and also what if I cannot
    issue a collateral for the said loan?I am sending this email for I dont have time to go to the pag ibig office here in Qatar for i am always busy
    at work during day time.thanks!

    • admin

      First, you need to be a member.

      Next, you may start applying for a housing loan once you have paid 24 months worth of membership contributions. You can pay it one time or in 24 months.

      Pag-IBIG Housing Loan is a secured loan and you will be required to submit the title of the property as a collateral.

      Please refer also to the article on Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Requirements.

  • bang d.

    hi, i read your response for Francisco dated Mar 24, when you say ” you can pay it one time” ( for membership contribution) does it mean we don’t need to wait for 24 months to pay the total 24 mo. contribution, if i become a member today and pay it all, can i apply for a loan ( multipurpose or housing loan) right away? thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Bang,

      Basically, yes. You can apply for a loan the moment you paid a total of 24 monthly contributions AND you can pay it one time.

      But, remember also that just because you want to loan doesn’t mean Pag-IBIG will give you one. Just like any other lending institutions, you have to somehow demonstrate that you are capable of paying the loan.

      Loan Application will not always lead to Loan Approval. The most important part is you should be able to show them that you can pay the loan.

      I hope this helps.

  • TableKid

    Hi there, I’m an OFW working here in Saudi Arabia. I am, as far as I know, entitled at last (whew!!!) for a housing loan or probably to any other Pag-Ibig beneficial loan which I am not aware of at the moment. My question is,…(sorry po, bihira sa OFW ang hindi busy para pumunta sa Pag-Ibig office to ask a question)…I was informed about a prospect property for sale but unfortunately it can be acquired on a cash-only basis. How can Pag-Ibig help me to buy the said property? I don’t have an existing property on my possession to be used for as a collateral (that’s why I’m dreaming to have at least a small one for my family). Is it possible that Pag-Ibig will pay for me? then of course as a commitment, I’m gonna pay them back on a monthly installment basis. Finally, based to your reply to “Bang”…how can I show or rather prove them that I am capable of paying the loan? Is there any other thing to be done aside from completing all the required documents? I may sound naive, but I’m sorry, I just want to clarify. You know a “First-timer” syndrome.
    Thank you, more power to you guys and Best regards..Mabuhay kayo!!!

    • admin

      Hi TableKid,

      Let me be quick with my reply.

      First, you mentioned that the property “can be acquired on a cash-only basis“. Normally, the seller is doing that because he knows that getting a loan approval takes time and he needs cash right away, he doesn’t want to wait any much longer. In this case, Pag-IBIG or any financial institution can do nothing even if they are willing to give you the loan. At the very least, you have to use your convincing power and have the seller agree that you will put down a down payment and finance the rest using Pag-IBIG Loan. If he agrees, then the other steps will make sense.

      Regarding your capacity to pay, bear in mind that the Pag-IBIG Fund, or any bank for that matter, will be requiring you to present some proof of income. It could be your payslip, contract of employment, bank statements, remittance slips, or combinations of them all. The very purpose of these documents is to evaluate your capacity to pay.

      Aside from these documents, there are also documents pertaining the real property in question: Subdivision Development Plan, Land Title, Contract To Sell, etc. And of course, you need to attend the seminar conducted by Pag-IBIG prior to your Loan Application.

      I hope this helps you and other OFW friends. Mabuhay!

  • Zosimo C. Familiar, Jr


    I have an existing housing loan under pag-ibig. the house and lot i have is located in SAn Pablo City,Laguna. due to uncontrollable circumstances,(hospitalization of a relative which I finance until to her burial) i failed to pay the monthly amortization of it for about 4-5 years now.I would like to ask/ inquire if I can still avail of any assistance which would let me continue my housing loan.

    Thanks you.

    June Familiar

    • admin

      Hi June,

      I’m sorry for what happened. Circumstances like that do happen.

      Four to five years of missed payments is quite a long time already. Considering that span of time, you need to personally check it with Pag-IBIG about the status of the property. If it is not yet foreclosed and sold to other buyers, you still have the chance to recover it. One other thing you need to check is the amount of cash, including the penalties, you have to shoulder to continue with the payments.

  • emil

    hi,have a good po,ask kolang if ever to pay for 24month conttribution as 10usd,per month can i avail for a loan just for a bisnee i need a chash i think is only 300taw only for my,target internet shop im a ofw in dubai baut i have to to take my vacation then im back again in dubai my salary is 500dolars only

    • admin

      Hi Emil,

      Pag-IBIG Fund also offers Multi-purpose Loan which can be used for livelihood purposes. And yes, you need to have contributed at least 24 months.

      But you need to remember, that loan amount will depend on how much you have contributed already. I think it’s 60% of the total accumulated value. So if you intend to contribute 24 months in the hope of getting a loan larger than that, you may be disappointed.

      Please check with Pag-IBIG Fund office to inquire further.

  • jackie v.

    can i apply for membership, pay the 24 monthly contributions and hopefully get the loan here in dubai? or is there a need for me to go back to the philippines to process those? t.y

    • admin


      Yes, you can be a member while you are there in Dubai. Please check the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program Directory so that you know where to go in particular. Better yet, give them a call first.

  • jeroda avena

    I am presently working as a live-in caregiver here in canada.
    I am not a PAG-IBIG member. I am planning to renovate our house by October ds year. i want to avail a loan for a house renovation. what are the neccessary things or actions that i need to do?
    Pls find time to reply me and do send me more info abt housing/personal loans in my email add
    Thank you so much! have a nice day!

    • admin

      Hi Jeroda,

      First you need to be a member of Pag-IBIG to avail of the privileges.

      If you want it immediately, please try getting it from your bank or other lending institutions.

  • darwin yu

    hi im immigrant here in guam im applying to be a member of pag ibig,i have a girlfriend whos applyimg on my behalf since theres no office here in guam,,she has an spa saying ill intend to marry her,can it be legally help us secure a housing loan since im working here?and also i fill up a form and send it back to her kindly advise and help us pursue our dream.. thank you…

    • admin

      Hi Darwin,

      The best thing to do is to first have your girlfriend visit the nearest Pag-IBIG Office here in the Philippines. That way she can get all of the required documents and send them to you. And also, that should help both clarify things and how to go about your plans of getting a house in the Philippines.

  • jemaphe

    hi! i am having a inhouse loan to one real estate in Novaliches. I want to transfer it to PAG-IBIG, i would like to ask how much do i have to pay before they can successfully transfer it to PAG-IBIG. and do i have to pay 20 or 24 for months to pag-ibig worth 24,000 pesos? hope u can help me with this. thanks

  • alfonso canoy

    Good day to all of u pag ibig fund staff> im a pag ibig fund member already since 1996..then now am here working as ofw then my office inform me to sign a new form as a member of pag ibig fund POP ..shud i need to enroll again??? Thanks and awaiting for ur reply..

    • admin

      Hi Alfonso,

      Yes, you need to enroll anew for Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP). But, you have to make sure with Pag-IBIG consolidates all your previous contributions with this new one.

  • aileen sabado

    good day po s inyong lahat.. bago lang po akong member ng PAG IBIG pero bayad ko na po yung 24 months contributions pra mkaavail ng loan. uuwi po ako this december pra magbakasyon. pwede n po ba akong makakuha ng housing loan? 1 month lang po bakasyon ko.. maaprobahan kaya agad before po ako umalis ulit ng pilipinas?

    • admin

      Hi Aileen,

      The quick answer is Yes, you can apply for a loan. But remember there are things to be considered before Pag-IBIG will grant you the loan. A loan application is only the beginning and may not always lead to loan approval.

  • zahrah

    gud day!
    im a nurse working in saudi arabia, i want to acquire a rights in tala caloocan city the lot will be awarded soon but there’s a house which im renting right now the owner wants to sell (house only)it amounting to 300 thsnd pesos on a cash basis.can i avail of a loan for this purpose? hope to hear from u soon.tnx

  • Divine Bermudo

    Hi there, I’m leaving in US do guys have office here. if you do where in US. thanks,Divine

    • admin


      You may want to check the Pag-IBIG Overseas Directory and see contact them for details.

  • mariza navarro

    have a nice day to everyone?can i have form to fill up thru this website
    to become a member of pag working here in lebanon,beiruth i searching office of pag ibig here but dont have….so can help me

    • admin


      Please get a representative to visit the Pag-IBIG office here in the Philippines and tell him/her that you want to become a member of Pag-IBIG Overseas Program

  • Dex

    good day, sir.

    dati po ako nagtratrabaho sa Dubai, at member na po ako. naka pag bayad po ako ng 1 month. Plan ko po sana bayaran lahat ung 23 months para maka pag apply ng housing loan. Pero ngayon po nandito na po ako sa Afghanistan nag tratrabaho, mag tatatlong buwan na po ako dito at mag babakasyon next month. nakita ko po dun sa mga requirements na kailangan ang SPA na authenticated ng Philippine Embassy kung saan ako nag tratrabaho. Wala po kc Philippine Embassy dito at nasa British/U.S military base ako nagtratrabaho. ano po ba dapat kong gawin?

    • admin

      Hi Dex,

      Please check with Pag-IBIG if they will accept an SPA signed by a local attorney in the Philippines. After all you are already a member of Pag-IBIG. You may also want to just issue a number of post-dated checks or have an auto-debit arrangement with your bank to pay your monthly contributions to Pag-IBIG.

  • Liza L. Dean

    here in Saipan there is no pagibig representative. how and where can we apply for the pop membership. tnx

    • admin


      Please contact the office of the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program here in Makati. The contact detail is shown on this article.

  • Mansour

    Good day!!! i already fill up POP before coming back to SAUDI last June 01,2010, yong mga previous payment ko sa Pag ibig kasama din po ba sa newly signed POP membership???

    • admin


      If by “previous payment” you mean your contributions (and that of your employer) while you are here working in the Philippines, the answer is “No”. They are your Pag-IBIG I contribution, POP is different and separate contribution. You may want to continue with Pag-IBIG I since this is your “savings” or you just leave it until maturity period and get all the accumulated benefits equivalent to your contributions.

  • Mansour

    can we check through online kung ilang months na ang hulog mo sa Pag-ibig?

    • admin


      Unfortunately, there is no such feature as that at the moment.

  • lovelyn

    hi pag ibig staff,

    im lovelyn residence of united states, married with american question is, can i get application form over here in the united states?And if i paid the whole amount of 24 months membership can i avail the housing loan?We plan to vacation in the philippines by next year in davao city. we wish we can get a house over there before we leave.pls give me all the information how to process and all the requirements we need to be done..thank you…

    • admin


      Since you are applying in Davao, it’s better to submit all of the documents at the Davao Office.

  • FarmVille Freak

    Hello Mister Admin.

    Ask ko lang po kung pede gawing 30 years yung loan namin. Bale 15 years siya at nakatapos na kami ng 3 years.

    Di na po kasi namin kayang bayaran ang monthly niya.

    • admin

      Hi FarmVille Freak,

      Absolutely. That’s called restructuring your loan. Go and visit the Pag-IBIG Office where you got your loan.

  • Barry T. Bontilao

    im already a member of pag ibig since 1999,i changed my category from employed to ofw last march,i just want to ask if i can avail of the mpl loan while im here in alberta,canada?can my wife do the processing in my behalf?thanks

    • admin

      Hi Barry,

      Have your wife get the forms (including SPA) at the Pag-IBIG office near her place. You are certainly allowed for MPL if you are an active member.

  • Ervin S. Rizon

    I just would like to inquire if i can apply for a house construction loan using a land title own by my parents. I’m a member and an overseas contract worker.

    • admin


      Unfortunately, no. The land title must be in the name of the loan applicant.

  • Ervin

    follow-up question ko lang.Do I need to be POP member before ako mka avail ng housing loan,kasi active member ako ng pag ibig dahil naghuhulog ang company namin regularly pero nasa abroad ako nag work.

  • arnel

    First off, thanks for this helpful info. I’m currently working here in the Phil and have been a member of pagibig for the past 10 years. I have just recently accepted a job offer from Malaysia… and I want to continue my pagibig contributions. How do I go about it? Should I enroll the the POP? If I do, what happens to my 10-year contribution? Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Hi Arnel,

      You have to options:

      Continue contributing to Pag-IBIG I and wait until it matures to receive all your earnings. To do this, you can leave a set of post dated checks to Pag-IBIG.
      Enroll in POP also with or without Pag-IBIG I this time.

  • kenny

    hi there!

    wat is basically the distinction between one’s contribution under POP and thru PAG-IBIG I? Under PAG-IBIG I,one must have contributed for at least 24 months before applying for a loan. is there such requirement under the overseas program?

    • admin


      Yes, but that rule might change soon. Basically, Pag-IBIG I is for the locally employed Filipinos, while POP is for the OFWs.

  • kenny

    wen can an ofw apply for a loan under the POP? is there a minimum number of contribution? wat about the rate and the amount loanable?

  • http://yahoo!messenger gina morita

    hello po, ako po pala c gina morita, nakatira po ako sa japan,paano po ba magpa member sa pag-ibig?pwede po kahit nasa japan? o kailangan talaga personal ako ang pupunta sa pag-ibig office at saka magpakunsulta? or pwede po ba kahit yung parents ko na lang? gusto ko po sana na may maka usap ako tungkol sa loan, ie di ko po alam kung sino ang lalapitan ko or maka usap ang dami ko sana itatanung?/

    • admin

      Hi Gina,

      You can either personally go to any Pag-IBIG office here in the Philippines or have your representative do it on your behalf. Please refer to the Pag-IBIG Overseas Directory for the contact details of the POP Office here in the country.

      At the moment, there is no Pag-IBIG office in Japan yet.

  • teddy z. blancia

    hello po,
    ask ko lang po gusto ko po kc mag loan para makuha yun lote.amount po nun ay 2m po.member po ako ng pag ibig dati.nahinto po yun pag huhulog ko.isa po akong seaman.pwede po b ako magloan ng halagang ganon para makuha ko yun ano po ang requirement


    • admin

      Hi Teddy,

      Remember that Housing Loans are granted to ACTIVE members of the Pag-IBIG Fund. Your first problem is how to activate your membership. And yes, Pag-IBIG can grant up to 3M loan.

  • rowell b. gregorio

    hi sir mam
    saan dito sa jeddah saudi arabia pwede mag apply ng POP? saan ung office nila dito? pls send to my email….

    • admin

      Please refer to the POP Directory.

  • honey

    hello po,dito po ako sa japan pwede po ba pamangkin ko ang mag process ng pag-ibig ko sa davao office tapos yong form ipadala nalang nya dito para mag fill-up ako tapos send ko balik sa kanya para ma process nya pag-ibig office?gusto ko po bayaran ang 24months para maka pag loan ng bahay,pwede po ba yon?salamt po.

    • admin


      First, you need to know that starting July 1, 2910, paying a one-time 24 monthly contributions is not anymore accepted to qualify for a housing loan. You need to be at least 24 months active member.

      Yes, you can assign a representative to do the processing on your behalf.

  • sammix

    I just want to ask po tungkol sa kaso ko, 2years ko na po ndi nahulugan ang inhouse ko sa isang Developer sa malaking kadahilanan, nagbayad po ako ng 100T pra ma agapan makuha (forclousure)sa bangko ngunit ayaw na nila akong magbayad ng monthly dahil sa mga palya ng pgbabayad ko,kylangan daw ay i-cash ko nraw sa knila in full payment, ngloan po ako sa ibang bank para mabayaran sila, pede ko paba itong ilipat sa pag-ibig kung magiging regular na po ang pagbabayad ko sa inutangan ko banko at hanggang ilang taon po bago ko mai-transfer sa pa-ibig. OFW po ako at member na po ako ng pag-ibig with 24 months contribution sa Saudi Arabia,52 year old na po ako, maraming salamat po.

    • admin


      First, you need to settle your obligation with the developer. If everything is already good, then you can apply for a loan on the balance from Pag-IBIG. There’s is no guarantee, but you can always try.

  • pursue

    Im working abroad and I would like to ask if it is possible that if i have a bank loan,and the interest is to high,i want to apply for pag ibig loan,can it be that the remaining of my bank loan will be paid through pag ibig?and the reamaining will be used for my house renovation?
    Thank you so much

    • admin


      Possible, but it all depends on how much loan will be granted to you. I can tell you that this is much more complicated than you think.

  • Kristianne

    hello ang asawa ko po ay pagibig member at may 2 yrs contribution na siya ako naman po gusto ko maging pag ibig member pareho po kaming nagtatrabaho dito sa turks and caicos islands sa caribbean 4 yrs na kami dito… gusto namin sumali sa POP at gayundin bumili ng bahay diyan sa atin sa pilipinas thru pag-ibig loan o financing ano po ang dapat kong gawin para maging member ng pag ibig sa tingin ko po kaya kong bayaran yung 24months minimum ng pagibig fund… ano po ang dapat naming gawin para makasali sa POP…

    paki email na lang po ako

    • admin


      I hope you can read this reply because I will not be sending an email message to you.

      Please check the articles on Pag-IBIG Overseas Program Category and there you will find the answer to your questions.

  • Jeffrey


    I am planning to re-construct my parent’s house in the Philippines, I am currently here in Singapore working as an IT professional, I am already a Pag-Ibig member. Is there any loan program available from Pag-Ibig Fund for house renovation only? Did they approved a loan like 2M? If yes, how did they usually give the amount to the member so the renovation can proceed? I really want to know the process. Thank you.


    • admin


      If you are the member and you want to renovate your parent’s house using Pag-IBIG, that can’t be unless the Land Title is in your name. And in that case, the house becomes your house, not your parents’. Pag-IBIG ca grant a maximum of PhP 3M.

  • mariel13

    hello po admin,

    im from abu dhabi. meron po kasing binibentang lupa sa amin, sabihin na po nating 400 thousand ang hinihingi ng seller. plano ko pong i-apply through Pag ibig. Iga-grant po ba ng pag ibig ng full amount na ina-ask ng seller? and if ever nman na tataasan ko pa more than 400K ung desired amount of loan ko pupuede ba yun?

    Thanks po..more power!!

    • admin


      Pag-IBIG will conduct its own appraisal of the property and your loan will be based on that appraised value, which is usually lower than the selling price of the seller.

  • Jen

    Good day Pagibig Admins.
    I was a former active Pagibig member in the Phils. from 2001 ’til 2005. I was employed in a private company. Currently, I am an OFW based in Dubai. Since I worked abroad my contribution has stopped. Last year, I attended the Pagibig seminar in Makati while I am on vacation, and applied for POP. They give me a temporary ID, but I used my husband’s surname. My question is, will my contribution while single status be carried over to the new POP # I had? What should I do?
    Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Jen,

      Your situation is very common among Pag-IBIG members and it’s good that you ask this.

      First, your POP membership is different from the regular Pag-IBIG membership that you had while still employed in the Philippines.

      Now, to update your family name or status, you there is a form to be filled out at any Pag-IBIG Office. Please allow them sometime to update your file. And while you are at it, you may want to request a list of all your previous contributions from them. Ask how many days it will take them to update and then return to the office or have a representative make a follow-up.

      Once, your updates are done, request another list of contributions just to make sure that you are getting the right data.

  • liza miralles

    my husband is a seaman and member of POP,we acquired our house thru pagibig and have been fully paid 4 years ago.may i ask if he is eligible for a house improvement loan thru his POP and how much is his loanable amount?his contribution is P300.00.

    • admin

      Hi Liza,


      Since your husband is of good standing, it will be easier for you to get a home improvement loan. Please approach the nearest office to inquire about the loan amount. In some cases, you might be asked for a proposal from a contractor who will eventually do the project.

  • shannake

    Good day!

    Im currently residing in new jersey. My husband is in the US airfroce and im not working atm, we’re planning to get a house loan, my mom was a PAG-IBIG memeber when she was teaching but when she retired shes not a member anymore. Is there any posibility that i can continously pay what she needs to pay to reactive her membership and let her get a housing loan since the house we wanna get its gonna be her name?

    • admin

      Hi Shannake,

      Your mom is already retired and her membership with Pag-IBIG ended also.

  • Alden

    I was a pagibig member in the Philippines for more than 9 years,during that time I still have outstanding multi purpose loan balance before I left the country.Now,I decided and wanna know if ever,Can I apply for housing loan even if I dont have any contribution from the time when I left up to present? Can I use my existing pagibig members account number ID to reactivate and continue my monthly contribution? just to avail housing loan and other benifits, Where can I find application form to filled up?
    thanks and regards,

    • admin


      Did you still have an outstanding loan? I think the first step is to settle that one.

      Proceed to any Pag-IBIG office because if your loan is not yet fully paid, it will negatively affect your ability to get another loan.

  • jeffrey


    Thanks for the info. 😉

  • michael suarez

    Hi sir Admin,

    Sir , nabasa ko kasi sa mga previous post nyo po na effective july 1 ,2010 eh hindi na maari magbayad ng one time sa 24 months contribution required sa POP para makapagloan ng housing loan… kailangan eh kompletuhin nya for 2 years (24 months) bago makapagloan sa POP…
    tanong ko po, active member po ako ng PAGIBIG 1, nabasa ko po na di masasama lahat ng cntributions ko sa pagibig 1 if ever magaapply ako ng POP.. magpupunta po kasi ako sa Saudi this month, ang sahod ko lang po is 1,300 saudi riyal (16,000 pesos),

    1.possible po ba ako makapagloan sa pagibig POP after 2 years of continued contribution thru POP? wala po akong loan sa kahit anong lending company o sa govrment. may nakita po kasi akong house and lot anount to 2 million pesos.

    2.possible po ba maaprove ng PGIBIG POP yung iloloan kong house and lot worth 2M kung 1300 saudi riyal (16000 pesos) lang po ang sahod ko monthly?

    3.Magkano po ba ang kailangan na monthly contribution ko for atleast 2 years para makapagloan sa POP housing ng 2M?

    Thank you po and
    MOre Power! Godbless.

    • admin

      Hi M Suarez,

      Here are some replies:

      1. Yes, it’s possible, but 2M loan is quite high for your declared salary, but you can always find a partner whom you can combine your salary with.

      2. Too high loan amount and too little salary to cover it. Remember, you still have other expenses and Pag-IBIG will definitely factor these things out.

      3. Getting approved for a loan has a lot more to do with one’s capacity to pay it.

  • Monsour

    sir, may tanong po ako about sa monthly contribution for OFW ($20 /mo). ayon sa nabasa ko, effective July 1, 2010 ay hindi pwedeng pagbayad ng lump sum (e.g. 24mos) para maka-avail ka ng housing loan. pwede po kayang every 3 or 6 months ang hulog ng contribution? kasi may charge po ang hulog e ( $5 ). imagine if every 6 months mghuhulog (4mos x $5) lang for 24 months, samantalang if every month ka maghuhulog meaning (24mos x $5) . napaka-unfair if monthly diba. paki-clarify lang po. tnx

    • admin

      Hi Monsour,

      You can always issue an Post Dated Check to Pag-IBIG. Please consider that option.

  • Joel C. Torrentira

    I am a Pag ibig POP member since April 1996 and my contribution is $20. I did not contribute regularly since I worked in the desert and far from the city. I got a housing loan last 2005 for 5 years and finished last July 2010. When my wife claimed the title of the house and lot, Pag ibig personnel refused to give because I did not finished my monthly contribution. My questions are:
    1. Is it necessary to complete my contribution before I can claim the title?
    2. During our briefing, our contribution is like our savings, can we claim that amount after completing within the maturity period?
    Please, advice me what will I do so that I can claim the title. Can you send me an e-mail Regards and more power.

    • admin

      Hi Joel,

      Please don’t share your email address that way. We can’t respond to you via email and the best one is through this reply also. I can only hope that you read this.


      1) Your monthly amortization should also cover the membership fee and yes that is required of all active members especially those with outstanding loan.
      2) Yes, you are right.

  • Joy

    hi, im a pag ibig member since 2004 but its not a continues payment coz my job is on and off before,now im in europe working for almost 2 years,pag ibig said i could pay the months not paid, im not yet a POP member coz theyve told my mother to present a certificate of employment and a special power of attorney, what for is the special power of attorney? and as what i know its mandatory now for OFW to be a pag ibig member so this means only valid id require to apply, am i right?

    • admin

      Hi Joy,

      There are documents to be filled up here and since you are based abroad, the SPA is needed to officially recognize your mom to be your representative and transact on your behalf.

  • Joy

    i would like to know while searching for the acquired assets of pag ibig theres an amount posted, is that the actual amount when you apy in cash or there would be an interest? aside from that can i buy directly and not to be a pop member but a pag ibig member to buy it?


    • admin


      The price that you see is the selling price. There might be a discount if you pay in cash. The interest is only applicable if you decide to finance it using a housing loan. If you can pay in cash, you don’t need to be a member to buy it.

  • Noel Mensoza

    Good Morning po,

    Tanong kulang po kung mandatory nangaba sa mga OFW ang mag member sa PAGIBIG?

    Salamat po

    • admin

      Hi Noel,

      Yes, there is a new law that requires all OFW to be convered by Pag-IBIG.

  • Nanette Gonzales

    Hello’ Mabuhay po kayo! I just want to inquire because I was once a POP member then when I Go Home last 2006 I withdraw my money. Is it possible to continue again my membership on the said program or do I have to apply a new one.

    • admin


      What’s the reason for your withdrawal of funds? Did you retire and live permanently here in the country? Please check this one with Pag-IBIG Office where you withdraw your money.

  • dha

    Hi, Sir/Ma’am,
    i have a few questions to ask about on how to avail the housing loan, am currently working here in Jeddah KSA and pag-ibig member for about 4-5 yrs when i was working in the phil. but unfortunately i fail to continue my contribution since i came here. is it possible for me to apply for housing loan? how much will i pay and what will be the other steps to do for availing the loan? if ever how much will be my loanable amount? many tnx!

    • admin


      Please remember that only active members can avail of a loan. So the first thing you need to do it activate your membership. Please take time to read the articles on this website because some of your questions are already addressed in some articles.

  • Mervin

    good day po!

    mabuhay po tayo mga pinoy sa abroad! sa inyo din po!
    tanong lang po mam or sir, bago lang po akong member ng pag-ibig at tanong ko lang po kung pwede po akong mag loan para pambili ng lupa
    after 1 year?

    salamat po!

    • admin

      Hi Mervin,

      That’s after 24 months of being an active member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • Rogel Importado

    Hi Admin,

    As I have heard that mandatorily all OFWs will be converted to Pag-IBIG and initially, there will be payment equivalent to 6 months contribution. If I will start to start my membership here in Dubai, do I need to pay that same amount or it only applies when I am in Pinas as required before getting the OEC.

    In addition to this, since there will be no lump sum payment of 24 months to avail the housing loan, what if before reaching the 24 month period, the OFW plans to go back to Pinas and choose to stay for good and still wishing to continue the payment until its 24th month, can he still avail the housing loan under the POP scheme?

  • Rogel Importado

    Hello Admin,

    Where can I submit my application for membership to Pag-IBIG as I tried to contact the landline of the Consulate Office in Dubai however no one is answering my call. Is there any alternative contact number which I can make use of?

  • Rogel Importado

    Hi Admin,

    I have just called the Consulate Office in Dubai and they told me that the 24 months lump sum payment to avail the housing loan is still valid until 30th September 2010 and the application for the loan should have been submitted to them on or before 1st October 2010 otherwise, the application for the loan can only be submitted one year after you have completed the 24 months payment e.g. if I pay the lump sum amount on August 2010 and failed to submit my application for the housing loan by 1st October 2010 then I can only apply on August 2011.

    Kindly clarify this matter as one of your reply said that the lump sum payment of 24 monthly contributions have been halted commencing 1st July 2010.

    • admin

      Hi Rogel,

      Pag-IBIG issued this rule effective July 1, 2010. Pag-IBIG Fund may be giving you an allowance and you should treat it as a favor. If I were you, I should take advantage of that.

  • Rogel Importado

    Thanks for the clarification.

    In addition to this, can you give me info regarding the procedure of Pag-IBIG II as it was mentioned in your previous correspondences here in this site and even in the Citizen’s Charter of August 2009 however there is no clear description of the said program and the set of procedures and terms and conditions in the website of Pag-IBIG and even within the charter.

    Apparently there is a modified Pag-IBIG II based on cir. 276 dtd. 2/3/10 and Pag-IBIG II based on cir. 72 dtd. 10/23/89 which I have seen in the Member’s Data Form (MDF) however no description is mentioned regarding their disparity.

    • admin

      Hi Rogel,

      Yes, stay tuned for that.

      Actually, we have a lot of things to cover here especially now that Pag-IBIG is mandatory to all OFW’s.

      Thanks for visiting this website.

  • ar gorospe

    sir, i would like to know if there are other options pag-ibig has to help us loan for house and lot.I understand 24 months payment donot anymore apply these days instead we have to really wait for 24 months of actively paying contributions before loan could be granted.By this time,i think the original price for the house and lot would have doubled thus the amount we would be applying for loan wont be enough now so we have to increase our loan but it will leave us coping for higher payment to pag-ibig.I honestly hope Pag-ibig could forsee this happening,if we are made to wait for 24 months before we could apply for loan.I hope to be a member not just because it will serve as savings(i have other forms of savings like SSS and bank savings)but because of the oppotunitythe agency gives for OFW like us who has limited salary, to HELP reach our dreams in a way differently from other agencies.We plan to come home this year supposively to hunt for our future home but we have second thoughts now after learning that we could no longer avail for loan coz we are just starting to be a member of pag-ibig this year as required by the govt.I still hope we could manage to get the house and lot we dreamed.

    • admin

      Hi Ar,

      You other option would be to use other financial institutions like banks.

  • Rogel Importado

    I have seen in the news TV Patrol that VP Binay decided to stop the implementation of the mandatory inclusion of OFWs in Pag-IBIG.

    • admin


      Yes, that’s true and VP Binay should be lauded for doing that. It’s just too much of a drain on the finances of OFW’s.

  • Rogel Importado


    Vice President Jejomar C. Binay today directed the Home Development Mutual (PAG-IBIG) Fund and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to suspend the implementation of the order mandating the six-month advance contribution of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to the housing fund.

    Binay, as chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), chairs the Board of Trustees of PAG-IBIG Fund.


    Notes From Admin: This comment is intentionally truncated. Please refrain from posting articles in another website to this one. That is a violation of the Copyright Law and this is also not the proper venue to do that.

    Please, if you think an external article serves your point, simply make a reference to it so that interested visitors can visit it anytime they want.

  • gil2566

    hello po, ako po’y nandito sa kuwait for almost 15 yrs. nag member po ako ng pag ibig dito sa unang taon ko po dito, 3 months lang po nahulog ko, hindi ko na po natuloy, ngayon po ay gusto ko pong kumuha ng housing loan sa pag ibig, ano po bang dapat kung gawin? mayroon po akong nakausap na agent sa isang townhouse at nagustuhan ko po ang isang unit, bale sa cast po ay 830k, at tinanong ko po ang mga requirements e ang sabi po nya ay: SPA at Post dated check, bakit po kaylangan ba yong postdated check e dito ko naman babayaran sa abroad yong 24 months contribution?

  • zenith

    pano ko po mlman qong member n aq o ndi p…?
    san po b pdeng pmnta qng ofw ung husband q n mag apply ng pag ibig pero aq po ang mg aapear kc nsa abroad po cya?
    ano po ang kylngan qong dalhin pra mkpg apply ng membership kc mg housing loan po kmi?
    slmat po

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  • http://pagibig gil2566

    hello po, paki sagot naman po ang mga katanungan, maraming maraming maraming salamat po….

  • JC

    good day,
    i want to apply housing loan, but not yet a member. i want to pay the 24 months required inorder to avail the housing loan.
    im currently here saudi. i ask my wife to process all the requirements and submit to pag-ibig office.i.e if my salary is 80,000 pesos how much housing loan can i avail. Thanks. GBU

  • admin

    Hi Gil2566,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Maybe you have did not understand the agent when he says you need to issue a number of Post dated checks. It is usually to cover the down payment, which is not shouldered by Pag-IBIG.

    And by the way, getting a Checking Account is the way to go since you are there overseas. You can use that check to pay for your monthly amortizations at Pag-IBIG.

  • admin

    Hi Zenith,

    Please proceed to any Pag-IBIG office to inquire about your membership status. That’s the only way to check.

  • Andresa

    How to update my passbook of my POP?.I am planning to apply housing loan.
    I don’t have any idea on what will i do and how to process for housing loan.

    Waiting for response,
    POP member,

    • admin

      Hi Andresa,

      You may send a representative to the branch and ask him/her to have it updated. You may even request for a print-out of all your contributions.


    Good day! May tanong lang po ako, Bago po ako nagpunta ng ibang bansa nag apply po ako ng Pag ibig pero iyong voluntarily lang taong 2008, gusto ko po sanang maghulog pero hindi ko alam kung paano nandito po ako sa vienna austria. kung pwede po sana explain ninyo kung paano kung saan ako mghuhulog at gusto ko po mg aaply n cover ang housing loan at kung magkano ang hulog. Salamat po.

    • admin

      Hi Rowena,

      You can do it right here in the Philippines when you come back to the country. Unfortunately, there is no Pag-IBIG branch in your host country. As for the payments, there are accredited banks that you can use or you can do it over the counter at any Pag-IBIG Office.

  • darling angel

    Dear Pagibig Staffs,
    This is a useful website tool for OFW’s who wanted to know more about PAGIBIG benefits and features as others say we dont have that much time going to offices because of daytime schedule.Actually i am a member from 1998 i think.Im here in Dubai and since i have resigned from the my last job in the Phils i havent contributed for 2 yrs now.A friend send an email to me to become a PAGIBIG OFW member.i am interested because of the reason that i want to avail the housing loan on which i commit to pay monthly or advance my contribution.My question is how about those years that i have paid in my Pagibig 1,will it also be added to PAGIBIG 2 on which im a OFW member.What if you will come back to the Philippines after 2 years or so, will your contribution as an OFW before be updated on your PAGIBIG 1.How does it works? I hope you could give me a good advice…Thanks and more power.

    • admin

      Hi Darling Angel,

      Your contributions in Pag-IBIG 1 will still be there and you can claim it together with all its earnings when it matures. Pag-IBIG II is not the same as Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP). Since you are and OFW, you probably would want to contribute to POP. And just as the same, you can consolidate all these contributions and claim it at maturity.

  • louie

    Hi, I would like to ask that if I will pay the 24months contribution ahead, I can instantly apply for housing loan….

    Can I also adapt or transfer my partners pag-ibig housing loan on my behalf, And I shall continue the payments, since we are not yet married until this time.



    • admin

      Hi Louie,

      Here is the answer to your question.

      Yes, that’s called mortgage assumption. For the details, please get an advice from Pag-IBIG office near you.

  • Cherry

    Dear Pag-ibig,
    I’am an OFW for 5years now, wanted to know and confirm if I am already a pag-ibibg member but far as I know I’m not-since I don’t have a single contribution.. but some OFW friends are saying that since we are OFW we are automatically a member. im confused. please advice.
    Thank you and mabuhay!

  • oscar


    member po ako ng pag ibig since 2007 through my employer,after 1 year stop aq work,tambay for 3 mons then psok ulit, the same compny but another place then after 6 mons nagresign ulit aq.stop work tambay s amin with in 6 mons then tinawag ulit aq same company but another place ulit.ngwork aq ng 3 mons then resign aq for abroad.just last month nag apply aq s pag ibig d2 s singapore.may question now is that carried b mga contribution q s pinas during my employment der khit d continous.wla p akong pg ibig id until now..thanks a lot

  • renalyn

    is it true that if we will be able to pay the 5years contribution,we can get a lumpsum money of 900,000pesos?
    Because the explanation of the agent to us is like this..
    if we can be able to pay the amount 2,500US dollar(5YEARS CONTRIBUTION),within 5 months of continous paying,in the 6th month we can be able to have the lumpsum.lots of my friends and myself wants to avail his because it is indeed a great help to us ofw…thanks for the information,it helps a lot.God bless.

  • admin

    Hi Oscar,

    Yes, all of your contributions are just there earning dividends. You may want to request from any office a print-out of all your previous contributions. There you will also see your Member ID Number.

  • admin

    Hi Renalyn,

    Is that an agent of Pag-IBIG?

    I even have a hard time understanding “his” point the way you write it.

    P 900,000 is a lot of money for that small investment of 2,500 USD (roughly P 120,000). It’s just one of those too-good-to-be-true investments.

  • dianne cepillo

    Good day! I am an OFW here in Bahrain. I applied for POP membership on May 2010 and paid for 24 months since we are considering to apply for Pag-ibig housing loan. The agent advised me to pay the minimum mandatory-OFW contribution that is Php100 per month for the 24-month lump sum. The agent told me that with this, I can apply for the loan and if I want to consider a higher loan or upgrade my desired loan, I can pay there and then at any Pag-ibig office and this will not be a problem since I already paid the 24-month lump-sum before July 2010.

    As you see it Admin, will there be any problem for me applying for Pag-ibig loan? I will be back in the Philippines in December to apply since I tried applying here in Bahrain, and they told me it’s better I do it in the Philippines.

    Thank you very much and more power to you!!!

  • aleah

    hi i am married in japanesse at dito na ako nakatira sa japan simula nong kinasal ako gusto ko magparehistro kaso di ako makauwi uwi dahil sa trabaho ko ang gusto ko lang sana itanong kung pwede ba akong magparehistro kahit dito ako sa japan?may malapit bang pag-ibig found office dito na pwede tawagan?or pwede ba akong mag utos sa mga kapatid ko na iparehistro ang pangalan ko kahit dito ako sa japan at ipadala nlang sa kanila ang bayad ko for 2years?,god bless u

  • jen

    hi! hello? good day po maam and sir, i asking about how to apply pag ibig fund dahil hindi po ako member nandito po kasi ako sa korea at gusto ko po mag loan ng bahay pls. help po about the info. thankz and god bless.

    • admin

      Hi Jen,

      Please browse this website for that specific topic. An article about that has already been written.

  • raf

    If I would be granted for 2m loan for my housing construction what would be my monthly ammortization, please reply thanks

  • analiza

    hi! ask ko lang po, f papaano mg membership ng pag ibig? f papaano din makakapag loan ng housing lot kc plano kong bumili ng house @ lot kc wala akong sapat na pera na pambili. di pa ako member ng pag ibig gusto ko pong mgmembership ng pag ibig. d2 po ako sa israel ng wowork almost 8 yers na. sana masagot nu po ang aking mga katanungan… good day!!!!

  • Cathy

    Hi Admin,

    I am an OFW in abu dhabi. I paid my POP membership for 24months. The pag-ibig incharge here told me that I can avail the loan immidiately.

    Pero nang mag punta sa Pag-ibig regional office sa Iloilo yung aking sister the one in-charge in housing loan dept. told her that I am not yet qualified to apply for loan since I paid my memebership from Aug 2010-Aug 2012. Indi daw pwede ang advance payment kung kukuha ka nang loan. Ano po ba ang totoo dito? Confuse po ako…Salamat

    • admin

      Hi Cathy,

      If you happen to have read the FAQ Section we mentioned there that paying the whole 24 months for just one time is not anymore a valid requirement for one to apply for a housing loan. It could be that the in-charge here in Abu Dhabi is not aware of this rule — not unusual for government agencies.

  • Joy

    Hi. Good day! I’ve been a pagibig member since 1996 to 2004. I stop after May 2004 and worked abroad. Now i want to avail for a housing worth 2M. Is it possible that my loan would be granted. My current salary is 100K. How much do I still need to pay after consolidating my previous contributions to be able to update my membership and avail for the said loan.

    • admin

      Hi Joy,

      First, you need to reactivate your membership. And then you can apply. Your income is one factor to be considered for approval.

  • renalyn

    You got the point sir,thats why we are questioning,of that 2,500 dollars how can it become that big amount of money,according to him,it is a program by the government especially for the ofw’s.instead of taking loans…yes he is a pag-ibig agent,we already fill up also the p.o.p forms..Is there a way were we can see the list of the pag-ibig representatives or agents in the country were we are working?

    • admin

      Hi Renalyn,

      No, we don’t have the names, but you can always verify at the office if the person you are working with is indeed authorized to do it.

  • louie


    As mentioned all over again, what if we pay the whole 24 months contribution in one time,let’s say sept of 2010, and pays every succeeding months contribution. Are we entitled now for the housing loan.

    More Power,


    • admin


      Please check the FAQ Page. The answer is there, but the best article to address that is this one.

  • Luis O.De Guzman


    I am a an active member of SSS and I am working here in Brunei Darussalam as a contract worker at the Min. of culture Youth Culture and Sports.

    I want to avail of the Pagibig Housing Loan. Right now my application is in process at Avida Real Estate (office in Makati).

    Am I qualified to the Pag Ibig Housing Loan. Please helpme how to avail of the said loan. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Luis,

      SSS is different from Pag-IBIG.

  • Melchora Vollmerhaus


    Good morning!!!I’m here in Germany and would like to apply for membership of the Pag-ibig Insurance (Financing)for my future dream house there in Philippines.Wantto know the requirements for and please give the right website who i can read about Pag-ibig.Thank you very much.

    Melchora Vollmerhaus

  • dianne cepillo

    Good day! I am an OFW here in Bahrain. I applied for POP membership on May 2010 and paid for 24 months since we are considering to apply for Pag-ibig housing loan. The agent advised me to pay the minimum mandatory-OFW contribution that is Php100 per month for the 24-month lump sum. The agent told me that with this, I can apply for the loan and if I want to consider a higher loan or upgrade my desired loan, I can pay there and then at any Pag-ibig office and this will not be a problem since I already paid the 24-month lump-sum before July 2010.

    As you see it Admin, will there be any problem for me applying for Pag-ibig loan? I will be back in the Philippines in December to apply since I tried applying here in Bahrain, and they told me it’s better I do it in the Philippines.

    Thank you very much and more power to you!!!

  • a

    hi po,im working as a caregiver in israel,kaka member ko lng po ng pag ibig,nd i wnt to pay d 24 months pra maka pag loan po ako,pede po kaya me mag loan ng cash kz my binebenta pong lupa sa amin,worth 1million cash po un. nd i hv only 500thousands..and if ever man,maka avail po ba ako ng ganung kalaking pera…possible po kayang maka avail ng cash.

    tnx po nd more power!

  • jogie a.beringuela

    Good day to all of u pag ibig fund staff.ako po isang seaman.yong dati ko pong agency kinakaltasan me ng pa ibig at sss mula 1994 hanggang 2006 pwera pa po yong trabaho ko dito sa pinas.nag umpisa po ako maging member ng pag ibig.1982 hanggang 1994. kaya lng nag lipat ako ng agency ang problema wala silang kinakaltas para sa pag ibig at sss.kaya nahinto yong hulog ko. tanong ko po .paano po ang gagawin ko. kung gusto ko po mag loan ng bahay o mag loan ng pera.? at gusto ko rin ipagpatuloy ang pag huhulog ko sa pag ibig .para nga makapag loan ako.salamat po at goblss you.

  • admin


    Yes, it’s best if you can do it here in the Philippines.

  • admin

    Hi A,

    Housing Loan is not “Cash” or Personal Loan. I think what you really want is to apply for a loan. It’s a big yes.

  • michelle barbosa

    hi good day.. my husband is in dubai ang were planning to get housing loan through pag ibig, he’s a member since 2004 but we dont know his account no. how can we apply for housing loan? wat are the requirements?

  • erwena manzo

    hi,d2 po ako sa dubai snce december 2008..ngpamember po ako bgo pumnta d2,october 2008 ako ngpamember pro d ko po xa nahuhulugan.pde ko ba i update i mean i upgrade hulog ko?kc minimunm lng po kinuha ko 200 monthly.gusto ko sna dagdagn monthly contribution ko.pede po ba un dto dubai?pde ko ba byaran lhat or lump sum pra ma avail ko housing loan?pde nba ako mghousing loan agad fter ko nabyaran or nahulugan 24months?

  • kristine joy mario

    hi sir!i am a wife of a seaman.Just want to ask po about ur housing loan or lot loan.his monthly contribution is P500.we r planning to pay the remaining months para makapag 24 mos contribution far as i know 15 or 16 mos pa lng conrtibution nya.can we have a loan amounting 500thou with his 24mos contribution?then il be using only SPA kc on-board sya ngayon.thnx po

  • denies chua

    san po pwede mag apply pa member ng pag ibig d2 sa qatar..


    my husband is in dubai ryt now and im here in the phil. we’r planing for a housing loan. hes not a member yet! (aayusin p lng 2day!) khit n byaran nya ung 24 mos. 1 time ndi mggrant ung loan? is there any ader way? syang nmn kc! pno qng aftr 24 mos ndi n available yun? :(

  • arcelyn aquino

    itatanong ko lng po kng mgkno n0 po nhulog ko sa pag ibig? at active p po b ung membership ko?

  • Mark Aragones

    hello admin,

    Im Mark working here at Taiwan, i just want to know if how much maximum loan can you offer i applied for housing loan.

  • Joy

    Hi. My mom finished w/ loan counseling. After submitting the required documents for processing such as SPA, salary certifixate and passport/ visa copy for ofw, approxiamately how long will it takes for pagibig to notify us that our application is approve and we can proceed to the next step?

  • janice

    hi. yesterday lang umalis asawa ko to saudi arabia. there is an existing salary loan pa siya sa pag ibig. pwede ko ba ituloy ang payment monthly kasi gusto ng company namin deduct lahat sa separation pay niya pero not enough so ang suggestion ko wag na ideduct then yong monthly amortization babayaran ko na lang monthly separately sa company.
    pwede ba yon? thanks.

  • http://n/a Raquel Silva

    HiSir/mam,,Im a nurse here in Ireland working for almost 8 yrs na,and a resident here. Member na po ako ng Pag ibig with ID no.1619-0003-0978 at may existing loan application po ako worth 600.000.00 nung 2006. nakompleto ko ang lahat ng documents at naapproved po nman agad at tinawagan po ang son ko who is my representative for releasing of checque na pero unfortunately po ay hindi na irelease ang pera kc hinihingi po ung title of property na that time po di pa naka lipat sa name nming mag asawa.Eventually di ko na po ipinatuloy kc mahirap pong mag ayos ng mga documents without my presence.Kung mag aaply po ba ulit ako ng loan will I start po ba ulit fron the beggining.Please advise me.

  • admin

    Hi Joy,

    Please give them a call any time or better yet, coordinate with your broker/agent to give you feedback.

  • admin

    Hi Janice,

    It is possible to pay over the counter or from the partner collecting agencies.

  • Jen R

    ano po dapat and salary bracket pra po makapag avail ng housing loan ng 1m

  • bong de jesus

    admin, tanong ko lng po sana dipa kasi kami member ng pag-ibig nasa saudi po kamin mag asawa, gusto po sana paguwi namain dun kami mag apply para maka pag loan ng housing loan, pwedi po ba kaming makapag loan ka agad? salamat po.

  • Ms V

    Hi there.
    I wanted to buy property in Philippines through Pag-ibig Fund. I live overseas permanently but have a secure income. Am I eligible to become a member of the Pag-ibig Overseas Program..Can u please direct me to the right website so i can get all the information i needed…

    Ms V

  • joy signio

    gudday po,,nurse po aku sa abu dhabi,nagbayad po aku ditu sa abu dhabi ng 24 months payment,one time payment po nung sept.28,2010 960 dirhams ang bnayaran ko..mkkapag avail po ba aku ng housing loan this year..thanks po..

  • grace

    hi there!I’m Grace,I just enrolled as a pag ibig member this month(it’s because of the mandatory for ofw).Anyway,my question is,on february im planning to start to build my house.I’m budgeting around 1.4M just to make the house livable..and then,im planning to burrow 1M from pagibig to finish the house.Will they still allow me to pay the rest of the lump sum 24months?and could i make a loan as reconstrucyion loan?Thank you so much and more power to you!

  • lueeze

    hi Sir/madam,

    I’m lueeze, i am already a memeber of pag ibig in the philippines for 4 years, i want to know, if I continue paying it here in kuwait, is it possible for me to make a cash loan?

  • romeo iradiel

    as me sna kung meron kyo available house&lot sa bulacan nga low cost housing ang kylangan ko 300kto 400k ang price

  • teng m

    ask lang po ako kung papaano ako maka avail ng personal loan sa pag ibig halos kulang2 mag tatlong taon na rin akong nakabayad sa pag ibig. Ofw po ako nasa dubai at ang binabayad ko buwan2 1000 pesos po.maraming salamat po.

  • carmelita tolentino

    if I will be able to pay the 5years contribution,we can get a lumpsum money?

  • carmelita tolentino

    again let say my premium is 1 thousand monthly after 5 years of my contribution is necessary to wait the maturity date? please I need your reply thank you and more power…

  • esperanza reyes

    gud day po! ask ko lang po kung pwede din po akong maging member ng pag-ibig bali sa unemployed spouse po ang category ko pero ang asawa ko po ay jeepney operator.

  • http://yahoo Garizaldy B. Pel

    5 years na po me nagbabayaad ng monthly ammort P9072.28
    Almost P65T++ lang ang nabawas sa Principal ko from the housing loan CTS P735T++, Recently nagbayad po me ng P300T sa HDMF Atrium Makati.
    Tanong ko lng po kung di po ba kami maka-avail o ma-covered ng lowered Interest na 7%, ang sabi po kasi ng Clerk na tinanong ko doon, di raw
    po kmi covered kasi, year 2005 pa raw na-aproved ang loan namin. Totoo po ba ito?

  • neshel

    good day,

    nandito po ako sa doha ngaun at meron po akong kinuhang bahay na malapit na matapos ang equity mga june po tapos na at ipapasok napo sa pag-ibig…active member po ako…ang tanong kopo ay ganito,maari po ba na kahit mag stop na ako magtrabaho dito at magbusiness nalang jan sa pinas ay pwede pading maipagpatuloy ung housing loan ko sa pag-ibig? kasali po kc sa requirements ang payslip. kung aalis npo ako sa trabaho wala npo ako mapapakitang payslip… sa pag kakaintindi kopo kc ang mahalaga ay nahuhulugan ung loan buwan buwan? malaking tulong po ang inyong sagot sa aking katanungan.

  • malou

    Hi, i had a house and lot loan which is already fully paid this year.. The said loan was availed when i was still employed. I stopped paying my contribution since 2000 when i resigned from my job in Quezon City but i still continue paying my loan’s monthly amortization.. Now that i am processing the title of the fully paid property, i was asked to pay the contributions i missed since i resigned on year 2000. They say my title can’t be processed if i will not pay the contributions from 2000-2010 …is that really the requirement? And another thing i discovered, my contributions reflected with Pag-ibig is only until Sept 1997, in fact i was contributing till i resigned in 2000. How can this be? The contributions of my previous officemates during this period is complete. How come my record is not when we were submitting reports to Pag-ibig in one list only…and my name is among them?..I am very sure the company remitted because i was the accountant that time.

    • admin

      Hi Malou,

      Yours is the first question in this batch that I am responding to. I think you are making sense.

      Yes, the membership contributions is required and should be paid together with the monthly amortization. I think your scheduled amortization should already include this amount, which should just be minimal.

      As for your lost contributions, I don’t understand how it happens. If you can prove it to them, they have a lot of explaining to do. And by the way, this kind of anomalies do happen.

  • Dhorine

    hi Admin staff…
    I am here in Denmark now,i want to become a member of Pag-ibig but i dont know where to ask help here in Denmark.This coming November i got my 3 months holiday in the Philippines kindly help me where i can find there office.I live in Nueva Vizcaya,Phil.

    Thanks and more power!!!

  • admin

    Hi Dhorine,

    It’s best if you can process your membership here in the Philippines during your vacation.

  • Edwin Javier


    Im here working in Abu Dhabi UAE since 2008 I pay my Pagibig contribution yearly and it is continous until now. Now my wife is a Goverment employee and she purchased a lot thru Pagibig payable for 15 years. My question is can I avail a housing loan to constract a new house in the lot that my wife purchased? This lot is still on going payment. How long the processing if ever I can avail a housing loan and what are the document needed for processing?


    Lot location in Jubillee Vill. Bay Laguna

  • admin


    The first thing to do is to ask your developer when house construction is allowed on that particular lot. Some would require that you pay at least 50% of the selling price.

    Once you have determined this, you and your wife can then tack-in your Pag-IBIG contributions and apply one loan for the house construction.

  • Jeremy

    does paying 24 months in one payment still applies?

  • trizia

    hi po,
    I’m trizia from kuwait filipino citizen,ask ko lang po kasi nung umuwi po akong last Sept. 15 may tinignan po akong bahay na gusto kong i-loan nag-ayos po kami ng papeles kasama na yung sa pag-ibig,member po ako pero wala pong hulog at sabi nya pwede ko daw po i-advance yung hulog ng 24 months sasamahan nya daw ako sa makati office pero nabasa ko po dito na start july 10, 2010 ay lahat lang ng 24 months active ang pwede makaloan..aware po ba ang mga agent sa law ng pag-ibig?thanks and God Bless po..


    magandang araw po at mabuhay sa ating lahat!!!
    ang akin pong katanungan ay… ang bago po bang apply na member ay maari na agad magkaroon ng prebelehiyong housing loan? o maari po bang magapply ang di pa miyembro ang isang ofw ng housing loan???

    o ano po bang maaaring gawin para maka avail ng housing loan.

    maraming salamat po.

    • admin


      Only members can avail of the loans — non-members don’t have those privileges.

  • marianne

    Good morning ,
    Im a 2years living in Canada .we worked before in dubai ,from dubai may contribution po kaming magasawa for almost 2 years po sa Pag ibig ,may mga recibo po kaming hawak …so, from 2008 june nasa canada po kami til this time ,na stop po ang aming pagcontribute dahil hindi ko po alam kung saan ako pwedeng magpadala ng contribution sa Pag-ibig…So pls help me po kung may access po kayo dito sa Toronto Canada.At kung pwede pa po bang icontinue ang pagcontribute ko dahil na stop po ng 2years .
    Maraming salamat po and im expecting your reply thru email.

  • ricky calimag

    im here at singapore working as engineer…what are the requirements i need to pass to avail a housing loan..i need a cash for finishing of my house in philippines….im a member of pag-ibig…

    • admin

      Hi Ricky,

      Basically, you need to update your membership and then submit some proof of income.

  • rosario

    hi! po sir! mgttanong lng po sana?d2 po aq sa japan my asawa hapon!pero wala po aq work d2 since dumating po aq 2004!aswa ko lng po ang my work here.gs2 ko po sana magloan ng housing wala po kc kme matirahan dyan sa pinas eh sa semetery lng po kme nangungupan nuon.. thanks po 4 responding!!!

  • denny

    Hello po,
    Member po ako sa PAG-IBIG since 2008 pro hindi po continous yung contribution ko kc po palipat lipat ako ng trabaho at saka ngtambay din po ako ng almost 7 months. As far as I remember, hindi pa ako umabot ng 24 months contribution at ang huling contribution ko ay noong April 2010. Nasa abroad na po ako ngayon ngtatrabaho at gusto ko pong icontinue yung membership at contribution ko kaso lng ang dinala kng family name dito ay yung singleness ko at ang PAG-IBIG record ko sa Pinas ay married. Hindi po ba mkaapekto yun sa contribution ko? Kng saka-sakali mg-avail ako ng housing loan, hindi po ba mgconflict sa record ko dito sa aborad at dyan sa Pinas? Mgkano po ang contribution ng isang OFW? Ang inaalala ko po kc yung visa at contract ko dito ay single while dyan sa Pinas ay married. I would really appreciate kng matutulungan po ninyo ako sa concern ko. Thank you very much!

    • admin

      Hi Denny,

      The important thing to do once you are back to the Philippines is to upgrade your record (civil status from single to married) and then ask them to consolidate all your contributions.

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  • Neri B.

    im in states, i want to avail housing loan for the philippines. i’m not pag ibig member. please advise. thnx

  • Luisa

    Hello pag-ibig staff,

    I’m an active pag-ibig member and want to avail of a housing loan there back home. I have an existing vacant lot and planned to construct a house ASAP. I’m a permanent resident here in the US, but my husband is still living in the Phils.
    As I went through the requirements for the loan, I think my problem would be the seminar since my residence is not in the PI. Can my husband attend the seminar in my behalf? I’m planning to go home by August 2011 for a month and I would appreciate it if the loan would be processed by that time.

  • josie

    hi ..good afternoon ..i would like to get some info regarding about the pag ibig a u.s citizen,,,is there a way if i could be a member ? also if can i get the application through the web?

  • admin

    Neri: Pag-IBIG Loans are only open to qualified Pag-IBIG Fund members.

    Luisa: Yes, you can have your husband attend the seminar.

    Josie: No, this is only open to Filipino Citizens.

  • mariet

    bakit di pwede ilipat ang pag ibig fund ko(POP)dito sa provincia ko.

  • Bo Faustino

    hi. seaman kse ako and pag andito ako s Pinas during vacation, nag-work nman ako dito locally as landbased. so papalit palit ung work ko seaman & landbased (vice versa). itanong ko lng kung
    1. pwede ba akong mag-loan kahit nde 24 mos consecutive akong nakapaghulog?
    2. paano ko malaman kung ilang beses na ako nakapaghulo at kung magkano n?
    tnx & more power.!

  • gasha

    hi admin,
    I inherited a lot from my father and just recently, the title is already transferred under my name. The TCT has annotation of sec. 4 rule 74 of the rules of court. I want to apply house construction loan for this lot. Can I apply for a house construction loan for this lot with the TCT bearing the annotation? The lot is located in a subdivision in Davao City.
    I have more than 24 monthly contributions and my husband has contributed in POP for more than 24 months also. Please help, I want to build a house to where my parents live.

  • Ahmed Nhel

    am ahmed nhel from saudi arabia.
    am working here in saudi arabia since 2009 till present ,
    i want to join to pag-ibig to avail to housing loan.
    please help me.

    thanks and regards

  • geraldine

    good day! bale ngpunta po ako sa pag ibig office n malapit sa amin para maging member ng pag ibig, at na check nila na member na ako dahil sa ngwork ako dito sa pilipinas nung 2003, at napahinto dahil nag abroad ako, at ginawa nila n reactivation lang daw ang gagawin nila, last month po ako ngstart maghulog ulet inform ko naman sila na seawoman ako, pero ang di ko alam eh kung pag-ibig1 yun o P.O.P. yun dahil di naman na explain sa akin eh. basta sinabi na monthly ko eh 200pesos.tiningnan ko po yung resibo na binigay sa akin nung nagbayad ako wala nman po mark yung program kung ano dun.Ano po dapat ko gawin, gusto ko po sana eh dun ako sa OFW programs kasama.

  • roberto

    gud day, ask ko lang po kung saan ako pwedeng maghulog ng monthly contribution ko sa pag ibig d2 sa abu dhabi kasi bago ako umalis nag pa member ako sa poea ng pag ibig,my problem is di ko alam kung san d2 pwedeng maghulog. please advice tnx.

  • ruth

    hi. i’m wondering what to do if my number is still a temporary number. i had 2 employers and currently working on my third. i had called pag-ibig makati and they said na my first employer was not registered on my temporary number. does this mean that no contributions had been given out? i had worked for three months on my first employer. di ko kasi alam kung pano magjjump to next level un from temporary number and then what?…..

  • anne kholet

    ayan tinamad na si admin, circular questions lng kc ung iba, d nagbabasa kng sameconcerning of issues ang dinudulog lol:p *piz* to all:)

    • admin

      Hi Anne,

      You are right.

      So please, before you ask, please take time to read the articles.

  • Ritchie

    just want to ask if you have an outstanding balance on your previous loan while you are still in the philippines, what is the procedure to pay for it here in jeddah and is there any program for condonation of tne penalty incurred.

    secondly how would you know the total amount of your obligations?

  • Stella


    I’m currently in Saudi Arabia. Since I am in need of money, is it possible for me to apply for loan here in Saudi Arabia? or it really has to be filed personally on the pag-ibig office?

    Kindly advice. Thanks!


  • Ahmed Nhel

    am Ahmed nhel from saudi arabia.
    am working here in saudi arabia since 2009 till present ,
    i want to join to pag-ibig to avail to housing loan.
    please help me.

    thanks and regards

  • joel salvador

    hi, ask ko lang po ba kung still required sa aming mga ofw na magcontribute for 24months again to avail housing loAN? even if nagpamember kami and then been paid already yung 24 months na procedure… or even if we paid one time already the 24months still we have to wait for another 24months contribution to avail housing loan.? hope you reapond here or in my email address. thanks and more power.. god bless

  • Allan

    good day, im here in riyadh and im already 5 yrs. as an ofw, last august these year i fill up a form for pag ibig as an ofw and pay 800pesos, but until now i don,t know where and how to pay my contribution because i dont have i.d. w/c they told me to be send to my wife. and before that i am already contributing at least 36 months as a pag ibig 1 member, will it be counted for being ofw member now,and if i can avail a housing loan, will my wife be autorized to do the process..thanks

  • admin

    You have to check it from the Pag-IBIG office to know about the details of your loan. There are many ways of sending your payment, the best on I think is to issue a set of Post dated checks.

    You have to personally apply at any Pag-IBIG Office.

    Please browse around the website to learn more about Pag-IBIG.

    Please ask your wife to follow-up on your membership status details. Better yet, ask for a print-out of your contributions.

  • Andrew

    Sir, meron po akong loan last 2007 pero after a month or 2 i was laid off work and had been unemployed since then. I did not get to finish paying my loan. Meron na po akong work ngaun, i would advise my new employer of my loan pero i dont have the voucher anymore…

  • Rechelle Salvame

    gud am po nagloan po ang asawa ko last 2008 kaya lng nd namin nabayaran buo ung loan dahil nagkaproblema sa work ung asawa ko then binawi ng PAG IBIG office ung bahay na hinuhulugan namin ang question ko po hindi na ba kami posibleng makapag loan uli ngayon na stable na ung work ng asawa ko.

  • joma

    admin, dapat meron kang standard item sa mga Frequently Asked Questions. Yung answer moy kay Anne ay parang naiinis ka na sa paulit ulit na tanong. Asahan mo na yun.

  • Winel M. Dusaran

    Sir, stop paying my monthly dues as a member since I apply for Early retirement from my previous company PLDT.Now I’m working as OFW-Saudi and my basic pay/mo.3,000 sr.Can I request to transfer my contributions as OFW.When can I start paying my mo.contribution,how much? And how many mos. before I can start to apply for housing loan thanks.

  • Monaliza M. Villomo

    Hi i just want to know how can i update my Pag Ibig Fund.I used to work in the Philipppines for 2.5 years and i know that the company is paying for the said fund.But now that im here in dubai, i still wanted to continue it.So in the future i can use it.Thanks and hope to hear from you.

  • admin

    Please go to the Pag-IBIG Office to inquire about it. The MPL Loan is setup in such a way as it will use your past contributions if you will not pay it.

    Yes, thanks for the inputs. I can assure you that we are trying our best answer each of your questions. So we’re asking the visitors to please take time also to read the articles carefully before posting your questions. It may have been addressed already in the previous articles.

  • sarah

    sir kmusta po.
    sir gusto po naming mag asawa mag pa member sa pag ibi at makapag apply din po. wla pa po kming house and lot..gusto po sana nming mag loan sa pag ibig. possible po kaya yun…anu po ang puede naming gawin collateral…kasi wla pkming property to used as a collateral.OFW po kami at wla po kaming time mag aswa pumunta sa labor office to ask for it.slamat at god bless

  • Manny

    Hello! gusto ko po maging member ng pag ibig nadito po ako ngayon sa Autralia, pwede pa po ba magbayad ng 24months contribution para maka avail ng housing loan? thanks…

  • nora

    hi sir gud am po, ask ko lang kc bayad na po ung 24 mnths ko bgong member lang po, so ibig sabihin d po ako pwede mag avail ng housing loan? my inumpisahan kc akong bahay dko matapos kc kulang sa budget kya balak ko thru pag-ibig nalang sana. at ung lupa na kinatayuan ng house ko eh d po nakapangalan sa amin ung titulo sa magulang ko nakapangalan ma approvan po ba ang ganun? nagtatrabaho po ako dito sa dubai….sana po masagot itong tanong ko…thanks a lot….

  • Marife Clores

    To whom it may concern:

    I live and work in England for 5 years now. I would like to be a pag-ibig member and what are your requirements?. I’m not sure if there is pag-ibig office here. I would like to purchase a condo unit in Manila worth 2-3 million pesos. If I become a pag-ibig member and prove the capacity of paying the house can I get the loan straight away?
    Thanks and waiting for your reply.

  • Gene

    @ admin

    nag-register ako online paano bah ako mag remit ng payment contribution what bah a/c ng pag-ibig at ito lang bah RTN ang i-reference .

  • luis

    im a past member of pag-ibig,since 1992,when i was working in our country.but after i resigned to my job,until now i dont know what happened to my it possible that my membership is still active.because im planning to apply for housing loan,right now,im working in italy.

  • Conrad

    Hi. I m trying to log-on to your site ( using the tracking number given to me by our company but its says no record found. What seems to be the problem?

  • lou

    Hi there,

    Last September 2010, I paid my contribution for the month here in qatar and until then I wasn’t able to pay for the succeeding months until now (January), But I’m willing to pay those unpaid contribution (oct,nov,dec and this january)

    I would like to ask if this will be possible and be counted as my payments for the months?
    If Yes! are this payments will be add to my total contributions? and how will I pay them? Is’t by paying them all in one transaction or each month respective?

    Hoping your soonest response!



  • Maricel

    I am a member for POP since 2006, I started paying in Phils by Peso and then in 2008 I pay it here in Dubai as Dollors, in mid 2009 I transferred it again the payment in phils. which is in Peso.
    My question is the Total Accumulated Value in Dollor is not mentioned in the passbook. and the total value in peso mentioned but not sure about the accuracy.
    Now I will pay it again in Dollor here in Dubai as nobody taking care in PHils.
    Please advise how can i consulidate the total value accumulated.

  • admin

    Please refer to the article on how to become a Pag-IBIG Member.

    You have to personally request it from the office. Please ask for a list of all your contributions.

  • Raphael R. Legaspino

    Hello po

    Good day…gusto ko sana magpa member sa pag ibig…d2 po ako ngayon sa saudi,,,ano po dapat gamit para magpa member sa pag ibig….kasi may plano po ako mag housing load,,,,salamt po

  • hurayja jikiril

    gd am admin..ask ko lng po on how can i avail housing loan?my contribution is below iam now here in qatar and i want to apply for ofw housing loan.can u advice me about this matter?thank u and more powers!


    Good day,

    Hi, I’m a Seafarer nag member ako sa PAG IBIG last January 2010 and nakapag hulog ako up to September 2010, now hindi ako nakahulog for 3 months dahil nga nasa lupa ako. Ngayon plano kong mag avail ng housing loan kaya lang nabasa ko dito na kailangan ay naka 24 months na hulog, Qualified ba ako sa para loan? What should i do?. salamat!.

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  • wilma

    Hello Admin,

    My husband is a former AFP soldier and been enlisted for 9-12 years. Can he consolidate his contributions once he applied for the POP program? He is currently working in Singapore.
    We also availed of a housing loan and he was my co maker. Can he still avail of another housing loan? Can we pay the POP monthly contributions here in the philippines?

  • leila tumbali tabilisima

    I want to continue my contribution but I can’t remember my membership number.Is there a way u can help me re this matter? Thank you.

  • nerissa b. pangilinan

    gd pm,i started member of pag-ibig last2002 up to 2006 then now i working hre in saudi arabia and i follow my papers in poea .they ask me n mag member ng pag-ibig , i told them member n ako ,sabi chek n laNG sa dating eployer ko .i work in pi sa EXITO ELECTRONIC CO. AT CARMONA,CAVITE.PUDE PO BANG MALAMAN YUNG STATUS NG PAG-IBIG MEMBERSHIP KO.CAN I AVAIL HOUSING LOAN. THANKS AND GOD BLESS US ALWAYS.

  • gene afurong

    Dear Admin.,
    My husband will apply for housing loan and he is eligible for that, will you consider my income (as OFW wife) for his loan entitlement on the capacity to pay. I am not Pag-ibig member for your info.
    Thank you.

  • Renne Nunez

    Hello Admin…as far as i know “Pagibig Fund” is only for Pilipino citizen,please correct me if i’m wrong…but my question is,How about in my situation?…I am a dual citizen but wish to retire early in the Philippines(Filipino/American passport holder).Can I be qualified to become a “Pagibig Fund” member?your response will be much appreciated.Mabuhay!…

  • admin

    Yes, that’s right. You have to be an active and contributing member for at least 24 months. I would suggest that you still continue your contributions even if you are not on-board any more.

    You can request for the consolidation in his behalf at any Pag-IBIG Office. If he has enough salary to cover “his” new loan, yes he can. And about the POP contributions, you can do it here in the country.

    Good question. First, you need to request the Pag-IBIG Office to consolidate your records. Then ask them that you want to know the Pag-IBIG Member Number. The report should reflect your Pag-IBIG Membership Number.

    You have to personally request it from the Pag-IBIG Office.

    You have to be a member yourself for Pag-IBIG to consider you as co-borrower with your husband.

    Please don’t make it complicated on your part. You can always use a Mortgage Loan from a Bank in your situation. That way, there is no more membership requirements and other complicated matters that go with it.

    And yes, you are certainly allowed to own a piece of land under the Laws of the Philippines.

  • Renne Nunez

    Admin,…Good day to you,I thought of becoming a “Pagibig” member will be an advantage for me, but base on your statements…that make sense to me. thank you so much for the information.

  • Faith

    I am Faith M. Fabreag, of legal age, single and a holder of PAG-IBIG Identification card number T002086698 but unfortunately, I lost it and have not secured a replacement yet.

    I started working abroad in 1999 and was employed by (company’s name and location). I joined overseas PAG-IBIG Brunei in 2007 and paid contributions thereof however, my passbook was lost.

    In 2007, I was hired as Administrative Officer by DIG based in East Timor wherein I am presently employed and was promoted as Manager with a monthly salary of US$ 1,000.

    In my desire to continue my membership and also to qualify for an application for Housing Loan, I paid my two (2) years contribution amounting to P3,600 (HDMF Receipt No. 054420) and P1,200 (HDMF Receipt No. 054421) by a proxy at PAG-IBIG Branch in Cubao, Quezon City on July 28, 2010.

    In this regard, I would like to know about my statement of accumulated assets and whether the same is enough to qualify me for an application for housing loan.

    Trusting that this would merit your kind consideration.

  • Faith Mores Fabreag

    I started working abroad in 1999 and was employed by (company’s name and location). I joined overseas PAG-IBIG Brunei in 2007 and paid contributions thereof however, my passbook was lost.

    In 2007, I was hired as Administrative Officer by DIG based in East Timor wherein I am presently employed and was promoted as Manager with a monthly salary of US$ 1,000.

    In my desire to continue my membership and also to qualify for an application for Housing Loan, I paid my two (2) years contribution amounting to P3,600 (HDMF Receipt No. 054420) and P1,200 (HDMF Receipt No. 054421)which are supposed to be remitted to PAG-IBIG, Makati Branch as indicated thereinbelow by a proxy at PAG-IBIG Branch in Cubao, Quezon City on July 28, 2010.

    In this regard, I would like to know about my statement of accumulated assets and whether the same is enough to qualify me for an application for housing loan.

    Your reply regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

  • Faith Mores Fabreag

    I started working abroad in 1999 and was employed by WYWY Enterprise. Sengkurong, Brunei Darussalam. I joined overseas PAG-IBIG Brunei in 2007 and paid contributions thereof however, my passbook was lost.

    In 2007, I was hired as Administrative Officer by DIG based in East Timor wherein I am presently employed and was promoted as Manager with a monthly salary of US$ 1,000.

    In my desire to continue my membership and also to qualify for an application for Housing Loan, I paid my two (2) years contribution amounting to P3,600 (HDMF Receipt No. 054420) and P1,200 (HDMF Receipt No. 054421)which are supposed to be remitted to PAG-IBIG, Makati Branch as indicated thereinbelow by a proxy at PAG-IBIG Branch in Cubao, Quezon City on July 28, 2010.

    In this regard, I would like to know about my statement of accumulated assets and whether the same is enough to qualify me for an application for housing loan.

    Your reply regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

  • Gener

    Hi Admin,
    Dito po ako ngayun sa Riyadh for 7 years, Pero before po ako d2, nasa pinas po ako nagwowork for different employers, nag work po ako doon for 3 years at lahat po nagkakaltas ng pag ibig, paano ko po malalaman membership number ko. Pwede ko po ba ma avail yung program for OFW? Nagbabalak po kasi ako magloan para sa bahay na ipapatayo ko. Thanks.

  • Nolan labra

    Hi good day to all PAG-IBIG staff, I am Nolan Labra and now presently working here in Kingdom Of Bahrain and thats the reason why i am leaving here a comment not in person, coz i really dont have time to visit one of your office here. I only want some clarification or advice on how to avail a Housing Loan for renovation only. Im a PAG-IBIG member for about 5-6 years and as a matter of fact i still have a remaining balance for my cash loan and at the same time for my contribution for the period of almost 1 year.I really want to apply the said housing renovation but my question is, Can i apply for it even if im here in abroad? or is there any posibilities that my wife can process all those requirement in behalf of my presence? And one more thing also, I read one of your requirement and it stated there that you need to have a land title; but my problem is that the existing land area wherein im leaving right now is still on my fathers name because it is an inheritance.
    Pls. give me some clarification and thank you for your consideration..

  • admin

    I’m sorry, I did not mention that you are certainly qualified to be a member of Pag-IBIG Fund under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program. As a dual Citizenship holder, you are definitely eligible to be a member.

    I still maintain that using a bank would be easier and simpler on your part.

    You have been a member for quite a long time already… more than 24 months. You are definitely eligible for a Housing Loan. Please make sure that you are an active member before you apply for a loan. And as for the Statement of your contributions, you can ask for it at any Pag-IBIG Office.

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  • Barry

    I’m presently working outside the country, is a Special Power of Attorney required for my wife in order to do transactions with PAG-IBIG?

  • Joseph De Castro

    When can I get my transaction card? I made my initial contribution in Jan 2010. How can I possibly check my contribution online?

  • Sugar

    Dear Administration,
    Ask ko lang pod,kon kailangan pa ba na ituloy kong yong contribution ko sa pag-ibig,samantalang updated ko na yong 24 months,hinulogan ko yong 1 year mahigit ng 50.00 u.s dollar tapos yong nag apply ako sa office nyo pina update ko yong contribution ko at ni lonesome kong yong the rest 11 months para exactly full paid na yong 2 years,nag-apply ako noong march 2010,my developer na ako,at completo na yong mga documents ko,supposed to be i was projected to move in last september 2010,coz i was requesting for early move in and i paid in cash the equity,but after the credit invistagation of pag-ibig last september 2010,i need to submit my new employment contract which aunthenticated here in philippines embassy (europe)i made it and i sent it directly!Now i got messege from my (SPA)that my developer asking if i still continue my contribution in pag-ibig, coz according to my developer it is needed!My updated recept is on my files in my developer.My question is?Is that necessary that i have to continue my contribution on pag-ibig until now,As i know your rules was change to have active 24 months of contribution and then another 1 year to pay,was start July 1,2010 and my application in your office was more earlier that was March 2010.I don’t think so, that i will continue my contribution in pag-ibig til this moment according to my developer!Coz my developer told my (SPA)that it is needed in your office.Thanks for your reply,so that i can call my developer straightly regarding this matter….Have a nice day!!!!

  • mhel

    Gud day to the Admin,hi gusto ko lng po malaman if puede n me mag housing loan… Nag work po kase me sa cavite with in 2 yrs. 16mos at 8 mos po ung contribution ko sa 2 company pinasukan ko… at na stop po un ng mag abroad me ng taiwan… so balak ko po sana mag housing loan bago me bumalik ulit ng taiwan… pano po ba process nun kase ung bahay na gusto ko kunin eh nasa TCP 1.2M 18 mos po ung Equity downpayment nia. pero ung pag ibig loan nasa 840k…after ko po ba mabayarn ung 18mos Equity nia saka lang po ba iprocess ung application ko sa housing loan.. puede po ba mag process nun eh ung present wife ko..pag dating nia galing Abroad. separated po kase me sa 1st wife ko… nd po ba magiging problema un status ng application ko.. tnx

  • Brian Cabrera

    Hi Admin,

    Inactive member na ako ng Pag-ibig for almost 3 years since I started working here in Singapore. Paano po iactivate uli ang membership ko? 7 years din ako at ang company ko nagcocontribute dati. Plano ko rin magpamember sa POP, if makapagcontribute na ako sa POP pwde ba ako makapagloan sa previous contributions ko? Maraming salamat po.

  • val comeda

    i was a member of pagibig fund when i was working in Phil. wayback in 1994-1997. I settled in UK and i stop my contribution, lately i verified my contribution in your main office(by email) and found out that i only contributed 21 months.Becasue i am interested of applying a housing loan and continue my investment, i start paying with a maximum contribution until the end of this year 2011.Am i qualified for a housing loan eventhought i didn’t reach the maximum 24 months of contributions? but i already paid in advance to cover the 3 remaining months. Thank you and more power…

  • joseph buenagua

    hi, sister ko po ay may housing loan here in the caloocan city and she is regularly paying it. pero gusto nya po ilipat sa friend nya ang name ng housing loan at itutuloy po ng friend nya ang pagbayad sa pangalan na ng friend nya, pwede po ba yun? At what if i cashout nya ang housing at diretso lipat sa friend nya ang name ng nasabing housing, ano po ba kailangan nya para malipat sa friend nya,at may discount po ba yun? how much? kc nasa dubai po sya. pls tell me what todo para mapaalam ko po sa sister ko. ty very much God Bless.

  • honey

    hello, I’m an ofw in saudi arabia. I want to avail a housing loan in Zamboanga city. I would also want to know if how much am I going to pay monthly and how much would be the down payment?

  • Precioso L.Velasquez

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i’m an ofw seafarer i have an old pag-ibig id number i try to follow up in pag-ibig cebu branch but now it doesnt exist so i’m planning to avail ofw pop program for the reason that i can avail pag ibighousing loan how many months should i pay? in order for me to loan?


  • judy jane

    Sir my hubby is a seaman and we are now buying a house and lot to a certain subd here in angeles city. we will paying the owner of the fully furnished house amounting 1.8 million.. then will continue paying the house and lot for 15 years. is this means we are going topay 2 payments. one for pag ibig and one to the subd?

  • Mon

    hi there,
    my monthly salary was deducted for pagibig fund without any proof that i was indeed a member when i was working in Manila for several years. i am now an ofw and POP member (with card/passbook) and contributed for a while. i’m just wondering if my contribution in Manila can be merged with my present POP. thanks

  • celso

    ofw po ako,at meron ako lote sa pilipinas, kya ko pong ipagawa ang bahay, ang tanung ko po, kung maipagawa kopo ba ang bahay, puede po bang gawin kong colateral ang bahay as a housing loan, samantalang gagamitin ko naman ang pera sa negosyu? bale kse gstu ko ng umuwi pro gstu kung gamitin ang pera ko sa negosyu instead na sa bahay ko gagamitin,.. kung puede ko gamitin ung utang pra sa bahay, pagawa na lng ako ng bahay, then,ipangutang na lng ung gagamitin ko sa negosyu, gamit na colateral ung bahay sa pag ibig, kse mas mababa ang interest sa pag ibig kesa sa ibang lending intitution,.. maraming salamat po at sana ay masagot nyu ang aking katanungan

  • odessa

    hello po.may bibilhin po akong bahay at lupa.patay na po ung may ari pero nailipat na po sa pangalan ng asawa nung 2009 na pa po.ilan araw po kaya matatapos bago maclear ung section IV at magkano po ang processing fee nito?thanks po.

  • admin


    That depends on the kind of transcation. An SPA is normally required
    in sensitive transactions (example where you need to sign something) where it is important that you assign a repesentative
    in your absence.

    Sorry, but the online facility is not yet working at the moment. YOu really have to check it at the office of Pag-IBIG.

    That is probably a rule of Pag-IBIG that the developer is trying to conveyt to you. You need to clarify this with Pag-IBIG because I don’t quite understand what you are saying. Anyway, please have your representative coordinate with the developer and Pag-IBIG.


    First, you have to make sure that your separation is legal otherwise
    you will have a problem when applying for the loan or tranfering the title to your name.

    To reactivate your membership, you simply continue your contributions.

    Having paid 24 months and being active for 24 months is the minimum requirement now. If you want you can simply wait for a couple for months.

    Joseph B.:

    You are correct in any case. YOur sister can either have her friend assume the loan or just sell it for cash.

    Pag-IBIG will only be after the amount that you pay and that it must not be less than the current balance of the loan.

    As for the documents, please refer to the Document Requirements Article if it the loan is to be assumed. For cash, only the identification documents will be important.

    Please proceed to the nearest Pag-IBIG office near you.

    Precioso V:

    Please read on the other related articles or search this website for the answers.

    Basically, What you are saying is you will be assuming the former owner’s loan. Yes, you have to pay them their asking amount and then pay
    whatever balance in Pag-IBIG.

    You need to check it at the office of Pag-IBIG. Please insist that you want them merged.

  • sunshine

    hi! may nagbebenta po samin ng house and lot. 2 years na nya nahuhulugan sa pag ibig. pano po ung papers matatransfer samin? do i need to transfer it in my pag-ibig (which is hindi ko na nahuhUlugan for 2 years? or continues na lang sa pag-ibig nya then kami magbabayad ng monthly bills. pano po matatransfer sa pangalan namin ung after mabayaran sa pag- ibig?

  • Marissa

    Dear Admin,

    I am working in Yemen and would like to become a member of PAG IBIG POP. Please advise how I can be a member. I have been working in Yemen since January 2010. I want to know if I can pay contributions from January 2010 to present.

    Please advise. Thank you very much.


  • Ji

    hi! if rights lang ang meron ako. pwede po ba ako mag avail ng housing loan? thanks.

  • Jedz

    Hi, My brother have an existing housing loan and his savings on Pagibig Overseas Program will be reaching its 5th year this coming September 2011. He wants to know if he will be allowed to withdraw it.

    He’s planning on making some improvements on his house and wants to use the said savings for the cost of its construction.

    I’ve already had a conversation with your office representative in Makati, and they said that the withdrawal will not be possible because of his existing housing loan. My brother by the way is on a 20 year housing loan term, and that the savings can only be withdrawn upon full payment of the housing loan.

    Now these are my questions:

    Why is that the Pagibig Overseas Program savings is bounded by the housing loan?. Was it supposed to be a separate entity? because of the fact that you are paying for it individually and apart from paying the housing loan principal, insurances, etc etc., as part of the monthly amortization?

    And what’s the use of having a savings maturity of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years when you can’t withdraw your own savings because of the existing housing loan?

    Is there an existing law or agreement in Pagibig Oveseas Program upon entering membership that prevents to withdraw your savings if you have an existing housing loan?

    Sa madaling salita po, paano po namin magagamit ang naipong pera kung hindi kami pahihintulutan na makuha dahil lang dyan sa kasalukuyang housing loan.

    It is very unfortunate for the POP members who has an existing housing loan not to enjoy the money they’ve worked hard for just because of that binding agreement or whatever you want to call it.

    Maraming salamat po.

  • Jedz

    Follow up lang po sa last comment ko.

    In my understanding, ang POP savings ay hindi po inutang sa Pagibig ito po ay inipon na sariling pera, sa makatuwid ang housing loan po ay iba sa POP savings although integrated sya sa monthly amortization.

    Paki liwanag lang po kung ito po ay valid at legal sa mga kinauukulan dyan sa pagibig na kung bakit hindi po ito pwede makuha kahit umabot na ang minimum maturity dahil lamang sa existing housing loan.

    Sa pagkaka alam ko wala pong anumang kontrata na pinirmahan ang isang myembro ng POP na nagsasabi na ang pag babawal sa pag wihtdraw ng savings pag may existing loan.

    Maraming salamat po ulit.

  • Mylene


    I have been a member of PAG-IBIG in my first 2 years of working in the Philippines(2006-2008), yung next company I was employed did not apply us for Pag-ibig and SSS so hindi na nahulugan yung account namin. Then I worked overseas, but I am very interested for a loan para sa “Lot Only” category, what steps should I do.
    Please reply as I only have a week in the Philippines if ever I need to fix some documents.


  • recelina r yen

    dear pag ibig,gusto ko sana mag loan ng pag ibig.wla po ako noong req.1and 5.ano po ipplit ko noon,?may busns ako dito sa taiwan pero iyong bsnss permit nka name sa asawa ko?paano yan ?

  • admin

    @sunshine: Be very careful with this kind of transaction. The best thing is to execute a Waiver of Rights and then get an assistant of a Lawyer or Pag-IBIG staff.

    @Marissa: Please do it once you are back in the Philippines.

    @Ji: No

    @Jedz: Please understand that this is something unique with Pag-IBIG and it is actually laid down with complete legalities. You may not be aware of this, but it’s legal. Fair or unfair, you have to deal with it once you become a member.

    And one more thing, the other reason why the contributions can’t be withdrawn while you have an outstanding loan is so that Pag-IBIG can take it when you default on your loan.

    @Mylene: First things first: You need to reactivate your account. Then secondly, you may want to attend the Pag-IBIG Housing LOan Orientation once you are here in the country.

  • Winnie Alolor

    Good Day!

    I just have a question… I was with my previous employer wayback in the Philippines for 6 yrs and decided to get a Housing Loan from Pagibig and was approved for Php 750k, the amount of the House and Lot is Php 800k. My developer asked me to pay the deposit for Php50k for 12 months which I already did and finished paying last Sept 2009. Before ako pumunta ng Dubai I tried to finish my papers for the turnover of PAGIBIG, sabi ng developer ko I will still need to pay my monthly amortization thru them for 2 yrs and they will turn it over to PAGIBIG. Dun na nagstart yung problem… after resigning from my previous work in the Philippines and started working here in Dubai tinawagan ako ng sister ko telling me na may problem sa documents ko sa PAGIBIG, hindi ko tuloy alam kung kailangan ko mag-apply ng bagong housing loan application, how about my contribution from my previous employer which was 6 years….mababalewala na ba yun? up to now I am still paying my house developer pero hindi pa rin napupunta sa PAGIBIG yung binabayad ko…. I am trying to contact PAGIBIG office dito sa Dubai pero deadline lang, I’m not sure kung nag-iba ng number…. Please help me…..

  • jhoa rivera

    I have an existing housing loan that started last September 2009 for 5 years. Last August 2010, I received a statement from Pag-ibig saying that I haven’t paid my July 2010 MA but as I checked my Planter’s Bank, said MA was deducted. Since I was abroad that time, nothing was done to clarify this thing to Pag-ibig. How will I solve this problem. Alam ko that penalty will still continue. To what department of Pag-ibig should I go.

    Thanks po sa immediate reply

  • zhang

    hi sir, i just wanna ask how will i know my pagibig i.d. number online because i am currently in canada. i lost my documents and i want to continue my contribution. i hope you can help me and have a good day..



  • Sherley

    Before I moved to USA and became a permanent resident, I am a PAG-IBIG member so how can I apply for POP and process a loan for a condo unit that I started paying the downpayment when I was still back home?

  • Sherley

    Also, with Pag-ibig loan processing, if I don’t have a bank account back home anymore what will be the alternative?…when I was still paying for my downpayment I used to remit money.

  • Edgar

    I am presently employed here in the Philippines and an active member of Pag-Ibig. I have an outstanding short term loan balance which the monthly amortization will end in 2013. However, I am planning to work abroad and probably leaving before this year ends. Can I still be a member and continue remitting my contribution and amortization even when I am already abroad? How?

  • Joanah Eloisa Sigue

    Hello, naging Pag-ibig member ako for two years that I worked at a government hospital before I work here as a nurse in Canada, can I avail of the housing loan? Thanks. Please reply.

  • fei

    good day po…
    i just want to ask if it is possible for my sister in japan to appply a membership through a representative here in the philippines.. japanese resident n cya and currently working n po.. 40 yrs old n po cya.. and she wants to get a membership pro ako po ang representative n ggwin nya pra mgackaso at mgfile ng membership po nya dito.. is it possible po b? mlayo po kc cya s city and wla cya alam n office don and hectic sched po cya.. please enlighten us with this matter.. thank you po.. godbless..

    and nga po pla if evr n possible, kindly indicate the requirements that we need to file the membership and the process that we need to go through.. thanks in advance..

  • roman pama

    magandang araw po!
    naging pag-ibig member po ako since 1990 at nakapag-contribute po ako sa pag-ibig for more than 2 years…pwede po ba akong makapag-loan? I never had a contribution since then kasi,naging ofw na ako until at present.
    thanks and more power.

  • joann flores

    this year po eh 10 years nko naghuhulog sa pagibig, no loan at all. pde po bko mag lumpsum 4 my 10 years contribution? waht r d requirements po n how much will it cost jaz in case it is allowed. ty

  • Bernardo


    Gusto ko sana bilhin yung isang bahay ng biyanan ko sa cainta using pag ibig fund, would it be possible and what would be the requirements needed.


  • ofelia dela cruz

    In the past, you can apply for a loan even if it is your first time to contribute to the Pag-IBIG Fund by simply paying a one-time payment equivalent to 24 monthly contributions. The rules have already changed. Effective July 1, 2010, this is not allowed any more you have to be at least a paying member for at least 24 months — no one-time payment.

    Hi,does this also apply for ofw’s, because i was about to apply for loan this month,i made my 24 months contribution last year and updated it this month amd pay the contribution up to december 2011and after completing all the docs they’ve requested..they just said that i can’t apply for loan , sa august pa daw ako pwede magloan..can u pls. explain this to me..thank you verymuch.

  • Zajarra

    Dear Adm.
    My developer deliver my all documents to your office last March 9,2011,how long take the evaluation and inspection for loan take out,i want to move in my unit as soon as possible, if the loan take out will be made.Thank you……

  • Edgar A.Cruz

    Dear Admin,
    member po ako ng pag-ibig since 1997 five contributions lang po ang nahulog ko tinuloy ko po last january this year ang hulog ko since hindi na po puede yung options na bayaran ang 24 months para maka avail ng housing loan.puede ko po bang gamiting collateral ang lot property ko para maka avail po ako ng housing loan kc po ongoing na po ang contruction ng bahay ko ngaun kulang po ang pera namin para matapos ang construction pls advice us kung ano po ang magandang option..thank you very much po

  • Edgar A.Cruz

    uuwi po ako ngaung April 2011 para po makapag inquirte sa pag-ibig housing loan

  • ronald

    good day sir and mam,
    i worker as a seaman,i have pay my contribution but im not sure if i completed 24 mos i still dont to know what is the entire amount,i want to purchase a house in lot,if i contribute less 24 mos, then i will complete the 24 mos this mos do i have to wait until 2 years to avail a housing laon,please give advise…

  • ronald1

    as a member can i change the amount of

    monthly contribution

  • http://GoogleChrome peaceonearth on April 10,2011

    My Husband is currently working in saudi arabia since 2004, and also a member of PAG IBIG…Im his wife here in the philippines as of now wala pako work…my husband first payed his contribution nun 2008 for 1 month lang amount of 500,and di na namin natuloy. what is the best thing to do : (1) bayaran yun nakaraan ? what is the advantage of it ? or mag umpisa kami ulit this coming May 2011 ?

    (2)ano ang kailangan ko ipakita para pwede ako ang magbayad ng contribution ng husband ko ? hawak ko yun record book at ID ng husband ko sa PAG IBIG.

    (3)3M ang target namin i loan, and that is 1500 contribution per month for 2 years, my question is what are things to be considered before Pag-IBIG will grant or approve my loan ?

    (4)kailangan ba completuhin ang 2 years na contribution bago mag loan ?

    (5)may penalty ba ang bawat buwan na di makahulog ?

    (6)2008 nagbayad kami ng 500 for only 1 month…gusto namin ituloy at itaas sa 1500 per month, ano ang gagawin namin ?

    plz,answer my question,need namin info.Thank you in advace :)

  • http://GoogleChrome peaceonearth on April 10,2011

    good pm…ano po ang gagawin kung self employed yun status ko, babaguhin ko kasi employed nako, after 2 years of being self employed ? thanks in advance

  • Alex Zoleta

    Good Day,

    What are the requirements for availing pag ibig housing loan?
    Currently working as OFW., i am a member of pag ibig and has 32 months share from my previous work..
    Thanks and God bless..

    Warm Regards,


  • admin

    1. You can’t pay anymore for the missed contributions and you should start anew.

    2. YOu have to request for the records of your husband from any Pag-IBIG branch. Take note of his Member ID Number.

    3. Two of the most important things are the member’s income and his capacity to pay.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes it a loan and not a free money so any missed payment has a penalty.

    6. You can simply upgrade to a bigger amount.

    YOur employer can take care of that one.

    Good question. Have you tried asking your sister what’s the real problem is with your Pag-IBIG Account? Rest assured, your contributions will remain intact. I suppose you have attended the Housing Loan Seminar prior to getting that house.

    This case happens sometimes due to the unsynchronized systems of Pag-IBIG. You can visit any office and tell them about your case and you should be directed to the concerned department.

    Since you are away from the country, you can have someone verify it at the office of Pag-IBIG FUnd.

    Please do a follow-up at the branch where you applied for the Pag-IBIG housing loan.

    In your case, I would suggest that you use a mortgage loan from a bank instead of Pag-IBIG.

    Absolutely. It would be in your favor if you do it and make sure you do everything right before leaving the country to work abroad.

    Yes sure.

    Yes, that’s possible. I would suggest that you visit the Pag-IBIG Fund office near your place for the requirements.

    YOu need to re-activate your membership before you can apply for a loan.

    Yes, just visit any Pag-IBIG office to inquire about the process.

    Yes, possible. Please refer to the article on Pag-IBIG Home Loan Process.

    Yes it applies to everyone. But please try to do it. You may get the chance.

    Please coordinate with your developer.

    YOu need to re-activate your membership.

    Please try it at your branch. Some branch will allow you to get a loan by paying a lumpsum of 24 months one time.

    Please use the Search Box below to check for the housing loan requirements.

  • kikay

    hi sir/madam good day…sir im a new member of pag ibig.the representative here in israel told us that if we complete the 24 months contribution until december this year i can avail a loan 3 million by nxt it true?my contribution is the highest contribution…looking forward for the answer.tnx and more power.

  • kits

    good day!

    i’m a Pag-Ibig member since last year (february,2010)and what i got since then is a temporary membership number (POP). The Pag-Ibig representative in my place told me that we have to wait for the MID/membership card number. When do you think they will finally give us that number?

    another thing: I visited your website and curiously opened my account through my POP number. I was surprised because it is not updated. It only reflects 3 months contributions out of 13 monthly regular deposits i made. Again, i talked to the reprensentative and she told that they don’t no longer update any transactions nor issue a Pag-Ibig bankbook. Of course, I do have with me all the receipts of my deposits. But could you please tell me how often they update one’s personal transactions and how can i have mine updated?

  • admin

    Please refer to this article for your maximum loan amount versus your income.

    Yes, they don’t update it that much. So it’s best if you personally request for your list of contributions from any Pag-IBIG Office.

  • kits

    Can i request it online or do i need to go to any Pag-Ibig office? In Spain there is no office of Pag-Ibig though there is a representative (but she told me that she can not do nothing regarding this matter).

  • http://googlechrome peaceonearth

    pumunta ako s PAG IBIG, sabi ko magbabayad ako s husband ko OFW, member na ng PAG IBIG…ang binigay sa akin na form is MEMBERSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS REMITTANCE FORM (MCRF)…inuwi ko yun form para itanung ko s husband ko, yun mga details sa form na binigay sa akin, pina scan ko pa. sabi sa akin sa PAG IBIG di tatangapin yun pera ko kung di ko na fill up yun form…san ko makukuha ang Employer HDMF ID No., di nman alam ng husband ko yun Employer SSS no. tama ba itong form na binigay sa akin ? nakalagay pa sa form NAME OF EMPLOYEES…di ko din alam, kasi first time ko magbabayad…di nman ako nagkulang sa mga details ko about my Husband…is this the right form ? thanks

  • admin

    The online facility of Pag-IBIG is not yet fully functional so it’s best if you can send a representative here in the Philippines and you the transactions on your behalf.

    I think that’s the right form. You may want to send the form to your husband so he can fill up the form fields he knows about. Then also, please ask the assistance of Pag-IBIG staff when you go to the office.

  • jonard

    dear sir,madam
    i would like loan in pag ibig in the amount of 400,0000 pesos in 6% int. rate and i want to pay in 15 year how much the total cost of monthly i pay, and i really want to know the total amount or what is 6% my 400,000 pesos loan in 15 years it will double amount i don’t understand what is the computation pls explain to me thanks,

  • jonard

    its me again can make a car loan in pag ibig

  • Femara


    First of all, i want to commend you and your team for such an interactive info board. I visited your website because i have a lot of questions, but reading through all these, i have 1 question left.

    I am an ofw and previously an active pagibig member. Now i wanted to reactivate my membership but i dont have my accnt no., where can i get this info? Once i have this, can i just simply pay from any accredited centers?


  • janet

    Dear Admin,

    Good Day!

    I just wanna ask how can i reactivate my account no. to pag ibig the last payment i made to them last 2009 and i cant recall now my account no. I am working now here in dubai and i want to reactivate my account. What are the procedures? Ive been calling the pagibig center here but no one is answering the call.

    Please do the needfull reply.

    Many Thanks

  • Nilda

    I just join the Pag-Ibig Overseas Program. Sent the membership forms and other requirements. Now What? Do I get an account number? I want the account number so I can send my monthly fee. Thanks.

  • admin

    Thanks for your feedback. You may want to request from any Pag-IBIG Office a list of all your previous contributions. It may take about a week or so to give you the result. Once you have it, it should also reflect your Membership Number. YOu can then pay from any accredited collection agent.

    There is a formula to be used for that. Unfortunately, I can’t explain the details here. Maybe I’ll write another article for that.

    About the Car Loan, no, Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow that.

    Yes, you should have your Membership ID Number.

  • Nilda

    How soon can I get the membership ID? Do they send it by mail or email? Thanks.

  • IVER

    Hello Admin.. Ask ko lang po may nabili po kmng house and lot ng kaibigan q. Bali sa amin dalawa ipapangalan ang tiitle. Pag-ibig member po kme pareho at parehong nag aabroad. Gusto po sana namin ipasok sa housing loan ng PAG-IBIG..Pano po ba ang pag aaply nito kung dalawa po ang ipapangalan nmen sa title. Kailang po ba kme ren dalawa mag apply or ok lng po isa lang sa amen.. Pano kung hindi n po ako active sa PAG-IBIG constribution ok lang po bang ang kaibigan ko lang ang mag-apply ng loan? Salamat sana ma answer nyo po :] God Bless…

  • admin

    Pag-IBIG allows two or more members to tuck-in under one loan if they are close relatives, like brothers, mother-daughter, etc. The best thing to do in your case is to apply for a loan separately to get a property that is adjacent to each other; that way, you are still neighbors. :-) Just a thought.

    Please follow-up at the office where you submitted your documents.

  • http://none peterno cantila

    good day!im an active member of pag-ibig for more than 3 years.i just wanna ask how to avail in pag-ibig alternative loan (lot purchase only).

  • Ellen Valdez

    Sir/Madam: I failed to pay my monthly amortization since January 2011. Last April 2011, I went to our regional pag-ibig office, to pay my monthly amortization partially, to lessen the accumulation of the monthly interest, however, the Pag-ibig in-charge requires us to pay in full amount. May I ask why can’t we pay the amortization partially for as long as we pay more than 50% of the total amortization. Please kindly clarify me in this matter. Thank you.

  • daina

    pag nag lump sum po ba ng 24 month ibig sabihi po ba makapag avail na po ba ako ng housing agad? help lng po ty.

  • admin

    Getting a loan for a loan to purchase a lot-only property is still considered the same process as a loan for house-and-lot unit using the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

    Once you failed to pay more than 3 months, your account actually a candidate for foreclosure. The whole amount then becomes due. Please try to see if you can negotiate with them.

    You still have to be evaluated if you would qualify for a housing loan.

  • cris

    hi i just want to ask if im qualify to get a housing loan,im working here in dubai,actually according to my records i got 37 mos if possible can u send an email..

  • shella

    Sir/Madam, good day…I’m a member of pag-ibig for 24 months,gusto ko po sana magavail ng housing loan with a collateral(titled lot) pero po ang nkapangalan sa title both me and my brother, is it possible that I could avail housing loan although i am only the member?

  • http://google suzette genon

    gud evning sir madam,member po ako ng POP since 2008 until 2010 nagpa member po ako sa doha qatar.nagun d2 na po ako sa pinas.pwede ko ba makuha ang pera ko?or pwde ako mag loan para sa pagpapatayo ng bahay ko.3yrs napo akong member ang sabi nila don pwde ko daw makuha after 3 yrs ang pera ko.paano po ba ang prociso para maka avail ako nito.pls help me.tnx

  • dindo sebastian

    A blessed day po! Mron po akong housing loan s pinas n d ko n po nbyaran almost 4 years n po.ask ko lng po kung pwd ako uling magavail ng housing loan under ng POP or Pagibig 2 now im worked here in jeddah KSA.TNX PO!

  • Roger

    Magandang araw po sa lahat. Ako po ay isang OFW dito sa Riyadh. nakita ko po sa website ng pag-ibig fund na may program kayong tinatawag na Modified Pag-Ibig II which I believe na maganda para sa mga OFW tulad namin. Now tanong ko lng po paano po ba ako makakapag-apply dito sa Riyadh? Ayaw po kasing tanggapin online ung membership registration ko eh. Salamat po ng marami….

  • stephen

    goodmorning i am already a member 38 contribution na ko last time i checked.may i ask if it is possible for me to apply my pagibig loan if the land title is in my parent’s name.i want to have studio type rooms to be build inside the property as i lived there for almost 10years,it can add for my monthly income beside my job.thank you

  • ferdinand padilla

    hello admin, im currently working as an ofw here in south korea, ask ko lang po if you have office here coz i want to be a pag ibig member.thank’s and Good Day…

  • Menchie

    hello po ask ko lang po kung ok pag yearly magbayad sa pag ibig.. may gusto po kc kmi kunin na bahay.. Nahihiya naman po kmi sa mother ko po kung pupunta siya monthly sa office ng pag ibig… Kung kunwari po kinuha nmin ay 5 years to pay 5 times lang pumunta mother ko sa pag ibig.. Ok lang po kaya payag po kaya pag ibig?

  • Ryan Santos

    hi po..ask ko lng po ang alam ko po before member ako ng pag ibig..pero na stop po yung contribution ngayon po direct hired po ako dito sa Houston Texas as a Seaman naka base po ang agency ko sa Singapore wlang agency dito sa Pilipinas kya nde na nahuhulugan yung pag ibig ko..tanung ko lng po sna kung as of now member pa din po ba ako? gusto ko po kase kumuha ng housing loan nid ko pa ba magbayad ng 24months to avail a housing loan?..thanks and GBU..

  • zahra ang

    hello po.ask ko lang po pwede po bang mag avail ng housing loan? kasi po member po ang brother ko ng pag-ibig from 1997 to 2002.nahinto po siyang magbigay when pumunta siya ng london.ask lang po niya if pwede pa rin bang mag avail.

  • Raychel

    hello po!!! dito po ako ngayon ng wowork s Dubai, ask ko lang po hindi pa po ako member ng Pag ibig gusto ko po mg member at maka avail ng housing loan pwede ko po ba bayaran ng buo ang 24moths one time ngayon July 2011 at makakapag apply n po b ako ng housing loan s sept 2011 pauwi ko ng pinas? paki sagot po PLease!!!!


  • admin

    There are branches of Pag-IBIG that allows you to pay for the 24 months. But you may have to wait another 12 months for you to avail of the housing loan.

    Yes, provided he becomes an active member again.

    Yes, you are still a member, but your status is inactive. To reactivate, you only have to contribute anew.

    Yes, that’s possible. I would suggest that you issue a set of PDC good for one year or good for 5 years. Another way is
    you can arrange it with your bank if they are accredited to accept payments for Pag-IBIG.

    Sorry, but there is no office there in Korea at the moment.

    That may pose some problem later. Better check with the Pag-IBIG Office near you to assess the place. Generally, this is not allowed.

    My suggestion is for you to apply for membership once you are back here in the Philippines.

    Sorry, but you are not allowed anymore. Pag-IBIG will still be able to track your history of non payments.

    Please attend a loan counselling session to check if you are already qualified.

    Yes, but you may have to get the consent of your brother to do that.

    YOu may be qualified for a loan. Please attend a loan counselling session if you have the chance.

  • elmer

    gusto ko pong mag housing loan kaya lang po di ako member ofw pwede po bang hiramin ko yung membership ng aking kapatid ..thank u

  • lyzel

    hi, I am lyzel an OFW in Abu Dhabi,i just want to ask some help. I want to buy a house and lot and planned to pay it through PAG-IBIG, How can it be possible? The owner of the house wants to pay it in cash? what will I do??

    Please help me, send it to my email please. Anyway I am not a member yet of PAG-IBIG.

    Thank you very much. God Bless Us.

  • jefrox

    I was planning to withdraw my contribution but as I go over on this site I changed my mind. Instead,I want to continue my contribution for 8 yrs and further apply for a loan if possible.Im now living here in California. I am separated from the gov’t june 15 last year. Please send me more info on how to reactivate my membership so I go on with my future plans and of course with your guidance and help….godbless!!!!

  • hayde

    Hi Admin, Just want to ask if Pagibig II is allowed for us OFW. I am not yet a member of Pagibig but i am planning to become a member. Thank you.

  • admin

    Yes, it is open to Filipino who are members of the Pag-IBIG FUnd.

    Please check this link for the Pag-IBIG branch in California:

    YOu may want to phone them first.

    There’s a dead-end in your case since the seller wants to deal with a cash buyer.


  • lyzel

    hello Admin,,,thanx for your quick responce,,what do you mean???it can’t be possible??what will i do??please,,thank you

  • admin

    You may want to find another property or negotiate with the seller that you want to use Pag-IBIG Financing to purchase the property.

  • reggie

    hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po im a OFW Pag-ibig member here in Singapore, at may
    contribution na din ako for about 3 years. Gusto ko sana mag-apply ng
    housing loan ( Construction of House ), yun po bang mga requirements like
    (building/electrical/sanitary permit , approved buliding plans, bill of
    materials, housing application forms, etc..) pwede ko po ba sa Singapore
    office ng Pag-ibig i-submitt? o kailangan umuwi ako at dun ko ipasa lahat?
    i heard may need pa din mag undergo ng seminar?

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  • Ely Pernito

    Myembro pa ako ng pagibig, at san ngayon po nasa Saudi po ako nag tatrabaho, compeleto na po mga papelis ko para makapag loan para sa Lot or House and lot, may mga 10 prospect na kaming bibilhin na lot or house and lot, ang problma ayaw nila sa pag-ibig, dahil sa processo, lahat na prospect namin ayaw sa pagibig, anong paraan gagawin namin.

    may makukuha na kami na lot or house and lot ayaw nila sa pag-ibig kahit walang problma title nila. pwede bigyan nyo kami ng paraan or processo na magustuhan ng may ari ng kukuhin namin

    email na lng po ninyo kami…

    Note From Admin: There used to be email addresses on this line. It was intentionally removed. Sorry, but we don’t send replies via email.

  • jannette

    can you please send me details if this address is already forclose…the owner is Milagros Medrano of phase2 blk53 lot9 parklane country homes, Santiago, Gen. Trias Cavite…Thanx for the quick response

  • danny

    ask ko lang po kng pwd b ang pag ibig ang mag byad nang equity for 1 year

  • Brian C. Pamisa

    gud day admin,ask lang po kung pwede ba ako mag ka housing loan?im a pag ibig member but not continous from 2002-2005, kc dito na ako sa abroad nag work as OFW.Ano ang mga requirememts na kailangan para maka apply ng housing loan sa pag ibig, thanx and god bless…..

  • admin

    First, you need to re-activate your membership by making new contributions. Please refer to this article for the requirements:

    No, you should be able to shoulder that equity payment.

    Please check that one with the Pag-IBIG Branch.

    YOu can use Bank Financing instead.

    YOu have to go here in the Philippines. Please check this for the requirements:

  • rose

    greetings! first of all, i would like to say “kudos!” to the people/person (admin) for giving us and answering our questions patiently regarding essential and important information on pag-ibig fund. thank you for the job well done!

    i would like to inquire about my status as an inactive member. i was employed way back 2001 until 2007 in some private companies in the philippines and had made some contributions. however, i stopped paying my contributions when i became an ofw in 2007 up to the present. here are some of my questions:

    1. if i’ll reactivate my status/account, do i need to apply/register a new one (that’s pop, i think)?
    2. i lost my id number, and i know, somebody from the office can trace it. is it possible to transfer my funds from the previous contributions to my new account?
    3. how much is the monthly contribution under pop?
    4. after filling-up the form, is it possible if my representative will be the one to process my membership? do i need an spa for her/him?

    thank you very much, admin, for the favorable response. more power!

  • rosemarie

    tanong ko lng po kung paano kung nakapag housing loan na kmi dati siguro po 2001 pa yun nakahulog na po ng ilan months tapos po di na po namin natuloy pina surrender na po ng mister ko dun sa nag process ng housingloan namin..balak po namin mag housing loan uli ngayon ng isang foreclosed na bahay maaprubahan po kaya kami uli?thanks po in advance

  • admin

    Thanks for the compliments. 😉 Quick reply here:

    1. You only have to pay new contributions and that’s it. Please be informed that there is no more POP. Under the new Law, what used to
    be called POP is now simply merged with the regular Pag-IBIG membership or the Pag-IBIG I.

    2. The best approach to this problem would be to request a copy of your past contributions. The report should reflect your Pag-IBIG ID Number.

    3. Again, no more POP. The regular contribution is 200.

    4. You can simply have them pay it at the office, no need of an SPA. But make your you have your Official Receipt.

    You mean the property was foreclosed? In that case, Pag-IBIG will not grant you any more loan in the future.

  • Riza

    Hi, I’m an OFW in singapore at updated ako sa pagbayad sa membership contribution ko dito sa SG. Tanong ko lang sana if automatic naba akong Member sa Pagibig Overseas Program kong ganon. I don’t have complete idea about POP. Do I need to apply for separate membership for this?

  • Rollie Lim

    Hi!..I’m an ofw din, as i read a comment above may nabanggit po kayo na wala nang POP which is contrary sa sinabi ng PAG-IBIG office dito sa Gensan na pinakuha sa akin since mandatory na ngayon ang pagbayad ng Pag-ibig sa pagkuha ng OEC. Secondly, ask ko rin kung pwede po bang e-merge yung dating Pag-ibig remittance ko (as am employed here way back 2003-2006)and kaka-activate ko lang din nitong taon na to.

    Hope to have clearer answer.


  • admin

    A very quick reply for you. That was not POP at all, but a regular Pag-IBIG Membership ( also known as Pag-IBIG I ) that they were forcing you to pay. Remember that POP is optional, while Pag-IBIG I is now mandatory for all OFWs.

    @Riza: Please read the comment above @Rollie. Please verify what kind of contribution was that you were paying there in Singapore.

  • gretch

    hi admin,

    inquire lng po aq abt s pag ibig membership,ganito po kc ofw po aq tpos gs2 qng mgmember sna kaso member n pla ung aswa q,nbsa q s yahoo ph n required mgpmember s pag ibig ang mga ofw! if member n pla ung aswa q so no need n pong mgpamember aq?

    hoping for your reply,

  • rheen

    hello p0!! ask k lng po..ngpamember po ako nong jan.2011 ngbyad po me ng 4,500..for 9months po un sa pinili ko n bbyran monthly pra maavail ko yong kulang p po sya..f byran k n po lhat on sept pra ma2yrs n po sya..pde n ba ako mg loan on dec..makukuha ko po agad uuwi po me kasi me sa pinas.f hindi po pde ok lng po ba n asawa k n lng po mg loan..tgal n po sya member sa pag ibig..almost ten yrs.n po kso po nahinto n po sya mgbyad monthly nong wla n po sya work..4yrs.ago na po un..f ever po complte n po requirements k pag uwi ko pra sa loan k sa pag ibig housing loan..mkukuha ko ba agad loan ko on dec or january..thanks po..GOD BLESS!!

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  • aunzo901

    hi admin,

    tanong ko lang sana, kaka take out lang kasi ng bahay namin last july 2011, at meron nga kaming 12 months na pdc sa pag-ibig malolos branch, can we immediately change that into cash basis, medyo kasi alanganin yung date ng bayad namin at ayaw naman naming magkaroon ng bouncing check. please need your advise..

  • admin

    Yes, you can pay it over the counter if you choose.

    Please take note that there are a lot of factors to be considered before you will be granted a housing loan. And Pag-IBIG doesn’t give a guarantee that your application will also be approved.

    Yes, you will still be required to be a member of the Fund.

  • Hilbrecht


    Ask lang po Iam currently working abroad, but noon nakapagwork din ako locally for more than 3years. Within that 3years local work may deduction din kami sa pagibig nun. Ang tanung ko po di pa po ba pwede na ma inlcude yung dati kong contribution at maidagdag sa bago kong contribution?sa mindanao ako nagwork noon and now as an OFW nagbayad ako ng contribution ko personally sa pagibig tacloban branch. Gusto ko pong magloan para sa upcoming bahay ko kaso sabi ng taga tacloban di pa raw ako eligible dahil wala pa po akong 24months na nagcontribute samantalang nakapagcontribute na po ako for more than 5years na iba ibang location lang po ng pagibig ako nakabayad due to work circumstances.Any suggestions and advise will be highly appreciated.

    Maraming salamat po

  • michael gutierrez

    greetings admin,

    would like to ask if it is possibile/ or way to loan more than the allowed max 3M amount as it will not be enough on the intended project, lets say 4.5M. can you pls advice the requirements if this is salary is much higher than the income required for the max loan of 3M, i am working as an officer o/b and a member for quite a while now.

    mthnks in advance

  • http://google ToTo

    Hi admin!!!
    Magta2nong lng po sana ofw po kmi ng asawa ko sa dubai U.A.E 12 months na po kmi naghu2log ng pag-ibig fund d2 sa dubai,pwede po ba mag aply ng housing loan kht wla pang 24 months ung paghu2log nmin,bale my lot na po kami at gus2 na agad nmin makapgwa ng bahy,at tanong lng nmin kng sa2n ba dapt mag aply ng housing loan kng sa pinas ba o pwede d2 sa philippine consulate d2 sa dubai.
    Maraming salamat po.godbless!!!

  • L

    Good day!

    I was born in the Philippines but is now a naturalized America citizen living in the US. My family and I are planning on migrating back to the Philippines in a few years and are hoping to buy a home there sometime next year in preparation for the big move. We do not have enough money to buy a property spot cash so were hoping to get the property through a PAG-IBI housing loan; I am not a PAG-IBIG (POP or otherwise)member yet.
    The firts and foremost questions is, considering my citizenship/nationality status, would I qualify for membership into POP.
    The 2nd questions is, I understand that there is a minimum 24months contribution before a member can apply for a loan, do you allow the 24month total to be paid lump sum to avail of the housing loan benefit faster? I have read several conflicting reports on this and was hoping for some clarification.

    Thanks much and have a great day!

  • admin

    Former Filipinos are definitely allowed to own a piece of land in the country, with some limitations. Please understand that Pag-IBIG is not your only solution if you are buying on installment basis. If I may suggest, you should consider bank financing too. That way, you will not anymore go through the hassle of joining the Pag-IBIG as members.

    And you are right about the conflicting reports, because there are branches of Pag-IBIG in which the rule is not strictly implemented. But in general, paying for 24 months equivalent to get a loan immediately is not allowed anymore.

    Please refer to the reply above on @L about the 24 months payment.
    You should apply here at the Pag-IBIG branch that covers the property.

    You may request the Pag-IBIG to consolidate all of your contributions. That’s the very first step.

  • maria kenneth samson

    good morning.. ask ko lang, pwede ba magapply ng pagibig kahit walang work? housewife lang po ako and nandito ako ngayon sa japan.. may alam po ba kau na pagibig branch dito sa japan? please, need ko po ang help nio.. thank you and God bless!

  • http://muntinlupacity darwin pedernal tagle

    hi gud evning as ko lng po kng pwede ako mag housing loan ksi po dito po ako pilipinas di p po ako nakaka alis ulit tsaka kng di ko po alam kng ano ung no ko sa pag ibig pero member nmn po ako tnhk u po

  • sandra bongcayao

    hi po admin,

    Binigyan npo ako ng TRN nang PAG-IBIG, mag activate lang po ito kung mabayaran ko ang contributions ko uli pra activated. At sabi nila ma add on daw ung contributions ko sa previous. Tanong ko admin, pwede ko bang bayaran ang 24 months pra maka avail ako nang salary or housing loan? if pwede po saan ako mag sisimula 2010-2011 or 2011-2012? nasa doha qatar ako, pag dito ko binayaran ilang days ang posting sa pinas?

    salamat po admin

  • sandra bongcayao

    admin. follow up question ko lang, if na consolidate na yung contributions ko sa previous employers ko, at nabayaran ko ung 24 months, pwede na bang maka avail ng MPL agad? or kailangan ko pang mag antay until 2 yrs. pra makag pag loan.

  • admin

    Please take note that you can’t pay any missed contributions anymore. YOu can only pay the current and the future ones. As to the MPL Loan, you may have to wait for a couple of months to be able to apply, but it depends on some factors also. Please inquire about this at the counter or person incharge when you pay.

    If you are actively contributing and you have a source of income, the answer is yes.

    It’s important that you show them your documented source of income.

  • alvase

    hi!i have an inhouse, bank-financing loan obtained from one of real estate companies with office in alabang in 2009.i’ve been paying my monthly installment dues for more than 2 yrs without interruptions.ang tanong ko po:pwedi bang ilipat ko yong existing inhouse loan from bank to pagibig?and granting my wish came through, what is the advantage? i’m an ofw here in ksa,just recently became a member of pagibig courtesy of Mr. Binay.

  • angel

    mag ask lng poh sna ako matagal ko n poh di nabayarn ang pag ibig ko mga 3 years n poh un at sa poh ung pasbook ko nsa pinas nsa kin lng poh ung paibig card//panu poh bah eh actvte ulit un?

  • elmer santiago

    hi admin…
    good day mam/sir dati po akong member ng pag-ibig i think 1993-1998 this yrs.all my former company deducted me for pag-ibg fund contribution pero nahinto na kasi po d2 na ko sa saudi ako pa po ba ang membership ko sa pag-ibig.thanks

  • lyn

    Good day to you.
    Ask ko lang po about my case. I had a housing loan which was cancelled 2 months ago from the pag-ibig, Makakapag loan pa po ba ulit ako after my previous housing loan?

    Anu anu po ang mga kakailanganin ko gawin to apply another loan.

  • admin

    What do you mean by being cancelled? Were you granted or not? If not yet, then you can try again next time.

    Being active means you are currently paying your membership dues. Surely enough, all your past contributions can still be claimed when it reaches maturity. But you can re-active anytime to enjoy the benefits of your Pag-IBIG Membership.

    Please read the reply to @elmer above. You have a similar case.

    Yes, it may be transferred. But it could be a very complicated process. It’s better to leave it that way.

  • Ailyne


    my friend is an ofw and she purchased a house and lot here at imus. She was a member of pag ibig when she was working here in philippines. However, When she worked abroad she was not able to updated and pay her monthly contribution and paid only recently for 5$ and thats all. Can she still avail the housing loan of PAG-IBIG? I am hoping for your response thank you so much.

  • elmer santiago

    good day mam,follow up question to my post last oct.13 gusto ko po tlga re-active but how incase wala po akong mga documents na pinanghahawakan kundi yun nga po na alam ko kinaltasan me when was i work in my previous company dyan sa pinas.,thanks

  • Mylene

    Dear Admin.,

    Magandang araw po ask ko sana if puede pa habulin yung 2009 at 2010 na hulog para di maglaktaw yung contribution ko or puede ko bang bayaran next year ng 24 months ? gusto ko din ipa member yung mr. ko sa POP pag uwi ko ng Pinas ok lang po ba na dalhin ko lang yung form nya tapos i submit ko sa Pag ibig office dyan ?

    Maraming salamat po and more power.

    Best Regards,

    Mylene Gaor

  • Ronald Cruz

    Im presently work in abroad(OFW), but i wants to have the pag ibig housing loan,im a Pag ibig member before from 2005-2009 when i was working in the Phil….
    But from 2010-present i was failed to give my contribution as an active member,so my question is this;
    1.what should i do to have a pag ibig housing loan?
    2. wHAT are the requirments ?


  • admin

    You need to reactivate your account by paying your current contributions. As to the Housing Loan
    Document Requirements, please check this article:

    Not possible. You can only pay forward, but not the missed contributions.

    Please verify your contributions by going to the office and requesting a report.

    If your friend becomes active again, then she should be able to appy for a home loan.

  • Alexis

    Dear Admin,
    Good Day!
    Tanong ko po if papaano ang gagawin ko kung tapos na po ako magbayad ng EQUITY sa DEVELOPER ng Subdivision last year pa pero till now wala pong progress ang Lot na nais kong i-purchase?
    Nakapagsigned na po ako ng mga documents para ma-approve ang PAG-ibig Housing Loan at nagpasa na rin po ako ng iba pang requirements sa marketing office nang Developer. I need your help badly!
    Thank you and more power.

  • iris

    good evening admin. im filipino resident in canada for 2 years now but still a filipino citizen, can i still avail the overseas program? how about holding a dual citizen as filipino and canadian? salamat po. :)

  • admin

    As a Filipino or former Filipino, you are still allowed to own a property here in the Philippines. And yes, you can be a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    Please coordinate that one with the developer. There are documents required from them also for your loan to be approved.

  • cristina

    good day! the original buyer of the housing loan that i bought died. me,as a second buyer cannot get the title of the house because the beneficiaries of the first buyer is after the house, I have deed of sale to prove that I have now the right of the house which of course they know because as one of the beneficiary is also the witness when they sell the house to me,they don’t cooperate because they want me to pay them, your office advised that I have to compromised with them, I am willing but I just want to ask if how much is the right/fair amount that I should give to them because they are asking 200k, isn’t it too much? because the principal amount of the house is 500k. and besides I don’t have 200k to give them cash. what can you suggest? please if possible can you ccd your reply to my email address? thank you.

  • Mitch

    Hello Admin:
    my husband is an OFW for almost 2 years now based in Qatar. for that time his pag-ibig membership stop. we would like to continue the contribution for the purpose of getting a housing loan in the future. Question:
    1. can he make the payments abroad? or much easier if i do it here in PH?
    2. we are in the process of acquiring a lot property now, is it better to put it in his name rather than both of us?
    3. follow on Q 2, i have an existing pag-ibig housing loan, under my single name, we are not up to date with the payment of that said loan. would that affect our housing loan in the future even though my husband applies for it? can i serve as a co- borrower?
    4. or can he make his brother’s and sister as co-borrower rather than me who has an outstanding housing loan under my single name?

    thanks so much and god bless, -mitch

  • cris

    Overseas Filipino Workers (reactivating members)
    hi admin
    can help me about this requirement for Overseas Filipino Workers (reactivating members)
    -Latest Contract of Employment
    -Passport or any valid ID / POEA License
    -Latest and valid Contract of Employment (with POEA original stamp)??? where can i get the poea stamp? here in the embassy of the philippines in canada?
    -Certificate of Remittance or ESAV??? (is this one can be the receipt of my remittances which im sending every month? what do you mean by esav?)
    -Two 1×1 ID pictures
    -Special Power of Attorney (SPA), in case a representative shall submit the -documents and pay the member’s contributions??? (for example i’m in canada now? must get one from attorney here?)

    thank you.:)

  • cris

    admin please be noted yung reactivate ko po sana is yung pagibig1 ko po sa pinas.. kasi by next year i was planning to avail the housing loan through my pagibig1.. is it ok?kasi lagpas npo 4years contribution ko dun… instead of waiting some more months sa pop yung pop ko po ay 3months plang ang na contribute ko. whats the best way po kaya? thank you again.

  • admin

    I’m not sure what kind of help you are asking. But if you want to know which one to contribute between POP and Pag-IBIG 1 (the regular membership), I would say, you should take care and prioritized
    the Pag-IBIG I. I think you are on the right direction already. Good luck!

    1. It’s easier if you just do it here in the Philippines. Please read the article, 5 Ways To Pay The Pag-IBIG Fund.

    2. Normally, you will be asked who the principal buyer is. Please put the one who has the capacity to pay, or enough source of income.

    3. You are not allowed to be a co-borrower since you have an existing home loan. Please settle that before Pag-IBIG discovers the problems with your payments.

    4. It’s okay for him to get his brother.

    That’s indeed very problematic. All you can do really is to negotiate with them. I have no idea of the property you are dealing with so I can’t give you an approximate fair market value.

  • may

    good day po!
    i am already a member of POP. ngayon po na mandatory na yung contribution for every OFW (Pag Ibig I), here are my questions:
    1. do i still need to complete a new MDF?
    2. do i still need to separately pay for my POP or ime-merge po ba yun sa bagong membership? i heard na 200 per month po yung contribution, pwede po ba bayaran na for 1 year kaagad? para po hindi na pabalik pabalik sa pag ibig office to pay.
    3. should i decide to withdraw my savings po under POP, what documents do i need to present and how long is the process?

    thank you.

  • admin


    1. If you are already a member in the past, there is no need to do that.

    2. The two programs are separate. And yes, you can pay in advance for the entire 1 year worth of contributions.

    3. I’m not sure about the documents that will be required for that, but please check this article:

    However, that may not be your immediate concern, right? The requirement could change in the future.

  • flor

    good day…may ngpasa sa amin ng housing loan nya,nong July 2011 sya na ready for take out after nya makapagbayad ng downpayment,equity at 3 months kmi n ngpapatuloy ngayon kc d n dw nya kayang bayaran.pano po gagawin ko para mtransfer sa name ng mister ko ung bahay n un?kalilipat lng po namin kahapon e gusto ko po sana maiayos ang lahat asap.pls help.thank you.

  • grace

    Good day! Kung 1 beses lang nakahulog sa Pag ibig Overseas program sa halagang P1400,pwede ba ito kunin?Nabayaran po ng 2006 August and 2011 na po ngayon.
    Hawak ko po ang passbook at receipt ng P1400.00.

    Saan po ito pwede puntahan? Any requirements? Thank you.

  • Rowena

    hi admin,
    i would like to avail a housing loan in Davao City, as of now i’m currently working in manila. I don’t have the time to visit davao. can i process the requirements here in manila or can i send somebody to Davao to do it for me?. Thanks

  • admin

    If you are buying in Davao, you should apply in Davao. Since you are out of town, it’s best if you can send a representative work on your behalf.

    There is a maturity date to claim your savings. That’s 10 years minimum.

    I believe this is still being handled by the developer. Please ask for the assistance of the developer.

  • marie

    hello… i am from Tacloban City, Leyte but I am recently working here in Riyadh. I would like to inquire as to how can I have a housing loan from pag ibig, I am very much interested to have one. At present I am not yet amember of pag ibig and pls tell me more how I will be able to be a member and have a housing loan, Thank you and more power!

  • omroe

    good day

    i would like to ask some questions that you may the one can answer regrding my query,.i am planing to loan a house worth of 3m, and the owner has a loan tru pagibig worth of 700thou,is it possible that i can assume his loan and then the rest will be loan from pagibig?what im trying to say is that the house is worth of 3m,i would like loan of 2.3m from pagibig and then assume his loan 700thou is it possible for my side to assume his loan? or is it possible that i can loan a 3m and then i will give to him the 700thou so that he can paid in his present loan. i am ofw seaman,monthly salary of 190,000 pesos,i contributed my membership more than 24months of pagibig POP .

    hoping your attention with this query of mine..
    many thanks

  • omroe

    good day,

    again this is me omroe,one thing to ask,is it okey that i can use or avail my pop and local pagibig at a time?can i have loan with this together?

  • rachel

    hello po, ask ko po kasi ung last contribution ko po is last 2yrs pa and then naghulog po ako ng contribution ng oct,nov,dec dis yr tig 1,000 per mos eh dati po mababa lang ang contribution ko 200 lang per mos,so panu ko po malalaman na malaki makuha ko pra s housing loan?

  • admin

    This one is possible for you: You can loan as much as P 3M. So it’s up to you how much to pay as equity and how much to finance using Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

    But take note, Pag-IBIG will also be assessing the value of the property and the loan amount will also be based on that.

    First, please be informed that the Housing Loan and other benefits are only open to Pag IBIG members. For an overview on how to apply for the Home Loan Program, please follow the link below.

    Please read the article on Income vs Loan Entitlement:

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  • hazel

    good day po. our house is on going construction sa finishing na po and we are out of budget. my husband is in saudi arabia. possible po ba na ako na lang ang magloan instead of him. member naman po ako kaya lang po nagstop po ako sa pagbabayad years ago. san po akong category na loans pwede aside po sa housing loan. maybe mga 500k po siguro payable for 5 years.

  • gary

    Hi Admin, good day. I am an OFW here in Dammam, is it possible for you to provide me list of contacts or real estates that I can negotiate with, for me to check or further if I can buy a property thru Pag-ibig. thanks!


    good pm.





  • mercy parot

    hi po!ano pong loan ang pwedi sa amin.nasa dubai po husban ko.kasi ang bahay namin hindi npo natapos kasi wala n po kami ano po ang mga requerments?

  • Pinky

    I am interested to buy properties for sale seen in Pag-ibig website. What are the steps that i need to do? i am a POP member & i plan to apply for a loan in order to buy this properties. Approximately how long is the processing of the loan upon submitting all the requirements.


  • admin

    Yes you can do that in behalf of your husband.

    Please check the agents or reale estate brokers in the areas you are interested with.

    The best thing you can do is help her pay it buy having your as her representative. She has to reactivate her account if she is to avail of the housing loan.

    Please check this link for the document requirements:

    Loan Processing will take from 2 weeks to 2 months.

  • jhe ambayon

    hi,,gus2 ko po sana maging member ng pag ibig,pero andito po ako sa middle east,illegal po ang status ko d2,,possible poh ba un sister ko nlng poh mgfill up ng form with requirements under my name and thesame thing with the payments?pls i need your help..thanks

  • lyn


    I’m lyn form davao city,ask ko lng po pwede ba kaming maka apply ng pag ibig housing loan kahit yung husband ko nsa Australia, pwede bang aku ang mag asikaso ng mga papers dito sa pinas? plano po kc namin mag kuha ng bahay sa isang subd dito..kaso yung husband ko hindi pa nakaatend ng seminar sa pag ibig..pwede po bang aku nlng din mag attend for him?

  • http://google rolan

    hi admin,

    i’m working in dubai and i would like to know if i can apply for personal loan and what are the requirements.

    thank you

  • Lynneth Dela Rosa

    Hi, I was a pag-ibig member for more than 10 years when I was in PNP , I moved to US as a nurse and right now am contemplating on investing a property or start a business in my hometown Davao City.. I was wondering if I can still my previous membership or do I have to start all over again? As far as I can remember I have no pending loans with pag-ibig whatsoever? Thanks


    hi sir.
    im an OFW working in dubai as a sales executive. i just want to ask about the multi purpose loan if untill how much amount you can give to me if i will pay the maximum range of membership.??
    please give me your best advise.

  • carmela joy cobero

    i was a pagibig member before i came here in riyadh 9yrs ago but i was not able to continue my contribution since then. i came here year 2002. as far as i can remember i made a salary loan before. im trying to check my pagibig# but it was not found. in case i will reactivate my ID# again, my previous contribution will still be included?what will happen to my previous loan?and how can i reactivate my membership?thanks and hope to receive a reply soon.

  • carmela joy cobero

    hi again!i almost an active member of pagibig for almost 6years before coming here in KSA.more than reactivating my membership,i also wanted to upgrade my contribution so i can avail my dreamhouse thru pagibig housing loan. is it possible to pay the 24months contribution in one time?

  • admin

    @lyn and @jhe:
    Sure you can.

    A Personal Loan with Pag-IBIG falls under the Multi-Purpose Loan program. Here’s a good article for that:

    YOu only need to reactivate your membership and that’s it. You can start applying for a home loan.

    I’m not sure what best advice you are asking for. But if you want to know about the MPL Loan Amount, please refer to this article:

  • angelito l calianga

    hi, gusto sana namin mag asawa mag apply ng membership sa pag ibig,but we are currently working now abroad here in China..san po kami pwede mag apply at paano po??thanx..

  • Pinky

    Hi po, i’m interested to purchase HDMF accuired properties and i’m living abroad. i will ask my brother to apply on my behalf which SPA po ang e submit ko from your website? SPA TCT or SPA Housing Loan Application? what is the difference between the two? then if i am interested po for more than 1 property should i submit 1 HDMF application for each property?

  • admin

    It’s both. The first will be used in transferring the land title in your favor. And yes, it’s going to be 1 application for each property, but you will only be granted one home loan at a time. Though, you can always pay in spot cash.

    Please do that once you are back here in the Philippines.

  • Jeff O.

    magandang araw po Admin,ask ko lang po…5 years na po akong member and nakapag 2nd MPL na po ako,hindi pa po nababayaran ang aking 2nd loan ng ako ay makapag abroad at natigil ang aking monthly contribution,almost 2 yirs na po akong inactive sa ngayon..gusto ko sana ituloy ang aking contribution with the program POP and avail an Housing loan..pinatanong ko sa asawa ko kung magkano ang balance ko,and ang sabi eh P10,500 daw ang kailangan para hindi ma offset and ang deadline ay sa March,kung maooff-set po ba eh pwede magpa member ulit,and hindi na po ba pwede yung advance 24 months para sa new member and mag avail ng housing loan?
    more power po and God bless.

  • Pinky


    Just a follow up questions lang po. If I will take longer term for example 20 or 25 years to pay and I decided to pay off the full amount before 20 yrs which is the end of the term, is there a penalty for doing that? Also, for example my monthly payment is 10 thousand but can I pay more than 10 thousand in some months or i have to stick with the exact monthly payment?

  • Narissa

    hello Admin, gusto ko pong mag apply ng POP savings investment. I’m a pag-ibig member noong nandiyan pa ako sa Pinas, pero na stop po yung monthly payments ko after I migrated .to another country. Is there any way I could apply the POP program online and pay it online also? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  • arnel

    hello po,isa po ako ofw & not yet member…can i pay 24 months in one time & can apply pag – ibig financing? thank you po.

  • Carolina

    Good day admin, ive been working abroad for 13 years now at andito ako sa Pilipinas ngayon and heard about PAGIBIG housing loan. Didnt know kung member ako.. Ask ko kang sana kung pano malaman kung member ka? Kung member naman, pano maireactivate yung membership. Salamat

  • Ma.Victoria Barbono

    hello,,Ako po ay nurse dito sa canada at gusto ko po sanang mag patayo ng bahay sa nabili kong lote sa laguna bel-air.7 milyon po kasi ang minimum na bahay doon. Member po ako ng pag ibig for more than 10 years kaya lang ay natigil .Pag umuuwi po ako ay saka ko lang nahuhulugan ..Mapautang po kaya ako ng 7 to 8 milyon? Pwede ko pong i collateral yung lot na nabili ko doon sa laguna bel air.Nasa akin na po ang title…

  • admin

    Pag-IBIG can only grant up to 3M maximum loan. You may want to use a bank mortgage loan, instead.

    If you have been employed here in the past, there’s a good chance that you used to be a member. You have to check it at the office or branch.

    Yes, that’s possible, but you may have to wait for a couple more months before you can apply for a home loan.

    It’s best to do it at the office whether it’s application or payment.

    Advanced payment and early loan retirement are both allowed and will not incur a penalty.

    Remember that when offsetting your MPL Loan payment, they still would have to use your TAV.

  • mayumi ramacola

    hi ako po si mayumi ramacola .Gusto ko po sanang maghanap ng bahay at lupa na kaya kong bayaran buwanbuwan.Ngtratrabaho po ako dito sa bahamas bilang isang live in maid.Una po salahat di pa po ako member ng pagibig.ung kaptid ko po member na si andria espineli na kasalukuyang nakakuha sa cabuyao laguna,at nagtratrabaho na rin dito sabahamas nasuwertihan na maihanap ko sya ng amo.Umaasa po ako na maututlungan nyo ako,kasi po gusto ko na magkabahy ng sarili ngunit di ko kaya bumili ng biglaan,maraming salamat po sana po mabasa nyo agad ito at matugunan ang aking tinatanung.

  • Harry Dayandante

    If my mother will apply for the loan and it was approved, is it possible for us to pay her loan to any bank in the philippines instead of her paying it thru salary deduction? If it is possible, can we do an automatic bank deduction every month? Please advise..

  • Isabel


    im currently an ofw. im planning to buy a house & lot for example at sta. elena antipolo. how do i start and how can pag-ibig help me?

    ive been working in the phils from nov.2007 up to jun 2011 straight in one company.. ive been here abroad just this jul 2011.


  • Aida Fonollera

    To PAG IBIG Admin,
    My full name is Aida de Leon Fonollera was previously employed at the Commission on Audit, central office and I retired from the government but I still haven’t withdrawn my contributions. Right now I am overseas and stopped paying contributions. I want to continue my contributions. AM I qualified? Is it possible for me to transact business with you through email? What number could I call? And who should I talked to?

    Thank you

  • francis

    hello admin/s!

    i am now currently paying the down payment for a house and lot worth 1.9M. Can I still pay the balance (approx 1.7M) using Pag-Ibig housing loan? pls advise.

  • Aida Fonollera

    To Admin,
    This is just a follow up. I talked to Pagibig in Calif., and they are processing my records. What I want now is someone to contact to for my housing loan. Please recommend me to a person thats going to take care of my records.
    Thank you,
    Aida Fonollera


    Hi po, ask ko lang how much na po ang penalty sa loan na hindi nbayaran at tumagal ng 10years?

  • ana lorain colanta

    hi im lorain.hope u can help an OFW hir n singapore.nd as early as now im very much interested n applying housing previous job took 1yir plus nd im paying my pg-ibig by around php 300 f im not mistaken nd hav decidd recently 2 continue my contribution hir at singapore.ive read tru ur answers above dat YES u can pay instantly d 24 months 2 b qualified 4 d question s,s d payment also d same?can pay instantly 2 apply 4 loan agen?or i nid 2 follow d scheme per month? (sorry im stil young nd dont hav much idea on ds).nd s derany way 2 update my contribution n pag-ibig?lastly,just n case i decidd 2 apply 4 loan can i do 8 hir n singapore bcoz lyk ds i’l b on holidays n pinas but dey wud allowme only 6 days nd ders no enuf tym 4 me 2 apply loan n pinas.den how

    ur response wil b a BIG help!thank u so much!!

  • Beth

    Hi…am Beth and a member of POP. I lost my passbook, what should I do?

  • Thet

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    A good day to you. I visited your website and saw the list of your acquired assests. I’m interested in purchasing a property through this, however, I’m in Nova Scotia Canada, and when I checked, there’s no office here that I could inquire in and get the informations I needed. I’m not sure if I’m still a member, as it’s been about 13 years since I registered with Pag-ibig and only managed one payment at that time.

    I did asked my sister to inquire about it (she was also interested in purchasing one, and she’s a member), and she’d been advised that she’ll be the one who will go and check out the place personally, which would have been fine, however when they tried locating the places, they had a very hard time doing it, even after asking people directions. They’ve been told that they have an incomplete address, hence the difficulty of locating it.

    Is there a faster or better way of doing this? How does the process go? What are the requirements? How soon can we occupy the place, if ever? Can we put it through pag-ibig housing as well, once we do find a place we like?

    Is there a place or office near me that I could get in touch with? Toronto is two hours away by plane and I do know that it could be my best bet of a nearest office, but maybe there’s another place or way this could be done?

    Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    Thet Fernandez

  • jovelyn

    hi admin ask lng po kung paanu ako mgkpaaply s pgibg,d2 p ako israel ngun,almost 7yrs n po ako gsto k po mging mmbr ng pgubg fund

  • jovelyn

    hi ako po c jovelyn corpin gsto k pong mg aply blng mmber ng ang prblma k po d2 po m now s israel.ano p b dpt kung gwin pra mkpg anu po ung mga recuirments ang dpt kung ask po kung ilng taon bgo ako mkpgloan ng house,

  • meemee

    hi.. good day! im planning apply for a loan.. for a commercial building particularly. im in jordan working as nurse and about to finished my contract this year. i was thinking of starting a business and settle for good in phil. is there a chance that pag-ibig will approve my loan for a commercial building? is it necessary to be employed? hope you could give an idea about it. thanks!

  • JAY

    Helo po admin, ask lng po, isa po akong OFW dito sa Bahrain, ngpa member po ako ng POP last december 2011, gusto ko po sana mg loan for Home Improvement, can i pay 24 months? para mka loan po ako agad..

  • Jovani O. Bito-on

    Hi ako po Jovani, isa po akung OFW (seaman) gusto ko sana malaman yung Pag-ibig Overseas Program P.O.P. Plan ko kasi mag open ng MUTUAL FUNDS,meron po bang kayong pinuprovidena seminar para don? pwede nyo po ba ako mabigyan ng backgrund about don? pag mag open po ba ng P.O.P kahit saang branch ng Pag-ibig? Sana po mabigya nyo ng time para po masagot yongkatanungan ko….Maramipong salamat…

    Mr. Jovani

  • admin

    Well, it depends on the branch. But please understand that Pag-IBIG doesn’t guarantee any loan approval. Please read this for details:

    Sorry, but Pag-IBIG Housing loan is only applicable to residential properties.

    Please request your representative here in the Philippines to apply on your behalf.

    I think I have already sent you an email reply.

  • Ciara

    Hi! Just want to inquire on how to reactivate pag ibig membership. my husband is OFW now in Italy but when he first applied for his PAG IBIG membership he was not yet an OFW that time. How can we reactivate his old membership and then convert it into POP and be able to apply for a PAG IBIG housing loan immediately. thanks.

  • Reinzi Ortile Cabrito

    Good Afternoon po..ask ko lang mtgal akong naghuhulog sa Pag ibig 1991-2001 then nag stop po ako…then nsa abroad n po ako for 4 year binigayan po nila ako ng bgong Pag-ibig number un po ba ang gagmitin kong number pra sa contribution ko…mgkno po ang bbyrn ko monthly? tpos mgkno po ang pwede ko ma-avail n housing loan? paano po ung previous contribution ko counted po b un khit iba na ang number ko? if ever mag housing loan ako pwede ba ung combine income nmin ng husband ko ang present nmin sa inyo? please advice?

  • ian sanchez

    to admin, seaman po ako. ask ko lang po kung myembro ba ako ng pag ibig kahit di ako nagregister? sa sinasabi po na lahat ng seaman na nkapirma ng kontrata ay magbbyad na sa pag ibig, hindi ko po maintindihan kasi. bakit po kame kinakaltasan ng pag ibig kung di pa naman pala kame myembro? pakiexplain naman po. thank you.

  • esperanza ngiratechekii castro

    Hi!nagtrabaho po ako sa Palau at nakapag hulog po ako ng aking contribution sa Pinoy Express Palau ng kung ilang buwan,umuwi po ako ng pilipinas at naiwan ko ang aking passbook sa aking ina at yun po ay nawala na.ang hawzak ko po ngayon ay ang Pag ibig ID.mahigit 5 taon na po at gusto ko na po i refund ang aking naihulog.ako po ay sumali sa POP ako po ay dalaga pa sa ngaun po ay may asawa na ako ano po ba ang aking dapat gawin,at ano ano po ang mga requirements para ma process ang aking pag refund.maraming salamat po.

  • admin

    Please read this article to find out how to claim your savings:

    Yes, you are now required by Pag-IBIG to become members of the Fund. I think your agency is the one who enrolled you to become a member since
    they are also mandated to contribute for you.

    That’s a lot of questions. :-)

    Your past contributions are still there all you have to do is to consolidate those with your current contributions.

    There are factors to consider before you can apply for a housing loan. Please read this article to know more:

    Remember this: You don’t have to convert it to POP. The two programs are different from each other and you only need the regular Pag-IBIG membership to be able to get a loan.

  • ian sanchez

    pero can i avail a housing loan worth 1million? 200 lang po ata hinuhulog ng agency namen eh. may way pa po b para mkaloan ng ganung amount?

  • CJ

    Good day po Admin.

    Kasi member at naghuhulog po ako sa POP ng 3 years (2009-2011)nung OFW pa ako. Pero umuwi napo ako ng Pinas netong 2012 at pumapasok na sa isang local company. At sa kanila narin ako naghuhulog ng contribution ko (Regular Pag-IBIG)..Tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko po ma consolidate yung mga contributions ko sa POP tsaka yung regular account ko ngayon? Or kung di po pwede, pwede po ba ma withdraw yung dating contributions ko? Thank you po.

  • admin

    Please understand that the two programs are separate and different from each other, so you can’t combine them.
    Yes, you can withdraw the POP only if it has already reached the maturity period.

    I think yes. Please read the link below for the income requirements.

  • CJ

    Thanks for the prompt reply Admin. The earliest maturity date would be 5 years from my membership date right? Also a follow up question; I was able to avail of a Housing Loan thru my said POP account and is now currently paying my monthly amortization without fail. Question is, if I stop my contributions to my POP account(as I’ve mentioned in my first post) and just continue with my local regular PAGIBIG, will it affect my current Housing Loan?
    Thanks again…

  • admin

    I don’t think it will affect your housing loan since you will still be paying for your Pag-IBIG I membership.

  • hero

    hi .. i want to take ah house on iloilo city can you help me ? i am ah seaman..

  • cherry

    Ask ko lang bakit dko makita sa ofw contribution ko? saka sabi ng pagibig staff dito sa taiwan pwede nako mag avail ng housing loan once i apid the 24 months contrubutions?? is it true po ba? thanks

  • cherry

    and is it ok na ung temporary id number ganamit ng remiitance center dito to pay my contribution? pero meron napo ako tracking number that i will use da to pay my contribution but the girl told me ung temporary id number ang dapat gamitin ko for payment? hindi ba un magiging problem? and san ako pwede kumuha ng ESAV dito kasi dito rin ako taiwan nag pay ng first contribution ko.. thanks po hope u can answer all mjy questions thanks..

  • rick roldan

    Hi! a distant relative is selling his house and lot.Alam ko this was acquired thru pagibig. and they are having a tough time paying for it. which is why they are selling it. i have been a member of pagibig since 1995-1998. Can i use my this to acquire this house? paano po ba ang pag transfer ng liability with pag ibig.
    appreciate your reply

  • admin

    This is possible since the mortgage loan from Pag-IBIG is assumable. Please ask the help of your relative on the details by inquiring about the process at the branch. This should be easier since you are dealing with a relative.

    Please request for a list of your past contributions from that branch. Then have them sign the requested report. YOu can use this when applying
    for a housing loan when you come back to the Philippines.

    Please ask the assistance of an agent who is selling in your area.

  • rick roldan

    this is a follow up to my earlier query.i will be in manila for a vacation for 12 days. what are the steps or papers on transfer of liability needed for me to acquire this property that my relative is selling. can i pay my pagibig here in the Philippines embassy?
    salamat po and more power

  • Bea

    Hi Admin,

    Im planning to apply for a housing loan. Im working in abroad, a member of Pag ibig for 8 years, my monthly contribution is 500pesos/month my monthly salary is 50,000pesos (converted).

    I found a prospective house & lot with the price of 1.250M from a real estate pag ibig accredited. Real Estate told me that Pag ibig will only finance 840,000 and the balance 402,000 as an equity, I have to cash out.

    Is it possible pag ibig to finance the full amount of 1.250M & I will pay by installment for 10 years to pag ibig?


  • admin

    The equity or down payment is really a requirement. And usually, you are to shoulder this one personally.

    Please visit the Pag-IBIG Fund together with the seller.

  • marino capacete

    can i be a pagibig member by registering through online? i am here in dubai, uae.

  • admin

    Yes, but the online system is not very reliable.

  • Junbie

    Good day maam/ Sir
    I am an OFW and OFW pagibig member, also i contributed almost 5 yrs as a regular pagibig member, maam/sir does my local contribution can be credited wt my existing OFW pagibig?…. If not ,can i withdraw the sum of my contribution (local contribution). …

  • winston

    Sir/Maam member po ako pag ibig at regular na naghuhulog ang local company na pinasokan ko. Next month po mag aabroad na ako pwede ko pa po ba na ituloy ko yong memebership ko dito at regular na maghulog ng contribution?

  • Cholocholo

    Dear Admin,

    Meron po akong questions..

    Before po ako maging OFW, 3 yrs. po akong naging (active)member ng PAGIBIG (July 2000 to July 2003). Nahinto po ang contribution ko ng 7 years. During my vacation sa Phil. napa activate ko po ulit ang Pag ibig ko noon Nov. 2010, at na i-continue ko po ang contribution ko hanggang August 2011. OFW pa din po ako until now at hindi ko na po ulit nahulugan ang contribution ko hanggang ngayon.

    August 2011 ang huling contribution ko. Ang tanong ko po is qualified po ba ako sa “OFW housing loan” kahit na putol putol ang aking contribution at August 2011 pa huling hulog ko??

    Saka po
    Bago ako mag apply ng Housing Loan eh kailangan po ba meron na akong house and lot na napili? Pwede po bang ma approve ang Housing Loan kahit wala pkong house and lot na nagugustuhan? THen kapag na approve na housing loan saka ako magpapasa ng house and lot na nagustuhan ko?

    Pasensya napo…

    Salamat po…

  • resy dolleno gomez

    hi,magandang hapon po,magtanong lang po kong pwede na po ba ako magloan sa ang total contribution ko po ay 1yr.and six month.maraming salamat po resy.

  • admin

    Please remember that the two are separate and different from each other. Here are some guidelines on when and how you can claim your savings from regular Pag-IBIG Membership:

    Yes you can do that and don’t ever switch to POP from your regular membership.

    Take note that there is no such thing as OFW Housing Loan. The Housing loan is the same whether you are OFW or locally employed.

    And yes, you need to have selected a house and lot first. But you can attend a seminar so that you can determine whether you can loan and how much.


    You can try, but the minimum membership requirement is really 24 months.