How Your Income And Contributions Affect Your Housing Loan Entitlement

In case you are wondering how much loan amount you are entitled, this article intends to address that.

By now, you should already know that the maximum housing loan amount Pag-IBIG can possibly grant to a member is P 3,000,000 while the smallest amount is only P 100,000. And the corresponding interest rate is actually shown at the Right Panel of this website.

Basically, there are two very important factors that affect the loan amount you will be entitled to:

  1. The amount of your contribution
  2. Your Net Disposable Income

Naturally, if you want to avail of a bigger loan amount, you need to increase your contribution and demonstrate that your Net Income is also large enough to cover the monthly amortizations.

These things are easier to understand with the following Tables.

Loan Entitlement Based On Pag-IBIG Contribution

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Amount Based On Contribution

So looking at the table, if you need, for example, to get a loan amounting to P 2,000,000 your contribution should be P 950 / month. Now PhP 950 /month is easier for most Pag-IBIG Members. Quite frankly, there is no problem in that area.

Special Note to OFWs / POP Members: Since you are contributing in US Dollars, the table essentially means to need to contribute the US Dollar equivalent of that amount in Philippine Peso. As you know, there is a constant swinging of values between these two different currencies so there is also a corresponding adjustment.

Loan Entitlement Based On The Capacity To Pay

Take note of this part and this is very important.

According to the Pag-IBIG Fund Primer on Housing Loan, “A member’s loan entitlement shall be limited to an amount for which the monthly repayment on principal and interest shall not exceed 40% of the member’s net disposable income…

In other words, the monthly amortization should be less than 40% of your net disposable income.

The following Table should guide you.

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Net Disposable Income Requirment 1

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Entitlement Based On Net Disposable Income

For example, if you are looking to get a PhP 1,000,000 loan and plan to pay it in 10 years (monthly amortization is P 12, 398.57 at 8.5% interest per annum), your net disposable income should be PhP 30,996.43 or higher (the higher the better).

So to avoid having problems paying for the property, that means you have to work backwards: Determine your net disposable income first, then buy a property based on the amount of loan that you can comfortably pay.

Let’s see if you really understand the Table shown above.

Question: You are planning to get a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan amounting to P 2,000,000 and pay it in 10 years. How much should your monthly income be?

Answer: Your monthly income should be P 67,467.50 or higher. And your monthly contribution should be P 950.

Additional Notes on Borrower’s Eligibility For Housing Loan

To be eligible for the housing loan, a member should:

  • Be a member for at least 24 months and has remitted at least 24 monthly contributions.
  • Be 65 years old or younger at the time of loan application.
  • Not be more than 70 years old at the maturity date of the loan.
  • Have no outstanding housing loan from Pag-IBIG.
  • Have no Multi-Purpose Loan in arrears at the time of housing loan application.
  • Have no Pag-IBIG Housing Loan that was foreclosed, cancelled, bough back or subjected to dacion en pago.

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This article on Income, Contributions and Loan Entitlement is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • JosephR

    Hi Sir thanks for the INFO may I ask, I have just payed my monthly contribution and paid it for a year 400/month . i just noticed the table so I am gearing up to take a bigger loan can I upgrade my monthly contribution on the same time maybe after a month can i upgrade and take take a bigger loan for housing?



    • jhosh

      Hello Admin,
      Ask lang po kasi I ask my employer to increase my premium from 100 to 200 para maka avail ako ng 630k n housing loan. My employer disagree kasi daw po magiging 200 din daw po yong sa contribution nila. Di po ba yon pwede?200 sakin 100 sa employer?
      Thank You!

      • admin


        You are right. They are only required to contribute P 100 / mo as counterpart.

  • wilma

    Hello Admin.

    What if my net disposable income is short of 4K?Like we applied for a housing loan which is worth 900k and my net disposable income is like 15,000 only. can i just increase my monthly pag ibig contribution? or my husbands salary and mine will be combined so we can get a housing loan approval.

    • admin


      You can combine your salaries to be able to get a higher loan amount. He must be a qualified member also.

  • merlita dela cruz

    ask ko lng po f ito nga un i.d. no. q sa pag -ibig 290-000-530703nv. hindi po nabigyan ng id ang anak ko noon kc po hindi xa nkpagseminar, pero ngbayad na po sya ng membership contribution para sa akin na 4,800 philippine peso. paid last oct.30,2009. receipt#5625064. pero hindi ko na po ipinatuloy ang paghhulog ng contributions . now gusto ko na po ulit ituloy ito as of now andito me sa israel .paano po ang paghuhulog nito dito sa israel? thnx!

  • admin

    Take note that it has to go both ways: Increase your contribution and make sure your salary/income fits with the minimum required.

    Yes you are right. You can tack-in both your salaries (make him a co-borrower) and increase your contribution at the same time.

    You may pay at any Pag-IBIG Office or any of its affiliates. The best thing really is to issue a set of post dated checks.


    I’m a Pagibig member. Presently I’m working abroad or an OWF. Based on your requirement I am entitled for Housing Loan because I have more than 24 months in contributions. The question are: If I can still avail the loan even I stopped paying the contribution 10 years ago when I started working abroad and since my contribution during that time is just PHP 200.00 it means that I’m entitled only up to 500k. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you & Regards

  • analyn l. ilagan

    ask ko lang po meron po kase ako outstanding loan amounting to Php3,972.97. eh ang huli ko pong contribution is last march 2010 nung nag-resign po ako sa previous employer ko,mag-1 yer na po un di na babayaran, may interest po ba un?and how much?at saan ko po pwede i-settle un?thank you very much and hoping for your response.

  • charlie

    how do i know my status as a pag-ibig member and if my contributions were indeed remitted to pag-ibig by my previous employers?

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    • Ziarre

      The accident of finding this post has britghened my day

      • admin

        Good for you! :-)

  • Marc


    I’d like to ask something about the exact loan possible for an employee whose net income is only 13K. I called your office yesterday, friday and asked if it was possible to loan 1.2M and payable for 30 years. The answer I was given to was of course and unexpected, NO. But then again, he told me and Pag-Ibig has this sort of “co-borrower” or something like that. I didn’t get the details clearly so it would be really nice if you guys could clarify this one to me. I really want to loan 1.2M.

    Thank you and I hope you could get back to me ASAP.


    ps. The person whom I spoke with on the phone suggested if I could attend the seminar. It would have been splendid if I had the luxury of time since I’m currently employed, there’s no way for me to attend the seminar, unless I decide to be absent, which I don’t want to do. Thank You

  • Zette

    Hi! Me and my husband wants to apply for a housing loan worth P300,000.00 is it possible that m we join in our salaries so we can reach the net disposable income. What are the requiremnts for this type of loan and how many months are we going to wait before it will be approved. Thank you very much and hoping for your immediate response.

    • bergielyn

      gusto ko po sana mg money loan paano po kea ???????ano ang mga requirements???at ano po ang mga kelangan gawin?????????2yrs loan p lng ho ako

  • admin

    To be eligible for a loan, you have to be an active member; meaning you must be contributing at the time of loan application.

    Please remember that any loan from Pag-IBIG (or any financial institution for that matter) bears an interest. If you are not paying your MPL loan, Pag-IBIG will simply deduct the dues from all your previous contributions.

    Thanks for your splendid question. 😉

    Having a co-borrower means that you get another guy (hopefully, someone who can trust you) to co-sign a loan application so that you are not the only one borrowing. In other words, there are two borrowers: you as the principal borrower and the guy who is your co-borrower.

    This is usually done so that the combined income of the two persons become large enough for them to be able to get a bigger loan amount.

    Yes, you are right. Your question is very similar to Marc. The basic requirements can be found by following this link.

  • melvin ong

    sir may itatanong lang sana ako mag loan ako ng 1.3m tapos yung value ng house is 1.2 yung sobra puede ko ba ma kuha thanks

  • alex

    Sir ask ko lang po…my housing loan na po ako…pero gusto ko po mag-build ng small business…pwede po b ako makapag-loan ng multi purpose loan?

  • MJ

    Hi Sir,

    Pwede kung hindi kaya ng isang member yung amortization, pwede ba mag joint loan?
    kunwari gusto namin kumuha ng husband ko ng worth 1M loan, pero dun lang kami sa 500K nagrange? pwede ba i join?

  • admin

    The loan amount will always be based on the appraised value and your net disposable income.

    I guess your question has already been answered on the previous article and yes that’s possible.

    Yes, you can join together and couples who are both members of the Pag-IBIG FUnd are usually doing this kind of setup.


    My wife and I are both active members of PAG-IBIG, and with monthly contribution of P100 each. Our basic month salary ranges from 42,000 – 48,000. May I know if both of us can avail separately of pag-ibig housing loan? Can we avail of at least 900T each based on our monthly salary?

  • admin


    Yes, you may apply separately. And as for the amount of loan, please take a look at the Tables presented on this article.

  • Yayo

    Hi Admin,

    I applied for pag ibig housing loan. My TCP with developer is 792k and I already paid the 63k downpayment. So my balance is still 729k. HOw come my approved loan is only 720k when if we based on my income and salary monthly my max loanable is 1.2M? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  • denz

    Hi Admin,
    Just want to ask if my absences ,late and under time will change my monthly contribution . My company is using 2% of MC Scheme. Appreciate your quick reply.


  • admin

    There are factors to consider and it’s difficult give an opinion based on incomplete information. So, please ask the loan officer why that’s your case.

    Pag-IBIG Contribution is just a little amount. YOur company pay for it on fixed amount or the exact figure really is 2% and in which case your employer is right. 😉

  • Jose A. Ibasco

    Hi Admin.

    ask ko lng po f my fiancee as co-borrower will also secure requirements just like principal borrower?


  • evans


    based on the table, my disposable income is at 8,316.00/month. and i like to loan my lot that is 160sqm in taytay, rizal para matayuan po ng bahay and as you’ve said that the loan amount will always be based on the appraised value and my net disposable income. how much would you think the loanable amount would be? and what is pag-ibig’s basis with regards to the appraisal value?

  • Ruby Ana Francisco

    good day po. i resigned from work last aug. 2010 and continued to pay my contributions voluntarily until now. My question is, can i avail of the housing loan? meron po akong negosyo pero di pa po nakakuha ng business permit. ano po ang pwede kong gawin. pls. help nais ko pong magkabahay sa mababang interest lang. thanks.

    P.S. my husband is employed and also a member of pag ibig fund.

  • Joey A.

    Hi Admin,

    I have a housing loan but when i transferred to other company, they went back on having 100pesos deduction on my P1 contribution. Should I inform them about my existing Housing loan?

    Also, is there a chance that my interest rate can be adjusted to the interest rate today? My take out is 2006 and the interest rate that time is 10.5% for 650K.

  • Ana T.

    Hi Admin,

    Per my acct officer in pagibig. My unit was endorsed to forclosure dept. coz i wasnt able to pay for more than 1 year. is there a chance that i can still get it back? what shall i do coz i am in a difficult situation financially. the housing loan was take out 2005. i want to get it back. how? pls help.

  • beverly

    hello admin, pwede ba akong makapag avail nag home improvement loan, kahit ang lupa namin ay sa government relocation area?

  • admin

    @Jose: You are right.

    @Evans: Appraisal is basically just an estimate, but Pag-IBIG will have its basis on giving you the results of their appraisal.

    @Ruby: I would suggest that you let your husband apply for the housing loan.

    @Joey: Yes, you may want to pay for a higher contribution. Also, please let your employer be aware that you have an outstanding Housing Loan.
    As for the adjustment of the interest rate, unfortunately it’s not possible.

    @Ana: You may still redeem it. It’s urgent that you proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office where you got the loan.

    @beverly: YOu may want to avail of the Multi-Purpose Loan and use the proceeds for the home improvement.

  • catherine treyes

    hi admin ask lng po ako…ofw po kasi ako and I’m paying my pag ibig contribution for almost 2 years na…yung house ang lot po kasi ng tita ko ma forforclose na ng financing company.pwede ko po ba yun bilhin gamit housing loan?thanks

  • admin

    @catherine: Yes, it’s possible, but it may not be easy. Please check on the documents required by Pag-IBIG from the developer of the house and make sure that you are qualified to loan from Pag-IBIG.

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  • virgil

    hello admin, bakit po ang housing loan amortization namin d2 bataan area ay masmataas P2,671.95 for 30 years at P400,000 loanable amount at sa mga nakikita naming other subdivision di hamak mas maganda at mas malaki kaysa sa developer namin dito.

  • ben conti

    good day..ask ko lang po…? bakit ganun ung sa housing loan alam ko na pinirmahan ko na sa contract eh 15 yrs sa developer but ng makita namin sa pag-ibig ay naging 25 yrs to pay..and also almost 3 yrs na kaming nagbyayad ng monthly amortisation na 6,300 pesos..nagdown payment po kami ng 20% ng price of the house n 650k as an equity…
    then ng ma check namin ang balance eh 560k pa din ang bal. to pay sa ang tanong ko po eh bakit magkano po ba ang pumapatong na interes talaga annualy ( 6%? ) so total na nabayad lang namin lahat including equity and 30 months 90k lang..but we r paying monthly of 6,300 pesos =75,600 total na naibayad namin sa 30 months eh201,600 pesos na plus ung equity ? which is na naibayd ay nappunta lang sa interes lahat lang ung naibabayd ko yearly..
    ang monthly contribution ko po sa pag-ibig eh 400 pesos lang…so another question…ano po ba ang mas maganda na pagbayad pra bumaba ang balance at interest ng ppwede po bang magdagdag ng monthly amortisation and ung pag-ibig contribution ko pra maging low cost for 10 years to pay na lang.?..thanx a lots…

  • admin


    Good question. Quick answer for you.

    You can check your interest rate when you request for a statement of account. Actually, on the early life of the loan, a major part of your amortization goes to paying for the interest — only a small portion goes to cover the principal. Now if you pay an amount which is more than the scheduled amortization due, the excess amount will cover the principal… This way you can save on your interest payments!

    Consider this: If you pay an extra one month at the end of each year, your 30-year mortgage will be paid off in 15 years!

    Some factors that determine your monthly amortization include: loan amount, interest rate, loan term.

  • ulysses morales

    memeber po me ng pag ibig ng 10 yrs.mula 1989 to 1999 pero natigil po me mag hulog ng mag abroad me.pwede po ba me mag loan?paano po?.at sabi nun sa company namin dati pag 10 yrs ka na pwede mo na wdrahin yung hinulog mo.totoo b yun?ill wait for response thank you.

  • jennilyn salazar rosario

    gud am po. pwede po bng magbyad ng personal loan kz po ung dting agency po nmin d po bnbyaran ung loan nmin n dpat sna eh mta2poz n ung loan q ngaun june taz nung nagverify po q eh 1 yr lng po ung may hulog. pwede po bng aq n lng po maghulog. ask q lng po kng san po pwede maghulog aside po s office nyo?tnx po ang GOD BLESS PO…….

  • jennilyn salazar rosario

    pwede po bng dlwang beses magbyad s isang buwan pra po mblis mtapoz? 162 per mos po kz knakltas skin dti nung agency q. tnx po….

  • Rosebeth Manginsay Estrobo

    I just want to ask how long would it take to process a housing loan (purchase of house and lot). Is it possible na ang husband ko ang magpa-process kasi andito ako sa abroad. Kindly provide list of requirements na kailangan kong i-prepare, at mga kailangan na documents from the owner ng house and lot. Pwede bang sa Pag-IBIG Main Office sa Makati magsa submit ng documents? Saang department pupunta?

    Maraming salamat.

  • Oliver

    Hi, Admin.

    I worked for a year but resigned and was unemployed for a couple of months. I got another job and has been working for another year now. Am I already qualified for a housing loan or do I need to have contributions for 24 consecutive months?

    Also, is it possible to have more than 1 co-borrower?


  • admin

    You need to be an active, contributing member so that you can apply for a loan.

    YOu can pay it personally.

    yes, it’s possible to accelerate your payment by doing that.

    It really depends on the branch where you applied for the loan. Take note that before you submit anything, you need to attend first the Loan Seminar.

    You need to show that you have contributed at least 24 months and be actively contributing at the time of loan application.

    Pag-IBIG allows up to 3 members to tack-in their contributions and apply for a single home loan.

  • Boni

    Tanong ko lang po, ako po ay isang OFW,Gusto ko po mag loan ng 1 million, kaso ang loanable amout ko is only 500k kasi 300 pesos lang po contribution ko. pero ang monthly salary ko is 3k dollar, ano po kaya my posibilidad ba na mkaka loan ako ng 1million?

  • admin


    You can even apply for the maximum loan amount of 3M and be approved for it. That is, looking at the salary you mentioned if it’s US Dollar. Yes, if you apply for one, you will be asked to contribute a higher amount for your membership dues.

  • paul

    first of all you I had to give it to you admin, you had inform us very well about the pag-ibig specially for OFW’s including myself.
    I would like just to ask the following:

    1.) if, upon granting the loan, do i still have to continue my monthly contributions even though I’m already paying the amortization at pag-ibig?
    2.) as you said that we could avail the “LOT-ONLY” loan and the “HOUSE CONSTRUCTION” loan, so my question is could I avail this two loan at the same time? or do i need to have the lot first as a collateral? and for the “HOUSE CONSTRUCTION” loan, do I need to show the house plan first?
    3.)as your reply to boni, even though I would only contribute the minimum of 5$ for 24 months as an OFW, would I be still eligible to a loan of 2M if my monthly salary can cover the “monthly net disposable income” for the 2M table?

    please enlighten me. I had this on my mind for a long time now and thank you very much for your time… ^_^

  • marvin

    Hi Admin,

    ask ko lang kung applicable ba ang pagibig loan sa mga condo sa metro manila? Kasi im interested to purchase a condo instead of renting a condo.

    And kailangan ko bang iconsolidate lahat ng contribtion ko sa Pagibig in case nagpalipat lipat ako ng company for the last 3 years ng career ko?

    What do u mean by 24 months monthly contribution? does it mean kailangan tuloy tuloy na 24 months na walang putol ka nag contribute sa Pagibig? what if kung within 2 years or 24 months e naputol o hindi ka nakapagcontribute lets say mga 3 months lang? are your stil qualified?

    Thanks in advance for your immediate reply.

    Marvin :-)

  • Let

    magkano po ba inaabot ang insurance ng bahay na binili thru developer?

  • marvin

    Hi admin,

    pahabol pa lang tanong, what if kung for the past 24 months contribution ko eh 200 lang as the minimum nadedect sa akin per pay evry month, what if i decided to increase it to 950 or lets say 1,450. Kung itataas ko ang contribution ko kelan ako magquaqualify ng ganung loan amount from 2-3M after increasing my contribution?

    Thanks again,
    Marvin :-)

  • http://none Shirley

    Hi Admin,

    How can i apply to your housing loan if I have an existing Multi- Purpose Loan?

    Is it ok to pay it in full instead to apply for the housing loan?

    Please advise.

    More Power!
    Shirley B.

  • adelyn

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kung, pwede ba ako mag-pa member sa pag-ibig, even yung husband ko is currently unmployed but his receiving money from the government dito po sa U.S and I am still working po. If pwede po siya? Is their anyway to get a loan if I will fully paid the 24 months contribution sa pag-ibig?

    Sana po makasagot kaayo sa tanong. Salamat nang marami!

    Take care,

  • jonathan s. barreyro

    mam / sir

    i wanna know if i’m already qualified for another housing loan, because my first housing loan was already assume by mr. armando mangalindan. but everytime i file my msvs there is always a remarks that i still have an existing loan ” which is not thru because i already have all the supporting documents for my 0 balance. can you check it again for me, and please give me an update. thank you very much.


  • Lhei

    Good day!

    Inquiry lang po. Yong bahay po namin kailangan ng major rennovation. Pwede po ba ako mag apply ng pag-ibig loan – ako ang magbabayad pero ang owner (sa titulo) ang ang parents ko? Pagibig Member po ako at OFW. Thanks. Karen

  • winnie

    First of I was wondering if I can get a loan even I’m not yet a member.I would like to purchase a house for my parents.
    What should I do in order to become a Pag ibig member. I am a Canadian resident at may fulltime job po ako.

    Thanks in advance for your immediate reply.

  • http://yahoo ARNOLD ABULENCIA

    tanong ko lang po, kc may bahay na binibinta sa akin, ngayon 1.4 yong price nya. magkano po kaya ang monthly payment ko sa pagibig?. at paano ko kukunin yong pag ibig # kc hangang ngayong wala almost 4 years napo akong katataas ko lang ng hulog ko ngayong month of aprail pwedi naba kaya akong mag loan sa 1.4? (salamat po.)

  • chris rivas

    hi admin isa po akong ofw member ako ng pag ibig may benibinta pong bahay at gusto kung bilhin kaso wla p po akong ganong halaga 2.5mpeso p at ang montly salary ko ay $600 lang po qualifyied po ba ako mag loan ng ganong halaga

  • Jan

    Hi Admin,

    I have been 5 years with my company and earning about 38k per month. I confirmed with our HR that our contribution is only 100Php and seeing the bracket, is there a chance of getting a million or 2 pag-ibig housing loan if I decide to avail my own home? Thanks for the feedback!

  • MJ Ibarreta

    Hi po,
    Just want to ask how to activate my pag-ibig membership at malaman yong contribution ko from my Previous company in Manila. it was 4 year ago na pong di ko naasikaso yong Membership fee ko.. and almost 6 year din po akong nakapaga hulog sa Pag-Ibig. Ano po ba dapat ko gawin para ma activate at mapagpatuloy as OFW?

    Thank u po

  • mahmoy25


    Just want to inquire re lan amount based on the contributions made. For instance, I have been working for a little less than 5 years already and based on the summary of contributions I got from your office, my monthly contri is 100 and my employer’s also 100. Does this mean that the max loan amount i can borrow is only P500K? What if I’d like to loan 1M? And based on the table above, my disposable net income is qualified to loan the 1M, do I still have to contribute 500 for another 24mos? Or can I just increase my contri once my loan has been approved?

    Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply.

  • JP


    I’m currently working abroad. I want to avail a housing loan, pra mapatayuan ko n ng bahay ung lupa n nabili ko na. since gusto ko po i-avail as much as possible ung mataas n loanable amount pwede po bang ang gwin kong co-borrower e ung tita ko. Ung asawa ko po kse presently is not working.


  • cez

    We would like to increase our monthly contributions, my question is that regardless of salary as long as it is 2% share of employee and employee? Example what if one of our officers earns 100,000/month this means that EE’s & ER’s share would be 2000 respectively right? Will this be okay? Because as I looked into tables of loanable amounts the maximum is 3M, which shows 1450 shared contributions. Thanks in advance for the immediate response.

  • Leonisa Bausin

    Hi! Gusto ko magloan ng P1M sa Pag-ibig using my TCT as collateral kasi gusto ko magpagawa ng apartment. My monthly contribution to Pagibig is P333.74 only. Can I use my daughter as co-maker who is an Overseas Worker in Dubai? Pls advise ASAP.


  • admin

    If she’s also a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund, yes you can join and apply for a single loan.

    Actually, Pag-IBIG sets a limit of P5,000 maximum salary as the basis of employee-employer share. So 2% of that is 100. This is done for simplicity. But once you apply for a bigger loan amount,
    you will be asked to contribute a bigger amount. You will find this out by the time you submit your housing loan application.

    I believe I have answered this question in the past. But in case you missed it, the short answer is “No”.

    Yes you are correct in saying that you can contribute a higher amount once you are already pre-qualified for a bigger loan amount. In other words, you will be
    asked to upgrade your contributions.

    Please proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office and ask them to give you a list of your past contributions. To re-activate, you simply contribute anew.

    Yes, you will be asked to upgrade your contribution to a much higher amount based on the table that you saw.

    Please review this article.

    Please check your past payments at the Pag-IBIG Office.

    Sorry, but Pag-IBIG Loans are only for the members of the Pag-IBIG Fund and only for Filipino Citizens.

    Yes its possible. But please attend the loan counselling session to see how to go about the whole process.

    SOrry, but you are not allowede anymore to get another housing loan.

    Yes. Of course you need to be pre-qualified before your loan will be granted.

    Actually you can apply for a housing loan but you will be ask to pay the MPL Loan first.

    Yes, it’s possible to use Housing Loan for a condo.

    Please read the replies on the line @mhomay25 and @jan.

    Please check it with your developer.

    1. Yes
    2. Yes and you have to present the house plan for the house construction.
    3. Yes

  • allan

    Very informative and very helpful. All I need to know about Pag-ibig under one site.


  • izzy

    hi admin…ask ko lang po kung 17000 yung salary ko hindi pa po doon deducted all the taxes pasok po ba ako sa 15yrs. if loanable amount is 750k? and isa pa pong question pano po kung one year pa lang akong member sa pag-ibig pede ko po bang i-lumpsum yung another 1 year for me to be eligible at the time of my loan application?

  • admin

    Based on the table, you are eligible for that loan amount. But, you may have to wait that you reach 24 monthly contributions. I would recommend that you attend a loan counseling session.

  • izzy

    thank you admin..that is means po ba na hindi po pwedeng on my 13th month of my monthly contribution hindi pwedeng i-lumpsum ung another 1 year para maging 24 month agad yung contribution ko? one thing pa admin pano po ba ang computation ng net disposable income?thank you so much

  • sagikoi

    Hi admin, question lang po gusto ko po sana maghousing loan kaya lang base from the pag-ibig table,if i want to loan 1.8-2M di sia kaya. i mean, ang monthly contribution ko si Php100 lang kahit na ang monthly gross income ko is nasa Php26,0000…May iba pa ba way para makapgloan ako ng ganung halaga? May nakita na kasi ako na sa palagay ko naman e kaya ko sia bayaran kaya lang ano po ba dapat i need to increase my monthly contribution from Php100-1,000? if that is the case, ilang months pa bago ako maapprove for 2M loan? Since 2003 pa po ako member ng Pag-ibig.and since then, continious naman po ang contribution ko. Kindly enlighten me. Thanks so much in advance.

  • Joey

    good day admin. question po.. kc ang wife ko may MPL Loan nung may work pa sya at continous nmn ang bayad unfortunately nagresign na sia at nastop na ang payment, magkakainteres ba ung loan or babawas na lang dun sa contribution nia for the past 4 years? and if ever magsimula siang maghulog ulit sa pagibig babayran na nia loan nia?. Tanx and please advise.

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  • admin

    The rule of Pag-IBIG says that any missed payments from the MPL will be deducted from the TAV (basically the total contributions plus dividends).

    When you apply for that much loan, the loan officer will assess your capacity to pay, among other things, and he might require you to upgrade your contributions once you qualify for that amount of loan.

    You need to understand that Pag-IBIG will also consider your length of employment. The Net Income is the Gross Income less deductions and it shows in your payslip.

  • jona

    good aftie pwede ko n po bng byrn one time ung multi-purpose loan ko?less than 1000 nlng po kc ung remaining bal. & 3mos kong ndi nbyrn un kc ngresign ako previous job.

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  • Katherine Esparas

    Good day!

    Tanong ko lang po kung pwede kami mag joint account ng sister ko kasi mababa na net pay nya dahil sa kaltas sa kanya. Bale sya po ang kukuha ng bahay sa pagibig sa katunayan po e tapos na po kami sa equity namin. Parehas pa po kami single. at member din po ako ng PAGIBIG matagal na.
    Nung una po kami mag pass ng requirements e mataas pa po ang net pay nya…e after po mag bayad ng equity mag rerepass po kami ng mga requirements yun nga po medyo mababa na po net pay nya ngayon dahil nga po sa kaltas.
    Maraming salamat po sana masagot ang katanungan.

    Kind regards,
    Katherine Esparas

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  • ams

    hi admin! im planning to loan 300K kc dun po pumapasok ung net income ko..kaya lang po ngayon lang po ako mahuhulog sa pag-ibig kasi new member lang po 1st query is, pwede ko po ba i-avail un as a multi-purpose loan?2nd,possible po ba na bayaran ko na po in advance ung 2years, if yes makakapagloan na po ba ako agad? if no, gano katagal pa bago ako maaprove na makapagloan ng ganong halaga?thanku very much..i have so much queries in my mind please help!

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  • jeng

    tanong ko lang po kung pa’no mag-upgrade ng contribution sa pag-ibig? may balak po kami mag-housing loan ng 2M, when i checked my husband’s monthly contribution P100 lang. kelangan po ba nya magpunta sa pag-ibig office ng direct or puwede na po na i-request ng husband ko sa office nila na magpapa-upgrade siya? magkano po ang kelangan na monthly contribution para siguradong ma-approve yung 2M? kung P100 lang ang monthly contribution, usually magkano lang po ang naaapprove? thank you!

  • admin

    You will be adviced when to upgrade your contribution after you have been assessed for housing loan qualification.

    Please take your time. YOu are still a new member and Pag-IBIG requires that you contribute at least 24 months before applying for a home loan.
    Take note also that the amount of MPL Loan is not really that much if you are a new member.

    Yes you can both combine your accounts and apply for that loan.

  • sab

    okay, your site is really useful and very informative but it was not mentioned how can we increase our monthly contribution so we can loan the amount that we exactly need.

    i am an employee and the monthly PAGIBIG fee they deduct is only 200. how can i request to increase this limit so I can request a loanable amount of 2M? that is 1000 per month?

    thanks in advance!

  • neth

    gud am po! ask ko lang po,new member po ako sa pag ibig,24 months na po yung contributions ko,OFW po ako….magkano po ba ba ang pede ko ma avail sa constuction of house loan po….may nabili po kc ako 100sqm.lot sa province…makakapag avail po ako?19 years na po ako OFW at ang salary ko po ay $900 dollars per month.

  • amnanrey

    mejo mababa po ung salary ko, paro pasok po ko for 900000 loan kaso nga lang for 30 years, what if magdoble po ako ng bayad monthly kac may katulong naman po ako sa mga expenses. pwede po ba un?? para umikli ung payment term?

  • amnanrey

    normaslly ganung katagal ba bago maapprove ung housing loan??

  • Vhangie1104

    I want to avail a housing loan of P1M (Purchase of lot and construction of house) payable in 25yrs , But my salary is only P18k, my net is P14k. Based on Pagibig table, Monthly Amortization and Net Disposable Income Requirements, I am entitled only for a P750k loan for a net salary of P14k. Are there ways on how I could reach P1M housing loan entitlement? I heard of this “co-borrower”? What are the requirements that a co-borrower should be? I have a friend willing to be my co-borrower but is not a Pagibig member. Is your policy allowed him to be my co-borrower even if he’s not a member of Pagibig?

    Another question: Does my monthly contribution in Pagibig affects my loanable amount? My employer has deducting my salary P100 as my monthly contribution. Does my monthly contribution should take certain percentage of my salary? I mean, how would you measure the Pagibig contribution of an employee? Is it 2% of his salary? I’m not really sure if I need to request that my contribution be upgraded so as to increase my loanable amount in Pagibig?

    I really need your response. Thank you very much.

  • admin

    One of the ways is, as you mentioned, getting a co-borrower. But you can’t just have anyone act as your co-borrower. He/She has to be related to you, such as a sibling or parent.

    As to your contribution, that’s not a problem at this point. You will
    be asked to upgrade it once your income qualifies you to get that much loan amount.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “doble po ako ng bayad”.

    Please read again the article to know how much loan amount you can possibly get.

    YOu will be asked to upgrade your contributions once you qualify on a specific loan amount based on your capacity to pay, that means your income.

  • amnanrey

    doble ng bayad, for example kung ang loan ko ay 800k for 30 years xa is 6151, what if lumaki po ung income ko at maafford ko na magbayad ng doble (12300php). pwede po ba un? para umikli ung paymnt term

  • admin

    Yes that absolutely encouraged. That way, you can also save on the interest payments.

  • amnanrey

    ahhh ok po…thanx, you’ve been very helpful. MORE POWER!

  • bedol

    very informative tong site na’to at bilis sumagot ni admin :) bale eto mga tanong ko. thank you!

    1. pag-ibig members kaming mag-asawa pwede bang isang application na lang ng housing loan? at dapat ba dalawa kaming aatend ng seminar?

    2. paano po kung yung buong lote eh wala sa pangalan ko? nasa tatay ko, tito at tita ko. gagawin kasing apartment at ako na bahala sa financing.

    3. pagka-release ng loan eh start na ba ng bayad? o pwedeng after 1 or 2 months pa?

  • Marlon04

    paano po ba i-compute kung me sobra pa sa na loan ko sa pagibig compare dun sa presyo ng house sa developer. Ganito po, yung naloan namin sa pagibig ay 594000, then yung house ay 655000, yung equity namin na nabayaran ay 98000.

    Loan amount=594000
    House price=655000

    Tapos nung magpacompute kmi exceed lang kami ng 16000 na dapat sana 37000 kung di ako nagkakamali.

    pno po kaya nila nacocompute yun, and pano ko malalaman na walaang hidden charges.

  • philina m. pastor

    i availed a housing loan amounting to 600k(php)last feb. 2007. The interest rate is 10.5%. June on the same year, i learned the the interest rate for housing loan decreased to 7%.Am I not entitled to that decrease in the interest rate?

  • admin


    1. Yes, you both can tack-in your accounts under one loan. Yes you should both attend the seminar. Para sweet. 😉

    2. That’s complicated. Pag-IBIG will not grant you a loan on a complicated title. The title should be in your name.

    3. One month after the release, that’s the time you start paying your monthly amortization.

    Good question. You probably used the Loan Calculator presented here. Please take note that using the calculator serves only as your guide. It doesn’t factor in the contributions, insurance and others. Please have them explain your amortization also for further clarifications.

    Unfortunately, Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow that.

  • http://facebook ralph lawrence caya

    ask ko lang po..pano ko po mlalaman pag ibig number ko?…tnx and godbless po..

  • Mar

    Hi Admin,

    Tanong ko lang po kung mas mganda po ba kung ang kukuha ng housing loan, ay Married kesa single. IF married mas malake ba ang loanable?

    If YES, pano if single(not yet married) nag housing loan, then biglang nag asawa after a month? Pano yung change status? saka yung loanable, ma update po ba yun agad? or pede ko sya gawin co-borrower ko. or in advance married status agad :)

  • admin

    If you can afford to pay a loan while you are still single, then go for it! Being married has the advantage of being qualified for a bigger loan amount, especially if the couple are both members of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    Regarding your question about getting him as co-borrower, you can’t do that while you are still on the bf-gf stage. 😉

    Please check the latest article we have posted to get the answer to that question and more. Here’s the link:

  • Vhangie1104

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. By the way, I wish to ask another question. I’m planning to purchase a Lot (only) from a developer, to be financed by Pagibig. I have visited the site and selected a lot. But the developer told me that Pagibig do not approve or do not finance purchase of Lot only, should be house and lot. Is this really true? Why?

  • Mar

    Tnx Admin…

    another question: Plan namen for housing loan kapag married na, can both or 1 of us still be qualify to loan again like multi purpose loan?

  • Hermionne

    Hello admin,

    What if interesado po ako na bumili ng property na kung saan yung bahay at lupa ay under ng mga awarded properties ng government worth 300k above, tapos ang namamahala dito ay NHA (National Housing Authority. Possible po ba na ma-iapply ko ito under ng Pag-ibig, wala pa po siyang titulo, certificate of being awarded lang sa may-ari, yung titulo po kasi makukuha lang cya kapag tapos mo ng hulugan yung bahay. Yung nagbebenta po kasi ay mismong may-ari ng bahay. Please help me on this. Thanks very much.

  • Jocelyn Zamora

    Good day! Sir ask ko lang po kung updated yung table natin for the the monthly amortization and net disposable income requirements? Kasi po i am currently applying for housing loan with VANHOCK Corp. and the total cost of house and lot is 400k. i submitted my payslip reflecting my net income P 6,700.00. Sabi po ng vanhock kaylangan daw po atleast 7,000 yung net monthly income. Please advise po. Thank you very much.

  • Mel

    Hi admin,

    I have a question,regarding any loan.. for married couple, pano ang deduction? thru salary deduction for both? equally deducted? or depend for who has the highest salary?

  • jeff

    in your post NO. 33


    Good question. Quick answer for you.

    You can check your interest rate when you request for a statement of account. Actually, on the early life of the loan, a major part of your amortization goes to paying for the interest — only a small portion goes to cover the principal. Now if you pay an amount which is more than the scheduled amortization due, the excess amount will cover the principal… This way you can save on your interest payments!

    Consider this: If you pay an extra one month at the end of each year, your 30-year mortgage will be paid off in 15 years!

    kindly explain further about this?

    Consider this: If you pay an extra one month at the end of each year, your 30-year mortgage will be paid off in 15 years!

    is this true? how?

  • admin

    I’m not sure what the case for that particular developer, but Pag-IBIG definitely accepts a housing loan to be used in purchasing a lot-only. However, there are cases, especially with Pag-IBIG accredited projects that you have to buy a house-and-lot first and get an additional lot-only property, which is adjacent to the house-and-lot.

    Yes. The MPL Loan is a separate loan altogether.

    I forgot the name, but there is another goverment agency that handles that kind of project. It’s the the scope of Pag-IBIG already.

    Yes that’s the updated one.

    That’s to the account of the principal borrower.

    I wish I can explain it in details here, but it would take a lot of words.

  • iambitz

    i would like to clarify if the loan entitlement would be based on the monthly contribution AND capacity to pay? i mean would it be based on that two factors and not on one factor alone? in my case, i’m planning to apply for a housing loan in the amount of more or less 750k payable in 30yrs. my monthly pagibig contribution is only 200/mo. and my monthly net income amounts to more or less 15k. if based on my monthly contribution, i may be entitled to loan of up to 500k only, but based on my capacity to pay, i may apply for the 750k loan because my net income meets the minimum income requirement. your feedback is highly appreciated. thanks! i would also like to commend the creator of this site! very useful indeed! :)

  • admin

    I highly appreciate your question. I’d like to clarify this thing once and for all. Since everyone really starts at 200 / mo contribution that would indeed pose a problem if that would be the first consideration when applying for a housing loan. But, the evaluation is actually done in reverse: First, you will be assessed based on your capacity to pay. If you qualify for a certain loan amount and then you are currently contributing at the regular rate of P 200 / mo contribution, Pag-IBIG will require you to “upgrade” your contribution based on the table. The keyword here is “upgrade”.

    I hope this helps to further clarify the point of this article. Good luck!

  • iambitz

    okay, but will they process my loan application now even if i haven’t upgraded my contribution yet? or should i upgrade my contribution first before i may avail of the 750k loan? thanks so much for your time and response! :)

  • admin

    Yes, they will process it, or to be more precise, they will begin the evaluation process. They will be asking you to upgrade later once your loan is approved.

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  • Jun

    Where i can search / check whether the developer is authorize / accredited by PAG – IBIG. We are now starting to pay for the equity worried lang kami baka hindi accredited ng pag-ibig yung developer. Thanks

  • admin

    You can check this by going to the Pag-IBIG Branch that handles that region.

  • Lorna Himmel

    Hallo Sir Admin,
    ako po ay isang pag-ibig member since 2007..after my contract po sa company na pinagtrabhuan ko, ay nhinto kuna po ang contribution. 3 yrs napo hindi nhulugan. Andito po ako ngayon sa Germany,im married. Ngayon balak ko pong i active ulit ang pag-ibig ko. Balak po namin ng asawa ko na bayaran ang kulang at maghulog buwan-buwan. Ngayon tanong ko po, my balak palang po akong mgtrabho,hindi namadalian ang trabaho dahil may anak po kami,maliit palang. Ang husband ko ang syng tutulong sa akin para mhulugan ko po parati ang pag-ibig ko…Ngayon po,itanong kulang. Malaki ba ang posibilidad, pra mkaavail po ko sa atin, khit ang asawa ko po ang mgbayad. Kng posible man po, kasi kng mbayaran k lhat ng kulng ko sa pag-ibig within 4 yrs.. pwd po ba akng mka avail ng madalian for loan housing?..kasi yung mama ko ngrent lang ng bahay..sayang po ksi yung binabayad everymnth. Kng possible man po…ano po ba ang mging req. to avail a house?
    Hanggang dito muna po at umaasa sa inyong mdaliang information.

    Lorna Himmel

  • Yzac

    Hi Admin,

    Good day! I want to loan a lot and construction of hous at the same time specifically what this link tells: .

    Q1: Are the documents in SECTION I. items 10 – 12, Addtional Requirements items 2 -4 and the most of items in SECTION II, will come from the seller? Ex. Sta. Lucia Realty. Will they be more than willing to provide those documents without any assurance yet that the loan will be granted? Same as through with a private seller who asks for cash payment.

    Q2: In my understanding, does it mean that the Title should already be under my name? How can this be when we’re still on the application process? I don’t think any seller will transfer title without assurance.

    Q3: If in case I got approved, will Pag-ibig release the whole amount of the appraise value of the property I am planning to acquire? Will they release the construction of house at the same time?

    Q4: If in case the loan got approved, can I already start the construction of house?

    Sorry for my questions if it might sound dumb but I really want to understand as I’m not knowledgeable enough when it comes to mortgage.

  • Kat

    Hi admin!

    Yung co borrower po ba sa loan kailangan na relative? Hindi po ba pwede ang fiance?

  • Yzac

    Hi Admin,

    Additional question po. If for example, the land I want to acquire through Pag-ibig is owned by my relative, is still required to have an equity? What if for example, it is being sold for 1 Million, and my loanable amount is 750K, the equity would be 250K, right? Given that the seller is a relative, they won’t require us to pay the 250K since part of the land or the cash amount when it’s sold will be shared to us anyway? If not, please advise what’s the best thing to do? Thank you.

  • admin


    You have some good questions here. Thanks for asking.

    1. If the seller is asking for cash payment, that usually means they don’t want you to use a loan to finance your purchase of the property. Usually, they do this so that they will not be involved in the hassle of providing the documents required of them by the lending company. As the question of whether the developer will provide them, please remember that not all developers are willing to accept Pag-IBIG Financing. As a matter of fact, many of them would rather prefer that you use bank financing.

    2. Sorry, this is one of the primary confusion around here. I think I should write an article on this. Here’s an idea: Before you even begin transfering the title on the buyer, the buyer should secure a Letter of Guarantee that the loan is already approved. Take note, it’s a Letter of Guarantee, no lending institution will be playing tricks with you here. So that means the Registry of Deeds can start process the transfer now and annotate the title.

    3. They will release an amount that is based on their assessment of the property’s value and your capacity to pay.

    4. Are you buying a house and lot? If yes, then Pag-IBIG would want to see the house constructed first before even accepting your loan application.

    As to your other question, if that land is owned by your relative, you can arrange that with your relative. The question now becomes: will
    your relative accept a lower amount? That is, only the loan amount approved?

    Yes, you can’t take a fiance to be your co-borrower.

  • Yzac

    Thank you Admin for your answers. About my last question, Given that Pag-ibig appraised the property as 1 Million indeed, same to how much it is being sold, and also given that my loanable amount is 750K assuming that I met the salary, number/amount of premiums, and other factors to consider when talking about the loanable amount – the question is, since I am not going to pay the 250K equity, will Pag-ibig release the 750K? Or will they still ask for a document stating that I paid the equity or something like a document which states that the equity is waived? I asked this since you mentioned on your previous answers that the equity is required and this is the basis that Pag-ibig uses to evaluate how serious a buyer is to acquire the property. In my case, I am serious, and since we are relatives, we arranged about the downpayment internally. Kindly advise.

  • lourdes

    hi admin ask ko lang po if pwede na mg avail ng loan if u were more than a 2 years member na po sa pinas and just 3 months member as a pop..thanks

  • Joan

    Good day, Admin!
    Question lang po, my net income is 6,400.00 capable po ba ako to loan
    P 400,000.00? for 30 years. Thanks po.

  • Rainier

    Good day!

    Question.. what if I only want to buy land only from my friend and it’s only P150,000.00 is it possible to buy it thru pag-ibig?

  • rowena castro

    hi admin, tanong ko lang po na kapag sa individual seller ka at walang broker kailangan po ba na ang collateral ay nakapangalan na sa bibili
    at talaga bang original ang dapat ipasa. my husband is a policemen, he had only left 15 years in service, pero ako gusto kong term ay 25 years possible po ba iyun, parehas naman po kaming may work, thank you and god bless

  • rowena castro

    hi admin, tanong ko lang po na kapag sa individual seller ka at walang broker kailangan po ba na ang collateral ay nakapangalan na sa bibili
    at talaga bang original ang dapat ipasa. my husband is a policemen, he had only left 15 years in service, pero ako gusto kong term ay 25 years possible po ba iyun, parehas naman po kaming may work, thank you and god bless

  • admin

    A transaction like this should be entered into by all parties as formally as possible, with all the right documentations. In your case, both you and the seller (a relative) should execute a Contract To Sell stating the selling price, the amount of down payment, etc. even though. If you have both agreed, in principle, that he is not receive the down payment, then so be it; at least it is stated in the CTS that he received it.

  • Joan

    Good day, Admin!
    Question lang po, my net income is 6,400.00 capable po ba ako to loan
    P 400,000.00? for 30 years. Thanks po.

  • jhoena

    gud day po may question lang po ako…nakapag contribute po ako for 26months since 2004-2006 then nakapag loan na rin po me…ang kaso po nakapag abroad me di ko na naasikaso ang naiwan ko na loan ko as in di ko nabayaran kahit isa last month po pinaasikaso ko sa tita ko kc gusto ko bayaran ung naiawan kong loan then ang sabi po ng pag ibig deducted na po raw sa hulog ko dati so clear na ung loan ko..possible po ba ung ganun talaga? may pagbabago po ba dun sa 26months na inihulog ko kung diniduct na ung loan ko dati? sa ngaun po i want to be a member for POP para sa OFW po at gusto ko po bayaran d2 abroad for 24 months pwede po ba un? balak ko po ipasok for loan ung binebentang apartments property sa akin ano po ang dapat ko gawin? makakapagloan po ba ako kaagad kc since 2006 till now di na ako nakapagcontribute pa? and hanggang magkano po pwede?

  • cesar

    good day, po!
    OFW po ako, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede ko ba i-loan iyon binebentang bahay ng aking sister?wala kasi nagaasikaso ng bahay niya kasi nasa ibang bansa din sila mag-anak. anu-ano po ba ang mga dapat gawin at mga requirements?
    salamat po.

  • alex

    hi admin na late ako ng payment starting may 2011 to july 2011
    so ngkatanggap akong warning but i was able to pay just for the month of may 2011 then last aug 2011 i was able to pay for the month of june im still 2 months behind my balance pero nkatanggap pa rin ako ng notice of default last aug 16 2011 dapat ba full 3 months bayaran ko o pwedeng paisa isa lang hanggang mahabol ko ung balance…
    umaasa sa madaling reply thanks po

  • admin

    If you base it on the Table, then with that income you can indeed finance a 400k loan at 30-year term.

    Actually, any missed payment is already considered a default, but once you reach 3 months of non-payment then that property will be due for foreclosure. Please take that notice seriously and do whatever it takes to save your property.

  • alex

    thank you for the quick reply.. more power and GOD bless

  • susan

    Hi Sir. What if the property is being sold at 599,000 and sabi po sa leaflets ng property, and net income requirement daw po is 12,800, samantalang 3800 lang naman ang monthly amortization. Ang net income ko po is around 10,000 lang. Pero I’m single and 2 kami ng boyfriend ko ang magbabayad. Madedeny po ba ang housing loan ko if this is the case? me magagawa po ba ako para po ma-approve po ang loan sa PAG-IBIG?

    Thank you. I just wanna send you a kudos kasi your site has been very helpful to me and very informative.

  • Joan

    Follow up question: Does it mean po ba i can rely on the table above 100%? Kasi po ang sabi ng developer sa akin, with my net income 380k lang daw ang pwede kong i-loan. or may ibang factor pa po ba ang pwedeng maka apekto sa amount na pwedeng i-loan. Thank you po ulit.

  • admin

    You can probably meet the monthly payments on that loan amount, but Pag-IBIG would want to make sure you are less of a risk to them. My suggestion would be:

    1. Get a co-borrower
    2. Or, get a lower amount of loan by putting more money as down payment. You may ask for help on this one.

    Good luck!

    Please have yourself pre-qualified at Pag-IBIG. That way, you can get an official assessment on how much you can loan.

  • susan

    Thank you for the reply Sir. Someone suggested to me to present other sources of income daw po. For example, remittance po na pinapadala sakin ng kuyang nasa abroad. Kelangan lang daw po ng reciepts ng remittance. Tanong ko po sir is ano po ba ang process ng pag-qualify ng PAG-IBIG. Me interview po ba or do they only rely on your net income documents (COEC and payslip). What if po, you have other sources of income (i.e. sari-sari store or online selling) pero wala naman kayong paper to serve as proof of extra income. Makukuha po ba yun sa interview lang?

  • bhing1980

    my father died last aug.8 during his contract on jeddah,saudi question is how will i know if my father is a pagibig member?and if we have something to claim?

  • admin

    By income they mean a documented income… so there has to be a document to prove that one. :-)

    Sorry to hear about that. Please check it with the Pag-IBIG Office or you can ask around from his former co-workers.

  • rosemarie

    naghousing loan na po dati ang mister ko sa cavite naaprove po yun at nakapag umpisa po kami mag hulog ng ilan months sa equity pa lng po pero sinurender po namin kasi po bigla po nalipat ng batangas yung work nya kaya po di na nmin natuloy yun..balak po namin ngayon na mag loan ng bahay na naforeclosed na pwede pa po kaya sya maaprub ng pag ibig?sana po mapaliwanagan nyo kami tungkol dito thanks po in advance.

  • Linda

    Hi admin,

    I am an investor. I would like to sell my property to a Pag-Ibig Member. Is it possible?

    1. The property is still in in-house financing, can I sell it in this condition?

    2. Or do I need to fully pay the property, and have the title under my name, before I can sell it?

    3. What else do I need to provide in order for me to sell my property to Pag-Ibig Member?

    4. How long does it usually take for a Pag-ibig Member to get the financing from Pag-Ibig?

    5. How does the Pag-ibig assess the value?

    a. Is it against the current market value?

    b. Or is it the seller’s asking price?

    c. How much equity is needed?

    Thank you so much in advance.

  • admin


    Yes, it is possible to sell it to anyone even to non-Pag-IBIG Members.

    1. Sure.

    2. You can do that too.

    3. Lot of documents likes Land Title, Tax Declaration, Deed of Sale, etc. It would help if an investor like you should get a lawyer.

    4. It depends on a number of factors, but ideally 2 months should be long enough.

    a) they will do their own assessment and yes more or less on the current market value of the property.

    b) Usually it’s lower than the selling price. They always thought of sellers as suckers when it comes to the selling price.

    c) It depends on you and the borrower’s loan eligibility.

  • jersey

    Sir, I read here na pwede po mag apply separately ang mag asawa. May I just clarify, can my husband and I apply separately in Pag ibig for the same property? Kc po 4M po un property na balak namin bilihin and since 3M lang ang max, can both of us apply separately, tig 2M loan kami halimbawa. Thank you po.

  • Romel

    Paano po magapply ng Housing loan para makakuha po ako ng sariling bahay?matagal na kasi ako nangungupahan, Gusto ko magkaroon ng sariling bahay, pero wala akong pambili, pero matagal na ako member ng pagibig.

  • hai

    Hello po, ask ko po 14 years na po ako nag huhulog ng contribution ko sa pagibig fund, employer 100 + sa akin po 144 = total 244.00/month. my net disposable income 4,500.00 single po ako 40 years old, may lupa po ako sa isang subd, worth 130,000.00 complete with title, gusto ko po mag apply ng housing loan, possible po ba na maka loan ako ng 500,000.00 @ 20 years to pay? please reply..salamat po.

  • markieboy

    ask ko lng po,bali seaman po ako,tapos gus2 ko po mag avail ng loan for home improvement, kaso magwowork na po ako this sept, pwede po ba na ipaco borrower ko ang mother ko since sa kanya ung bahay and kasi sa overseas ako nagwowork at need ng mag aasikaso nito d2…

    no, 2 question ko eh ano po ba magiging problem nmin if ung nakalagay sa title ng lupa namin eh mas malaki kaysa actual?kasi nagamit na nung kapitbahay ung lupa na kinatatayuan, ano rin po ba ang magiging difference ng home improvement sa pagpapatau mismo ng haus since h.i ang dineclare mo pero almost 90 eh fully construction kasi mayroon ng structure doon?

  • markieboy

    ask ko rin po pala about doon sa plan nung bahay,kasi im confused po if ipapagawa lng namin sa hindi mismo developer,may draftsman lng po but may engineer lng po na magaasikaso at titingin and then ung sa cost ng construction kasi we are trying to minimize the cost kaya sa kakilala lng namin na expert ipapagawa

  • admin

    Please check it using the Table of Income vs Loan Amount Entitlement as shown above on this article.

    Please search it from the other pages of this website.

    Interesting! But in this case, that’s not possible.

  • ariane m sacopon

    gud pm sir/mam ask ko lng po kc 2 yrs n akong army gusto ko sanang mag loan ng housing loan or pang renovation pwede po ba akong mkapag loan khit mga 800k…khit walang plano ng bahay,…ty…pls reply to my no. ~-~-~ number deleted by admin ~-~-~ ,,,,thanks

  • ariane m sacopon

    my hotline b kau….or my branch kau sa tarlac

  • hai

    Hello po, mag apply po ako housing loan, kaya lang wala po ako income tax return ito po yung isa sa mga requirements, ok lang po ba kung certificate of employment & compensation and 1 month latest payslip ang submit ko?
    Thank you.

  • jane

    Hello po,

    I am facing difficulties sa pagbayad ng lupa ko sa Bulacan for one year pero gusto ko na po syang ayusin. Ask ko lang po kung pde ko po ireconstruct..lot lang po yung nipurchase ko..please help me email address is ###– email address deleted by admin –####

  • http://deleted jane

    Goodmorning po,

    I am Jane, currently working sa Dubai. I purchased my lot last 2008 sa Malolos Bulacan. Nakapagdown nman po ako at nakakapagbayad before pero nagkaroon po ako ng financial difficulties kaya po natigil yun since September 2010. One year na po ako hindi nakakabayad ng monthly dues ko na 4,900 PHP. Ngbrowse po ako sa google and thanks GOD nahanap ko po itong website na ito. AYoko pong bsta mawala itong lupa sa akin dahil malaki rin po ang naidown ko dito. Nagkataon lang po na nagkaroon ako ng financial problem. Ask ko lang po, ano po ang mga steps na pde gawin para ayusin to. ANg problema po ay nasa Dubai po ako. Pde po bang ang pinsan ko ang umayos nun para sa akin?Ayoko pong makuha yung lupa ko. Meron po bang reconstruction yun?Maraming salamat po. Talagang gusto ko pong isave ang kaisa isang lupa na pinaghirapan ko po. Paki email po sana ang instructions kung paano po gagawin. Marami pong salamat sa inyo. Malaking bagay po yung mga magiging sagot ninyo para maging panatag ang loob ko.

  • topaz


    Ask ko lang po kung paano malalaman kung ilang percentage ang down payment?


  • admin

    It’s important that you check the status of your loan at the office. Have your representative do that.

    The ITR is one of the requirements. You can’t skip that one.

  • irish of cavite

    Hi i’m irish of cavite. Is there a possibility na di ma approve ung housing loan sa pag ibig? For example, I already submitted my requirement including the coe na notarized. Then after a month of submitting all of the needed docs, I decided to resign with my employer and transfer to different company? I just wanted to know if this can be a reason para di ma approve yung housing loan ko since pag ng backgroung check ang pag ibig with my new employer and status ko ay probationary or not a regular employee? Thanks in advance. More power.

  • Bev

    Tanong lang po… I want to take a loan from Pag-ibig para sa house
    contruction.. magkano po required na equity ni pag-ibig para marelease po ang ang aking loan.

    Im planning to loan P1M po sana.

    Thanks in advance.

  • admin

    You’re right. A Loan Application can never give you any guarantee of approval.

    Usually you will be required to put a 30% equity amount. But be smart, have at least 50% in buffer money just in case you loan release will be delayed. Please
    be informed also that you need to shoulder the initial construction of the house.

  • Alex

    i contributed 35months sa pag ibig 8yrs ago and naputol nong nag abroad ako., i want to continue and upgrade my contribution to POP i ask my father to go to pagibig office and he pays 4,000 for 4months contribution. Now i check on this site im surprised that i cant see my transaction history and contribution… Is the pag ibig online verification is updated? or the website is still under maintainance?

  • jayson villegas

    Hi ask ko lang po.. kasi po nag loan po kas kmi ng wife ko last month? e nakapag C.I. na po this week.. ask ko lng po ksi may chance po ba madisapprove if wala pa nakita na pag uumpisa sa aming house construction? kasi po nakita lng ng nag C.I eh mga gamit like ung mga bakal na buo na na ilalagay sa fundation and mga kahoy po.. ask ko lng po may chance po kya ma disapproved? pag wala pang nakikita na hindi pa ko nagpapasimula? kaya ko naman po hindi makapagsimula eh baka po hindi maapproved eh sayang naman po pag nagpaumpisa ko eh d hindi na po maitutuloy if madisapprove ang loan namin… Pls comment asap .. tnx

  • Gigi Canonizado

    How to compute monthly MRI & Fire Insurance for housing loan?

  • Carlos Pagulayan

    Hi Pagibig,

    Nareceive na namin un Notice of approval with the Disclosure statement which states our monthly installment/amortization for our housing loan. Ask ko lang, magkaiba ba yung monthly contribution na being deducted sa salary from the monthly contributions na nakaindicate sa kasama dun sa total monthly installment/amortization? Baka kasi madoble un pagbayad namin ng monthly contributions.


  • admin

    That could be an additional contribution that you have to make which is added on top of the regular contribution.

    Sorry, I forgot the exact figure.

    I think your loan has already been approved, so you are already assured of getting it. But take note, the release of the fund will be based on the progress of your construction.

    The system is not yet fully functional nor the database updated on a real time basis.

  • Grej

    Hello admin, tanong ko lang po about sa mga bahay na pa-assume already under pag-ibig. Kung hihingi ang seller ng let’s say 300K para ma-assume ko ang bahay, pwede ko ba itong isama sa amount na iloan ko sa pag-ibig? Para ang Pag-ibig na ang magbabayad sa kanila ng cash na 300K?

  • Karl

    Hi Admin, I wanted to avail the pagibig housing loan to purchase my dad’s house and lot. I’m working in a BPO industry here in the Philippines and my current base pay is 30k with 200PHhp monthly contribution. My wife is also working in the same company with a base pay of 25k and 200php pagibig cont. I wanted to be approved at the maximum loanable amount and planning to pay in 20 years.
    My 1st question: Since i’m already married, will pagibig consider both of our monthly income and pagibig contribution?
    2nd question: Granting the assessed house and lot amounts to 2M, how much can be my loanable amount be?
    Thanks in advance.

  • mhel

    hi admin good day po,,,, ask ko lang po kung ang monthly contribution ko ay peso 1,200.. pwedi po bang maka avail ng multi purpose loan worth of 1m- 2m?…. at ano po ang ibig sabihin ng PER ANNUM? kc hindi ko po alam ang mga yan kya po ako nagtatanong para malalaman ko kung ano po ang ibig sabihin ng PER ANNUM… kailangan ko po ang mga kasagutan maraming salamat po….

  • Marichelle

    Hi admin Good Morning!

    I worked as a Medrep for the past 2yrs & 5mos..And now Im 3 mos employed by my new employer,pwede po ba ako mag apply ng housing loan khit 3 mos pa lang ako sa new employer ko?worth 500k po ung house & Lot and my net income is 13k.

  • KBaylon

    Sorry, more questions regarding NDI:

    1. Who determines this and how (like do they estimate transpo cost, food cost?) Is this part of the evaluation of our loan?

    2. NDI covers Monthly Salary (net of taxes, SSS contributions), can we include allowances (such as Gas Allowance, Rice Subsidy)?


  • Victor

    Hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po kung halimbawa na aaproved ako sa housing loan then ungoriginal na design ng bahay ay diko sinunod kasi nag bago ang isip ko sa design at ayoko ng magpagawa ulit ng plano maapektuhan kaya un? I mean di kaya sila mag release pag sa unang inspection at nakitang iba na ang yare kesa plano, eh ano kayang maaring mangyare?

    Thanks and regards

  • ina

    hi!i forgot my can i retrive it..thanx

  • Ritz

    hi admin
    ask ko lang kung allow ba kami mag housing loan ng 1.5M if our combine monthly salary is 35K.. actually twin pod yung house,each house cost 850k then kukunin namin dlawang unit kya 1.5M.

    Thank you..

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  • RyanM

    hi adming gud day, may i ask if pwede na po ako mag avail ng housing loan and kasi ang contribution ko monthly ay P247 only my monthly salary around 18K lng po, as of the table loanable amount ko ay 500K pwede po ba ito ma-up ang loanable amount ko? thanks wait lng po ako ng reply.

  • vienvinido sayasaya

    mag kano po ang kinaltas ninyo sa pag ibig premium ko na binayad sa bahay ilang buwan po ba ang binayadan ko po arears sa inyo po

  • leo

    Good day po.

    I’m planning to buy a lot thru pag-ibig…what if the lot cost 175K? can i still loan higher than that and planning to invest for example building a house on it or doing a business?

    And what if the lot is not in subdivision, i mean sa baryo lang po sya.

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,


  • merab

    sir/mam, is there a possibility that a member can assume 2 housing loan?

  • nhadz

    Sir / ma’am,

    ask ko po,kung pwedi po ako maka avail ng house in lot loan, ofw po ako, member na po ako last april 2010, prob5 ko lng dpa po ako ng umpisa mgbayad, which is requirement sa loan ay dapat nkabayad atleast 24 months, plan ko po mg apply sa january para sa loan, pwedi ko ba e-cover ung 24 months sa isang bayaran lng at ano po ang duration ng pag process para maapproved ang loan f sakali pwedi ako mag loan. maraming salamat po…

  • nhadz

    additional po, mayron po ba kau contact no. o ahente ng pag ibig na pwedi ko e submit mga documents ko kung sakali pwedi ako mka loan, base ko po sa dubai… salamat po….

  • Jeffrey Abalos

    Hi Admin,

    Nagpla-plano po kami ng aking tatay n kumuha ng lupa sa Cavite. We dont know kung san kami mag sisimula. Ang tatay ko po ay Pagibig member na for more than 20 years at ako nmn po ay almost 1 year palang na member. gusto ko po sanang malaman kung pwede ba kaming mag loan. ang lupa po kasi na inaalok sa cavite ay lamang po. Para sakin akoy naliliitan dun sa sukat naun.

    Naway matulungan nio kami. ang aking tatay ko po ay may basic pay na 20+ at ang aking basic pay naman po ay 15+. kung kailangan nio pa po ang karagdagang inpormation. paki contact nlng po ako sanaibigay kong email address.

    Maraming salamat po.

  • Abel

    Hi Admin, gusto ko lang sanang malaman kung paano ang proseso kung, magloloan ako ng Bahay at Lupa. Ito ba ay diretso sa company na bibilhan ko o mapupunta muna sa akin ang pera at ako ang magbabayad sa company na bibilhan ko ng property. At makakapagloan ba ako ng financial (Pera sa Pag-Ibig)?.

    I hope please answer my some questions.

    Thank you very much.

  • tess

    hi admin,may tanong po ako,kc may nagbibenta ng bahay samin,bale 1 yr nalang tapos na po cia sa pag-ibig..pwede po ba namin i apply sa pag-ibig? cno po ang mag pa price nun cla po o ang pag-ibig,pwede po ba yun ibenta kahit hinuhulugan pa nila sa canada napo kc may ari..salamat..

  • admin

    You can assume it from them anytime. But since there’s only 1 year left, it’s best if you wait for them to fully pay for it and then buy it from them. Of course as the owner of the property,
    they are the ones who will set the selling price of the unit. Pag-IBIG’s job is to appraise it, but eventually you will have to follow the price set by the owner.

    What will happen when you are granted a real estate loan is that, Pag-IBIG will pay the seller (developer) and then you will pay the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    The answer to your question is Yes. You can both apply for a Home Loan from Pag-IBIG either individually or jointly.

    The 24 months contribution is the critical part. You have to pay it first.

    Pag IBIG only allows one housing loan at a time.

    The loan amount that will eventually be granted to you will be based on the appraised value of the property. As to the kind of lot, it must be a residential one and
    Pag IBIG will also evaluate the title.

    Please check it at the branch.

    As you can see from the Pag-IBIG Table shown, one of the ways you can get a higher loan amount is to have a higher income also.

    Please review the Table shown above.

    That would create a confusion on the part of the evaluator / inpector and it could drastically affect your loan release.

    Since you are already more than 2 years as a member, you may be eligible for the loan.

    Per Annum simply mean “per year”. And regarding your question on MPL Loan, please be informed that it will be based on your total accumulated value.
    Please read the article linked below.

    Yes, you both can apply for a single home loan. And the loan amount will be based on your combined income. Please take time to read the article above as a review.


  • mhel

    hi admin OFW po ako.. ang salary ko po ay 20,000 peso can i loan worth of 1m then i pay for 5 yrs pwedi po ba yun?… at yung magloan talaga po bang ay 20 percent? eh kung wla pong bang bayad ng equity pwedi po ba na e deduct nlang po sa ma eloan?… kc nakita ko po sa chart na sa 1m na ma e loan ay 200,000 peso ang equity…?

  • mhel

    hi admin yung equity yun po ba nag down payment? kong wla pong ikapagdown pwedi po ba na e deduct sa amount na ma e loan? and i pay in 5 years?…

  • joy

    Gud day!bkit po after pa ng DP b4 maprocess ang loan application?and much better b kung ang developer ang mgprocess, could it take too long?tnx

  • ofelia dela cruz

    hello..tatanong ko lang is about my lona.nagloan po ako and it’s in process na daw and marerelease lang daw sya pag natpos na yung mga bagong documents na inaask nila one of this is with the BIR, btw my sister is the one who is assisting this kasi ofw ako, and yung property na niloloan ko is to acquire my sisters property and to transfer the title sa name ko i need to have the docs na inaask nila.My question is , is there anyway to pay the 8% na need ko byadan sa BIR, kase medyo mabigat yung 8% nang 450k which is the amount na niloan ko..pede ba syang hulugan sa BIR.. Thank you very much God bless..

  • Dorin

    Can I still continue my contribution using my pagibig membership even if I’m already separated from the company? If still possible? how’s the process? Can I just show my hardcopy of contributions to the nearest pagibig branch and just continue paying monthly? Also I am now an OFW and i would just like my sister to act as my representative to arrange my membership. Would that be also possible? Am I also entitled for a housing loan after I finished paying 2 years, 500 per month??

  • Dorin

    Good day po! Can I still continue my contribution even if I’m already separated from my company? If yes, what are the requirements? I am an OFW now, so can my sister act as my representative in any concerns regarding my membership? Am I entitled to a house and lot loan after 2 yrs even if my contribution is only 550 per month?

  • jonathan andaya

    ask klng po sir kng pwede magloan 4 apartment construction ofw po ako member ng pop tnx godbless…

  • melvin

    good am admin,tanong ko lng po tungkol sa CTS GOLD FINANCING SCHEME f ok ba itong scheme na to?bcoz the developer they want us to use this scheme instead of pag-ibig for 1-2 years..actually po,yung equity pa lng yung binabayaran namin at sa april 2012 pa ngayon sabi ng developer since im here n abroad,they want me to use this option which is the cts gold financing.what is the advantage nd disadvantage of this CTS GOLD FINANCING SCHEME?THANK YOU ND MORE POWER!WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

  • Kim

    Hello. My husband and I are planning to get a housing loan worth 1.8M. Our joint monthly income sums up to P40,000. Blae magkano po kaya ang monthly amortization namin? Thanks ADMIN.

  • admin

    Please re-read the article above. The answer to your question is already there.

    Sorry, but I don’t have any idea about the Financing Scheme that you mentioned.


    Your Pag-IBIG membership will never depend on your employer so you can stay active even if you are changine employers from time to time. And yes, you can have your sister
    act as your representative here to do the transactions on your behalf.

    That’s on the side of the BIR already. But personally, I don’t think they allow installment payments. :-)

    that because the down payment is one of the requirements. But you can process it while still paying for your down payment. Just ask the assistance of your developer or broker /agent.

    Yes, equity is also the other name for the down payment. YOu have to shoulder that one.

    As to the loan amount that you can get, please read again the article above.

  • mhel

    maraming salamat sa pag sagot nyo sa mga katanungan ko…. salamat po… and god bless

  • Raffy

    Hi Admin,
    Pwede ko po ba i loan sa pag-ibig ang bahay na binebenta ng sister ko? clean title, amilyar etc. at currently don po ako nakatira. pero yung sister ko po nasa ibang bansa pls. advise..


  • Dorin

    Thanks admin for your feedback. I still have questions po, I know it seems stupid pero hindi ko po kasi alam kung ano ang mga procedures if I want to own a lot thru the help of PAGIBIG. Andito po ako sa Taiwan at gusto ko po pagbalik ko magloan ako sa PAGIBIG para pagbalik ko dito uli sa Taiwan huhulugan ko nlang ang loan ko. Sa PAGIBIG po ba makikita kung saan sa area namin ang merong bakanteng lupa? then magaapply ako ng loan, babayaran ang equity and pwede ko n hulugan monthly ang loan sa PAGIBIG? pasensya na po 22yr-old plang poh ako at wla pa msyado knowledge kung saang government agency ang dapat puntahan, all I know is that PAGIBIG handles housing loan. Thanks in advance po for the assistance.


    hi po,ask ko lang po kung pwede po ako maka avail ng housing loan nag start po ako ng hulog august this year tapos nag advance na po ako ng one yr deposit ,at 2oo per month po ang deposit ko balak ko po i upgrade ng 500 kailangan ko pa ba mag inform sa pag-big na upgrade ko ng 500pesos?nxt year po pwede din po ba ako mag advance ng another 1year para magkaroon po ako ng 2yrs remittance.balak ko po mag apply ng housing loan next year din po mga october pwede po ba yon.thanks u po

  • janine

    ask ko lang po. what if po may previous loan ang isang tao tapos may present loan na ulit sya pro may balance pa sya sa previous nya. ino-offset po ba ang previous balance ng loan sa bagong loan?

  • admin

    YOu must be talking about the Multi-Purpose Loan. Yes, you are right.

    Please refer to this link for more information:

    You can always contribute any amount bigger than P 200. There is no need to notify them about that. And remember that
    the minimum membership requirements is 24 months and you must be active by the time you apply for a loan.

    Please read this article on the loan application process:

    And about the vacant properties, you can check them from the sellers: agents, or real estate developers in your area.

    Yes, that’s possible.

  • jun

    good day po,isa po akong ofw.tanong ko lang po,nag loan po ako ng 1,250,000 sa pag ibig para sa bahay ko,nabasa ko po d2 na ang monthly ko ay 11,000,bakit po sa ngaun ang aking binabayaran ay sobra sa 13,000.kasama pa po ba yung insurance at fire na tinatawag nila sa bayaran kada buwan.sobra po kasi laki ng monthly ko.marami pong salamat…

  • lex

    Hi Admin,

    Hope you can answer my question. I have acquired a condo worth P2.1M and the 20% will be fully paid by next year. The remaining P1.650 will be the amount I suppose to loan. Now my salary is only P15,000 but I have other sources of income not registered as a business but have proof of deposits worth P25000 monthly. Can I show my bank records with my salary to be granted a loan? thanks

  • Dorin

    Thanks much admin! you’re such a big help…:)

    Merry Christmas poh…wishing you traquility, more success, & good health for you and your family!

  • admin

    Yes, you are correct about having the insurance and other payments tacked into the monthly dues.

    Yes, you can do that, but it still depends on the loan officer. If not, please try to get your loan from your bank.

    Sure, you’re welcome. :-)

  • Dorin

    Good day poh uli!

    Me nkita po akong advertisement for foreclosed and acquired properties ng PNB, okay lng poh ba n sa PNB ako mismo bumili ng property then iaapply ko sya sa PAGIBIG? ang equity poh ba ay nababawas sa total amount na iniloan mo? Slamat in advance s kasagutan poh.

  • Michael Pobe


    Maari po ba na cash ang matanggap sa Housing loan at pwede bang gamitin sa iba ang pera?

    O kaya pwede bang sarili kung lupa ang tatayuan ko ng bahay pero ang gagamitin ko ay pera sa HDMF housing loan?

  • tina

    after the loan take out from pag-ibig? sino po kukuha ng loan na un? un developer o mismong ung buyer? then after that san nakapangalan payable ang mga postdated checks sa developer of sa pag-ibig? sabi kc ng secretary ng develper sa kanila daw nakapangalan. please give me some info bout this.

  • Irish

    My mother has an existing pag-ibig housing loan and she is paying the loan every month. However she has stopped paying monthly contributions since she stopped working 5 years ago. Will her housing loan be voided? Please advise. Thanks

  • Mary Ann Castillo

    pwede pa rin po ba ako mg housing loan khit na wla na po akong work ngaun kz po ngresign na ako..almost 4 yrs.din po akong ngwork…pwede ko pa rin po bng mgamit ung pagibig ko?i need ur answer po tlga..thanks po…

  • chinta retorta


  • chinta retorta


  • helen avila

    hi po..gusto ko po sanang bilhin un lupa at bahay ng father ko..nakasanla po kc ngayon sa bank.dito po ako sa japan ngayon nag wowork po ka ako dito..asked ko lang po kung pwede na ang ate ko ang mag ayos ng puchase of loan ko sa pag ibig at ipadala na lang dito sa japan un mga papers na nid ko pong pirmahan..kasi po masyadong magastos kung uuwi po ako para lang mag file ng loan..pwede po ba ang ate ko ang gumawa ng mga filling in favor of me?

  • Raphael Manuel

    Good Day,

    Gusto kong mag avail ng Housing Loan for House Reconstruction amounting to 400K. Yung lupa po is under my mom’s name and I’m 23years old palang, makakapag avail ba ako ng loan?

    Second question, if ever na ma approved ako sa 400k loan ilang months and process para makuha yung housing loan amount?

    Third, pwede bang automatic deduction sa company or payroll yung paraan ng pagbabayad?

    Fourth and last question, magkano po ang monthly payment kapag 400k ang loanable amount?


  • jane

    mgffile po sana kme nh house construction ng husbnd ko. kya lng po sabi sa ofc, after 10 pa raw po kme pede mg-avail kse yung lot po is awarded by nha. nkapngalan na po saken yung title dahil nkpagbysd na po kme sa nha. complete na po sana requirements nmen, house plan, bill of materials, etc. buo na po halos ang bhay nmen,kinulang po kme ng budget para sa finishing, flooring. mdyo malaking pera pa po ang kelangan para matapos. nkakalungkot lng po na di kme pede mg avsil dhil nha awarded yung lot. bkit po kya? wala na po b kme pag-asa, di po kse kya kung multi purpose loan and besides, ngamit na po nmen last yr sa pagpa umpisa. pls advise and enlighten us po. salamat po.

  • Marissa

    Is it possible if my husband and I purchase a foreclosed lot from Planters Bank, thru PAG-IBIG loan, and, at the same time, to have it constructed with an apartment? All of those through one loan, like for example, estimated of 2.5M for the lot to be purchased and for the construction of the perspective apartment? Thanks.

  • janeth

    hi ask ko lng po if pede po ba ako makapagloan sa Pagibig kahit wala akung employer????… nu pong dapat kung gawin??…salamat….

  • louie

    hi! verify ko lang po. if meron akong existing multi purpose loan pwede din ba ako mag avail ng housing loan?

  • Cherry

    Hi Admin,

    I just want to ask If I have an exisiting loan to Pag-ibig to purchased a house and lot, is it possible to avail SSS home reconstruction loan? If my current income is 30k then may pag-ibig monthly amortization is 6k only.

  • kel

    hi! i found this site a great help. but i got a question myself.
    Kindly assume this case:
    I’m the only one employed and i have an existing housing loan with HDMF.
    My wife is not employed but is a voluntary active member of HDMF. Can she apply for a separate housing loan? What are the chances that it will be approved?
    Thanks and more power!

  • admin

    I think you’re smart for asking that question.

    Here’s a quick answer: Her chances of getting a home loan is very slim, especialy if she can’t show some proof of income. I am assuming of course
    that she is a plain housewife.

    Please inquire about that one at the SSS.


    If you are self-employed, and you can show a documented income, that’s possible.

    Yes, but you have to coordinate the whole thing with the bank.

    Please inquire at the NHA if they are also a similar program like those of Pag-IBIG.

    1. Yes of course, it has nothing to do with your age.

    2. Well, give them two months or so.

    3. Yes

    4. Please use the calculator here:

    That’s possible. It would be good if the two of you can proceed to the office for the details and all.

    @Mary Ann:
    Proof of income is very important.

    It will be foreclosed.

    It’s named after the seller, or the developer in this case.


    That’s possible.

  • Al

    Hi! Good day! Ask ko lang po kung pano po ang step by step process kung gusto ko mag loan sa pagibig para makapag construct ng 4-door apartment? At gano po katagal ang process na ito? Nasa pangalan ko na ang title ng lupa at member po ako ng pag ibig. Estimated mga 2.5M ung kailangan kong i-loan. Thanks in advance and more power to u!

  • arsie

    gud am gusto po kc aqng bilin n bahay worth 600k,clean title n po xa,,gusto q po sana un i file sa pag ibig housing loan dahil almost 10years n po aq my contribution sa pag ibig..ang tanong q po gano po b katagal bago ma approve ung loan sa pag ibig?salamat po!!!

  • admin

    @Al and @arsie:
    It could take 2 months or even or longer depending on a lot of factors.

  • arsie

    tanong q lng din po kapag na approve po b ung housing loan q sa pag ibig saka q palang i pa-process ung paglipat ng pangalan ng titulo?salamat po

  • jecelyn

    Good day po! Ask lang po ako sa Admin, pareho kami ng husband ko Pag ibig ngayon sya lang ang nag work as OFW nag monthly contribution sya ng 1,450 a month…we plan to acquire housing loan in Pag ibig, ang problem ko nalang ang Lot Title ay nasa name ko but may marriage contrct naman kami…pwede ba kami maka loan sa PAg-ibig ang borower ang husband ko?

  • admin

    Yes of course. Please visit the Pag-IBIG branch to apply a the home loan.

    The Land Title has to be in the name of the borrower. There’s a process on how to go about it. Luckily, the Pag-IBIG Staff or your agent should be able to assist you.

  • arsie

    gud pm po admin..yung bahay at lupa n gusto q pong bilin ay hnd pa nkapangalan sa may ari dhil hnd p dw po nya ito naaackasong ipalipat sa pangalan nya pero bayad n dw po ito at nsaknya ndin dw po ang laht ng papeles..ngaun po gusto q po yung bilin thru pag ibig financing..pano at ano po b ang dapat nming unahin?maraming salamat po!!

  • ivan militar

    gud pm po,pwde b me loan sa inyo,balak ko po sana bili lupa at the same time patayo din me haus.can i avail d a amount of 750k?govt.employee po ako at im receiving 20K a month salary

  • april

    hi,my husband is a seafarer and we r planning to avail house contraction loan thru pag-ibig..just want to ask if he can still avail a loan even his contract has just ended? thanks.. :)

  • Robert Catolico

    Hi Admin,
    I started contributing to PAG-IBIG from May 2004 to March 2007 (Almost 34 Months), then i stopped because i became an OFW. I am now currently working here in Phil. since September 2011 (already have 4 months contribution under my new Local Employer). My questions are:
    1. What is the quickest and best thing to do if i want to apply for Housing Loan thru PAG-IBIG? I heard that consolidating my past contributions (from 2 different employers) will take up longer time.
    2. About how long is consolidation process (First Employer from Batangas, my current Employer is here in Alabang ?
    3. Can i just pay in advance for my next contributions, let say 20 months contributions, in order to avail a Housing Loan, ASAP? Minumum requirement is 24 active payments.

    Thank you very much & more power!

  • tan

    hi admin, i just applied as a new member through the online registration, but i entered the wrong salary. im moving to a new company but the salary i entered was pertaining to my previous employer. how do i change it? i cant change it online anymore. Thanks!

  • jayvee

    Hi, Admin.

    I have a housing loan (P500k) from Pagibig since Sept 2004.
    I’m thinking of selling the property (house and lot) but I haven’t paid yet the full amount. From the records, the remaining balance is still P422k. I just want to ask the steps in selling the property? Pwede po kaya na yung buyer na ang magtutuloy ng payment sa pagibig?

  • jayvee

    Another questions po pala, magkano ko po kaya mabebenta yung property?
    Mababawi ko ba kahit paano lahat ng naihulog ko or talagang palugi ito?
    Hindi po ba ako makakapgloan ulit sa pagibig hanggat d nababayaran ng buyer ang remaining balance ko? Never naman po ako nag-missed ng monthly contributions ko since 1999 (amounting to P600/month) at ng monthly amortization ko since 2004.25 yrs po ang terms ng payment ko. thank you very much.

  • Jon

    Hi Admin,
    I would like to express my or our appreciation as to how you enlighten all of us on this very useful and informative site.
    May God bless you always and take care of you because you have been so very generous in helping us.


  • admin

    Thanks also for your positive feedback. :-)

    1. That’s possible since your mortgage loan with HDMF is assumable.
    As to the process, all that is necessary is for the buyer to be a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund also. And there are legal forms that you need to sign.

    2.The selling price is all up to you.

    You need not worry about that part, at the moment.

    The consolidation process may take a long time if they find it hard locating your past records. Please be patient in applying for a home loan.

    Having some proof of current income is a critical factor in the approval of the loan.

    Sure. Please check the above article for the loan amount entitlement given your salary.

    I guess the first step if for the buyer to attend a home loan to see if he qualifies or not.

  • IB

    Dear Pag-Ibig Personnel/Admin,

    Good day! Just wanted to clarify.
    If let say I paid the equity & 1 yr worth of MA to Developer.
    After a yr, my loan is granted at Pag-ibig.

    In line with these.
    1. Does the amount (MA) I paid to Developer be submitted/deducted to Pag-ibig? If yes, in full amt or not? What would be the basis of computation in terms of P & I?
    3. Does it added to the principal & the term be shorten since I paid 1 yr of MA to Developer?

    4. What is the computation of Principal & Interest?

    5. IF we paid in bulk,let say loan bal = 500k, then we will pay 100k.
    Does the interest be lessen and/or reprice?

    6. What is the process if we want to sell the unit to a Pag-ibig member?

    Many Thanks & will appreciate your reply. :)

  • Anette

    Hi sir,

    Tanong ko lang po kung gusto ko ng bayadan ng buo ang balance ng loan ko, based po ba ang amount sa principal or outstanding balance. Kasama na po ba dito ang transfer ng title or any docs na need para sa pag process ng release ng property.Or meron addt’l payment pa para dito?
    Need your guidance on this. And if there are other needed requirements from me.
    Thanks and more power!

  • jessie f. naysay jr.

    what is pag ibig mid no. and how can i get this?im seaman and i dont know my pag ibig mid no. to inquire my cuntribution as a member.

  • admin

    Please check your membership details at the branch which handles your account.

    It will be based on the balance of the loan and nothing more. They will be the one to process the transfer of title.

    1. It depends on your arrangement with the developer, but most would refund you the excess amount.

    2. I think, there is no second question. :-)

    3 and 4 . Please ask your developer about this.

    5. You will save on the interest payment that way.

    6. Both you and the buyer should sign the legal documents related to that transaction.

  • Cel

    Good day!
    My husband is an OFW and a member of PAGIBIG, I just like to inquire is the loanable of 3M is fixed? Is there a possible that the amount loanable can be increase? Hoping for your information. Thank you…

  • janice

    hi ..good day..ask q lng po ..before po kasi my housing loan kmi at medyo nagipit po kmi ng time n yun kaya pinasa q s relatives q..then ok na po sila n ang nag continue s pag ibig cla n din ng ayos ng lahat s pag ibig…just want to know lng po e ,now po n medyo ok n yung job uli ng husband ko..pwede po b kmi mag avail uli ng housing loan?tnx and godbless

  • Joel Santeno

    hi Admin, balak ko po sana mag housing loan next year, pero my sarili po ako lupa, ang contribution ko is 100Php lng po, pwede b ako mag loan ng 1M pwede ko b bayarn ung 24 months lamsam pr ma avail ko, o ipa adjust ko sa company ung contribution ko???

  • Joel Santeno

    100php at 100php sa company kaya 200php and contribution ko monthly. tama po b? ano po ba ang dapat gawin para mka avail ako ng mas malaki loan?

  • mhel

    hi good day po admin… tanung ko lang po kung magloan po ako sa halagang 200,000peso… din pwedi ko po bang bayaran for 1 year?… kc na calculate ko po dito sa chart na peso 13770.63 po every month kasama na po ang interest na 6%? tama po ba?… kailangan ko po ang inyung kasagutan salamat po…

  • dino

    good afternoon ang tanong ko lang is kunyari 1.5M ang loan ko, saktong 1.5M po ba ma aaprove? kung hindi po around magkano po? 1.5M po kasi ung budget ng pagpapagwa ng bahay. BTW may sarili po ako lote. thanks n advance.

  • Raffy

    Hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po kung 1.2M ang loanable ko, 10500php monthly payable within 30 yrs, magkano po ba magiging interest nito?

  • maricar

    hi gd afternoon.. ask q lang po a friend of mine lost his Pag ibig ID.gusto lng nmin malaman yong outstanding status ng contributions nia, since mdyo 1 year n mhigit di sia nkapag hulog..lumipat npo ksi ng work..

  • maricar

    pano po malaman ung contribution since di na makita ung pag ibig ID nia.

  • maricar

    ask q lng po pwede po mag pa member sa pag ibig gamit ang name ng pagka dalaga?ung surname q po nong dalaga ang ggmitin?

  • Gian Franco Valenzuela

    Hi Admin,

    I recently started working in a new company. I worked 6 months for my previous employer and I only have my Pag Ibig MID Number. Do I still need to register again as a new member? This is because when I key in my tracking number and MID Number, the employer derails is still that of my previous employer and I can’t seem to update my form again online. Should I just update it or register again as a new member? Im so confused at this this process.


  • Al

    I would like to ask if ever they required you to increase your monthly deduction, is there a time frame before you can avail the loan? like a waiting period or so?

    thanks for your help.

  • erick

    gud day. admin, ask ko lang dba 7 to 8 months to pay ung equity sa developer pag ganun ba d ba agad nila iprocces o isusubmit sa pag ibig ung loan hanggat d fully paid ung equity o ipa procces na sa pag ibig ng developer? thankssss

  • Erica Bartolome

    gud am,mam/sir magpapaayos po sana ako ng bahay namin, the problem is hindi sakin nakapangalan un lot title, pwede pa din po ba ako makapag avail ng house loan sa pagibig? thanks

  • Pol B

    Dear Admin,
    Mayroong ibinbintang bahay sa amin, at nais naming idaan thru Pagibig Housing loan, pwede po ba ito? Ilang percent ba ang equity kung sakali? Ano ba ang magiging proseso? salamat.

  • Pol B

    Saan ko po ba pwede makita ang TAV ko, since hindi available/updated sa Pagibig website?

  • rodel dequito

    good day Sir,ask ko lang po seaman po ako un po bang hinuhulog ng agency ko na 100pes buwan2 iba pa po b un sa POP?galing po ko s HDMF mla.Branch un po ang sb seperate daw po un binabayad ng agency ko sa POP.dipa pla po me pwde maka avail housing loan?nid ko daw magkaron ng POP contribution?tska why po kaya ang tagal ng ID po nmin ma release july 2010 pa po un agency daw po isesend.tnx hope u have a time for my concern Godbless…

  • maritess m. del rosario

    gud am, ser..
    ask ko lang kung anu ano ang requirement para sa pagtransfer of name sa title..kasi po second buyer na kami nitong house na ito…may mga ducoment po kaming katibayan na pinagbili na ng naunang buyer itong house na ito kasi di na niya kaya ipagpatuloy ang pagbabayad..gusto lang po namin matransfer sa name namin mag asawa itong asawa…sana po masagot ninyo ang katanunmgan me… thanks..

  • Anj


    I would like to ask if pagibig house loan seminar is conducted on their shaw branch? Can u give me the time please…


  • stephen Balane

    Dear Admin,

    Good Day!

    Just want to ask. We did not pay our monthly amortization for almost 8 months because of financial problem. Is this subject for foreclosed?

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  • emma

    Good pm admin tanung ko lang sana kung nakapag loan n ako ng bahay nov at nag resign ako sa company at d ako nkapag hulog ng contribtion n apparoved ako last nov 2011 nakaka apekto b ito sa housing loan ko sa ngayon hinihintay ko ung monthly para sa hulog sa bahay waa p din d kaya nka apekto ung pag resign ko sa work pls answer me asap pls pm me sa email thanks admin

  • Rommel

    Good am po,

    Sir/Ma’am gusto ko po mag paayos or mag pa extend ng room sa bahay namin kaso po sa father ko po naka pangalan ang bahay. posibble po ba na makapag avail ako ng housing loan?.meron din po akong existing multi purpose loan sa company ko..salamat po

  • mabs b

    hello po..

    gusto ko po sanang alamin, may nakuha kaming house and lot which was supposed to be acquired thru bank financing, we paid half the equity with the assurance from the bank na approve na yung hl ko sa kanila, tpos itong developer pinrocess kaagad yung pag transfer ng title under my name, then comes an advise from the bank na may bago daw silang memo na di pwede yung type of house na kinuha namin. can pag ibig refinance my loan? kasi anlaki masyado ng binigay na interest nung ka tie up na bank ng developer with shorter term pa, we’re thinking of backing out na kaso sayang po yung down namin.. pls. help and enlighten us.. thanks

  • admin

    There are some factors to be considered by Pag-IBIG when evaluating the property and you as the borrower. If I may suggest, please
    visit the Pag-IBIG branch that has jurisdiction of that property in your place.

    Remember that the title has to be in the name of the borrower.

    Yes it may have an effect. Remember that the source of income is a very important consideration.

    Sad to say, yes. But, you can still refinance. Please read this article:

    It may save your property.

    Please refer to this article to know about the process:

    Yes, the POP is a different program and they are separate programs. You only need the regular membership contribution, not the POP, to be able to get a housing loan.

    Please read this for the housing loan process:

    The title has to be in your name.

    It depends on your developer, but ideally, they should process it early on.

    Yes, you need to be an active member for at least 24 months.

    You need to notify the Pag-IBIG that you have a new employer now.

    Please request for your contribution report at the branch.

  • Aaron

    Hi! Is it true that we can now combine our Pag-Ibig with a lived-in partner’s or even with just a friend’s? Someone who just attended your seminar told this to me. Thanks! :)

  • Alvin

    Hi Sir,

    Tanong ko lang po. Nakapagavail na kaming magasawa ng 500k housing loan sa Pagibig last 2009. Balak ko na sana ipagawa yung bahay para magkaroon ng improvement. Kaming 2 ni misis ay nagcocontribute ng 200 each sa Pagibig (including employer share na). Nakita ko sa taas na ang maximum na pwede iavail ng 400 monthly contribution ay 900k. Puwede pa ba namin iavail yung 400k para sa home improvement? Salamat po sa sagot.

  • admin

    Good question, but the answer is “No”. :-(

    Pag-IBIG allows a maximum of three (3) qualified Pag-IBIG Members to tack in a single loan secured by the same collateral, provided they are related within the second civil degree of consanguinity.

  • http://yahoo win

    Na-loan take-out na ako this month March 2012 for my housing loan sa pagibig.
    Ask ko lang po kung pwede na direct sa Pagibig un payment ko ng amortizations. May history po kase yun developer na nale-late sa mga tseke to forward sa Pagibig.

    And 2nd question po.
    Saan po ba pwede ireklamo yun developer, almost 2-3 yrs na yung Subdivision, up to now wala pa yung mga Amenities! Pwede po ba idemanda yun developoer!

    Many thanks!

  • http://yahoo win

    Hi sir,
    Ask ko din po kung meron nag-reregulate sa tubig. Yun supply po ng water sa subdivision is through deep well to tank. Yun po singil nila is more than sa regular price to local water price sa amin sa Batangas.
    P24/cubic yun singil plus 12%VAT. yUN po ini-issue na receipt ay Provisional Receipt lang. Ano po ba pwede action gawin at kung saan ahensya dapat ireklamo.
    Maraming salamat po sa inyong kasagutan!

  • jecelyn

    Good Day ! ask lang po ako kailangan ba before mag apply ng housing loan kailangan may 30% naitayo na yong bahay o na construct na ng 30%. bago mailoan sa pag.ibig housing loan. may mga sabi sabi kasi na kailangan mag makita na naitayo na ang bahay saka maka loan sa pag.ibig? sana maipaliwanag ito para maintindihan ko…salamat! God bless sa inyo…

  • Jacky G

    Hi yung kapitabahay naman under pa sa Pag-ibig loan ang bahay nila. Gusto ko sana i-assume ang loan. Pano po ba ang process?

  • Kris Tan

    If I loan from Pag-ibig, can this be used for DP for the Condominium,cause with bank financing the 20%DP has to be shouldered by the borrower as equity. Is this he same as Pag-ibig? Cause I am planning to borrow from Pag-ibig for the 20% DP. Thank you!

  • admin

    1. The best way to pay the Pag-IBIG Fund is to pay it directly to them at the branch.

    2. you can direct your complaints to the HLURB.

    If you are buying a house, then it must be finished already before you can even apply for a housing loan.

    I would suggest that you discuss this with your neighbor and then the two of you should go to the branch to clarify things up.

    That may be possible if you can avail of the Multi-purpose loan which is that much. If however, you are asking for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, it’s not possible in this case.

  • jecelyn

    Thank you Admin for answering my previous questions. I have another question with regards of the SPA. My husband is OFW, sa December pa ang uwi nya, but now, nag process na ako ng Housing Construction loan. sabi ng Pag.ibig dito sa amin magpagawa daw ako ng SPA (Special Power of Attorney/ must be certified by the Phil Embassy or Consulate in the country where the member is staying) tanong ko lang, ipadala ko ito SPA ko rito sa husband ko para mag kuha ng certificate galing sa Embassy doon?
    nalilito ako ano bang gawin ko rito. sana matulungan mo ako…

  • jonna

    am i entitled to loan for house renovation but Ill use the land title of my mother in law because we live there? and am i entitled to loan if my monthly contribution is only P100 and my net pay is 14k?

  • jecelyn

    Admin, good day po! ask lang ako yung lot title ko nasa name ko pero nakalagay din sa tabi ang name ng husband ko…pwede ba ito? husband ko ang mag housing loan sa Pag-ibig, sya kasi ang may work sa ngayon at nag monthly contribution sya ng 1,450. maka avail kaya kami? baka magka problema? ano kaya ang documents na hahanapin kung pwede mag loan? marriage contract lang ba?

  • jecelyn

    admin, additional topic..nabili ko yong lot wala dito ang husband ko kaya sa akin nalang pinangalan ko ang TCT..pero nakalagay sa TCT ang name ko followed married to yong name ng husband ko.. ngayon we are planning to process kung pwede maka loan sa “construction of house loan” we are both ng husband ko ay pag-ibig member, pero siya yong may work ngayon as OFW at nag monthly contribution sya 1,450. ang tanong ko, pwede ba sya ang borrower sa Pag-ibig housing loan? pero ako na ang mag process dito sa pinas. with SPA lang ang kailangan…pwede kaya yon sya ang borrower? yong TCT naka lagay doon ang name ko as owner lot beside naka lagay din name name nya as a husband. sana po ma paliwanagan ako sa tanong kung ito? salamat.

  • admin

    You need to sign the one then send it overseas to your husband.

    As to your other question on Land title, yes that’s perfectly fine to have both of your names there.

    The land title has to be in your name as the borrower. Please read this for the Income Requirements:

  • Melvs

    Hi Admin,
    May question po kc kmi.. i read un articles and it seems like going with pag-ibig refinancing is much better since Id go for longer term-lower Monthly Amortization.
    I just spoke with our real estate officer earlier. She mentioned that pag-ibig also does a 3-year recomputation. Similar to bank refinancing which has 1,3,or 5 year fixed interest rate then yearly recomputation after. This defeats our purpose of lessening our monthly amortization. What would happen is that after 3 years of enjoying say 8.5% interest with 6k monthly amort, interest and correspondingly the monthly amort will increase as well.
    After hearing that, I am back to square one on being undecided on which refinancing institution should we go — bank or pagibig.
    I am hoping you can shed light into this. thanks so much!! =)

  • jecelyn


  • catherine catequista

    sir,,,ask ko lng po if pwede ko bang taasan ang amount ng payments ko from 200 pesos higher,,nag member po ako last yr..then,this yr i upgrade ko po ung payment into higher amount,,pwedw na po ba ako mag apply ng housing loan much higher sa 500k?

  • pidol

    sir, question, kailangan po ba mag loan muna sa pag ibig (i mean salary loan) bago magapply ng housing loan? kse may nag sbi skin na kailangan mag loan muna kase titingnan muna ng pagibig kung maayos ka magbayad ng loan? is this true admin?..hindi pa kase ako nakapag loan khit isang beses sa pag-ibig and tuloy tuloy ang contribution ko for 3 years now dahil sa comp na pinapasukan ko.thank you so much in advance!


    hi sir, ask ko lang po magkanu ang monthly contributions kung self-emplyed, may pera ako evry month 6k allowance? new member po ako ng pag-ibig thru online, nakabili ako lupa worth 530k downpayment 40%, 3 years to pay montly ko po 8,833, single pa po ako. gusto ko po makaloan ng malaki after 2 or 3years para house. pwede po ba ako mag montly ng mataas? montly ko po SSS 520php.pwede po ba ako mag montly ng 950? Pasensya na po.SALAMAT! GOD BLESS

  • admin

    The minimum contribution is only 100 per month and you are definitely allowed to contribute more.

    Of course it’s not true.

    Yes, that’s perfectly fine.

    I appreciate that. :-)

    Yes, you are right. It has to do with the concept of “Time Value of Money.” Long story short, Pag-IBIG has always offered a rate lower than the market.

  • jonathan

    hi admin,

    tanong ko lang po kung naka-align ang mga developer sa computation nyo ng loanable amount??

    Nagavail ako sa kanila at based sa computation pasok naman ako,
    selling price nila ay around P600K ang Total contract price nila ay around P862K.

    Based sa computation nila P40K equity ko at around P7K monthly ko.
    But last week ng pumunta ang developer sa PAGIBIG ang loanable amount ko lang daw ay around P781K so almost P80K lahat dapat equity ko..Kulang pako ng another P40K.

    This May 1 na move-in sched namin pero ang magiging monthly na namin mula P7K magiging P8.3K para mapunan ang kulang namin na P40K sa Equity..

    Hindi po kakayanin ng sahod ko ito, tama po ba computation nila..
    BTW taga calamba laguna po ako at CHMI developer ko.

    almost 10 1/2 years na akong member ng PAG-IBIG.

  • Bea

    Hi Admin,

    Im working abroad, pag ibig memeber for 8 years & my monthly contribution is 500 pesos/month with a monthly income of 50,000 pesos (converted). Im planning to apply for a housing loan & have found a prospective house & lot from a real estate, Pag ibig acredited.

    THe House is amounting 1.250M. Real Estate told me that only 840,000 pag-ibig will cover & I have to pay the equity of 402,000.

    Is it possible Pag ibig to cover the full cost w/c is 1.250M & I will pay Pag-ibig by installment for 10 years?

    Awaiting for your kind response.

    Thanks & Best Regards,


  • jecelyn

    Hi Admin, ask lang ako before im going to apply HLA kailangan ba mag seminar muna ako?, requirements ba talaga ang seminar bago mag pasa ng application sa House contruction sa Pag.ibig? at pag ma approved ang loan may insurance for borrower ba ang Pag-big ? kasi di naman hawak natin ang life..ano po ba ang mga consequence pag ganun na case is there any assurance? thanks

  • admin

    Yes the seminar is a requirement and from there you will know also if you are allowed to apply or not. For more details, please read this article on the housing loan process:

    I think I have already replied on this one. :-) But anyways, yes, the equity is a requirements and you should be the one to raise that money.

    It’s hard to verify who is correct here because it appears that the developer is also correct in giving you the information.

  • Emerlinda

    Hi. Ask ko lng poh. Pwd pa b ako mkaloan ng housing loan qng nkaloan na ako ng Conso loan two years ago? Anthr one pa po mkaHousing loan pa b ako kung 7or8years nlng aq mgttrbho? Il b retiring kc. Im alrdy 57.. Pwd p b? Accesble pa b aq 4 housing loan na 500k to 1M? hw many years to pay ang allwble 4 ds? Pwd p b ang 25yrs? Cnfused p ako qng il get d housing loan kc bka pag retire ko kunin lhat sa pension ko. Mangyyri b na gnyan?

  • pbz

    Good am admin, ask ko lang po.. kasi hindi pa po ako nag aaply ng pag ibig.. pero kinakaltasan na ako ng employer ko.. nakalagay sa pay slip na my bawas na 100php monthly.. ibig po bang sabihin nun my acct. no na ko sa pag ibig??

  • Emerlinda

    Gudam po. Mkakaloan pa rn b aq sa housing loan kung i alrdy loaned for conso loan 2yrs ago? And nasa maturity na kc pag-ibig ko. Pwd pa b kaya? And if pwd pa 500k to 1M ang iloan hw many yrs 2 pay? Kc il b retiring s0on. 7or8 yrs nlng ako in servce sa trbho and be retiring at 65.. Panu poh ang proseso nito? And in d span of 7to8 and il retire, kunin b laht sa pension ko ung byad at once?

  • admin

    You can only have one housing loan at at time. You need to pay your first loan before you can get another one.

    Yes, they enrolled you since they are required to do that.

  • Miguel

    Good Morning. This page is very informative. My I ask, I am applying for a housing loan, but I was told that I would need a co-maker. My dad agreed and he has no pending Pag-ibig loan but he is 59years old, will that be ok?

  • Emerlinda

    Salamat poh.. May iclarify lng poh ako, if ur age almst 4 retirement nah, pwd pa rin makapagloan? May katrabho kc ako sme retiring age rin(62yrsold) want to avail housing loan. If he’l take 1m housing loan pwd pa b siya sa 25yrs to pay? Salamat poh.

  • Abelardo Bautista

    hi admin,

    ask ko lang po. ofw po me d2 sa africa. gus2 ko pong mg avail ng housing loan thru pag-ibig financing. kso my remaining bal. po ako sa MPL loan. pde ko po bng byrn un kulang q sa niloan ko sa MPL pr mkpg avail po me ng housing loan. 60k po un salary ko d2 a month pero 100 lng po un contribution ng agency q at ng sakin. pde q po bng pataasan un contribution ko pr mk avail po me ng 1 million pataas sa pag-ibig financing. i hope msagot po un tanong ko. kind regards


  • cathy

    how can i upgrade my monthly contribution?

  • Bench Martinez

    Sir/Ma’am good day po!

    Ako po’y isang OFW dito sa Saudi for about a year… May nakuha ho akong lote sa isang subdivision jan sa Cavite bali hulugan ho ito for 5 yrs. Balak ko ho sanang bayaran agad ito ng buo at patayuan ng bahay kaso medyo gipit pa sa budget. Nabasa ko ho sa isang article na isa sa mga maaring efinance ng pagIBIG ang “lot purchase and construction of house thereon.” Pwd ho ba kaming makaavail nito? Balak ko ho sanang paapplayin ang kapatid ko, she’s working there in Manila & an active pagIBIG member for almost 4 yrs. Is it possible po ba? Kung saka sakali, ano po ang mga requirements at kailangan pa ho ba ang co-maker? At kung kailangan man, pwd ho ba ako kahit d pa ako member for 2 yrs?
    Pasensya na po sa napakarami kong tanong. I’ve read almost all queries and your answers above but parang wala ho yatang katulad sa case ko.
    Maraming salamat po sa pagbasa at sa mga kasagotan ninyo Sir/Mam—:) GODSPEED po!

  • admin

    The age limit is 70 and the maximum loan term is 30 years. So in your father’s case, you are left with 11 years maximum mortgage. It is still possible, but the Income requirement for such as case is also bigger. Please see this table:

    Please refer to the above reply.

    It’s YES to all of your questions.

    It’s quite simple. Just pay any additional amount in excess of the P 100 regular contribution.

    The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan is only open to all Pag-IBIG Fund Members. You can both be principal-and-co-borrower for a housing loan. I would suggest that you let your sister attend the housing loan seminar first.

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  • Mang J

    Hi Admin! with my wife salary can we merge it together to be able to pay loan in shorter period

  • admin

    Yes, you can do that.

  • Mang J

    admin plan ko po magloan by next year.ofw po ako,pwede po ba makapagloan kahit wala ako sa pinas? kung pwede,paano po?

  • admin

    Take note that there are documents to be signed and the sometimes you have to do some follow ups. It would be good if you are here in the country, or if not, have a representative whom you will give an authorization to process it on your behalf.

  • Ken


    I’ve resumed my payment as a voluntary member (P450/month) since Feb of this year. May account na ako last 2006-2007 when I was on a company those years. Just wanted to ask kung possible ba namaka pag loan ako for about 200k this year if I’ll advance the payment (2 years)?

    Kindly Advice
    All the Best

  • bubbles


    i was just confused with 1 of the notes.
    it is stated that the applicant should not have a Multi-Purpose Loan in arrears at the time of housing loan application. does this mean that the applicant should have fully paid his multi-purpose loan during the time of application?

    thanks and hoping you will respond to my question.

  • jacq

    Hi hingi lang po ako ng guidance at advice may nakita po kasi kami ng sister ko na condo unit worth 1.3M. Plano po namin ay i aaply sa Pagibig in 30 years term, mag co-borrower po kaming dalawa (okay po pa na mag co borrower kami?)

    Yung gross pay ko po ay 22k or net ko po nasa 19k as per table above ang maximum loanable amount ko po ay 950K,

    yung the rest na balance sa 1.3M ay sa sister ko po i charge or 350K.

    Ibig po pang sabihin hindi na po namin need mag labas ng cash out para sa down payment?

    Meron po kasing nag sabi na normally daw po pag PagIbig hindi daw po kino cover yung buong amount ng Unit.

    Sana po ma advise nyo po ng soonest… para maka pag decide kami.

    In addition po, ilang days po… bago ma approved yung loan?

    thanks jacqlo

  • jackie


    may lote po kame na hinuhulugan sa isang developer,kaya lang nagkaron po un ng arrears kase nagka problema po kame financially. pwede ko po ba ung ipasok sa pag ibig? kahit hindi po accredited ng pag ibig ung developer? babayadan po ba na pag ibig ung arrears ng lote? o ung buong amount ng lote sa developer? kung bibilhin po ng pag ibig ung lote? dapat po bang ibalik ng developer ung nahulog na namin sa lote?

    marami pong salamat.

    best regards.

  • admin

    I’m assuming you want to apply for a housing loan. YOu have to be active for 24 months by the time you apply. As to the amount you
    can possibly get, please review the article above.

    Yes, either that or you can use part of your housing loan money to cover the payment for the MPL balance.

    On being co-borrowers : YES.
    On Equity: That’s a requirement.
    Time frame for approval: 2 weeks or so depending on some factors.

    If the developer is not accredited, Pag-IBIG won’t probably allow you to loan on their properties.

  • Ken


    Actually I’m planning to buy a property (Lot) from a friend and is it possible to loan such amount (100k-200k) if I’ll just pay the remaining months or should I say an advance payment?


  • jackie


    may gusto po kaming bilhing lote, pag po ba pinasok nami nun sa pag ibig, bibilhin po ba un ng pag ibig ng buo? kaylangan po ba ng down payment? sa pag ibig po ba? o sa tao ng may ari ng lupa mag dodown? pano po kung wala kame pang down? tuwing kaylan po ang schedule ng housing loan counseling sa pag ibig calamba branch?

    salamat po.

  • Jho

    hi admin, would just like to ask,I am a delinquent payer/borrower.. i do previous PAG IBIG contribution when i was having ofc there in pinas, upgraded sya ng php600 as i have my housing loan, i went to japan and pass thru POEA, i cant remember if member na din ba ako ng OFW PAGIBIG? anyways, when im still in japan i paid php400k sa PAG IBIG, and due to my ignorance and no advc from my agent, after that 400k payment di na ko nakabayad and that’s for about 3 yrs already, as i went back to pinas and jobless for 2 yrs. anyhow, im now in dubai and wanted to settle things with PAG IBIG rgdng my house, can I avail a loan? im thinking of paying the whole 2 or 3yrs contribution then will apply for a loan so that i can cover my due. is it possible? or can i make a reconstruction? I have made some extention and renovation to the house, I cannot afford to loose my house. Please help me on what I have to do, and kindly advc if possible that my husband will do it on my behalf, will just send SPA for him to transact with PAG IBIG. pasensya na po ang haba ng inquiry ko..pls revert back.. thks so much! all the best!

  • admin

    This is important: Please go to the Pag-IBIG Office and ask them to give you a report of all your past contributions. You will have to fill up a form there. Also, inquire about the status of your housing loan. You can take this one lightly. Any 3 consecutive missed payments will allow them to foreclose your house.

    This article will help you:

    For a housing loan, the maximum amount is 3M.

  • Trev

    hi admin, ive been a long time pagibig member with a contribution of 800 and net income of 35k monthly.

    1. is it possible for me to transfer the loan to pagibig we just started paying equity worth 20k and will end next year june.

    2. my wife has an existing pagibig loan an im her co barrower, can i make a loan and make her the co barrower also?


  • admin

    Since both of you have a housing loan already, you can’t take another one anymore unless you pay your existing loan first.

  • margaret

    hi admin.meron pa akong pending na application for housing loan na 1.2M.
    as per developer, 1M lang ang na approved sa akin based sa income ko so meron daw po akong loan difference. but as i referred to table above, pasok po ako sa bracket ng 1M. My monthly net income is 27,000.00. meron pa po bang ibang basis ang pag-ibig para po nde ma approve ang loan ko na 1.2M? ty

  • mar cabigas

    hi admin, gusto ko po sanang magapply ng housing loan at sa pagbabasa ko ng inyong site ako po bibili ng ratail purchase of house and lot kc pag mamayari po ito ng aking bayaw, itatanong ko po sana kung ako po sa kasalukuyan ay may take home pay na 12k mahigit sa loob ng isang buwan at ako ay nagtratrabaho sa pribadong company, na may kabuuang 90 mahigit n contributions, kung sakali magkano po kya ang magiging loanabale amount ko? pwd po ba na kung sakali maaprove ang aking housing loan ay dito na lang ako magprocess sa manila although ung properties na bibilhin ko ay sa pangasinan? tnx po at umaasa po ako na matutugunan din po ang aking katanungan.

  • admin

    What is the selling price of the house? Is it also 1.2M? If so, Pag-IBIG
    will still be requiring you to a down payment or equity. So that means,
    lesser than 1.2M for your loan.

    This link offers a good explanation:

    Please re-read the article above for the answer to your question. There is a Table of Income there that you can refer to.

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  • Grace Santos

    gudmorning! ask ko lng po kung pwede aq mag loan pra sa major construction ng bahay namen pero hindi po nkapangalan sakin ung title sa mother ko po nakapangalan.. thanks po.. have a nice day..

  • admin

    One of the requirements is for the title, which serves as collateral, be in the name of the member-borrower also.

  • jacqlo

    hi Admin, ask ko lang po kung yung Mandaluyong Executive Mansion III na nasa Vergara St. Mandaluyong city ay accredited ng Pag-ibig balak ko po kasi after 1 year or nabayaran ko po yung 20% equity ay ipapasok ko po sya sa pag ibig. Sabi po kasi nila may mga ibang developer ay hindi nyo accredited, appreciate your feed back thanks jacqlo

  • admin

    It’s true. There are developers that are not accredited by Pag-IBIG. But actually, you can forward any property for Pag-IBIG financing as long as the documents and other requirements are met.

  • Michelle

    Hi Admin,

    Question: pwede bang mag loan ng house constuction kung yung lupa is hindi pa bayad? Yung lupa po kasi ang thru in-house financing. Thanks

  • Romeo T. Lacson Jr.

    Hi Admin,
    I stopped my remittance for almost 15 years last July, 2012 I continued again my6 remittance. When can i avail my Multi purpose loan?

  • admin

    If it’s already In-House, please ask your developer to also if they allow you to loan for house construction using In-House financing. Normally, they would.

    I think you can start again now. But please verify it at the branch.

  • J Malvar


    We are planning to buy a house in Palmera 2 Taytay Rizal, we are going to use my mother’s pagibig (since she used mine) she is a self-employed dentist and is contributing 600 monthly. She has been a member for more than 24 months but she is already 53 years old as of April this year.

    Her monthly netincome is 60-70k. The property is being sold by an individual at 896,000 TCP, if cash its 850,000 TCP. They were able to pay-off 650,000 but now unable to pay so they are selling it. They said we can assume the balance or apply it in pag-ibig, or better yet pay in cash.

    I am only 25 years old, my husband is 27 but my pagibig has already been used by my mother for another property. My husband hasn’t met the 24 months requirement yet (he’ll meet it at around November this year) but the seller is selling the house ASAP.

    Anyway, is it possible for pagibig to approve the whole 896k for a housing loan applied by my mother for me? Or are we still going to shoulder 20% for equity? Who would appraise the house? Please give us your opinion.

    We only have 10% of the TCP on hand, so we have to loan the other 10% if pag-ibig would require the equity. Will my mother be approved for a 15 year term? (before she turns 70 @ maturity).

    Your answers will be very much valued! We need to decide this week and your input would greatly help us.

    • admin

      Hi J Malvar,

      I’d answer the most important points you raised.

      1. The minimum membership requirement is 24 months. Your mom will be qualified once she reach that period and she could probably take that loan at the term that you mentioned.

      2. The Pag-IBIG Fund will conduct its own appraisal of the property and the loan amount will also be based on that. Any amount in excess of their loan approval should be shouldered by the buyer.

  • Aleks

    I just want to inquire if the above table is corrected / updated especially on the amortization table. I have borrowed only 500K with PAGIBIG and the amortization should be only Php 9900.60 only and I believe this number doesnt included other fees like MRI, Fire and membership fee that needs to add in …am i right?

    Please advise

  • Aleks

    Hello Admin…

    Just a resend message…

    I just want to inquire if the above table is corrected / updated especially on the amortization table. I have borrowed only 500K with PAGIBIG and the amortization should be only Php 9900.60 only and I believe this number doesnt included other fees like MRI, Fire and membership fee that needs to add in …am i right?

    Please advise

    • admin


      The Pag-IBIG Fund is currently offering to lower their interest rates, so please check with them.

      • Aleks

        Thanks and sounds the calculation that shared to me by the seller is doesnt match / close with your tabulated table…there is a lot of discrepancy the way i look at it. I’ll plan to pay the lump sum (balance) very soon and I will use the calculator here and see how they react….

  • Aleks

    Dear Admin,
    Please help share the site that can check the PAGIBIG contribution if there is.


  • Marc

    Hello Admin! Good Morning po! :)

    I have some questions regarding the payment and its interest rates and I do hope you could help me with this.

    I’m thinking of getting a loan of 1.3M and I wanted to pay it for 5 years but my disposable net income wouldn’t allow me to do so. So I will get 15 years instead. Now, I checked the chart here, 1.3M for 15 years, that means I have to pay Php 14,370 per month. What if I’d pay more than that per month, say Php 20,000? What will happen to my interest? I’m sure there will be changes but I just don’t know how you guys do it. Could you enlighten me with regards to this matter?

    Thank you so much!!!


    • admin


      Any amount in excess of your scheduled monthly amortization goes on to cover the loan principal. That means, you save on the interest payment since the interest is based on the balance of the loan.

  • Chezi Torres

    What kind of computation is that for the monthly amortizations? Clearly it is way more than the posted interest rates! Is this how you help the Filipino citizens?

    • admin


      Pag-IBIG has recently subsidized the interest for low cost housing loan. The rate is now 4.5% per annum for a 400 thousand loan down from the previous 6.5% rate.

      I hope that’s fair enough for you. :-)

      • Chezi Torres

        Imagine getting a low cost housing loan of 400thousand and opting to pay it in THIRTY YEARS time with an interest rate of 4.5% PER ANNUM? Wow that’s good business indeed for the government!

  • Catherina

    This site is very informative. Thank you for creating this. I hope you can help me on my queries. I’m an OFW and I’m planning to build a house in a lot I bought in Marilao, Bulacan. I have several questions:
    1. The lot title is not yet transferred to my name. They said the process of transferring will take a long time. I just bought it from a relative and all we have is a written agreement signed by Barangay officials. Will I have any problem regarding this when I intend to loan?
    2. My net income is enough or higher for the amount I plan to loan. But my monthly contribution is lower. I understand that I should have been paying for 2 years before they can permit my loan. Can I just pay the remaining amount in lump sum so my monthly contribution will fit my target loan? For example, I’m only paying 500 and i need to be paying 950 to get 2M loan. If i pay 450X24months, is this possible and will they grant me my target loan?
    3. What first step should I take to start my housing loan application, considering I’m an OFW and has very limited time (1 week stay) whenever I go back to Phil for vacation?

    Thank you so much in advance admin. :)

  • Haidee

    Hi Admin,
    Your site is very helpful. Thanks for putting this up for people like us 😉

    Related to your reply to Catherina; “2. Actually, you will only be asked to upgrade your contribution once you qualify for a higher loan amount. The keyword here is “upgrade”.”
    Do I pay for the ‘difference’ between current contribution and “required” contribution to avail of loan > 500k at time of loan approval?

    I am planning to loan a condo unit and file it under PAGIBIG housing loan. I have been actively contributing for >24mos (as far as my payslip says). Now, my broker and I noticed that I am only deducted 100 per mo for PAGIBIG contributions based on my payslip. Meaning, monthly remittance is only 200 (Employer cont + my monthly deduction). Now, for my desired loan amount, based on latest contribution table, I need to have a monthly contribution of 400/mo. I was advised that developer will assist in “upgrading” my PAGIBIG contribution from 200 to 400. My question is, once my loan is approved, do I need to pay the difference multiplied by 24mos to avail of the loan (200×24). Or, I will just need to pay 200 the month more right after my loan is approved?

    Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    • Haidee

      erratum on my last question….

      Or, I will just need to pay 200 MORE the month right after my loan is approved?

      • admin


        Good question. You are right about this: “I will just need to pay 200 the month more right after my loan is approved?”

        Actually, the corresponding upgraded contribution will be added up to your monthly amortization.

  • marisol reynoso

    good day admin!
    ang asawa ko po, 49 years old with more than 24 mos. contribution ay may salary na P22,000.00 /mo. at ang brother ko, 46 years old with more than 24 mos contribution ay may salary din na P22,000.00 / mo. Gusto na namin i-buy out ang aming 2 kapatid at ina upang mai-transfer sa amin ang titulo ng bahay at lupa na minana namin. pwede po bang mag avail ng housing loan sa PAG-IBIG kaming dalawa sa naturang property? Pwede pa kaya kaming ma-approve sa 20 year-loan? magkano po kaya ang maximum loanable amt. na aming pwedeng ma-avail at magkano ang monthly amortization? Ako din po ay may monthly contribution na 100.00 dahil ako po ay namamasukan on commission basis at binabayaran ng company na pinapasukan ko ang kaukulang employer contribution ko. Pwede din po kaya akong maka avail ng housing loan para makadagdag sa aming hinihinging maximum loanable amount? wala po akong fix salary kaya wala akong ITR. marami pong salamat at umaasa po kami sa inyong mabilis na pagtugon sa aming mga katanungan.

    • admin


      It’s possible for 3 siblings to tack-in their membership to loan as loan. Please read this to find out about the qualification requirements:

      • marisol reynoso

        thank you very much for your immediate reply. is it possible if i avail of the housing loan separate from my husband since i am paying my own pag-ibig also. how much loan can i avail if i am on commission basis. how can i justify my income ? base on your table, my brother and my husband can avail of 1 million each of housing loan payable in 20 years. we still need at least 1.5 million to buy out the said property.

  • Jeyah

    Hi Admin,
    I’m planning to apply for a housing loan amounting to 200K only. I’ve been a member for more than 24 months and based on my income range I think I’m qualified for the loan based on these two requirements. I will use the loan proceeds for the major improvements/extension of our house under the name of my father. I am a member here at Makati branch but the house is located at Mindanao. Considering these circumstances, will I be allowed to apply for housing loan?

    • admin


      Remember the following: First, the title has to be in your name as the borrower. Second, you have to apply at the branch that has jurisdiction over the property.

  • Rain

    Hi Admin,

    You have a very helpful site here. I will also appreciate if you can answer my inquiries.
    I already have 50+ months of contributions and I’m on my 6th month here with my new company. My monthly income is 21k basic and 2.5k allowance (Approx. 20-22k less tax) and I’m planning to help my fiance with her housing problem. She inherited a house and lot from her mother (deceased) not knowing it also have an outstanding debt to pagibig then they received a notice from pagibig regarding this debt that they need to pay 265k as of March, 2012 or the property will be foreclosed but the problem is that she is not capable yet to pay for it. Can you give me advise on how to help her? Is it possible for me to assume all this debt and transfer the title under my name? Am I eligible of pagibig housing/mortgage loan equals the current credit balance they have payable for 3-5 years and how much will it cost me? (E.g. worth 300k assume balance and what will be the current interest rate for that amount?)
    Hope you can enlighten me with this confusion.. More power and God bless!


    • admin


      Yes, I think you can buy that property if you qualify. Please go to that branch immediately to inquire about the details. There are more things you should know other than the balance of the loan.

      And don’t forget to negotiate with them.

  • http://yahoo. jesus

    maam guam po, ask ko lng po gusto ko sana magloan nagpagpatayo nag bahay 5ook lng o.f.w. po ko sa taiwan now at datng menber ako nag pag ibig na stop lng nun nagtangal ako sa work sa pnas,pwde p po b kong magloan nag 500k,

    • admin


      You need to reactivate first your membership and then apply for that loan.

  • karla dimayuga

    Good Day! This is a very helpful article!
    i just want to verify, is it better if maliit lang yung ilalagay na loanable amount to avoid denials of requests or loan applications?
    for example. based on the graph shown above, if my net disposable income is just P16000.00 and my loan eligability is just P850,000.00 but the worth of the house im opting to avail is 1M, will it be better just to note in the application that im only loaning P850 000.00 instead of 1m to make sure it will be within my capacity to pay? and gives me more assurance of an approved application? Im also willing to pay the rest in cash if needed.

    please get back to me on this. thanks in advance! godspeed!

    • admin


      Yes. You’re a genius. :-)

      That money that you have to shoulder is actually called equity. Paying a larger amount of equity essentially lowers the loan amount also. It is encouraged by the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • sheila

    I am a pag-ibig loan member from 2000 to 2005 and paid contribution as private employed. Last October 2005, I moved to Las Vegas, NV USA and stop paying my contribution. Am I still qualified for a housing loan? I have a lot and want to build a house thru pag ibig loan. How can I update my membership to get a loan? Can I avail a 3M loan if I make $2,500 a month? I tried to sign up thru your website but it says error. Please send me more information thru my email. Thank you.

    • admin


      Yes, you can reactivate anytime. It’s best if you can have a representative here in the Philippines do it on your behalf.

  • rica

    hi!pwede bang co-borrower ko sa housing loan ang brother ko?we’re both pag-ibig members, thanks!

    • admin

      Pwedeng-pwede. You must be both qualified to take a housing loan to do that.

  • eugene santiago

    pede ba maghati kami sa kaltas parehas kasi kaming pagibig member ng asawa ko…pede bang bumili ng old houses as long na may title

    • admin


      The answer to both questions is YES.

  • Lio

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi admin,

    Good am! This site really helps me. I am planning to acquire a lot here in Paranaque amounting 540k. Pwede ko po ba siya e apply sa purchase of lot loan sa Pagibig? And pwede po ba na ganun (540k) din ang loan take out ko? Almost 6 years na po akong active sa pagibig and my income is 23k a month. And for example ma approve po ang loan ko na yan, can I apply again for another loan (construction of house)? or pwede po ba siyang pag sabayin?

    pls enlighten me. Maraming salamat!

    • admin


      Since it is a vacant lot, you should apply for house construction later on. Yes, it’s possible to get that much. It really depends on your income and the appraisal of the team.

  • ian

    updated po ba yung table sa taas? gusto ko po sanang mag housing loan ngaun kaso biglang bago ng rate ng pag ibig amortiation, yung regional base sumakto sa gross income ko 14,200 pesos kasama tuloy ako sa naapektuhan,, imbis na 4900 montly rate ko in 30yrs naging 5678pesos monthly in first 3 yrs pa lang yun pano pa pag after 3 yrs :( tama po ba yung computation ng developer ko? 775k po estimated loan value.. thx in advance

    • admin

      Hi Ian,

      You can still use the Table above as a guide, but there are a few changes already. We will be writing an article about the new rates within this month.

  • richard

    Dear Admin:

    I’m a Pag-ibig member for over 8 years and currently employed with my present company for than 4 years. I want to get a rent-to-own house in Laguna and I wish to apply this for housing loan tru PAG-IBIG . The loanable amount of the property is P850,000.00. Based on the table above, the required Net Disposable Income if I opt to pay this in 30 years is P16,339.00. My question is: what if my net disposable income based on my basic salary (payslip) is not sufficient to cover this amount, can I present a COE with compensation to show my other income which is thrice the amount of basic pay?

    Thank you.

    • admin


      Yes, you can do that.

  • Remelyn

    hello admin… ask ko lang po.. last 2010 pa po ako ngloan ng 1st salary loan ko,but my agency fail to deduct it to my monthly income. now im absorbed by the company as regular employee, how can i pay for that balance?at ano po ang penalty nun..?at kung magkano na ang interest nun..

  • rica

    hi! if co-borrower ko ang kapatid ko, kanino nakapangalan yung title ng property?…thanks!

    • admin


      It’s up to you to specify but if you don’t do it, the Title must be in the name of both borrowers. You are basically, co-owners also.

  • stephanie gayle peregrino

    hi… what if isang seaman ang co borrower ko and we are not yet married… syempre dahil nasa abroad siya most of the time, di sha member ng pag ibig. ako naman, member since public school teacher ako…. my question is? pwede ko ba sha maging co borrower? kahit hindi sha member? second question is… ang contribution ko ba mnthly ay mag iincrease lng upon the availment of loan? meaning, required ba na bago ako magloan ay nasa 400 na ang monthly contribution ko (700 K to 900 k loan) or after ko pa lng magloan ng 700 k, dun pa lng mag iincrease ang mnthly contribution ko?

    • admin


      Non-members can’t avail of the loan. Also, you can’t have a friend act as co-borrower.

      You are correct about the contribution upgrade.

  • Lio

    Hi, what are the requirements po to avail the housing loan? Bale yung girlfriend ko po naka pangalan sa title ng lupa which is also acquired thru pagibig. And plano po namin ako naman mag loan sa pagibig for housing loan. We’re both active po sa pagibig. And is it true po ba na ma ga grant ka lang ng pagibig (housing loan) kapag 35% ng house ay nakatayo na? tpos bale reimbursement na lang ang mangyayari? thanks.

  • Lio

    Follow up question ko po.
    Sa girlfriend q po naka pangalan yung title ng lot, pwede po ba na ako ang mag apply ng house construction loan para sa lot na yun which is acquired thru pagibig din? thanks.

    • admin


      You can only apply for a housing loan on a lot whose title is in your name.

  • Edward

    Hi Admin: I reserved a house from a known subd., I need to pay 10% of the DP and PAG-IBIG on the balance 90% amount which is 653k, my monthly salary is 20k, I’m single and have savings in the bank, according to the chart above, I’m qualified for the 30yrs bracket for the 650k loan, my NDI is around 17.6k /month, I dont have any loans or debts., is it possible to have my loan approved for the 653k? or do I need a co-borrower?, and also my monthly contribution is just P200, how can I make it P300, do I need to have it changed in Pag-ibig? Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      Hi Edward,

      The staff there should be able to give you an honest assessment. You may be required to upgrade your contribution only if you qualify for a bigger loan amount.

  • Brando


    Pwd po bang mag housing loan pero ung lupa ndi p nakapangalan sakin s tita ko plang po nakapangalan???
    And pwd po b ung tito ko nman po ang maglakad ng housing loan ko kc and2 po ako abroad and cla po ang mag received ng iloloan ko s pag ibig pwd po b un???

    God Bless More power

    • admin


      If you are to avail of the housing loan, the land title has to be in your name.

  • rob

    may 4k sq.m titled lot ang parents ko na naka mortgage sa bangko, since 1k sq m lng ang maximum ‘lot only” purchase sa pag-ibig, pwede ko ba bilhin ang 1k out of the 4K? ang plano is part of the proceeds sa pag ibig loan is to pay off the remaining outstanding bank loan para ma free na ang whole 4k, then subsequently tanggalin ang 1K. aside from the other requirements, will contract to sell or purchase agreement an appropriate document to be submitted to pag-ibig? hope pwede po itong transaction nato sa pag-ibig.thank you very much….

    • admin


      Technically that’s possible. But it’s going to be very complicated if the whole 4k lot is under one title. Go check it out also with the bank.

  • Brando

    Admin plz Answer my question asap po

  • thet

    we have a fix P100 pag ibig deduction as a teacher..i would like to know if i cud increase it to P600/P700?…and if it will be change to higher amount will you be counting my contribution prior to the changes or starting from the date it will be change?another thing husband is an OFW,we would like to combine our net to avail house loan, what do we need to do?
    tnx for your response in advance!

    • admin


      You don’t have to contribute an extra amount now. You will be required to do it only if you qualify for a bigger loan amount.

      Have your husband go with you when applying for a housing loan. That way you can combine both income and get a bigger loan amount.

  • akosijomar


    You don’t have to contribute an extra amount now. You will be required to do it only if you qualify for a bigger loan amount.

    Have your husband go with you when applying for a housing loan. That way you can combine both income and get a bigger loan amount.

    With regards to your reply admin, ano po ba ang qualifications to have a bigger contribution? I am a teacher also but I want to increase my deduction also to 700-1k.

    Hope for an immediate reply. Thank you =)

    • admin


      If you are asking about the qualification requirements, there is none.

  • PJ26

    gud day po..tanong ko lng po may nabili po kami na LOT with title na then pwede po ba kami maka pag loan ng pera to build up a installment process po..mga magkano po LOANABLE amount po to start constructing a house in our own…tenk u and Godbless.

    • admin


      The amount will depend on your income and the cost of the project.

  • Mariz

    How much amount ng itr ang needed para maka avail ng 2 million na housing loan? Right now kasi self employed ako and i want to know kung maqualify ako.

    Thanks. Hoping for your immediate reply.

    • admin

      Hi Mariz,

      Please review the table shown above. And since there is a new rate, you can ask for an updated table at the branch.

  • jeffrey romero

    Hello po,

    Ask ko lang po, kung sakali 30 years inapply kong housing loan then after 5 years gusto
    ko parecompute para gawin nalang 10 years to pay assuming net income ko pasok na for 10 years to pay..Possible po ba un?

  • lerry

    Hi Admin,

    My husband is going to be my co-borrower to a housing loan. His MPL was offset this year and Pagibig Fund said it has already lapsed so we won’t need to pay that anymore. Can this affect our housing loan application? However, my records are fine. I will be the principal borrower. Thank you.

    • admin


      Quite simply, it won’t affect your home loan application. The MPL will eventually be fully paid by your husband’s remaining TAV.

  • lyrahc

    Question lang po admin, pwede po ba magloan sa pag-ibig then pambili lang ng lupa muna? Gaano po katagal maapprove at ma-release ung money? Thanks!

  • rob

    Hi! pwede bang maging co-borrower ang common law partner para maabot namin ung required NDI?


  • Gab

    Good day! tanong ko lang po kung mag loan po ba sa PAGIBIG pano nila nirerelease ung pera? Through check or cash po ba? kc ung balak po naming bilhing bahay ay d natanggap ng PAGIBIG Financing, balak po sana nmin ung Down payment nlng muna bbyaran namin. Thank u po!

  • JT

    If one is planning to get a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan amounting to P 2,000,000 and pay it in 10 years, his monthly income should be P 67,467.50 or higher, and his monthly contribution should be P 950, right?

    But how could anyone have a monthly contribution of P950, if according to Pag-ibig website:
    “With the signing of Republic Act No. 9679, membership to the Fund shall be mandatory for the following:
    The maximum monthly compensation used in computing the employee contributions is currently set at P5,000. This means that the maximum member contribution and employer counterpart per month are both currently P100. ”

    And ever since, my monthly contribution to pag-ibig is only P100.. so how can i make it P950?

    Thank you po.

  • John

    hello sir!
    meron po akong hinuhulugan na house and lot for 5 years(in-house financing), now gusto ko pong mgpa extend ng bahay sa open lot. possible po ba na mag housing loan ako thru pag ibig kahit nasa first year pa lang ako nghuhulog sa nakuha kong house and lot? and wala pa sa name ko yung title? thanks

  • Wendy Barrun

    Good Day po!

    As per PAGIBIG up to 6M na po ang loanable amount ng housing loan. May bagong list na po ba ng required net disposable income na nirerequired ng PAGIBIG to avail the housing loan? Nirevised po ba nila? May bibilhin po akong house and lot worth 1.3M pero yung house needs improvement,120sqm yung lot. Maaapproved po kaya sa pagibig yun? 23K po yung salary ko per month.

    Thank you po.

  • rei delos reyes

    updated po ba itong info na ito?

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