Voluntary Membership To Pag-IBIG Fund: The Self-Employed, Freelancers, And Non-Employees

Self – employed? Unemployed? How about Non-Employed? In other words, are you not connected with a single company that considers you on its monthly payroll?

The good news is, you can become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund as a Voluntary contributor.

The bad news is you have to shoulder of the contributions yourself without the aid of a company or employer. But if you are self-employed or you are on a business by yourself, you already know that you are in control of your financial direction, right?

In this article, we’ll show you how to become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund as a Voluntary Member.

How To Join Pag-IBIG As A Voluntary Member

  1. Accomplish and submit two (2) copies of the MDF and all required supporting documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office (bring all originals for authentication).
  2. Secure a Payment Order Form (POF) from the Marketing and Enforcement Division, and then proceed to the Cash Division for payment of initial Membership Contributions (MC).
  3. Present all verified/stamped documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division.
  4. Secure a Payment Order Form before proceeding to Cash Division for payment of contribution.

Requirements For Individual Payers

Here are the respective requirements for different categories of Individual Voluntary Members. Please check with group you belong.

1. Self-Paying Empployee (Waived Company)

You may be employed by one or more companies, but for some reasons, you choose to pay your Pag-IBIG contributions by yourself without their aid.

  • Certificate of Employment & Compensation
  • Latest Pay Slip
  • Company ID

2. Self – Employed

Freelancers, professionals, consultants and owners of small businesses belong to this category. (See also item #5.)

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with Financial Statement of the previous year certified by a CPA
  • Certificate of Remittance/ESAV (for old members)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • SEC or DTI Registration (should be under the member’s name)
  • Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit

3. Franchise Holders or Operators

  • Franchise Permit (under the member’s name)
  • Official Receipt or Car Registration (under member’s name)
  • Latest ITR (previous year)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Certificate of Remittance or ESAV

4. Overseas Filipino Workers (reactivating members)

  • Latest Contract of Employment
  • Passport or any valid ID / POEA License
  • Latest and valid Contract of Employment (with POEA original stamp)
  • Certificate of Remittance or ESAV
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA), in case a representative shall submit the documents and pay the member’s contributions

5. Self – Employed Professionals

These are government licensed professionals practising their expertise.

  • PRC / BAR License
  • Latest ITR (previous year)
  • Certificate of Remittance or ESAV (for old members)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures

6. Unemployed Spouse

Yes, if you are unemployed you may still qualify provided your spouse is employed and a Pag-IBIG member.

  • Written consent from member-working spouse
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation of member-working spouse
  • Affidavit of Unemployment

7. Member – Spouse with Business

This is similar to #6 above, but the spouse is in business.

  • Latest ITR
  • Written consent from member-employed/working spouse
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation of member-working spouse (notarized)
  • Affidavit of Unemployment
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • ITR (previous year)
  • Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
  • SEC or DTI Registration

Important Notes:

  • Monthly contributions of unemployed members (reactivating or non-working spouse) shall be P100.00.
  • The unemployed member has the option to upgrade his monthly contributions, but may not downgrade the amount.
  • Unemployed members may avail of the Multi-Purpose Loan, but not a housing loan from Pag-IBIG.
  • Individual payers or voluntary members have the option to choose their terms of payment, e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.

8. Unemployed (reactivating member)

Well, let’s admit it, times are tough. One day, your employment may just be gone in a flash. You may still continue your contributions provided you provide:

  • Affidavit of Unemployment


This article on Voluntary Membership To Pag-IBIG is written by Kyro Jo.

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  • Jodaline

    Hi po,
    ask ko lang po if i’m qualified to be a member of PAG-IBIG. i am single and unemployed…. yet capable of contributing to the fund. anyone can help me????

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Jodaline,

      Yes, you are right. You can be a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund even if you are not employed. But remember: if you are going to apply for a Pag-IBIG Loan, you have to somehow demonstrate that you are capable of paying the loan. That means, you have to show Pag-IBIG your source of income, which is not necessarily from employment.

  • marie berlin

    hi, are there any exceptions to the voluntary membership for Pag-ibig.

    are employees of non-profit organizations required to be covered by Pag-ibig? thanks. i would appreciate if i could get an immediate response from you

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Marie,

      Please take note that the Voluntary Membership is applicable to the non-employees, examples: house-wives, self-employed professionals, etc.

      Employees of non-profit organizations like NGO, foundations, Red Cross, etc., are required by the Law to be covered by Pag-IBIG. In many cases, your employer will be the one to process for your membership and your contributions will also be deducted from your monthly payroll. You can check with your employer or observe every payslip that you receive.

  • mary jane

    hello..ask ko lang po..for voluntary membership,if i am to ask my employer for the certification of wage and let them sign some documents that i needed in the future po ba whatever happens po..are they going to take part po..exmaple po hindi ako makabayad damay po ba sila?thank you po

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Jane,

      Your loan is your primary responsibility and your employer can never help you there. Please ask your employer if they are have registered with Pag-IBIG, because they are required by Law.

  • mary jane

    next question po..sa pag aapply po ng voluntary self paying employee po,kailangan po ba na nakapasok din ang employer ko or ung ponagtratrabahuhan ko sa pag ibig for me to be qualified to loan?thank you.good day!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Voluntary Self-Paying means you will shoulder all of the payments and contributions — no employer counter-part.

  • gemma

    ask lang po pwede po ba ako mag member.na dito ako nag trabaho sa pisan ko.bali ako ang nag hahawak ng small business 8 year’s a go.gusto ko kasi mag member.kasu hindi ko alam kong tatangapin ako.may nag sasabi kasi mga nag trabaho lang sa gov.ganon bayon.kaya naisip ko wala karapatan mag member ang mga kagaya ko na hindi nag trabaho sa gov. o sa ibang bansa?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Gemma,

      Companies are REQUIRED by Law to register their employees to Pag-IBIG. As an employee and member of Pag-IBIG Fund, you and your company will take part in paying for your Pag-IBIG contributions. And it is open to all companies, public, private and even non-government organizations.

  • mariafe baltazar

    Please, there are several people, like me, that do not know your acronyms, try to include in an open and close parenthesis those acronyms like MDF, POP, etc.Thanks and more power! GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Mariafe,

      Thanks for your inputs.

      We are doing our best to make the articles as easy to understand and stripped of jargons as possible. Your feedback is certainly helpful. Updates on the article is on the way…

  • BES

    hi. im a member of PAG IBIG. However, I resigned from work recently and now im unemployed. Can I still continue to pay/contribute monthly?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Yes, you can still continue with your contributions. Payments are accepted on any Pag-IBIG Office or any accredited bank.

      • daniel

        Do i need to submit an affidavit of unemployment? or i can just pay the accreditef banks directly?

  • kathleen

    Hi, is there a website where i could check if i am still a member by just logging in my name? and if its possible that i could continue my company contribution as self-employed or something, i never cared about this before so i never checked. thank you in an advance!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      At the moment, there is no way of checking your membership status online. You have to personally go to the office of Pag-IBIG Fund in your city or town. You may also assign a representative to do this if you are based abroad.

  • Morgan


    I’m very very interested in your overseas program. Can I apply for membership even if I’m not in the Philippines? I’m in the U.S.
    Also, when will I able to avail of the housing loans after I become a member?

    Thanks in advance! this web page is very very informative & helpful!


    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Morgan,

      The Pag-IBIG overseas program is really intended for Filipinos based abroad. Please check the overseas directory here.

      You can apply for a loan if you have contributed at least 24 months. Of course, you will be assessed before the loan is approved.

  • bing1001

    hi..i have been a member of Pagibig since 1999 but two years ago I transfered to Singapore because of work. Since then, I have not paid any contribution to Pagibig. Am I still considered as Pagibig member and what are the requirements needed so i can continue my contribution?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Your first contributions as an employee here in the Philippines is considered as Pag-IBIG I contributions. You may continue with it or just let it reach maturity. Since you are already and OFW, you may want to consider apply for the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program.

  • aina

    ask lang po, i’m not a member of pag-ibig, pero kumuha na ako ng house&lot and plan to apply for instant membership and apply for pag-ibig housing loan, ang sabi sakin sa office ng pag-ibig until june 30 2010 na lang ang instant membership after nun mag hihintay pa ako ng 2yrs para maging qualified sa housing loan ng pag-ibig.. if in case i cannot make it, pwede ko ba gamitin un pag-ibig ng uncle ko? salamat!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Any Pag-IBIG member can apply for a housing loan, if qualified. If you are going to have your uncle get the loan, Pag-IBIG will require that the land title be in his name, not yours. This is something you need to consider.

  • jean

    ask ko lang po ung tulad namin na mga moonlighters na general practitioners sa medical field, saan po b kami sakop sa mga nabanggit na categories? we have our duties in different hospitals at may basic pay lang, nadadagdagan lang ang sahod based sa number of cases that we will encounter during a 24hr duty.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      You can be considered as self-employed or voluntary Pag-IBIG members. Meaning, you have to pay your own contributions if you want to be a member of Pag-IBIG.

  • Catherine Agena

    I currently resigned from my work. I am now a part-time worker. If ever i decided not to continue my contributions, will i ever have my contibutions back? Thanks :)

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Catherine,

      Yes, you are right. You can have it back, plus all other earnings, once it reached maturity. But take note that you may still opt to continue even if you have decided to do part-time work (or maybe even freelance).

  • adrian

    i want to be a member of pag ibig, voluntary member sana, coz, i am a freelancer, how can i start? ask ko lng din po kung pwde i advance ang pagbbyad s pag ibig… for example, pwd po ba iadvance ang paghuhulog for 1 year? what is the possibility n makapag loan kagad or ung pinaka short time n pwde n mag loan.. ung voluntary memeber po b ay same din ng amount n pwdeng i loan ng employed member? tnx…

    • http://pagibigfund pablita libadisos

      gud eve po,gusto ko sanang bilang isang pag ibig member as a voluntary member.gusto ko po dahil someday i have a plan na mag apply ng housing loan.
      kasi ayaw ko nang parati mag renta.sayang naman palagi mag renta…….sana po matulongan mo ako……….salamat po .hintayin ko ang sagot ninyo…..

    • http://pagibigfund pablita libadisos

      gud eve po,gusto ko sanang bilang isang pag ibig member as a voluntary member.gusto ko po dahil someday i have a plan na mag apply ng housing loan.
      kasi ayaw ko nang parati mag renta.sayang naman palagi mag renta…….sana po matulongan mo ako……….salamat po .hintayin ko ang sagot ninyo…..

  • http://n/a julia_corpuz

    Hi. I’m 56 years old and unemployed. I started as an employed member in Feb. 1996 and, if my memory serves me right, my last contribution was in July 2004. I am thinking of re-activating my membership as a voluntary member. May I know how to do so? Thanks and God bless you for your helpful blog.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Julia,

      I’m sorry to inform you that time is really not in your favor. One of the limits of housing loans through Pag-IBIG is that, the maximum age of the borrower at the time of loan maturity is 60 years old.

      You may want to visit a Pag-IBIG office for a detailed explanation.

  • julia_corpuz

    Thanks for your quick response. But will I be entitled to any retirement benefits, if any, at age 60? My total number of contributions is 90 months.

  • Russell C

    Hi there, i’m just wondering what i need to do and show so that i may qualify for the POP. I’m working cash jobs, under-the-table type payments are how i earn my living here in Canada. Would i be applicable for the POP? Do you have a directory here in Ontario, Canada? Thank you for you time.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Russell,

      You can be a member of Pag-IBIG, that’s not the problem. But when applying for the loan, you will be required to submit some proof of employment/business. Think about this.

  • Lyn

    hi!a friend of mine who is an international student abroad is asking if she can continue her membership payment in PAGIBIG. She is not an OFW thus she cannot apply for the Overseas Program. i think she stopped paying since 2008 and wanted to continue this year. What should be the best option for her? btw, can i be the one to process her application since she won’t be able to come home this year? thanks

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Yes, you can be her representative. The best thing for you to do is proceed to Pag-IBIG and ask for a printout of all her previous contributions and work from there.

  • martin

    Would it benfit me being a foreigner to put my girlfriend into this ie for lower rental, also stores bizz we intend to set up there , if so what are the benfits
    regards Martin

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Pag-IBIG Membership has nothing to do with rentals.

  • anselma

    hi, ask ko lang po im a sales agent earning thru commision,allowance and incentives basis only gusto ko sana mag avail ng housing loan and im 44 yr old is it possible for to apply?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Anselma,

      If you are a member and you are qualified to get a loan, yes.

  • Olivetti bustamante


    i just want to find out if i will be able to be member, im a OFW but right now i am in the philippines and working in 1 factory. my concern is it able for me to be member for housing purposes?but im still planing to go back in abroad soon. i hope you r kind answer is it posible to ur response at my mail?..

    thank you so much i really apprecated.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The short answer is “Yes.” Visit your Pag-IBIG office or ask your employer to have make you a member of Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • anselma

    helo ask lang po,paano po kung hindi member ng pag ibig at willing to a avail a housng loan,commision basis lang po ang income ko.paano po ako mka avail? salamat

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Some commission-based people are actually earning more than the salaried employees. Yes, you can become a member of Pag-IBIG and please make sure that you can demonstrate your proof of income when getting a loan. This is where your accountant or bookkeeper can help.

  • Cel

    Hi! If for example po my husband is employed pero small company lang so waived sila sa PAG-IBIG, can he pay as voluntary? What are the chances he can have a house loan approved? Ako po, I’m a freelancer but I was employed before and is an inactive PAG-IBIG member currently. What is our best option to have a housing loan, should I continue my membership as voluntary or should my husband be the one to apply membership? Thanks po!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The following are the most important factors that will determine whether or not your loan application will be approved.

      The membership status. Must be at least 24 months active and contributing.
      Capacity to pay.
      Business/employment history (related to #2)

      Continuing your membership will certainly help and you both can tack in your salaries to get a better chance of qualifying.

  • Liza Ocampo

    I’ve been a member of PAG-IBIG fund for 11 years. Our company reduced their work force and I was included in their lists of terminated employees. May I ask if I can withdraw the premiums I paid for the last 10 years. If so, how can I do so? Is there any form I can use.

    I want to invests the said money for business.
    Hoping you can give me feedback re my inquiry. Many thanks.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The money can be withdrawn upon maturity and yes there are forms that you need to fill up.

  • rhae

    Hi Sir / Maam,

    I am currently working here in Dubai since October 2008 and recently, we received a memo from POEA that all OFW are required to become a member of Pag Ibig, in which it is really good news. But the problem is, our company is really from Philippines and there, we do not have Pag Ibig. then they deploy us here in UAE since the company opened Middle East Branch. Now that we received the memo, our Admin told us that it will be on our own expense if in case we want to become a member. Is it really like that? I mean are we going to shoulder it alone? Though it will be fine for us but of course, better if the company will help us in paying our Pag Ibig. By the way, I am working in a japanese owned, but all the Execom are Filipinos.

    Thank you in advance.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Rhae,

      I can’t for or against your company and you really need to discuss that matter.

      But since it is now a requirement for companies, they may be have some explaining to do to Pag-IBIG.

  • Kitty

    Hi Admin,

    I am also working under the table (online stuff), I have no payslips or any certificate and I wanted to become a member of Pag Ibig. Is it ok to pay for 2years contribution already? This is my first time to apply as a member, will they allow me to pay for it? or since I am not going to loan yet they will only accept my application as a member? Is bank statements ok as a proof that you can pay the contribution as self employed?

    Thank you so much in advance.^^

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The one time 24-month contribution is not anymore valid for you to immediately apply for a loan. The rules have changed. Please read the FAQ Page on this one. Bank Statements are not enough proof.

  • Kitty

    another question,if I am going to apply as a new member where should I apply? should I go to the main office in lawton or is it ok to apply to any branches? thank you so much ^_^

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      You can apply at any office Pag-IBIG Office. You may also want to ask them if they are accepting payments. And always, always, get an Official Receipt for every payment.

  • Jam

    hi! I need help in identifying which category I fall under. I used to have a company paying the contributions for me. Now that I am no longer working for them, I would like to continue paying my contributions myself. I am still working now, as project-based service provider in a government agency – no payslip. Thank you in advance.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Jam.

      You belong to the Voluntary Member Category.

  • rose

    dati po ko member ng pag ibig and i knw the company i work paying my pag ibig fund then i verify it. and i found out it only 31 contribution lng ung naka post..san po ko pede mag reklamo.the company is close na po.thanks

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Rose,

      You can file a to complaint to Pag-IBIG in such a case. But since it is already closed, there’s no nothing you can do at this stage.

  • Jam

    Hi! I just got back from Pag-ibig along Buendia ave. I was informed that even if I am just a contractual employee in a gov’t agency, it should be the one to automatically deduct and remit my pag-ibig contributions. What am I supposed to do now? I was not given any options. Is there really no way for me to pay my own contributions?

  • nina

    Hi, employed ako from june 2008-2009. For 1 year,
    constant ako nagbayad sa pag-ibig, of course with assistance ng employer ko.
    Wala ako work from 3rd week of june 09 up to january 2010. The following mth
    (feb 2010) up to 1st week of may 2010 ngkaroon ulit ako ng work,
    ngcontribute ako ulit sa pag-ibig. Gusto ko lang po malaman kung pano bng dapat
    ko gawin dun sa months na na-miss ko magbayad ( june 09 to january 09)?
    And ung after my resignation last may 2010up to now? What’s the best thing to do?gusto ko kasi ituloy ung contributions ko sa pag-ibig.
    I’m looking forward to your reply. Thanks!!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Nina,

      There is no need to cover those missed contributions. You can just continue from now on. Once you have paid 24 months or so in contributions, you can begin applying for a loan or learning more about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000332649925 angel

    good eve ask ko lang po how to apply for pag ibig id, kasi po di ko po alam thanks so much…

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Angel,

      There is an article about this on this website, so please check it out.

  • Cel

    Hi! Followup lang po: If I continue my loan to complete the 24-month requirement, i’m a freelancer but I can request for a certification of income and no other documents (no ITR, payslips, etc.), will I be qualify for a housing loan na po? Thanks!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      There is an article on this website where the required documents are listed. One of the required documents is the ITR. Please read it.

  • Joy

    Hi! I am a member of Pag-ibig and currently having salary loan. I will be resigning soon and my concern is how can I continue paying my loan if I am already unemployed? Thanks for your immediate reply.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Don’t you think you should settle your loan first before resigning from work? Of course, you can always pay it over the counter or by issuing a set of post dated checks.

  • Marian

    Hi. What does a waived company means? Also may i know kase it is confusing that there is self paying contributors under voluntary members and u said pag voluntary no employer involved, how come under self paying members you require COE pa din? At what year ito? Say my last employment was last 5 years ago…appreciate ur reply.

  • Lynneth


    This is interesting. I am currently a pag-ibig member and have bought a property in Antipolo with a Pag-ibig loan setup. The developer has asked me to provide a proof of income even thou I no longer have a job and I told them I could provide them my husband’s certificate of employment and payslip. But they said this is not acceptable since I am the principal owner. They didn’t advise me what you have suggested above. I am not sure if they knew about it.

    We are both abroad and my husband is a foreigner. We can pay the monthly mortgage but not the inhouse term they are offering that’s why we chose pag-ibig setup.

    My question is, we can show them your site and provide them with applicable documents under unemployed section and this will be acceptable in Pag-ibig?

    Sorry for the long post.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Lynneth,

      I don’t get the whole picture. But I guess, you are right and the developer is also partly correct. This thing should have been explained to you before you even make your reservation fee (also known as Option Money).

      If Pag-IBIG can cover the loan you are asking, then that should not be the concern of the developer anymore since they will get the amount from Pag-IBIG.

      Your post is actually very informative and a lot of real estate buyers never have this idea.

  • Gabriel

    Hi. I work for a foundation as admin officer, and receiving a monthly allowance. there are only 3, of us in this admin office i am managing. also i am a publication coordinator for one christian publication that is not for sale. I also receive my allowance here. Can i continue my pag-ibig membership as voluntary member since my laSt employment was year 2000. If possible would like to upgrade my membership contribution too. What shall i present to pag ibig when filing my upgrading of membership. Can i also pay a total of 24 contribution so i could be entitled for a house loan? I know the lmpsum payment is extended until sept. 30.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Gabriel,

      There is a form a Pag-IBIG that allows you to shift from employee to self-employed and back. Please ask the staff is that is indeed extended and be prepared.

      But take note always: Just because you are qualified to apply doesn’t mean your loan can be granted. The best thing to do is really to look at your capacity to pay. Consider these:

      • Is your income steady and enough to pay for the monthly amortization?
      • Can you show some proof of income?
      • How long do you expect to be in that business/employment?

      These things will come into play when you apply for a loan.

  • shirley

    hi po..im from olongapo ask ko lang po if anu yung date ng deadline ng pagbabayad ng HDMF contribution for self employed ..may deadline po ba>

  • dan

    hi, my wife attended the housing loan counseling at atrium and was given that members verification slip. Is it possible that I will be the principal borrower instead of her. of course my name was not enlisted there although she has the application form now.thank you.will that work?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Dan,

      That’s possible is you are also a Pag-IBIG Member. Both the principal borrower and the co-borrower have to be members of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • marian

    what qualifies a waived company? quite confused because under voluntary membership, there is a classification of Self Paying employee (waived company) and pag-ibig requires COE with latest payslip for you to be a member. however, diba ang voluntary walang employer talaga.. iba pa yong self employed, i am more concerned who are qualified for self paying members and waived companies…

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Marian,

      Self-Employed and Self-paying members don’t need an employer counter part. Maybe you should consult another one of their staff, because — and I hate to say this — a lot of government employees are clueless about their jobs. Try asking another one or calling them over the phone.

  • Lynneth

    Hi Admin,

    Just to make things clear, I have a job when I purchased the property. I have given them my certificate of employment and payslip. This was last year 2009. But when 2010 arrives they need an updated one, that’s when I moved to another country with my husband. I have no job here yet so I cannot provide what they are asking.

    I have told them (developer) about the unemployed spouse they said it’s only for contributions and not for getting a loan. To which I don’t understand kasi you are paying as a member regardless of your status and yet you cannot get a loan also because of that status, even if you have the capacity to pay. Weird ey!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Lynneth,

      Yes you and the developer are both are correct. The weird part is that Pag-IBIG doesn’t make this very clear to all of its members. That’s the primary reason why this website also exist. To educate the readers and to the ins and outs of Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • marie

    I am hired as property manager of offices owned by a foundation based in US. Being the overall property manager, I receive a regular pay of P20,000/month but since our funding comes from US can i apply as voluntary member and upgrade my contribution based on what i really receive? Will i need a certification from my employer abroad to send me one to show the pag-ibig office? Thanks much. your page is so informative. I enjoy reading all your answers. much much better !

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Marie,

      I appreciate your liking the website.

      Since you are an employed locally, your employer (even if they are non-profit) should also enroll you to be a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund. It’s best if you can discuss this first with the management if they are ever aware of this.

  • Rogel Importado

    What is the requirement if I want my mom to be a member of Pag-IBIG I as she is only staying at home and my dad died? What are the requirements that I need to prepare or she needs to prepare in order to qualify for the membership?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Rogel,

      Please take another time to re-read this article. The process is there already.

  • amy

    can i continue my pag ibig membership as voluntary membership since my last employment & last contribution was September 2000. And now i would like to upgrade my membership contribution too. Can i only pay a total of 24 months contribution so i could be entitled for a housing loan restructuring program. I loan the property when i’m still employed. but i have arrears because of economic crisis we’re facing. and we need to enroll to a restructuring program to update the monthly amort.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Amy,

      Yes, you may still continue with your membership especially if you still would want to restructure the loan.

  • lhen

    Hi there! I just wanna ask kung puwede po ba mag aplay ng voluntary membership un mr. ko, ang work nya po ay fx driver, possible po ba un?? anu po ang mga requirements na need naming isubmit, thanks and hope to hear from you soon….

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Lhen,

      The short answer to your question is “Yes”.

      Please re-read the article for the requirements. You can then proceed to a Pag-IBIG Office near your place and fill up the membership.

  • mary ann dolbee

    hi tanong ko lang po, amerikano po ang asawa ko, sa amerika po sya nagwowork. kami po ng mga anak nya dito sa pinas nakatira. puwede po ba akong sumali sa pag ibig. puwede ho ba akong maka avail ng loan

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Mary Ann,

      It’s possible for you to become a member of Pag-IBIG. But to get a loan based on your status (unemployed), I’m sorry but you will have a hard time with Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

  • mary ann dolbee

    follow up po, hindi po ako nagwowork. 30 yrs old na po ako.

  • Kenneth Veradio

    Dear Sir,

    I just want to ask how can I apply as a member in PAGIBIG. I am recently working in Saudi Arabia. Can my Uncle in the Philippines apply in my behalf? Thank You

  • Mark Tagayon


    Just want to ask if I will be qualified enough to avail of PAGIBIG’s housing loan program? I am currently working as a self-paying employee waived by my company. Also, I have at least 30 monthly contributions before with my previous employers. I can provide the COE with Compensation, latest payslips, and Company ID. Much thanks.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Hi Mark,

    There are many factors to be considered when applying for a loan. You will know it if you can avail of the loan or not after you attend the seminar. Please do attend it.

  • Gary


    Just want to ask, I’ve been employed as a contractual employee in a gov’t institution for 2 and a half years. I was able to finish my contract with them and I wanted to know if I can pay now that I am self employed? How can I check the contributions that was paid during my stay with the gov’t institution? I still don’t have a pag-ibig number or id, how can I verify if they have been paying my contributions? Thanks and more power.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Gary,

      Please check the FAQ Page. This question has been addressed there.

  • Mark Tagayon

    OK. Thanks for the info. It’s just that I’ve let my wife attend the seminar for me. Thanks anyway.

  • http://pagibigmembbership georgia sawey

    hello po!isa lang po akong katulong dito sa singapore pwede po ba akong maging pagibig member kahit na ako.y isang dh lamang?

  • eloisa

    good day, my brother and sister in law are pag-ibig members before but since the resigned from their respective jobs they had ceased contributing with pag-ibig. they want to continue their contributions for the purpose of applying for a housing loan are they qualified to a avail of the loan? another thing is will pag-ibig give loan for purpose of buying a parcel of land?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The short answer to both questions is Yes.

  • jaime lorio

    im a member because of my previous work,im not working any more,how can i verify if i am a member?i dont have any ID or personal pagibig membership or what ever.can i verify my membership online?

  • bibopascual

    gusto ko po sanang kuhanan ng pag-ibig ang kakilala ko pwdi po bang ako nlang ang maglakad para sa kanya pra mkakuha din sya ng pag-ibig f ever pwdi po ano po ang dapat kung gawin. k.s.a. po kami more power god bless

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi BiboPascual,

      There are information that needs to be in place that only your friend knows. And no, it has to be him.

  • Roi Galang

    Hi Admin! Given the fact that all employees ought to be covered by PAG-IBIG, can I still apply for the self-paying/waived company category? My employer is still processing everything, but I need to be a member immediately.

    Also, just to verify, is the one-time 24-month contribution not valid anymore to make a loan? Why? What can be done instead? Thanks!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Roi,

      Yes, you can opt to pay as self-paying member, but why are you in a hurry to do it?

      You are right, the new rule (law) of Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow it anymore. But I think they are making a allowance for those who want to avail it. It’s better if u will know your chances first of getting a loan before doing it.

  • lee

    dear admin,

    automatic ba na naconsolidate ang contributions ng members once they have a new employer. If not, what should be done to update all the contributions. thanks

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Please request the Pag-IBIG to have it consolidated. Their system is kind of low tech in this area.

  • Gladys M

    Hi Admin,

    My realtor said they do not accept Pag-ibig financing. Is this legal? I’m planning to re-finance our home from in-house to Pa-ibig.


    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Gladys,

      There is nothing illegal about the developer not accepting Pag-IBIG Financing. Your other option would be to use bank financing.

  • Ariane

    Gud day,ask ko lang po kung paano maverify kung member ako ng pagibig fund wala po kc ako id khit member number pro s company pngtrabahuhan ko nun,naghuhulog s pagibi fund

  • Gladys

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for the response. Plan A is bank-financing but someone advised me to try Pag-ibig housing loan through individual filing. Do you think this will work?


  • neil

    Student palang po ako e.. pwede po ba ako magpamember?

  • Jomar


    I found these site very interesting especially for those who wants to be a members like me. I want to apply as a member but unfortunately I am unemployed. What are the specific requirements for membership? I am from Marikina so I can have my complete requirements before going to Gil Puyat in Makati.

    Thanks and more power to you. -_-“

  • thelma

    hi ask ko lang po may housing loan na po ako and nawalan me ng work so i applied for self employed para macontinue yung contribution ko for housing loan.pero namiss ko po ang pagbayad ng monthly contribution ko for 6 months na akala ko kasi pwede bayaran ng 6 months pero inactive na daw yung account ko,paano ba ito madedefault ba yung loan ko? need help…i’m really worried malaki na po gastos ko sa bahay na niloan ko…pls. help…

  • thel

    hi all..please help me with my problem that bothers me much.I have a housing loan and this was when I still have job but now I’m unemployed so I filed selfemployed to continue my congtribution with PagIbig.But I miss monthly payments,i was behind payments for six months now.As far as I know kasi I can still pay it within six(bi-annually)months.but when I went to pagibig to pay my contribution,deactivated na daw yung account ko.my question is,macacancell po ba yung housing loan ko though on time naman monthly amortization ko? madedefault po ba to due to this reason only? ano dapat pong gawin para d magsuffer yung loan ko,malaki na gastos ko dito at di naman fair na ganito mangyayari.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Hi Gladys,

    As long as the documents are there, it’s always possible to use Pag-IBIG Financing.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Hi Jomar,

    Please browse around the website for the document requirements.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Hi Thelma,

    I don’t understand what they mean by deactivated account. YOur account will never be deactivated unless you reach the maturity period or during retirement. Maybe what the staff is trying to say is, your property has already been foreclosed. Please ask for clarifications.

  • thelma


    it’s sad to hear that after all the hardships and expenses i have,and now for just a simple reason my housing loan will be foreclosed.i think this is not fair .is there any exception i could make so this foreclosure will not go through?i paid my monthly amortization on time…i just don”t have any idea that the contribution needs to be updated quarterly and not semi-annually. please help…thanks

  • andy

    hi! i am still paying my equity sa developer which will end by march next year. i am planning to resign from my current employer and will transfer to another company by january. Will it affect the approval of my housing loan? kc db dinedependahan ung net disposable income? so wlang problema dun if pareho lng. but how about ung length ng stay s company? thanks.

  • jiji

    good day what are the spicific requirements for the voluntary membership?

  • http://marites1034.bravejournal.com Marites

    @Ariane: It’s easy to verify your membership with the Fund. Prepare the list of your employment history, go to the nearest Pag-IBIG Branch and have your name (full name including middle name) verified of any contributions. If you had previous employers, request for the merging of your contributions from the previous employers to your current one.

  • Julius Belen

    Hi, Good Day po.. Pagkatapos ko mabasa yung list ng type ng members, masasabi kong nasa pagitan ako ng 2 & 5, kasi self employed ako pero wala naman akong ITR, masasabi kong professional ako pero wala akong BAR/PRC license, wala din akong SEC or DTI Registration kasi wala namang akong business at dahil dyan wala din akong Business/Mayors permit. Gusto ko kasi sana hulugan uli yung Pagibig ko from my previous company. Actually 2years ago nagwowork ako sa isang company kaya nagkaron ako ng Pagibig pero after ko mawala dun hindi na uli ako nakapag contribute, pero ngayon plano ko ng maging active uli. Pano po ba ito? Kasi mukhang di ko mamemeet yung requirements pero sure akong kaya ko magcontribute at plano ko sana lakarin yung mga papers ko sa Pagibig and SSS next week. Please help. Thanks

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Hi Julius,

    Actually you can continue paying for your membership anytime. But if you are planning to get a loan, bear in mind that you will be asked to show some proof of income.

  • teofilo b manuel jr

    dear sir/madam,

    ang aking asawa po ay walang trabaho,gusto ko po syang maging member,ako po ay member na ng pag ibig,may pag asa po ba syang maging member at papano?

  • Julius Belen

    ah so, pwede ko ng continue yung previous contribution ko without changing my status from employed to self-employed?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      You will to fill-up a form as self-employed / voluntary member. An employee is different because there is an employer counter-part of the contribution.

  • reymund an

    ask ko lng po kng pwedi n poh ako mag housing loan dati n po akong may pag ibig d2 po ako now s qatar ilan contribution po b para maka pag housing loan balak ko [po kc pag uwi ko uli mag apply ng loan.thanks

  • Julius Belen

    ah ok… maraming salamat po…. ayusin ko na sya next week.

  • romel

    Good day po sa inyo,

    nais ko pong maging member ng pag-ibig, magknao po ang minimum na contribution para sa self employed. kumikita po ako ng nasa 20k p/month., saka meron din po ba kyong car loan?

    salamat po sa inyong tugon..

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Hi Romel,

      There is no car loan at Pag-IBIG.

  • Ariane

    Gud day p0.
    Ask ko lang po,voluntary po ako ngco2ntribute s pag-ibig.,kaso po hndi ko po nabayadan un month ng sep.-nov. pwede ko pdin po b byadan yung mga na-missed n m0nth?
    Thank you po

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Ariane: There is no need for you to do that. Just pay for the succeeding months to have you account activated again.

  • rhona

    good eve po. ask q lng po f pwede po ba aq pagpamember sa pagibig as a voluntary member… my tindahan po ako kaso wla nmang business permit ok lng po b un?

  • Rhoda J. Formalejo

    I was unemployed for almost 5 years and lost my pag-ibig id. Unfortunately, i also couln’t remember my pag-ibig number. Could i possibly inquire my pag-ibig number on this post? What are the documents needed to apply for another id? Thank you.

  • Ariane

    Thank you po s info.pero pwede ko po kya byadan yun oct.-dec.thru quarterly basis?and one more thing po,hindi po ba natanggap ang landbank ng voluntary contribution?kasi po ngpunta po ako sa landbank dito s mlapit samin pra mgbyad pero loan payment lang daw po yung tnatanggap nila.
    Sana po msgot nyo parehas yun tanong.thank you po

  • rey

    Hi there! I am presently working in KSA and it is my first time to be an OFW,thus, it is very much appreciated if you can answer my queries:

    1. Where to i can download or get the Overseas Filipino Workers (reactivating members)MDF or voluntary member form.

    2. What is the difference between Latest Contract of Employment and
    Latest and valid Contract of Employment (with POEA original stamp)?

    3. What is Certificate of Remittance or ESAV and where i can get it?

    4. Do it need to be all original?

    Looking forward to receive your positive answer. Thanks!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      1. It can be downloaded from the official website of Pag-IBIG which is at http://www.pagibigfund.gov.ph

      2. The one you have from you current employer.

      3. You may get it from the remittance company (Western Union, your bank, etc) or simply keep your stabs / deposit slips.

      4. Keep the original with you always. But sometimes you will be asked to provide original, so to be safe you original should have at least two copies.

  • Roan

    Hi I am unemployed now where can i pay my pag ibig loan? what are the details (for example acount #) i need so i can pay it without interest? how many days or weeks will it be considered as delinquent? thanks

  • http://www.yahoo.com jomel nas

    hi ask ko lang po kung anu requirements sa pag apply ng pag-ibig membership? isa po akong tricycle driver and operator.tnx!!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Jomel: Please proceed to the nearest Pag-IBIG Office and there are forms there that you need to fill-up. Also don’t forget to ask for a checklist of requirements.

  • kathleen

    Hello!! I’m Kathleen.. I am planning to be a member of pag ibig but I don’t have a regular job.. I am just working as an English tutor, sometimes. Anyways, I’m still interested here.. how can I produce the following requirements or where can I get these:

    •Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with Financial Statement of the previous year certified by a CPA
    •Certificate of Remittance/ESAV (for old members)
    •SEC or DTI Registration (should be under the member’s name)

    please response immediately, I would want to process this ASAP.Thanks.

  • abie

    hi! Im so confused. Just like to ask why do I need to wait until 6 months to apply for loan even if I had a total of 24 monthly contribution frm my prev employers? Then, wait again til they approve it? I have a part-time job only. What if I paid for 6 months as self-employed then after that I don’t have a work already, they won’t approve my loan even if i am able to pay for that? (ex. I have diff source of income frm my mother w/c I can’t declare). Need your help. Thanks!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Abie: You may be able to pay the monthly dues, but most financial institutions like Pag-IBIG Fund, would rather have some proof of it. And by proof, it means you have to provide financial documents. Unfortunately, your other income sources are considered undocumented so that makes it difficult for them to believe in your capacity to pay.

  • eva

    gusto ko na po bitawan ang housing loan ko, me 7 months arrears po ako sa payment, pwede po ba gamitin ang pagibig contribution ko as payment sa housing loans ko.

    tnx ng marami.

  • eva

    or if meron pong interested na magassume sa loan ko or di po kaya ay bumili ng property, welcome po kayo.

    row house po ang property sa woodlane subd, imus cavite.

    tnx a lot po.

  • Rose

    hi po sa inyo!magtanong lang po ako at sana masagot ninyo ako.i’m working abroad for 10 years na at may nabili napo akong properties ko at pullypaid napo lahat.ngayon po balak ko po nag mag apply ng loan sa pag ibig to start a small buessines pag balik ko ng pinas by march next year.matatanggap po kaya ako ng pag ibig?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      Rose: First thing first. Are you an active member of the Pag-IBIG Fund?

  • cel

    hi po ask ko po kc my housing loan ako on processing po sya eh stop po ako this month ng work pano po yon maddisaproved po b un housing loan ko pro next month po ay mag work nko ulet paano po un ano po ang dapat kong gawin,

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  • Ayub Agga Tulete Jr.

    Hi ADMIN,

    I am a member of PAG-IBIG Fund with Self Employed Contribution in Zamboanga City. Now, OFW na ako working in Qatar, How can I drop my Monthly contribution and Housing Loan Payment direct to PAG-IBIG here in Qatar?

  • fe rosiether b. balaga

    ask ko lng po ,pwede po ba kaming mag-apply ng asawa ko ng voluntary membership?may sarili po kaming tricycle na bumabyahe araw2x at ako po ay wla pong work nasa bahay lng po..

  • Elenita Hila

    Hi Good day, I’ve got my membership pag ibig number here in London, but no contribution yet, im on a student visa and we are not allowed to have a full time work, i just work part time, and living here foe 3 years, so when I asked the Pag Ibig staff what focument needed, she asks for employment certificate which I cannot provide. My question is in which category can I fit into? Can I apply for voluntary ? My husband is a member for 3 months, but not he doesnt have work, what options can we do to be a member? Im coming home this March 2011, please do help us, we just purchased lot and planning to build a simple house..Many thanks waiting for immediate response.

  • yzza

    hi good day… ask ko lng sana how me and my husband can continue our pag ibig contribution? from june 2005 – march 2008 we are employed in a private company there in the philippines,on that period we are an active contributor. We left the country from april 2008 up to present. Ano na po kaya status naming mag asawa?? can we reactivate our pagibig so we can continue our contribution for any future plans??? Please advise us. Thanks

  • Michelle Fernandez

    ask ko lang po kung anong remittance form pag magbabayad ng voluntary.Thanks

  • Dennis

    Ask lang po me. about online filing of application on calamity loan.. ilang day’s po ba sya ma kuha?

  • marichelleferrer

    ask kolang po pag nag self employee member po ako makaka avail po ba ako ng housing loan nyo po?

  • cecil sicad


    i would like to inquire kasi i used to work for a university tapos ang contribution ko dati ay 400 at 100 by the employer. last contribution was feb 2009. can i still reactivate my account paying the same total amount of 500?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


    You may send your payment directly at any Pag-IBIG Office here in the Philippines or through the partner banks.

    Anyone can become a voluntary member, so yes you both can.

    Please check on the articles about the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program because you may belong to that category.

    You may check your status at any Pag-IBIG Office and to re-activate, you simply pay for your contributions again.

    You may pay directly over the counter of the Pag-IBIG Office or through bank deposits.

    Please followup on your application from time to time.



  • ian remoto


    im not a member of PAG IBIG but my mom is,

    pwede ko po bang gamitin ang memebership nya for me to make a loan.

    i myself have a house and lot and currently just started a small business.

    but unfortunately wala pa ko ng mga nec, requirements to be a member.

    thank u hope for your quick reply.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Please remember that only active members may apply for a loan. You may ask your mom to loan for you.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com/articles/2010/voluntary-membership-to-pag-ibig-fund-the-self-employed-freelancers-and-non-employees/ kristina diaz

    hi may ques lng po . i have pagibig account b4 my last contibution was 2009. now im working abroad and planning to continue my pagibig. pwde po ba un or bibigyan nla ko ng new account num dat i will start from scratch again? tpos is it better to ask my mom to pay pagibig contributions sa pinas nlng or dto sa embassy nmn sa brunei they also have pagibig. concern ko kse baka mas mhrapan ako procesing my loan if im paying it outside the country. any help? thank you

  • grace

    gud day po pwede po magtanong kung pwede ba mag housing loan ang self employed?

  • Kristine Ricafort

    Hi ask ko lng isang OFW po ako gusto ko magapply ng pagibig housing loan paano po b? dto nko nkahanap ng work sa kuwait dna ako dumaan sa agency ang meron lng ako hawak salary certificate ko dto sa pinagttrbahuan ko ok lng b un? ano ano b dapat ko gawin?pls help me thanks.

  • Kristine

    magkano po ba mag member at magkano po ba ang magpa member ng pagibig

  • Jen Cruz

    saan po nakakakuha ng affidavit of unemployment? pwede pa rin po ba ako mag aaply for Pag ibig housing loan kahit na unemployed ako at the moment?

  • Ruby Ana Francisco

    may small business po ako. pero di pa nakakuha business permit. im paying voluntarily. can i avail po ba ng housing loan?? please answer naman po.. thanks..

  • Ruby Ana Francisco

    ang husband ko po pala member din ng pag ibig at employed po sya sir. ano po ba ang advice nyo po to avail of the housing loan? t.y.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    @kristina: You don’t have to do it again. By simply contributing anew, you will automatically activate your account. But please don’t forget to request from Pag-IBIG to merge your contributions. It’s best if you can do your loan application here in the Philippines.

    @grace: Yes sure, they are allowed.

    @Kristine: Please read first the articles especialy about the membership and the housing loan process.

    @Jen: Remember that the most important factor for getting a loan is your capacity to pay. If you are unemployed or you don’t have any source of income, naturally you wil be denied a loan.

    @Ruby: You need to show them that you have the means of paying the loan. This means your income statements, payslips, etc.

  • http://yahoo holywenda cambalon

    i want to inquire if im intitle to be a member of pag-ibig and later on can avail a housing loan .im a registered nurse ,10 yrs dependent here in saudi arabia, my husband s a foreigner,im not working but ican pay the required amount of for contribution in pag-ibig and which my husband monthly salary s more than enough to pay if i will loan for housing.i already bought a lot 230sq. meter residential in my name last 2005 and im planning to build a house.my husband canafford it but i dont want to be zero balance especially saving for the future of my son going to college. we r going for vacation on june inthe phil.is it acceptable to pay the total amount for 24 months as contribution?

  • maricris delacruz

    im working in a call center nagkakapoblema ung company namin sa pag babayad ng pagibig minsan delayed sila magremit can i simply pay my on cortibution?

  • maricris delacruz

    my contribution is already 23 months kasi ung employer ko di ba ng babayad for feb 2011 can i simply pay my contribution for feb para makaloan ako?

  • josh

    im employed as IC or Independent contractor of a call center, and we need to pay are own contribution pag-ibig sss and philhealt…. need some tips as soon as possible so can start paying my contribution… reply asap plssss

  • Alma Regina Sta.Maria

    tumatanggap po ako ng monthly remittance mula sa father ko working abroad,paano po ako magiging instant member ng pag-ibig,gusto ko pong mag-apply for housing loan,anu-ano po ang mga requirements…I am 21 years old…

  • irene tolentino


  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I think the best option for you is to simply use Bank Financing. Don’t go anymore into the hassle of joining Pag-IBIG, because, in your case, it’s a lot more complicated.

    Please understand that some companies are delayed with their payments due to the bulf of work they have to do especially on a large number of employees. You may want to do it, but make sure that your employer’s contribution is there. Please coordinate with your employer on how to go about it.

    I’ll write a separate article on that one.

    Please take note that your monthly remittance can’t be considered your salary. You’ll be surprised if you are denied a housing loan application if that is your source of income.

  • honey

    will i be approved for a loan of P750K if my income is P10K?

  • lee marie

    where can i get the affidavit for unemplyment?

  • Markie

    Im currently unemployed. My last date of employement was nov last year. Ive had 6 years worth of contributions. While waiting for my new employment, can I apply for a salary loan? if so, is there anything i need to pay upfront since i am currently unemployed. thank u.

  • JayM

    To admin, Ask ko lang po kung paano ang process kung halimbawa gusto
    kong lakihan ang monthly contribution ko, I am an employee and basically ung kinakaltas para sa Pag-ibig contirbution is the minimum one. Meron po bang mga forms or documents na kailangan ifill-up?

  • lee

    6 months pa lang ako naghuhulog sa pag-ibig tapos nahinto since 2007 and present wala akong work marereactivate ko ba yung pag-ibig ko as voluntary member?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Please refer to the article that discusses about Income and Loan Amount. There is a Table of Income there that you can use.

    From a lawyer.

    Please take note that Pag-IBIG is not into some kind of unemployment insurance / benefit. So, in short, that’s not possible.

    You can simply add an extra amount to your current contribution. You don’t need to sign anything.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, that you are highly encouraged that you continue with your contributions.

  • elmer

    hi po gustu q po kz mghaus loan i think 2 yirs ndin aq nghuhulog pero putol putol sxa iba iba company kz napasukan q, and now d2 aq abroad, consider d na ulit nkakahulog, pero gustu q ulit ituloy consider din ba ung mga nahulog q na dati na 2 yirs or back to start aq ulit para mkapagloan,,tnx po

  • elmer

    kailangan po bang straight na hulog ung 2 yirs or pgtinuloy q mkakasama sa bilang ung mga dati q na naihulog? pwede q din ba ipaasikaso sa relatives un kung sakali kz nasa abroad aq,? tnx po sa tym

  • cheerlyn

    hi po ask lng po ako kasi member na po ako nung nagwork pa ako sa company last 2002 to 2006 at naka try na rin akong magloan ng salary..gusto ko po kasing e activate ung membership status q.pag e activate ba may kakailanganin pang mga documents ?o anu ba dapat ang gawin?naa sa labas ng bansa po ako ngayun..thanks for the tym

  • mace

    pwede ko po ba ayusin yung pagibig contribution ng asawa ko? at ako din maghuhulog kasi nasa barko siya e..para habang wala siya maayos ko na. gusto nya po kasi mag housing loan.. ilan buwan ba dapat ang ma contribute nya para ma qualify?.. may dati din po siya na loan na mga 4thou lang naman kasi bgla nagsara yung pinapasukan nya so d na nya nahulugan hanggang naka abroad d nya na naituloy.. babayaran po ba ng buo un kapag nag start uli cya mag contribute?

  • sharon

    good day. can a church worker can be a pag-ibig fund voluntary member? what will be the requirements? thank you.

  • http://none Maribel Andres

    what are the requirements to be able to get a pag ibig number? Im want a volluntary member?

  • chloe

    Hi Admin;

    Ofw po ako im planning to avail a Pag-ibig housing loan actually 2009 ako naging member pero 6mos palang binayaran ko I think I only need to pay 18mos contribution in order to avail the loan.Ang tanong ko po if ever I’ll be granted the loan tas after a year umuwi ako sa Pinas pero continuous pa rin ang payment and contribution ko thru the help of my siblings,ok lang po ba na set up ito? Im pretty confident na walang magiging problema sa payment kasi yun ang arrangement namin.Yung lupa po kasi ay ancestral property namin na transfer lang sakin yung title pero mga kapatid ko ang nakatira dun.Im planning to settle down and stay in the Philippines for good hopefully but Im afraid after say 3yrs eh mag update ang pag-ibig at hingan ako ng employment record.Baka matulad ako sa isang poster dito na kahit kaya namang magbayad pero hindi employed.

  • chloe

    hello again, i went to Pag-ibig in my base country and according to them I cant avail the loan coz my contribution is not updated.I missed out jan-march akala ko kasi just like SSS dito puedeng balikan or bayaran yung.They said that since I paid this April, I must continuously pay to complete 24mos.In March 2012 I can already avail the loan.Is this accurate? Yesterday day I paid April- Sept and I plan to pay Oct2011-May2012 at once ok lang ba ito?
    Another question, kasi napa authenticate ko na ang contract ko yesterday pero March 29 2011 ang nakalagay doon, is it still valid if I will submit it next year?
    I would appreciate your answer to my question :)

  • Nylena

    good day. Ano pong requirements kung voluntary member po. I am planning to get housing loan po sana. I am single, no dependent. BPO-Freelancer po ako. May I know kung magkano po ang contribution para maavail ko po ang housing loan po. Thanks po..


    hi!ask ko lng if what is the best way.how to be a member in pag-ibig.coz now im currently working here in saudi arabia as ofw.and can i ask also if there was a very near branches or agent by the pag-big here at my place in aljouf saudi arabia.thanks and im waiting for your response

  • rowena

    hi..magtanong lang…ako ay hindi member ng pag-ibig at walang job..yong asawa ko lang ang mayroon earn..gusto ko sanang kumuha ng pag-ibig housing loan..paano ba yon?thanks..

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    The difficult part is during the loan application phase. Once your loan is granted, Pag-IBIG will not anymore bother unless you default on your payments.

    And yes, they are right on those requirements. Take note that you will be required to update your income documents when you apply for a loan.

    The best thing you can do is to apply as a self-employed and make sure that your income is documented. You need to show them
    that you have a documented income for the past 2 years before Pag-IBIG grants you the loan.

    As to the amount, please check this article on Income vs Loan Amount.

    It doesn’t have to be straight 24 months, but you have to be an active member to avail of the Pag-IBIG Home Loan.

    To activate, you only have to contribute anew.

    You can simply continue paying for your husband’s contributions.

    Yes, of course. Please visit your nearest Pag-IBIG Office you will need to sign a form there that you can take with you.

    Same reply with Sharon above.

    Please check this Pag-IBIG Overseas Directory.

    I think your husband should do it. One of the important requirements for the loan is the income.

  • nins

    Hi, I just like to ask where can I pay my pag ibig loan? I am unemployed since february 2011. Thank you!

  • camil

    good day..i’m an optometrist and i have a clinic, eversince i didn’t have any employee or assistant..am i required to be a member of pag-ibig because i don’t want to since i’m not earning that much, i can’t afford to add up to the expenses..i called their hotline and they told me that i have to register..hope you can enlighten me on this matter..ty

  • Marie

    hello..Locally employed po ako..Nag apply ako ng loan sa Pag-big at Approved na po ang Lot Loan Application. Binigyan na po ng Letter of Guarantee ang developer. Kaya lang hindi pa natapos ang Transfer of Title to my name that’s why hindi pa na release ang check. On the process pa sya until now, sabi ng developer.Ngayon po, natanggap po ako ng work sa abroad, Aalis na po ako first week of June.Obviously, hindi ko na mahihintay. Ano po ang gagawin ko? Pwede po ba akong mag authorize ng asawa ko to continue my loan application para sya na lng po ang tatanggap ng check in my behalf? Please advise me..Thank you.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    If you have a bookkeeper he/she should be able to explain the details. Normally, you should not be required to register as business since you are a self-employed and practicing professional, with no employee whatsoever.

    Yes, you are correct. Please ask your developer and Pag-IBIG to give you their respective SPA forms so you can sign those and leave them with your wife.

    You may pay it over the counter or from one of the partner collection agencies.

  • Rhyan

    Good morning po.
    I am the member of pag ibig also ,I want to apply a housing ng loan tru pag ibig.But my colleague said, I need to reach the age of 30 para maka pag avail ako ng housing loan.
    Another question po, How many months ang pag process ng pag ibig housing loan kapag mag aapply?

    Maraming salamat po.

  • Marie

    so I need to inform PAG-IBIG that I am resigning from my current employer and goint to work abroad…Do I need to submit additional requirements since I am not locally employed anymore?

  • clariss

    hello poh ahm ang husband q pois member ng pag ibig since 2007 pero almost 1 yr n poh xa d nkkpaghulog eh nsa taiwan n poh xa ngaun pwede nya poh b ulit ituloy nya ang paghuhulog …. at pwede poh b kmi magloan para magkabahay??? salamat poh

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes. One of requirements is for the borrower to be an actively contributing member at the time of loan application.

    Yes, you have to prepare those documents before you leave for work abroad. And also, Pag-IBIG may require you to submit your employment / income documents in the future so make sure you are able to request it from your employer abroad.

    The age requirement being 30 is not true, so please don’t ask your colleague again for Pag-IBIG related questions. The housing loan maybe released in a matter of 3 weeks assuming everything is going well.

  • spark

    gling po aqo x govt. from 1995 to 2011 p aqo…nakautang n p aqo dti salary loan nung 2009 or 2010 po un..ang alm q m outstanding p aqo n ndi p byad..pag ngindividual payor po b aqo ngyon….makakautang po b aqo uli ng mpl or salary? mga mgkano po kya? ibbwas p rin po b ung dting utang q? maraming salamat po….

  • maribel

    ask ko lng if pwede ba ko magloan para sa pag-renovate ng house? nandito ko now sa kuwait and plan ko na magbakasyon this Dec.pra din ayusin ko pag ibig membership ko,but last payment ko if im not mistaken siguro 2007 pa and hindi continous kasi contructual lng work ko.now gusto ko i continue paghuhulog ko.ano ba dapat gawin at maavail ko ba ang loan na un.
    Maraming salamat..

  • Pinky

    Hi Good day,
    My question po is next year April 2012 i’m already a POP member for 24 months which I am already paid until Oct.this year. Pwede po ba ako or qualified po ba ako to apply ng housing loan next year to purchase a residential lot? Approximately i am looking for 3M. My monthly contribution is 1,500 pesos and how long is the processing for a loan. I live in Canada and we’re planning to go home in the Phils next year for vacation which we’re planning to buy a residential lot that we really like and plan to build our house someday. My husband is also a POP member and he is making the same contribution every month. We are both dual citizen. If possible I just prefer that the loan is just under my name. Thank you.

  • Joanne

    Good morning,

    ask ko lang po if pa nag voluntary member po ung mother ko, kelangan pong bayaran ung 2 years na contrbution? or kelangan lang po un pra makapag avail sya ng loan? Thank you.

  • Ver Garcia

    Good day!
    Gusto ko lang po magtanong tungkol sa SPA ng Pag-ibig. Kailangan bang nakalagay kaming dalawa ng husband ko sa SPA na ipanotarized sa embassy considering ako lang nmn ang member at sa akin din nakapangalan ang lot title since naacquire ko iyon nong dalaga pa ako? Kasi sa form ng Pag-ibig may nakalagay po doon na marital consent nag sign naman po don yong husband ko pero ayaw nilang tanggapin kc dapat daw may SPA din yong husband ko para sa Atty in fact ko. Is this right?

  • gian yap

    hi! i would like to ask tungkol sa loan ko year 2007 kung magkano na ang interest after 4 years na nakalipas? gusto ko sana babayaran ang loan ko voluntarily since i am no longer working now. thank u in advance.

  • leciram

    Hi po.
    OFW po ako.
    member ako since 2005 sa PAG-IBIG.
    Gusto ko sana mg apply ng housing loan.
    Possible po na bayaran ko in lump sum yung buong 2009 na kulang ko.
    Bayad na ako ngaun taon
    Buong 2009 lang ang hindi ko nabayaran.
    Kung ang basehan kasi dapat nk 24 months.

    Salamat po

  • elizabeth geonzon

    pnu po kmi mkkaavail ng housing loan ng aswa ko ofw po cia at nsa kanya po lhat ng documents tpos po d pa nia po alam ung dti niang membership no.dti po kc cinag merchandizer d2 pero d po nmin naitabi ung membershi no nia.pls reply po sna need ko po advise nio thanks po god bless u

  • elizabeth geonzon

    pnu po kmi mkkaavail ng housing loan ng aswa ko ofw po cia at nsa kanya po lhat ng documents tpos po d pa nia po alam ung dti niang membership no.dti po kc cinag merchandizer d2 pero d po nmin naitabi ung membershi no nia.pls reply po sna need ko po advise nio thanks po god bless u

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    First you need to check the status of your husband’s membership by going to the Pag-IBIG Office. Then make sure you can re-activate his membership to the Fund.

    I think you can apply now.

    Please check it at the Pag-IBIG branch where you got the loan.

    If you got this property while you were still single, then you should get the SPA where there is no need for your husband’s signature. Unless, you updated your marital status at their records. Nevertheless, if having your husband sign it will
    not be a problem, then maybe you should just go with what they require.

    Yes… But take note, your mom has to have a source of income to be granted a home loan.

    The answer is Yes to all of your questions.

    Please update your contributions because that’s one of the requirements.

    Is this a Pag-IBIG Loan? If yes, then Pag-IBIG will simply take your TAV in payment of your MPL Loan.

  • leciram

    Thank you for your reply,
    Correction/addition sa query ko po,
    November 2008-June 2010 ang hindi ko nahulugan.(18 months)
    Pero binayaran ko na lahat hanggang December 2011. except yung 18 months na yun
    Member ako since 2005.
    Possible pa rin na mg apply for housing loan.

    Tumawag din ako dito PAG-IBIG sa Doha to ask them if pwde ko bayaran in lump sum yung gap na yun sabi hindi na daw pwde?

    Please advice.


  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    In general, you can’t really make up for the missed payments, but you can pay in advance for the future payments. As long as you have already been contributing at least 24 months and you are actively contributing by the time you apply for a housing loan, that’s it.

  • leciram

    Thanks! Admin, Katatawag ko lang sa PAG-IBIG dito sa DOHA.
    Sabi nila Hindi pa daw ako pwde magkapagloan.
    Kahit pa nkpaghulog ako dati pa.March 2005-2008 October
    Ang basis daw dapat active and current ka nghuhulog sa PAG-IBIG which covers 24months na.
    Sinabi ko, may lapse ako ng 18months November 2008-June 2010.
    Paid na rin ako hanggang December 2011.
    Yun lang ang hindi ko nabayaran.

    Ang sabi ng developer naman pwde daw ako mkpgloan bsta complete lng ng ESAV, basta naka 24months na, which is exceed na ako sa 24months kung sum up lahat contributions ko.

    Please advice if pwde ba ako mkpg housing loan or not.

    Salamat ng marami.

  • spark

    …yes sir….pagibig loan po. so bayad n po b aqo dun sz nautang ko n un? at pwede n po aqo magapply ng voluntary contribution ngyon…pra mkautang po uli aqo?



  • http://facebook dory

    ask my pag ibig number? how to get my #…………

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    In that case, maybe you can ask for an assistance from your developer to get a housing loan. They should be able to give you some options to make it easy on your part.

    There’s no guarantee that your loan will be granted, but you can apply at your branch.

    What do you mean “naka-depende sa asawa”? Please take note that if you
    have no means of income, you will not be able to get a Housing Loan.

    Please try to personally request it at the branch.

  • spark

    …dear admin sabi dun sa branch sa lawton bgo daw aqo makautang uli eh klangan mkahulog uli aqo ng 6 consecutive contribution ko ngyon under sa bago kong ststus na voluntary contribution. admin pwde ko po bang byaran ung 6 months na un 200/month bale 1,200.00 para makautang uli ako sa kahit na anong loan na pwede sa akin? maraming salamat admin!!!

  • jeff

    hi admin,

    pumunta ako kanina sa pagibig branch, tinanong ko ung pagibig# ko, binigay sakin temporary id#? 1.baket temporary? 6 months pa lang kase ung contribution ko from my current company and meron na akong previous companies since 2007, 2.kailangan ba ipamerge ko mga accounts ko?
    3. kelan ba nagiging active and inactive and isang member? 4. kapag ba new company automatically temporary account k? sorry po ang dami kong tanong.

  • shella

    hi! pwd na ba ako magstart magstart na mag file ng housing loan ko kahiy na po ala papo ung title sa akin?kasi under process palang po ung title?tnx & more power

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes you are right.

    Please ask them to consolidate your past contibutions with your current one. You should already have an ID considering you have been a member for quite a long time already. You become inactive once you fail to pay for your monthly membership contribution.

    Yes you can. But be careful: You may be loaning your own money if that’s the case.

  • aimee panliboton

    ano po requirment para mag member at saan ako pweding pumuntang branch,

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    If you are locally employed that should be easy. Your employer can take care of that. Otherwise, please re-read this article another time. It’s intended for self-paying members.

  • jeff

    thanks admin for the reply

    mali pala ung term ko, hindi temporary id# kundi hdmf id# ung nakuha ko pero nakuha ko na ung pagibig id number ko. ask ko lang and
    correct me if im wrong, bawat company has their own hdmf id# right?
    so for example 3 company ka nagwork, tatlong hdmf id# un?

    kaya ba pinapamerge ung accounts kase dapat ung mga hdmf id# should be under your pagibig id#?

  • aimee panliboton

    hi po wala po kc ako trabho pero may kakayanan naman po ako mag byad,pwedi po b ako magmember,

  • mevelyn

    hello po,

    hindi pa po ako memeber sa pag ibig but i have a plan po pero self employed lang po I’m a student but may konting business po.ask ko lang po sana every month po ba mag huhulog sa pag ibig? after 2 years po ba pwede na po ba ako makapag loan? yung ma loloan ko po ba it depends ba dun sa mga contributions ko po? kasi gusto ko po tlga bumiuli ng lupa pero sabi po nila if self employed ka kung mas malaki ang contributions mo every month mas malaki daw ang ma lo loan mo after 2 years at pwede rin daw housing loan or lot or money loan.is it true po ba? pls need your concern po tnx Godbless

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Good question Jeff. First, HDMF or Home Development Mutual Fund is another word for Pag-IBIG. You’re right about the companies having their own Pag-IBIG Number. I think it has to do with record filing. You see, Pag-IBIG Fund Started accepting membership even before the advent of computerized systems, and therefore having ID Numbers was not yet in place. If that’s the case of record keeping, eventually you will run into a problem of tracking membership records and transactions. And if you figure out the number of members, that means a lot of headaches.

    Yes, you can be member under the voluntary membership program.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I think you’ve raised a lot of good points there. Are you still a student? You must be brilliant for rasing such questions. :-)

    First, you need to know that for sel-employed, you have to shoulder all the membership contributions. That is, there’s no employer contter-part,
    unlike the case of employees.

    About your loan amount entitlement…

    1. For the Multi-Purpose Loan, the loan amount is dependent on your contributions. The longer you are and the more contributions, the bigger the loan amount you can get. But that’s really like borrowing your own money. FOr the details on MPL Loan, please check this link:


    2. For the housing loan, the most important factor that determines the loan amount is your source of income. Being self-employed, it is very important that you can demonstrate a documented income that you can show when you apply for a housing loan. Please check this link for a detailed explanation:


    I hope this helps.

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  • shamel

    Good morning po! pag ibig member po ako since july 2008, my last contribution was october 2009, nagresign na po ko ng november 2009 at employed ako ngayon sa isang american-based company, since wala nman po silang office dito satin so offshore worker(work from home) po nila ko , im planning po to continue my contributions from the months I left, gusto ko po sana malaman kung pwede ako mag avail ng housing loan, kahit wala po ko maipepresent na latest ITR, I am paid monthly thru Paypal, I also have COE from my employer. and I have all my Paypal receipt.
    Thank you very much. looking forward for your reply :)

  • joje

    Good day po! im 29 yrs old at isa po akong voluntary member ng pag-ibig, ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba ako maka avail ng housing loan? job order employee lang po ako ngayon sa isang government office dito sa amin. my sister is in abroad at willing po syang tumulong to pay the monthly ammortization kung saka sakali man pong maka pag avail ako. pwede po ba yun admin? pls advice po. thank you!

  • http://yahoo,com Maria

    gud pm…ask ko lang po kung kung possible ba akong maging member ng pag ibig?voluntary lang ako.i want to pay in my own..plss answer me

  • http://yahoo,com Maria

    iteresado po talaga kaming husband ko na magpa member sa pag ibig..pwede po ba kahit wala akong work.. may kakayahan naman kaming magbayad kasi pensioner na ung husband ko from holland..ty
    hope you can help me

  • Lito Carino

    Good Day! i just want to ask if i can pay my contribution as voluntary? and is there a form that i need to sign for me to pay my contribution? and if i can pay my contribution at any land bank branch?


  • Echad

    hi, hinahanap ko po ung directory ng membership registration.d ko po mahanap kc mahina loading

  • Jayson

    wala po ako work last april 2011, pero nagkaroon ako ng work may 2011 till now…, pwede ko po ba hulugan yung april ko para complete po ang hulog ko sa PAG IBIG?

  • Pinky

    Good day po,
    Question ko po we’re interested to buy a condo unit that is going to be build sometime next year. The builder is asking a reservation fee for 25 to 50 thousand which we will be able to provide. Approximately, po the condo unit worth 5 to 6 Mil. We’re planning to apply a housing loan thru Pag-Ibig. Me & my husband are both POP member we’re contributing 1,500 pesos each monthly which we’re both intitled to apply up to 3 Mil housing loan. 24 months na akong member sa March 2012 and my husband is not until November 2012. Can we apply for a housing loan before end of this year or we have to wait until we reach March 2012 & November 2012? Can we make a lump sum payment for our monthly contributions that way we don’t need to wait for March or November 2012?
    Thank you & more power

  • peebls bactol

    hello, pwede ko bah i-check online kung na register ba ng dating company ko ang name ko sa pag-ibig. nandito na kasi ako sa dubai ngaun.

    Lahat kasi ng katrabaho ko dati already registered. pero ewan ko lang about sa name ko.

  • marie

    hi i just want to ask about the membership. my uncle wants to be a member of pag-ibig but he’s living in the states. is there any chance that he can register via online? thanks.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, please check this link from the Official websit of the Pag-IBIG Fund:


    Look under the Online Membership Registration.

    There is no such facility yet. But you can check it out from the branch.

    Your first problem should be this: Pag-IBIG only allows a maximum loan amount of P 3M. Yes, you can make a lump sum payment, but please check it out first at the branch.

    No, you don’t have to do that.

    Please apply directly at the Office. That should be easy. Yes, they have a tie-up with Landbank.

    Frankly, it will only lead to a lot of problems. Better resort to Bank Loan.

    The most important factor you need to think of at the moment is the proof of income. That financial assistance from your sister will not be considered as income by Pag-IBIG. But there are many ways to get a loan if that’s your case. Please check these tips:


    For a self-employed like you, the most important proof is your ITR. Pag-IBIG will definitely require that from you. And about you missed contributions, you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Michelle

    Hi Admin,

    I want to inquire about “assume balance” policy. I’m interested to buy a house and lot worth 1.1M. According to the owner she bought it under Pagibig with terms up to 30 yrs, nakabayad na sya ng equity sa developer at tinitirhan na nya yung bahay at naaprubahan na ng Pagibig yung loan nya worth 750k pero di pa sya nagstart magbayad sa Pagibig. She decided to sell the house at ipa-assume na lang yung loan nya sa pagibig. Ang asking cash price nya ay 350k upfront tapos iaasume ang pagibig loan.

    I want to clarify some issues like:
    1. Papayag ba ang Pagibig sa ganitong arrangement?
    2. Pano ang processing?
    3. Ano ang mga requirements na kelangan?
    4. Pre-approved na bang mako-consider ang “assume balance” since it’s a big risk on my part to pay the seller 350k cash tapos me possibility naman palang hindi i-approve ng Pag-ibig yung application ko.
    5. Sa ganitong arrangement, upon paying 350k sa seller allowed na ba akong mag-muv-in sa bahay?
    6. Pano ang pagtakbo ng interest? Since ia-asume ko yung loan nya dadaan pa ko sa processing. Madadagdagan pa ba yung 750k as principal amount ng iloloan?

    Thank you in advance for clarification.


  • berna

    Ask ko lang po if pwede ba ako maging mag-member sa PAGIBIG?
    newly wed po kami ng asawa ko.Since student pa lang ako before hindi ako member ng PAGIBIG at yun husband ko Family driver po siya. Meaning to say pareho kami hindi member.currently Im looking for a job po while siya naman is capable of contributing to the fund.Pwede kaya kami magpa-member? anong mga kailangan namin gawin?anong req? Thank you!

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    1. Yes. A Pag-IBIG Mortgage Loan is an assumable Loan.

    2. Please — and this is important — forget about the specific process. You need to go the Pag-IBIG Office and inquire about the details of this property and the whole process.

    3. Please check this link for the requirements:


    4. You are right in your thinking about the risk factor. Only you can decide if you want to decide on this transaction.

    5. Well, it depends on your arrangement with the seller. Make sure you put everything in writing. Always get the assistance of a lawyer.

    6. Essentially, you will be continuing what the seller has already started… same interest rate, same loan term, etc.

    Yes, please visit the office of the Pag-IBIG Fund for the details. The initial requirements are already posted above.

  • Reina

    My sister and I are living in a house owned by our Aunt who is already staying for good in Bataan. My sister and I are workig on a private company here in the Philippines and we are planning to obtain a loan from Pag-ibig for renovation of the said house. Is this possible?

  • keith amores

    Good day,

    nagbabayad po ako ng 1,000.00 for(filow), i remember the officer sa HdMF dumaguete asked me how long and if im not mistaken i said 10 years, does that mean makukuha ko na your contribution/ ko as savings plus dividends on the tenth year or wait until mag 240 months contribution?

    please advice thanks


  • ruby

    gud am admin… gusto ko po mgng member ng pag.ibig kya lng po hnd k alm f san ako mg.fall sa category. employed po aq now sa govt agency pro po stipend lng ang nrrcv ko. pano po aq mgng member f 1 of the req is ITR. e wala nman po akng ITR na maippkta f ever mg.apply na aq..

  • Julius garcia

    I have purchased a 350 sq mtrs vacant lot in bulacan already with approved blue print partition in its mother title, can I make a cash loan for the construction of the house? and how much would that be

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    That’s still under the Housing Loan Program of Pag-IBIG. How much you will be granted will depend on your capacity to pay. This link should be of help to you:


    YOu can still be a member. Please re-read this article for details.


    I’m afraid not. A Home Renovation Loan is another loan on top of an existing Housing Loan.

  • roy dupa

    Gud day.Nag ten years na po ako noon July. Maka avail ba ako ng half maturity. Kun yes, paano? Salamat.

  • april diana cruz

    good day!tanong ko lang po kung paano po ba makakuha ng replacement ng PAGIBIG members id? sa di inaasahng pangyayari po kasi eh nawala yung akin…pati tuloy number ko…di ko alam…salamat po!!

  • Monsour Garay

    OFW Pagibig member po ako pero ng icheck ko sa Cotabato City branch ang status ng contribution ko abroad ang sabi ng clerk ay hindi daw nila kayang macheck dahil panglocal lang daw ang kaya nila. Sinabihan nya akong magapply ulit ng pagibig sa kanila at sinabi din nyang dapat ay kinuha ko ang lahat ng contribution ko before ako umuwi. How true is it? Pano ako makakabuo ng 24months para makapagloan if magstart ako from zero. please clarify this matter how true.

    Hoping for your prompt reply.


  • Anjel

    Hi,gud am…pag-IBIG member na ho un husband ko,but his last contribution was 2008 pa. Pede pa ho ba ituloy yun? Activated pa ho ba yun acct nya? He’s working abroad na po,and gusto nya asikasuhin ko po na maituloy yung hulog.. what are the documents needed? Thanks in advanced.

  • Belle

    hi admin.. i gave birth last sept.15 and i am currently under maternity leave without pay which started last sept.5 and will end on nov.22.. this means i need to personally settle my pag-ibig contribution for the 3-month period..according sa mcrf ng pag-ibig, deadline ko is 25th of the month since my surname starts with letter “s”.. which means i already missed the sept. deadline..can i still settle it this october? and if not, will this mean na all my previous contributions will be useless na and i have to start all over again in order to avail of a housing loan?sayang naman kasi since i have almost 2years of contribution na and i’m planning to apply for a housing loan sana by next year, will this mean back to zero ako? ang required ba ay 24months consecutive contribution or not necessarily consecutive?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Congratulations on the new baby! 😉 Quick reply: It must be 24 months consecutive, but this is not strictly implemented. So, you still have a chance.

    Yes, he can just continue with his contributions and he is active again. That simple.

    I think I have replied on this question, but anyway please refer it to the Makati main office.

    You may request it from the office.

    Yes. You may request for it at the office.

  • sarah

    hi gud day! ask ko lang po sana if,i can still continue my pag ibig even if I’m not anymore working.Thanks.

  • christine

    hi po nagregister ako thru online sa pag-ibig and then my nareceive po ako na sms sa cp ko na tracking no. un na po ba ung pag- ibig no. ko?pano po mkakuha ng pag-ibig id at paano at saan pwede magbayad ng contributions.
    thanks a lot i hope masagot mga katanungan ko…

  • NJ


    I don’t know if my situation is relevant to this topic, but you might be able to help. I was employed until June of last year (2010), and I had made a personal (salary?) loan from Pag-ibig, and I was able to pay some amount monthly through my employer. However, due to my resignation last June, my loan payment stopped.

    I am still unemployed, but I would like to pay for the remaining loan balance already. The problem is, I just don’t know how. I have no idea what my Pag-ibig number is, as well. :( Would you happen to know how I can pay my Pag-ibig loan as an individual?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Gabriela

    hello, i have an existing multipurpose loan last year and since i left for abroad to work as an ofw i failed to pay the contributions and loan as well, as far as i remembered i only paid 1yr for my loan and no contributions since sept last year. i’m on vacation this month and would like to know how to go about it. could i still avail of a housing loan if i would settle my outstanding mpl now?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, you should settle all your past obligations first. Please visit that branch that granted you the loan.

    YOu may want to pay over the counter. Please visit your Pag-IBIG Branch.

    No, that tracking number is only for that transaction. Did you read the instructions that was shown during the registration process? You may still have to visit the office.

    Yes absolutely.

  • mitchie


    For freelancers working at home, do we still need to present requirements such as DTI / Mayor’s permit? If so, how can we obtain that document since it’s only a plain work from home.

  • leonora cabrera

    ask ko lang po sana pano magpapavoluntarty po kasi papa ko tapos transfer nya hulog nya dito sacaloocan dati po sya sa lawton dapat po bang mag self paying muna before magtransfer. sa caloocan thank you po casual lang sya paextra extra e. thanks poi sana matulungan nyo ako

  • renz

    hi admin sorry for the trouble….apply ako as voluntary may work as computer attendant monthly income is 4k…tanong ko lang, anu po ba mga requirements? thank you and god bless you…

  • ken

    hi admin, kapag ba papasok ka sa ibang kumpanya kelangan bang mag register ulit?

  • char wist

    hi admin, ask ko lng po kung pwede ako magvoluntary? foreigner po ang husband ko at pensionado na po xa… 45k po ang monthly pension nia at un lang din po ang source of income namin. Thanks po

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    good day! this month/yr of November 2011 ay nag member po ako ng Voluntary Contribution sa ngayon po narito ako sa Ibang bansa, I paid 12 months contribution, my monthly contribution is Php200.00 only. I am planning to pay cash my 10 yrs contribution, kasi po para wala na ako iniintindi kada buwan, my question is possible ba ako maka apply ng financing for my house in Cavite? e.g po gwin kung Php500.00 ang hulog ko kung maaprubhan man ako e ndi po apektado ang montly contibution ko na Php200.00/monthly. Meroon na po kasi ako bahay sa Greenwoods Subdivision its worth 3M. Puede po kaya iyon?

    pls. answer me back

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    Voluntary Member din po kasi ako sa Philhealth/SSS at sa ngayon tinutuloy tuloy ko ang mga contribution ko para wala na ako pangamba para sa mga anak ko. Mabuti naman po tumanggap na ang PAG IBIG FUND ng voluntary member unlike before rejected kaming mga voluntary contributor. sa SSS po ang hulog ko ay 5 yrs and 9 months pa lang. pero planning ko na rin e full ang 10 yrs cash contribution ko. Sana po mabigyan ninyo ng paliwanag ang aking katanungan.

    God Bless!

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    Good Morning! nag aantay po ako ng sagot mula sa inyo? Maaari po ba ako mag apply ng housing finance?

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    good evening admin. nais ko po kasi mag apply ng housing home finance para sa bahay ko sa Cavite. Now, 2 yrs covered na ang hulog ko AS VOLUNTARY MEMBER from Nov 2011-Oct 2013. Dito po ako ngayon naninirahan sa SINGAPORE kasama ko ang aking common law husband na member din ng SSS but foreigner siya. Puede po ba ako mag avail ng housing finance kahit voluntary lang ako? Nanghihinayang po kasi ako sa bahay ko dahil iyon ay hinahanda ko para sa 2 kong anak. 150 sq meter at 2 flr, ang aking bahay

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    That would make you a good voluntary member of the Pag-IBIG Fund. But remember, paying in advance may not be to your advantage. If you are planning to get a housing loan,
    remember that the most important part is for you to demonstrate a capacity to pay. The rest of the requirements should be easy to comply.

    Note: You may have to wait for 24 months before you are considered as a loan applicant even after paying the 2 years in advanced.

    Yes, you can be a voluntary member. But remember that a pension is not considered as an income.

    YOu don’t have to register anew. All you have to do it inform the Pag-IBIG FUnd that you have a new employer and that they should consolidate your
    contributions from your former employer.

    The requirements are already stated above in this article. Please re-read it.

    He has to consolidate his contributions and inform the new branch where he wants to transfer about his plans.

    It may be complicated and time-consuming, but that’s possible. You can setup a home business if you want.

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    ok,thanks admin. so useless paying my advance contribution. Because I thought it can helped me to sort out if ever they give me a chance to apply for housing home finance. Ang nasa isip ko lang po pag nakapag loan ako e tuloy tuloy ang hulog ko so I dont need to think more how to paid my loan back. Kailangan ko pa pla mag antay pa ng 2 yrs to considering me as a loan applicant. How the Pag ibig can help me to stand my own business? bcos I havent chance to apply for home financing. My 2nd planning now is to built a small business like internet cafe shop. Is there any possible that can help me or still nothing?

  • jhun

    hi admin, ask ko lang kung pwede ba na ako mag-apply ng membership dito sa pinas for my wife who’s now in other country (canada)…o kailangan sya talaga personally dapat ang mag-apply? pls.reply po

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You can do that on her behalf.

    I think your questions are valid and thanks for asking. Please be aware that with the Multi-Purpose Loan, the loan amount will be based on your contributions. So if you are a voluntary member, that’s like borrowing your own money. And besides, with the meager contribution requirements, it may not be enough to fund you initial capital for your planned Internet Cafe Business.

  • jhun

    thanks admin! one more question pa po…regarding po sa house and lot we acquired last year, nakapangalan po sa aming dalawa yung “contract to sell”…and dumating yung time na na-fullfilled ng wife ko yung qualification to apply for a loan…hindi ho ba makaka-apekto sa application ng loan namin for the existing balance yung name ko?…member din po ako ng Pag-ibig under POP kaso lang hindi na po ako bumalik abroad….nakakalito lang po kasi

  • Windy

    hi Admin! Ask ko lang po kung ang isang PAG-IBIG member under POP ay entittled din po ba sa mga housing loan programs? I was locally employed before pero di po ako nakapag-pamember sa PAG-IBIG…ngayon lang po na nandito na ako abroad dahil sa mandatory na daw po ang membership sa PAG-IBIG under POP….anu po ba pagkakaiba ng POP sa PAG-IBIG1 or yung mga locally employed na member ng PAG-IBIG? pati ho ba sa mga previledges magkaiba ang POP at PAG-IBIG 1?….pls answer po? thanks

  • Cattaleya

    Hello po. I am currently employed and would like to avail of Pag-ibig housing loan. Apparently however, as my payslip states we are only contributing the minimum amount for HDMF which is 200. With that contribution I am only allowed to loan 400k as is on the table you provided. My husband and i have chosen a property to our liking and it is 1,050,000.00. I am willing to increase my contirbution for as long as i can be qualified for the said amount. My husband is an OFW and wants to settle it within 10years the most, he became a Pagibig memeber just very recently. So I am the best person to appy for the loan since Ive been an actively contributing member for 8 years.Whats your suggestion? Thank u very much.

  • http://yahoo EVELYN SOLANO

    Hello morning! ask ko lang po, If ever I enrolled for PAG IBIG II with paying a whole 5 yrs payment on it. Do u think, it can be help me more to apply my housing home finance or business loan although I am a voluntary member only?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    It would be simpler if you just let her alone be the loan applicant. That way, it will just be her documents that will be required.

    Thanks for asking. I’ll be posting an article to discuss the differences of pag-ibig I and POP, but that would be for next week. Meanwhile, please be
    assured that you are entitled to the same benefits as the locally employed pag ibig members.

    Good question. If you qualify for the loan amount based on your income, that your contribution will simply be upgraded to a higher one. That would be after your loan is approved already. In other words,
    the contribution is really not that big of a problem.

    Pag-IBIG II is purely for savings/investment purpose. It’s your Pag-IBIG I that allows you to avail of the housing loan. To know more about the Pag-IBIG II Program, please follow the link shown below.


  • joan valencia

    pwede po ba mag loan ang isang member kahit di pa po regular employee? pero kaya namang mag hulog monthly? pls send me a reply as soon as possible.. thank you very much

  • rheyshell

    good day po….im from afghanistan!!nagwowork po ako d2 as baby sitter ng anak ng sister ko(buy they give me monthly salary),pero wala po ako working visa(tourist visa only)or latest and valid contract of employment w/ POEA STAMP dahil direct po ako and every 3 to 6months ang uwian ko…gusto ko po sana mag pa member sa pag ibig fund!!anu po ba ang dapat kong iapply,self employed po b o yung overseas filipino workers???
    another situation pa po kasi yung tinitirahan ko po sa philippines is for close na..pwede po ba ako maka avail ng housing loan??
    salamat po…hope for your response!!

  • Reina

    How do i go about obtaining a Pag Ibig housing loan if my sister who is working abroad and i will buy my aunt’s house which is located in Makati. what are the things that we need to prepare and what to do?
    your feedback is highly appreciated.

  • Vicente

    Gud Day x-ofw ako hndi ako member ng pagibig sa pinas ako now for almost 9 mons, unemployed, pwde ba ako maging member ng pagibig?pano ang procedure?at sa hausing loan?tnx

  • Rebecca Tan


    Happy New Year! I’m interested of becoming a member of PAGIBIG but I need more information about my case. I’m a wife of a foreign national and presently working as a teacher in private institutions in my husband’s country (South Korea). I’m retaining my filipino citizenship and looking forward to be staying in the Philippines someday.
    Now what steps should I take to become a member of PAGIBIG, and what are my options since I’m receiving my salary in cash or thru bank.
    Thank you and looking forward for your apt reply to my inquiries.

  • Rebecca Tan

    Secondly, what are the available modes of payment for our contributions? Do they accept online deposit after paying personally the first contribution?
    Thank you once again.

  • jho

    i would like to ask lng po..kc im a new member of pag ibig, is it posible po b to get a cash loan from pag ibig? as i need it for some emergency reason..sana po mtulungan nio ako..thank you

  • Boy

    Possible ba po:

    1. 45
    3. unemployed
    4. 75,000/mo UK pension
    4. volunteer member 24month max payment
    5. 3million loan housing

    thank you po

  • Karen

    Hi I would like to apply for pag ibig fund as voluntary member ..Pwede po ba if I am working online as freelancer like SEO and article writing?

  • http://profriends.com margie

    hi! ask q lng po pwd ko pb icontinue ung pghuhulog ko s pgibig fund pero ate ko n ung mgbabayd kasi dito n po aq s korea, gusto ko po sna icontinue anu po b mga dapt dalhin ng ate ko? tnx po!

  • xian racel

    good day .. gusto ko po mag p member, pag sa professional -registered nurse po ako but alang work.. unemployed spouse- ang husband ko nag work sa qatar but hindi rin member.. sa operators- we own a tricycle na pinapamasada but nk name po cia sa husband ko puede po bng mag sama lng ko ng marriage contract n lng for documents … san po bng category ako mag aaply to be a member… or ala po ko ma aaplyan dhil may discrepancy sa lht ng category .. thank you

  • Kat

    Hi! good day! Ask ko lang po what is certificate of remittance? Sa previous employer ko ba ito maaaring makuha? Thank you very much.

  • Leo Flores

    ask ko lang po; panaano po ang situation ko: nag-apply po ako ng online registration sa pag-ibig as individual payor kasi po dealer ako ng isang home-care products (katulad po ng mga avon dealers) ano ang mga requirements ko. salamat po.

  • celine

    Hi..Pagibig member po ako presently not employed. My husband is a Foreigner gusto ko po sana bilhin itong tinitirhan ko ngaun.pwede ko bang itong iloan sa pag ibig using the contract of employment ng husband ko??…thanks po

  • con

    ask ko lng po magkano po ung minimum ng self employed kapag mapapa member ako.tnx

  • Anghie

    just want to ask kc member ako ng pagibig for one year dati tapos ng change ako ng employer where in i am a trainee at hnd nila kmi kinakaltasan ng pagibig contributions namin..gusto ko sana ituloy ang contribution ko can you help me how?ma cacaried b yung binayaran ko na dati for one year and 2 months?i need your advised what to do on this?

  • http://www.ryannogales.co.nr Ryan

    Good day Admin,

    I just want to know after signing in MDF is there any initial payment made for self-employed members?

    many more thanks..

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    No. The only payment you give them is the contribution. But you can do that later.

    Yes, you can continue anytime. But if I were you, just wait until you become employed again by the new employer.

    That’s 200 per month only.

    No, it has to be your documents.

    It’s best to do it at the office. There’s a form there that you can fill up.

    That’s the remittance slip you get when someone sends you money.

    The best thing to do it is at the office so that the staff can assist you. That should be easy.


    Yes. But make sure you have and ITR so you can take full advantage of the Home Loan Program.

    A pension can’t be considered as income.

    If you are a member for at least 24 months, yes.

    Please read again the article for the details of the membership process. Actually it’s very simple and you
    can even have a representative here in the country do it on your behalf.

    Please go to the branch and fill up the membership form there.

  • robert gil manuel

    hi,member n po ako ng pagibig since 2002, i resigned in 2006 and got a new job on the same year. tuloy tuloy po ang hulog ng company ko for my contribution. in 2007-2009, i worked as an ofw in jeddah pero hindi ko n napgpatuloy ung hulog, aside s php100 n binayaran ko as stated on my OEC as pagibig membership fee. july 2011 i got a new job here in qatar and as stated again in my OEC, nagbayad n naman po ako ng php100 as membership fee. yun po bang 4 years n contribution ko when i was working in the philippines would entitle me for a housing loan? or is there any advantage being an ofw then? just in case, sino po b ang pwedeng maglakad s pilipinas ng mga requirements since andito po ako ngaun s qatar? thanks po in advance… robert m 30

  • Liezel

    gud day! ask ko lang po itong reqtms in housing loan na: 1.proof of payment of upgraded monthly contribution from the borrower(from the date of Notice of Approval up to loan take out)? ito po ba yung mga nahulog since member ako ng pag ibig? (2) 12months postdated checks of the borrower.. ask ko lang po kung meron ang pag ibig suggested na bank na madali pag open ng check account? thank you so much..

  • joana

    how can i avail a copy of membership dat file on line?
    Thanks po God bless—-jo

  • joana

    im a member of pag ibig since 2007, pano po ako makakuha ng membership data file? is this the same as accumulated contributions?

  • steven

    ask ko lng kung pwede kumuha yung wala pang trabaho?? requirements po kasi sa company nag pinag aapplyan ko fresh graduate po ako… wala pa akong naging trabaho…. salamat po at ano po requirements pag mag aapply/ pati san po office sa QC nito?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Please clarify this with your new employer. They should be able to assist you in applying for Pag-IBIG Fund membership.

    You need to request it at the branch that handles your account.

    1. You can get that at the branch.

    2. You can use any bank. Pag-IBIG doesn’t indorse any bank for that purpose.

    This article may help you:


    And since you are overseas, you can have a representative do the processing on your behalf.

  • EMMA

    Hello po, ask ko po if mkaka avail po ako for pag-ibig multipurpose loan kahit na voluntary lang po ako.

    Looking forward to your immediate response with this matter.

    Sincerely yours,

  • EMMA

    in fact, nag stop ako ng contributions last december,2011 kasi po nag ceased na rin po yong company namin.Pero po Im now currently working indi nga lang po registered ang company namin sa Pag-ibiG kaya i decided to make a voluntary contribution while waiting for our company to be registered. Wala pa po kasi silang (MANAGEMENT) advice kung klan ipapa register. So pano po ba ito pwede po ba ako mag loan? mag aaply po ako as vouluntary for the month of jANUARY up to present para lang ma kumpleto yong contributions ko. Please advice me po kung anong dapat kung gawin for me to avail the loan need ko po kasi tlaga eh.

    Thank you.

  • rhea

    hi po gid day..ask ko lang po pwede po ba ako maging member ng pagibig kahit hindi ako nagwowork sa isang campony?
    business po ako d2 sa bahay at nagdadrive lang po ang asawa ko ng aming trickel…
    paano po ba maging member ng pagibig?

  • lyneth

    good day, ask ko lng po, steps how to become a member,housewife po ako married by a foreigner…

  • anabil

    good day!ask ko lang po paano ko mapapa-reactivate ung pag-ibig ko kc nag-resign na po ako sa trabaho ko.thank u .

  • http://www.yahoomail.com anna

    Good Day!!!mam im just asking lang po..mam pano po kung gusto po nmin mag-avail ng pag-ibig housing..kya lng d po ako member ng pag-ibig…pwede po kya kmi mkpag avail non??o kelngan ko po mag-avail ng voluntary membership para mkapg-avail ng pbahay po nila..tnx hope for ur reply…tnx

  • amore

    Hi good day! Dati po akong nagtratrabaho sa callcenter. Member po ako ng pag ibig for more than 2 years. Per nagresign na po ako at nag online job. Accepted po ba as self employed ang online job? Makaka avail din po ba ako ng housing loan? Thanks and more power to your website.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, that’s acceptable. But the trick is you have to show a proof of income and ITR.

    Please take note that the Pag-IBIG Housing loan is only available to Pag-IBIG Fund members.

    You only have to continue paying your contributions.

    Please refer to this link:


    If you have a registered business, yes that’s possible.

  • carla

    Hi good day! ask ko lang po if pwede ko pa ipagpatuloy ung pag-ibig contribution ko. I was terminated from my job and iniisip ko pagpatuloy ko nlang ung paghulog kesa ma-forfeit ung mga contributions ng dating employer ko. sayang naman po. what are the requirements needed po? thank you.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes you can. Please visit the branch to update your records.

  • celia

    Hello Po,
    pwde ba ako maging member ng pagibig, even i am a German citizin.

  • mayann

    hi! i worked in my last employer for 4 years and i just resigned last sept 2011. the company gave me a certificate of my pag ibig contribution for the last 24months of my stay there. its from sept2009 to sept 2011. now i am self employed. i have a small business and i just applied for the business permits last March 2012. I have my DTI and mayors permit here. now i want to settle the pag ibig payments for the months that i skipped. its from oct 2011 to march 2012 but this time as self employed individual. i want to know the procedure for this since i just got the permits last month. i dont have an ITR as of now or any proof of income. how will i proceed for this? will i be qualified for a housing loan? i am planning to avail one. thank you very much in advance. god blesss.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Please be informed that you can’t retrack anymore on your missed contributions. All you can do is pay the currently and for anything else in the future. To proceed, simply visit the branch and then update your records there from employee to self-employed.

    Sorry, but this is open only to Filipino Citizens.

  • Racquel W

    Hi Sir/Maam,
    Im based in UK and been contributing to pag ibig for over 2 yrs now.
    My plan is to have a housing loan in Cebu.I noticed one of your requirements is marriage contract,but im no longer married i am now divorced.Can i still avail of the housing loan? I got capacity to pay as im working abroad.Looking forward for your reply.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    Yes, if you can show some documents that you are already divorced, that’s possible.

  • Racquel W

    if i get a pag-ibig mortgage with amortization of 30 yrs will pag-ibig give me a penalty if i pay the loan off within 5yrs?
    and can i add additional payment to the amortization to help lower the amount/borrowed?
    thank you

  • cairanh

    dati po akong employed, kung mag vovoluntary po ako, pupunta pa po b ako s pagibig pr sbihin o magbabayad po ako diretso s banko. thanks

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    There is no pre-payment penalty. Yes, you can make additional / advanced payments or you can put up a larger equity to lower your loan amount.

    Yes, you have to change your status there and you can pay directly over the counter also.

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  • Baj

    Hi. So where will the freelancers/consultants fall here?
    I have no contract – just an online job like a project-base system with no definite salary nor documentation related.

    How should I proceed with reactivating my membership?
    Can I cover the contributions I missed for the past months?

    Thanks a lot

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    You should be under the self-employed category. But that one requires that you have a registered business. One of the ways you can do that is to set up a sole proprietorship.

    As to your missed contributions, you can retro-actively pay for them anymore. You can only pay the current and the future ones.

  • mharz

    Hi po admin..ask ko lng po kung ano po bang documents makapagpatunay ng proof of income ng isang voluntary contributor?kasi po,voluntary contributor po ako at nagkarLoan Entitlement Based On Pag-IBIG Contribution

    oon ng 24 months remittance,if ever po na gusto ko mg loan,ano po bang documents kailangan ko na mkapagpatunay ng aking income?kasi po buy and sell po yung bussiness ko(jewelry and scrap gold),wala po akong itr,bussiness permit or mayors permit and even a payslip…thanks.

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    I think you already answered your own question. Those documents serve proofs of income.

  • den

    Tanong ko lang po, resigned na po ako from my previous employer last 2008, at ngayon lang naalala kung pwede ko pa bang ipagpatuloy ang contribution ko? As of now unemployed pa po ako. Ano po ang dapat kong iapply as voluntary member?

  • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

    It’s really useless if you don’t have a source of income.

  • Rona

    how much po ang voluntary contribution?

  • edmon

    Hi admin. What is Circular 98C in their membership type ?

  • Sophey

    Hi. My husband and I are both home-based editors. Independent contractors po kami so no employer ties. How do we both register as self employed? Can we set up sole proprietorship? Kaya lang accdg to the info above under self-employed , the DTI registration should be under the member’s name. If the business would be under my husband’s name, how do I register as self-employed? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      Don’t make it very complicated. You can set-up a business, either sole proprietorship or partnership, and make yourselves employees of the company also.

  • maria aidan jacinto

    what is multi purpose loan? i am unemployed spouse.. thanks and godbless!

  • kathy

    do i have to change the status from employed to self employed? thanks

  • Ramon


    I am came here in Canada about 5 years ago and now a citizen. I was a Pag-IBIG member for more that 12 years before I left the Philippines and have secured a Pag-IBIG Overseas Program ID before coming to Canada. My status before was an immigrant so I wasn’t able to make any contributions. Is there a way I can continue my membership with Pag-IBIG as being a canadian citizen and credit as well all my previous contributions. Please advise…



  • Evon

    Good day!
    I was an OFW since 2005-2007 and 2008-2010. May PAG-IBIG membership form po na pinapirmahan sa akin ng agency ko at hiningiaan din kami ng bayad. my question is, am i already a member since then. And can you please help me how to know or verify my memebership? Thank’s…..

  • jacqueline reputana

    hi asawa po ako ng ofw gusto ko po sna magpamember sa pag ibighousewife po ako pwd po ba ako mag voluntary..

  • ruth

    good day! admin, nag resign po ako s company last april 2012, gusto ko po ipag patuloy yung contribution ko pero as a self-employed na po, ang tanong pwde ko ba bayaran yung contribution ko for the month of april 2012 up to sept2012? ngayong buwan ng september ko sana bayaran, Magkano din po if ever pwede? thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com evita

    ask ko lng po kung pwede po ba ako maging member ng pag-ibig even i don t have work as of now.. OFW po ang husband ko at meron akong allotee na ntatanggap monthly.. pwde po ba ako mging member??

  • shyra

    I’m an inactive member since jan of 1997 as I ceased to work at that time to become a full time housewife. . I was employed and paid my contributions monthly from 1987-1996. and now I am going to work again. What should I do to activate my membership again?
    Thanks for the response.

  • http://pagibigvoluntarymembership, Luzmaribeth Sister

    Good afternoon sir.ittanong ko lang po kase may kinuha ung sister ko ng lupa s gsis ung sister ko po nagtatrabaho s london 1970 tapos po kumuha sya ng lupa sa gsis ngaun binigay s kanya po dito sa san miguel bulacan 1975 ngaun po bago umalis po kapatid ko tinanong nya ung manager mismo kung wla n syang kailangan n papel n habang dito pa sya malakad sbe po sa kanya wla na ok n puwede n raw po umalis kapatid ko wala ng alalahanin ngaun po monthly po hinuhulogan ung lupa eventualy po may bahay n nakatayo dating office ngaun lupa lng hinulogan ng gsis tpos po nung nmatay kapatid ko pumunta mga parents ko dun at un na nga po sinabe patay n ung kumuha ng lupa sbe hinahanapan ung mga parents ko ng insurance kung nkainsured s kanila wala po napakita nagkagulo po sbe ng parents ko wla clang binibigay sakatunayan bago umalis kapatid ko tinanong pa cla kung may papel pa syang kailangan dalhin o ibigay sa kanya wala raw ,di po b pagpatay n ung nagapply dapat po reward n un kase nmatay kptid ko 1982 halaga p nun lupa 40,000 tpos sbe kontiniyos raw ng payment ng parents ko di naghulog po hangang umabot po ng 2006 tpos po nmatay nanay ko 2006 nov.na stop hulog tapos po namatay tatay ko po 2007 up to now hindi nahulogan dapat po reward n un nung pinuntahan ko po dun s gsis ung hinulog po ng sister ko at parents ko bale wla bayad n raw un as rent ngaun po sir,maam sbe s akin kung member ako ng pagibig kuntiniyos ko n lng hulog ko po at kung di pa ako member sa pag ibig magapply ako para makuha ko ung lupa kase amin nman raw un

  • http://pagibigvoluntarymembership, Luzmaribeth Sister

    at ikukontiniyos ko lng po,di po dapad award n lng kase 3 tao n namatay at more than 700,000 plus n nahulog so 40,000 dati lupa ang lake po tinubo at sir,mam pwede po ba kung mag aapply ako s pagibig vulontary member pwede po b kung ako n lng mgppatuloy ng hulog s lupa s gsis s pamamagitan ng pagibig ayaw ko pong mwala un pamana n lng ng kapatid ko at parents kahit my problema kaya gusto ko po ako n lng magpapatuloy wala n po akong malapitan sa problema ko po un n lang alaala nla sana po matulongan nyo ako sir,mam kayo lang po pagasa ko at my business po kame sarili kaso po wla kme DTI,BIR at iba pa meron po ako barangay business permit at clearance talyer po business nmen po at ung lupa po nmen hawak ko pong papel TCT,mga recibo po hulog nmen po at iba pa pong papel please tulongan nyo po ako.God Bless all the staff.slamat po kailangan ko ang inyong kasagutan s problema ko hindi ko po alam kung saan ko pwedeng lpitan c vice president jojo binay at ating president gusto ko din po silang lapitan s problema ko ang kapatid ko po namatay cancer s atay,nanay ko po cancer s buto at tatay ko po cardiac arrest po san po ako pupunta tulongan nyo po ako.mam,sir.

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin

      I’m sorry to hear about that, but please refer your case to the GSIS first since that is where the loan was derived.

  • michelle joy

    gud day po, ask k lng po im an unemployed housewife,pwede po b ako mag apply for PAG IBIG, hindi po member ang asawa dito. hope to get an answer from you po.tnx.

  • ria sebastian

    magandang araw po,yung asawa ko po eh truck driver po at the same time po is farmer siya,nagtatanim po kami ng mga palay at mais,meron din po kami furniture pero un business establishment po saka mga DTI,Mayor’s permit at BIR eh pangalan ng mama ko.un truck is sa mama ko rin po….pwede po ba maging miyembro yung asawa ko?

  • dureza c.ortiz

    ask ko lng po,,dati akong OFW na pag ibig member pero hindi ko natapos ung pagbabayad ko at ngayon gusto kong mag re- activate nong membership..PWDE PA RIN PO BA GAMITIN UN? or ano po ba ang best na pwede kong gawin,,plesae reply po sa email ko GOOD DAY!!! salamat po!!

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      You can reactivate your membership by simply contributing anew. But the best thing to do is to visit the branch where you used to remit your contributions and inquire about your past records with them.

  • dhexter

    gandang tanghali po ask lang po nag reg. po ako through internet then nakuha ko na po pati id numbe kaso kapag papaprint ko na po blank yung mga na fill upan ko po panu ko kaya gagawin yun tsaka may eedit po sana ako or may dadagdag sa info ko kaso di ko po alam panu mag edit through internet panu po kaya dapat kong gawin ?

    • http://www.pagibigfinancing.com admin


      The best thing to do is to visit the branch and request them to update your records reflecting the changes that you want.

  • Badong


    I just enrolled my househelp online. I chose Individual Payor as her Membership Category since I was informed by Philhealth and SSS of the same so I will not be required to submit a quarterly remittance report (as employer). Is this ok? I will be paying for her monnthly contributions anyway since it is stated in the Kasambahay Law (for under P5,000.00 salary).

    Also, would you know to what HDMF Branch she will fall under for submission of Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF)?

    Thank you!

  • Jaycee Ann Lorenzana

    hi..ask ko lang magkano ang minimum contribution para sa pag-ibig if not yet employed pa? tnx…

  • Jaycee Ann Lorenzana

    ask ko lang po kung magkano ang contribution ng not yet emplyed sa pag ibig? salamat po

  • Manolito

    paano po kung d nakapaghulog ng 2 months then, nasundan p ng almost 6 months ang monthly contribution pwede p po bang hulugan ang nasabing d nahulugang contribution

  • Cheryl

    May dalwa po akong hinuhulugan sa Pg-ibig.Yu po yung Pag Ibig 1 at Curculat 98 C. Ano-ano po ba iyon? Pakibigyan ako ng clear Idea. Salamat.

  • Sharmane Keith Daitol

    i was previously employed in another BPO and i just want to ask if it is possible to merge my contribution with my current BPO company?thank you

  • jayson castillejo

    nakakuha na po ako ng MID number kaso lang po sidewalk vendor lang po ako pero regular ko pong nahuhulugan ang SSS ko…wala po akong maipapakitang mayor’s permit o business permit..anong category po ba ang nararapat sa akin?…maraming salamat po

  • Ann Walter

    ask ko lang po if i was resigned from my previous work last oct 2012.gusto ko sana icontinue ung monthly contribution ko at the same time may housing loan ako. how can i continue my monthly contribution and where can i pay it?do i need to inform the pagibig bout my case or just continue to pay my monthy contribution? thanks.

  • michelle geneza

    hello po,
    ask ko lang po kasi kumuha po ako ng bahay na rent to own ok na po ang lahat. pwede po ba akong mag self paying sa pagibig? kc po yung company ko po ay hindi member ng pagibig! thank you po

  • aiza cornillus

    hi po,ask ko lng po sana magkano at saan po ako mag pay sa pag ibig remittance ko? i just apply mdf yesterday via HDMF Online Registration system..voluntary pay po ako coz i dont have a job..tnx