Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Alternatives

Real Estate Loan is indeed the most popular service available to the Pag-IBIG Fund Members. In terms of the interest rate, it is very competitive (in many cases even lower) compared to the other mortgage loan financing alternatives in the Philippines. (The other Real Estate Financing alternatives will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs) Another great advantage is the longer payment term of up to 30 years.

Some Uses of the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

If you have not yet stumbled on it from the other articles, here are some uses of the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

  • Lot-Only Property Purchase
  • House-And-Lot Purchase
  • Construction of A Residential Unit
  • Home Improvement
  • Refinancing of Existing Mortgage Loan

Looking at that, it’s hard to imagine how an eligible Pag-IBIG Member should not take advantage of this benefit. Go for it if you have the chance.

Housing Loan Eligibility

But then again, to even qualify for the loan, a member should at least meet the minimum requirements listed below.

  • Must be a member for at least 2 years and has contributed at least 24 months. Take note: no more one-time payment of the 24 months contribution this time.
  • Must not be more than 65 years old at the time of loan application.
  • Must not be more than 70 years old at the date of loan maturity.
  • Must have NO outstanding Pag-IBIG Housing Loan either as principal or as co-borrower.
  • Must have NO outstanding Pag-IBIG Multiple-Purpose Loan in arrears at the time of application.
  • And most importantly, must not have a previous Housing Loan that was foreclosed, cancelled, bought back or subjected to dacion en pago.

For some becoming a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund is already too much of a hassle. There are membership dues to remember; seminars to attend to when applying for a housing loan; the difficulty in sending the monthly dues, etc. Some members have been inactive for a number of years already. Still others are not even eligible for Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

If this is your case, there are still home financing alternatives for you. Consider the following…

Bank Financing

The first big daddy of Real Estate Financing in the Philippines is, of course, The Bank. They offer a variety of Home Financing Products that you can choose from.

The good thing about Bank Financing is that there are a lot of competitions going on. You should shop around and decide for yourself the best one based on the following factors:

  • Professional Service – How cool is it if your banker treats you like a King? I can tell you don’t get that kind of professional attention in Pag-IBIG.
  • Interest Rate – The lower, the better for you.
  • Payment Method – As painless as possible especially if you are working overseas. Check for the Internet Banking feature.

Tip: When you approach a loan officer, you may want to do away with that expensive Clive Christian Perfume. It will be to your advantage if you wear something that smells like money instead. I hope you know what I mean by that.

Other Similar Financial Institutions to Consider:

  • Credit Cooperatives
  • Money Lenders

In-House Financing

This one is very simple. There are only two parties involved: you, the buyer and the seller, which is usually the Real Estate Developer.

If you are constructing a house, the developer acts as if it were The Bank. It finances the home construction and you, in turn, pay directly to the developer.

Like the Bank Financing, In-House Financing almost always requires that you put a down payment (20% of the selling price or so) and amortize the balance for a given term. This Financing Scheme also bears an interest. The series of monthly amortizations will reflect your payment for the principal amount borrowed plus the interests.

The primary advantage of In-House Financing is its simplicity.

Bank Financing vs In-House Financing

The primary downside, however, is the stiff interest rate that goes with it. At the time of this writing, the going interest rate of many In-House Financing Schemes is in the range of 18% to 21% per annum. Compare that with the going interest rate the banks are charging, which is in the range of 8% to 12%, and you will be in for the shock of your life.

When it comes to Home Financing, simplicity can be very expensive.


“Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Alternatives” is written by Carlos Velasco.

  • DJ Dimaliuat

    Nice blog, a good comparison for other financing alternatives here in the Philippines.. We also have this kind of article in our website too with factor rates for different interest rates is also attached..

  • alex

    sir meron na po akong housing loan, pero ngaun po gusto ko po sana na mag-bild ng small business…possible po b na makakuha me ng multi-purpose loan?

  • alex

    gusto ko po mag-build ng small business eh…possible po b na ma-approvahan ang Multi-purpose loan ko kahit may housing loan na po me before?

  • admin

    Yes, that’s possible. Please check at the nearest Pag-IBIG office on how to go about it or read our article on Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan.

  • Denver Pinlac

    Dear Sir,

    Dating po ako member ng pag-ibig fund when i was working in he philippines now I’m working in jeddah, K.S.A. pwede po b ulit akong maging member ng pag-ibig ulit or i have to start again, para po maka avail ako ng housing loan.

  • ian adriatico

    sir may sister po ako nasa LA gusto po mag housing loan paano po ba?

  • Edwin Javier

    my wife and me bought a lot thru pa-ibig financing loan the principal barrower is my wife. now i’m planning to build a house thru pa-ibig. but our experience in pag-ibig is tremendously un forgetable particularly in the event of processing all documents before they granted our loan it takes a very long period of precessing if i’m not mistaken almost 6mos. my wife is a goverment DEPEd employee and i’m working here in Abu Dhabi only my wife who process all the documents. can you help me i want to build a house thru pag-ibig i want it to process a short period of time because my vacation is only 1month can you help me pleasssssssss.

  • marem

    is it possible to avail a housing loan but the building is a combination of commercial and residential structure, like for instance the ground floor is a restaurant whereas the 2nd level is the main residence?

    thank you

  • admin

    You may want to enroll under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program or just continue your contribution and pay as Voluntary member.

    Please read on the articles discussing the basics of Pag-IBIG Home Loan.

    Please remember that you are not the only one applying for a loan. It would be of help if you can use a real estate agent.


    sir me bahay na po ako at lupa gusto ko lang magkaron ng konting improvement..wala pong floor plan un at deed of sale lang hawak ko,,what is the basic requirements of availing house improvement loan and where is the nearest sattelite office of pagibig in daet camarines norte.thank you sir and hoping for ur immediate reply..

  • Joselito Madarazo Saupan

    Dear sir/maam,

    I have contributed Pag-ibig when i was with my previous employer-EEI approximately 5 years. Now, I’m with my new employer-TCCI, I’m also contributing the same to Pag-ibig.
    My question is; Can I merge my contributions into one? and how? I think EEI use Cubao Pag-ibig branch while TCCI using Makati Pag-ibig branch.
    By the way, I’m an OFW.
    Thank you very much and more power to PAG-IBIG.

  • Julie

    Good day! I have stop my monthly payment for housing loan since November 2010 till now when my mother got a major hipbone operation and from then on I am facing financial constrain. Can I post a payment for 1 month even if my payables is almost 4 months?

    Thank You!

  • Willie

    I already completed my housing loan a couple of years ago with the title in my hand.Plano ko mag loan using the title as colateral sa new project ko sana sa probinsya sino puwede ko lapitan…willie

  • Gie

    Hi Sir/Maam,

    I have a housing loan in my company gusto ko po sana ilipat sa pag-ibig just incase mag abroad po ako. ano po kaya ang mga dapat kong gawin at requirements para pag punta kopo sa Pag-ibig office ay dala dala ko na po siya.

    Thank you very much and more power to PAG-IBIG

  • http://yahoo.messanger noel,,israel

    how can i get a pab-ibig loan?i am a OFW in israel,can u help me to get a loan?

  • eric aquino

    paano ko malalaman yung utang ksa pagibig at paano ko mababayaran i2 nsa abudhabi kc ako gusto bayaran kc gusto ko kumuha ng bahay at lupa or housing loan

  • mafebiogos

    hi sir and mam,iwant to ask about the housing loan,i am planning to do it,when i go home in phillipines,i work as ofw for 8years,and i pay 24 months months at a time,so i decided to apply a housing loan,my vacation is just one month,so can i do all the papers,or i am qualified,thank …..

  • admin

    @Alex: The basic requirement is the Land Title. However, you may also just avail of the Multi-Purpose Loan and use the proceeds for home improvement.

    @Joselito: To merge your contributions, you need to request it from the office. You will be asked to fill-up a form and this may take time, so please follow-up from time to time.

    @Julie: I can only wish that your property has not gotten the attention of Pag-IBIG. Please go there immediately and pay whatever is due to save your property from foreclosure.

    @Willie: Take note that if you are getting a real estate loan, the title that will be used as collateral is the title of the land that you wish to purchase.

    @Gie: Please check the article on the Housing Loan Requirements

    @Noel: There is an article for that, please use the Search Form below.

    @Eric: You have to check it at the Office.

    @mafebiogos: the best thing to do is to prepare your employment documents and then once you are here, attend the Loan Counselling Session.

  • rochelle dela cruz

    good am po. My husband is one of the repatriate in libya, he arrived in the philippines last March 3. We have an in-house financing loan , and medyo mataas ang monthly amortization. as of today the house is under construction but by 1 or 2 months matatapos na construction as per developer. We are requesting for your help for us to transfer the loan sa pag-ibig. as i said medyo mataas ang monthly amortization at sa ngayon hindi namin kayang i-continue yung pagbabayad kung sa developer pa rin kami maghuhulog. We are asking for your help na ma-itransfer sa soon sa possible kung sakali. We are hoping you could give us immediate response and consider our situation at the moment. thank you very much.

  • allan

    we have housing loan 8 years ago with my wife as principal borrower and im the co-maker. as of now our monthly payments is delayed for almost a year.. we have a plan to resell it before it become foreclosure because we cannot afford to pay it nowadays.. how can we resell it? do we need to go to pag-ibig office? what we need to do to for this?

  • admin

    I’m sorry to hear about that. I would suggest that you go to Pag-IBIG near your place and attend the Housing Loan Counselling. If the worse thing happens, make sure that you contact your agent and sell the house immediately.

    I can only hope that it’s not yet foreclosed. If you are planning to sell it, Pag-IBIG will never assist you in doing it. Instead, you should try to contact your agent or broker to help you sell it.

  • jonathan s. barreyro

    mam / sir,

    gusto ko po sana mag multi purpose loan kaya lang po na off setting ako at sabi po ng pag ibig i have to wait for another 2 years para maka loan ulit. my question is ano po bang ibang option para maka loan ako without waiting for 2 years ? pwede ko po bang bayaran in advance iyong payment for two years para makapag loan na ako ngayon ?

  • admin

    This is quite strange. You want to pay now so that you can loan again? Why not just use the money that you are about to pay?

  • mercy tagliente

    i started contributing to Pag ibig since the start of this program, for almost six years. can i apply for a loan to purchase a house and lot. i live here overseas. thanks for the immediate reply.

  • mey


    My husband and I have an existing home loan thru a bank for 20years. We are at our 3rd year now. Due to high interest rate, we requested for a fixed interest rate for the 5 yrs. They gave us 11%. I’m not sure if it is better to continue with our bank loan or better to refinance via PAGIBIG? Will PAGIBIG accepts this kind of refinacing? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Concha E

    Hi…we bought a property/condo 5 years ago thru pag-ibig home loan. we want to dispose it thru “assume balance” to who ever is interested since we wanted to buy a much bigger house with lot. how do i go about it? is there a policy about “assume balance”? and what are the requirements a prospective buyer should possess. My husband and i really wanted to dispose it so we can avail of a new home loan for a bigger space/house to our growing family. please help!!!

  • sonia bading

    hello po,
    Puede po ba ako maging member kahit German citizent na ako?Kasi po iterasado ako bumili ng bahay at lupa kahit hulugan sa Caloocan.
    Sonia Bading

  • admin

    Absolutely! Please attend the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Seminar.

    Yes, Pag-IBIG definitely allows you to take out a loan from other lending institutions. Please check with your bank about the process. This may be little bit complicated, but it’s possible.

    You should start by finding some interested buyers and have him pay you in cash or assume the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

    Indeed that’s possible. However, the whole point of this article is that there are other alternatives to Pag-IBIG Financing especially for people like you. You may want to read the article that discusses the issues on Citizenship and Land Ownership in the Philippines.

  • Cris

    hello po!merun na po kami bahay pero nakasanla po sya..gusto na namin kunin but we don’t have enoung money now to get it back..can i avail housing loan para matubos namin & then for house renovation na din?what are some of the documents needed?thank u po

  • Reina

    Hi Admin,

    I have an existing loan with Pag-ibig(Lot-Only Property). I have been paying for the loan for 3 years now (15-yr loan term), is it possible for me to get another loan for house construction and pay it in say 20-25 yrs? or I have to settle my existing loan first?


  • ferdinand gammad

    hi, can you still pay 24months contribution at once.. to borrow?
    also my main question.. is it possible to loan for construction of town homes and still be able to sell them…and pay pagibig back earlier.

  • admin

    I’m afraid Pag-IBIG Fund will not grant you a home loan on this kind of property.

    You need to settle you first housing loan before you can apply for another one.

    You can try with that 24 months at your branch. SOme branches is not very strict on this one. And yes, you can sell your property while you are still paying for its loan.

  • joan

    hi ask ko lang po. pwede po b ulit ako mag housing loan if mabenta ko sa iba ung n loan ko s pagibig (pero ung pagbebentahan ko eh s pagibig din nila ipapasok) possible po b, n pag ok n at n transfer n s kanila eh magloloan ako ng panibagong housing loan? THANKS

  • jon


    I’m interested to know more about assuming the balance for a house & lot being paid thru PAG-IBIG.
    1) Where can I find a conditional deed of sale that is appropriate?
    2) Does the conditional deed of sale need to be notarized?
    3) Does it have to be registered with the Register of Deeds?
    4) Does the seller still pay capital gains tax, and the buyer still pays for transfer taxes and doc stamps?
    5) Can the seller transfer the title now or it’s only possible to process the transfer after the PAG-IBIG loan has been fully-paid?
    6) What is the process to transfer the title after the buyer has completed paying for the property with PAG-IBIG?

    Please e-mail me your reply (please?)
    Thank you very much for enlightening me :)

  • angelica mariano

    Hi, I’m a lot seller and recently had a buyer already. I just wanted to ask if I can pay the Capital Gains Tax after the Pag-Ibig loan has been release? Since I will be getting the payment from there also? Please help…thanks.

  • admin

    Sorry, that’s not allowed anymore. Essentially, you have just let someone assume on your loan.

    There are documents that you can use and you can request it from the Pag-IBIG Office. And it’s very important that you make sure everything is done legally with a lawyer’s help if possible.

    Yes, you are the one who is responsible for the capital gains tax.

  • http://facebook sheryl garcia

    pwede po kaya akong makaavail ng housing loan, for house rennovation, khit nd sakin nkapangalan ung bhay….? mga 300 hundred thousand lang nman po, ok na yun…..

  • http://yahoo ann

    hi,ask ko lng po pano ko ipagpatuloy ung pag ibig,i hve an id…kc mtgal ko n po d na follow up.

  • april

    Good day! my husband is an OFW and we are planning to apply for house construction loan..i just may ask if do we need to start constructing it now for you to approve our loan?

  • herbie garcia

    I have an existing real estate loan with a bank which i want to transfer to your financing scheme, can i avail of a pagibig housing loan accommodation to payoff my existing loan with the bank?

  • Joel N. Sagad

    What if I want to renovate our house. But our house has no title because we are just leaving in railroad before.And now our lot (railroad before) the governemnt is planning to give it to the residential as free patent. And I am working in a good company, already contributed 24 months in pag-ibig. Can i avail the Home Improvement or Construction of Residential Unit? Please let me know..tnx

  • admin

    Quick reply: Pag-IBIG doesn’t grant a home loan on that type of land title.

    Yes, that’s possible. Please coordinate further with your bank and don’t forget to attend the Pag-IBIG Loan counseling session.

    You have to apply first to see if you will be qualified for a home loan and how much. And yes you are correct about making the initial cash outlay for the partial contruction.

    I am assuming that you are either and OFW or a self-employed. It’s best if you can request a list of past contributions so that you will know your Pag-IBIG membership ID.

    One of the requirements of Pag-IBIG housing loan is that the land title has to be in the name of the buyer-borrower.

  • Rolando M.Lumabi

    Hi meron po ako existing housing loan sa pagibig,updated po ang bayad ko,ngayon pwede ko ba ibenta na lang sa pab ibig yung bahay at lupa,kc balak namin lumipat ng probinsya,

  • mary ann

    Hi po!

    May housing loan po ako last 2002 at pina assume ko po yon, ask ko lang po kung nabayaran na yon ng full pwede ba ako uli mag loan sa pag ibig housing?

  • irene alfa fangon-villamil

    im a member of pag-ibig since i started to work at COMELEC since 1979 to present. i want to build a small house where i can live with comfort when i retire. the vacant lot is in the name of my mother-in-law who is now dead. his siblings are now all dead. my hubby had a fatal stroke 3 yrs ago. he is a retired pepsi-cola employee. how could it be possible for me to loan for my dream house? im now 55 yrs. old with a present salary of php31,0084. pls. help me. thnx. god bless. IRENE

  • ed

    Ano po ba kailangang docs for Refinancing of Existing Mortgage Loan. Halimbawa, from existing bank house/lot loan to your Pag-ibig. Meron po bang associated charges and fees ito? About pag-ibig2 po, may disadvantage din po ba to? what are the advantages and disadvantage of this? Salamat po.

  • admin

    Hi, I’m sorry to hear about that. If the land title is already in the name of your husband, then you can work on your loan from there. Please attend a loan counseling session so that everything will be clear to you. Your circumstance may be different by other borrowers so you all the time to ask during that session.

    You have to coordinate that one with your bank and yes there are certainly some charges to be asked from you. About Pag-IBIG II, please refer to this article:

    @mary ann:
    The rule of Pag-IBIG says that those who have their loans assumed by another party will be denied another housing loan in the future.

    First you need to understand that Pag-IBIG is not in the business of buying and selling properties. It’s best if you can find another buyer for that one.


    ask ko lng po meron kaming housing loan ng husband ko,sya ang owner,pero after 2yrs of paying,namatay na sya,ung house namin naipasa namin sa iba,at sila na nagpatuloy maghulog sa pag ibig sa name parin ng husband ko,namatay ang husband ko ng hindi nila naisasalin ang name sa new owner na nagbabayd sa pag ibig,sakin parin ba mappunta ang property nayun?pero may deed of sale na kaming napirmahan ng husband ko 2yrs ago ng magkasundo na sila na magtutuloy sa pag ibig payments.pls reply!tnx.

  • juliet dizon

    paano ko po maibebenta sa pag-ibig po ang lot properties ko po sa sta ana bulacan bulacan gardenia homes? my lot are 121 sq.meter. thank you po

  • alexander gragasin geronimo

    Good day admin. I have been a member of pagibig since june 2002. In fact, I have availed a loan which is LOT PURCHASEd in 2006. now, i would want to build a house in my lot but i haven’t paid it yet. would this be possible?Can my loan be restructured and be made as house and lot loan? Thanx a lot admin.

  • admin

    Yes, you are right. You can upgrade that same loan into a house and lot with the lot serving as the collateral.

    Please coordinate with your developer or agent. One of these days, we will be having a feature on the site that allows visitors to sell their own properties. But you may have to wait for it.

    Sorry about that. Did you secure an MRI with your loan? I’m not sure which happened first, the sales transaction with the new buyer or the death. Please get in touch with Pag-IBIG because, if it is covered by MRI, it should be granted to you upon his demise.

  • Allen Algire

    I hope you can help us and answer this question…
    Mag two years na ang HDMF housing loan namin for a condo this coming October, we are looking into putting the condo up for sale in the market… How do we go about it?

    Thank you in advance :-)


    sir mam, good day po!
    matagal na po akong member ng pag ibig, gusto ko ho sanang mag avail ng tinatawag na construction loan, para mapaganda un house namin.unfortunately, ako lang po ang member ng pag-ibig at nde ang nanay ko na me ari ng house and lot namin, at nde din po pag ibig housing loan un bahay namin, paanu hu ba iyon..pedi hu ba i transfer sa pangalan ko un titulo para maka avail ako. anu hu un mga policy at magkanu un makukuha…

  • admin

    We are trying to implement a feature here where visitors and developer can advertise their properties for sale. At the moment, you may want to use such sites as or or better yet, advertise it on a website that targets specifically the people in your city/town.

    A home contruction loan is really quite complicated because there are a lot of documents required most specially those that relate to the construction project. Example, house plan, electrical layout, building permit, etc. You may have to get a contractor for this one and coordinate with him the details. As for the title, it has to be in your name.

  • irene alfa fangon-villamil

    we will have it titled. how much can i borrow? pls. advise me the earliest. tnx.

  • admin

    Here’s an article that shows you how much loan amount you may possibly get:

    As I mentioned, please attend a loan counseling session, because your case is quite different from the others.

  • ai

    hello, question lang po.

    I called pag ibig, and sabi nila i can sell the naman the house na niloan ko thru pag ibig and pag natransfer na ung house/loan sa buyer, pwede na daw akong kumuha ulit ng bago.

    Now, the question is, if i already paid 3 years para sa house na yun, magkano ko pwedeng ibenta yung house?


  • Badeth Bondoc

    May existing loan po ako, lot only, sa laguna. term is 25yrs to pay. anotated na po title under my name processed by the developer, forwarded na rin po sa pag-ibig. ngayon po may buyer po ako for that lot kase po nalalayuan po ako sa lugar. anu pong dapat kong gawin para matransfer na po sa buyer ko ang loan ko with pag-ibig para cleared na po ang name ko since i also intend to apply for another loan sa area na malapit sa akin.

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  • jon-jon cipriano

    gud day po, ask ko lang po kung pano ba gagawin, gusto ko po sana mag loan para sa construction ng bahay ng mga byenan ko,bale paayos ko po yun at palagyan ng taas, mga 300 thousand lang po sana pwd na yun, ma grant po kaya yung ganun at pano po ba dapat gawin.

  • scott

    gud pm..ask ko lng sn..kakaresign ko lng po kc..pano kea ako makakaavail ng housing loan?kung mag seself employed po b ako may chance n makakuha me ng housing loan ng pag ibig?tnx po…

  • scott

    need po b ng business certificate pra maka availe ng housing loan pag sel employed?ano2 po b ung need pra maka avail ng housing loan pag self employed?..tnx

  • admin

    The usually proof of income is one of the requirements.

    I think that already belongs to Home Improvement Loan. Sorry, but the title has to be in the name of the member.

    Please proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office. There are documents there that you can use to have that property transfered to someone else.

    The selling price really depends on you.


    almost 8 years na po akong naghuhulog ng bahay through pag ibig. kailan ko po makukuha ung title ng bahay?

  • admin

    It will be given to you once the loan is already fully paid. But you can be assured that the title is already in your name. Please check this out at the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • Jay R

    Gusto kong isalin sa iba ung house & lot ko fr Pagibig kasi di na ko nakatira dun. Willing ung kapitbahay ko na kunin ang house at siya n magtutuloy ng monthly amort until fully paid. Pano po ba procedures?

  • john

    namatay po ang mother ko 2 months ago at may kinuha siyang bahay sa pag-ibig, automatic na fullpaid na po ba yun o kailangan pang bayaran ang balance,sino po ang may karapatan sa bahay sa mga naiwan niya?

  • admin

    I’m sorry to hear about that. You are right, it is already fully paid. Normally, the title will be in the name of your father, but please check with Pag-IBIG on the details.

    Please proceed to the Pag-IBIG Fund together with your potential buyer for the details of the required documents. The buyer must also be a qualified Pag-IBIG Member.

  • Maricris

    I have been a PAG-IBIG member since 1994 under DepEd Department. I resigned from DepEd last 2008 for I am working abroad. Yet, I am an OFW PAG-IBIG member since 2008 to date. Can I avail your housing loan program? What should I do? I would be very happy to receive meaningful info from your office.

  • Michael Maga

    My Housing loan was just approved last July 19 and until now hindi ko pa nababayaran ung first month due nya kc nga hindi naibigay sa kin agad ang notice of amortization, dito kc ako sa Saudi Arabia ngayun. Ang monthly payment ko ay P5,724.31. Magkano po ba ang penalty na babayaran ko? At okay po ba na mejo delay palagi payment ko kc ang sahod ko every month end? Salamat po. Panu po ba ang computation pag late ang payment? Maraming Salamat po!

  • rodel

    pwede po ba ulit ako housing loan ulit sa pag-ibig pag natapos ko na yung una kong housing loan??

  • demosthenes g. manlosa

    hi there! can i pay my loan amortization through a bank affiliated by pagibig.

  • admin

    Yes, you are allowed to get up to 2 Housing Loans, the first one must be fully paid already.

    Please don’t take this lightly because it could lead to more problems in the future.

    Please check this link for the penalty of late payments:

    Absolutely. Please continue with your contributions month by month if you should wish to apply for a housing loan. One other thing you need to
    be aware of is your salary/income; this is an important part of the evaluation process.

    Once you are ready, please attend a loan seminar at the branch where you want to apply.

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  • Arlene

    Hello po,bali SPA ako ng brother ko n kumuha ng lupa s developer,now, nag attend n po ako ng seminar s makati,pero wala po ako na receive kung paano ko malaman if qualified mag loan yun bro ko,sa developer n po b un babagsak?kc isubmit ko s knila yun binigay s kin s makati pati un msvs,isa knila ko b dpat alamin kung ok? or s pag ibig mismo?

    One more thing p po about s monthly contri,ok lng po b n quarterly ako mag bayad? para s pag ibig contri ng brother ko? or dpat po monthly? magkaka problema po kya kung ganon? or pwede pa n byaran ko n now un 2 last 2 months remaining n di ko p nababayaran? ano p dpat gawin?


  • john

    ako din po yung john, sa 67, he kaso po di kasal ang mother ko, anak po ako sa first husband at meron siyang naging pangalawang asawa,pero di po sila kasal,bago po namatay ang mother ko meron siyang ginawang kasulatan (hand written only at di po nakanotaryo) na sa akin binibigay ang bahay, may karapatan po ba ako sa bahay na yun.


    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Ask lang po may housing loan n ako sa cavite dasmarinas at monthly po akong naghuhulog n walang palya sa hulog at may PMPL din po akong loan gusto ko po sanang mag avail ng CONSTRUCTION LOAN, ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin at mga requirements n kailangan at kung saan po ako mag avail nun?

    waiting for your reply asap


  • grace

    good day!
    i lost my hdmf card. how can i get another copy? also, what are the procedures & req’ts in availing your construction loan? thanks!

  • http://yahoomessenger abigail

    hello po, updated po ako sa payment ko sainyo. ang total amount po ng naloan ko sainyo is about 700000. pero ang market value po ng bahay namin ngayon is nasa 2.5m na. gusto ko po sanang iparefinance sa private bank ang property kasi kailangan ko po ng cash para sa pagaaral ng anak ko sa canada.pwede ho ba akong makakuha ng kopya ng TCT at CONTRACT TO SELL or yong DEED OF SALE na galing sa developer before na ipinasok ko sa pagibig? thank u and waiting for your reply.

  • http://yahoomessenger abigail

    meron pa po akong isang katanungan, kung pwede ba akong magparefinance sa pagibig, instead of availing multipurpose loan, parefinance ko na lang ang property namin.bale ang monthly income po namin ng asawa ko ay 80k plus sa peso. gusto sana ipaappraise ang bahay namin ngayon kasi nagkaroon na sya ng improvement, at isa pa, nong ipinasok namin property ay 11% yong interest, ngayon mababa na. at yong market value na ng bahay is nasa 2.5m na. ang balanse namin sa pagibig is less than 1m, kasi nakikita ko sa amortization chart nyo. at the same time ang laki ng difference ng interest nong 2006 and the present interest nyo. 39 yrs old pa lang naman ako ngayon, kahit 10 yrs to pay ko yong 1,800,000 na iloloan ko, pwede pa.

  • melvin

    Sir/Madame, OFW PAGIBIG member po ako at gusto ko sana magLoan for house construction sa lupa ng father ko, ano po requirements? i would like to know if such loan is possible even if the lot isn’t titled under my name as pagibig member, it is titled under my fathers name. What can you advise?

  • admin

    Please check it with Pag-IBIG, but your agent (from the developer) should be able to assist you also.

    As to the monthly contributions, it must be monthly. You can pay in advance, but not the missed contributions.

    I think the best way to approach this is to talk to everyone concerned — your father, step-mom, etc. I hope this will not lead to a
    lot of complications in your family.

    If you mean the requirements for Home Improvement Loan, please refer to this link:

    Please check your ID at the branch. The requirments for housing loan is listed here, follow the link:

    Please check that one at the branch or with your developer.

    It’s very important that the Land Title be in your name as a borrower. It will form part of the loan collateral.

  • Riza

    hi admin, I am an OFW member and presently working in Singapore. May kinuha akong house and lot in Cebu. I already paid the P100K DP for the House and Lot worth 1.82M. The developer told me that I need to prepare a certain sum of money which is more or less P60K for the advance payment which inlcudes P20,576.20 for the 1 yr insurance premium for Mortgage Redemption Insurance & Fire Insurance. They told me that the P20,576.20 will be deducted from my loan proceeds that they will be receiving after my loan approval. So I need to pay this amount to the developer. I ask the developer why this cost still have to be included in my monthly amortization on my first yr, since this 1 yr insurance for MRI and FRI will be paid in advance? The developer told me that the ” advance payment for 1 yr will be applied only to the last yr of my loan amortization”. I don’t see the logic on this explanation. Is this really true? Maybe you can explain to me further this. thank you and i will wait for your reply…

  • Gemma

    Hi po,

    May gusto po akong bilhin na house and lot pero hindi po sya sa subsdivision at binibenta lang po sa akin. Pede po ba ako mag apply ng loan kahit hindi sya subsdivion and how much po ang maximum for loan.


  • phet

    mag ask sana ako kung papaano ang gagawain ko kase para ma approve ang housing loan ko ang kulang nalang eh yung contract of employment ko eh may tatak ng pag ibig dito sa uk.grabe naman paano ko gagawin yun eh nasa pinas na ang contract ko original.isa pa napaka layo ng swindon sa london.requiremets ba talaga yun ng pag ibig before maka loan ang overseas

  • mhel

    hi admin…. ofw po ako dito sa abu dhabi… member po ako ng pag ibig since june 2010… at nag bayad po ako ng 10$ for 2yrs… gosto ko pong dagdagan ang monthly contribution ko sa halagang 1000 peso…. so pwedi po ba akong makapag loan ng 1m to 2m for a business… kailangan ko po ang reply nyo… salamat po…

  • admin

    Your contract of employment is one of the important requirements. And it has to be consularized.

    It depends on many factors.

    Most developers are imposing that kind of policy. I hope I can explain more, but we lack the space to do it. Maybe in some future article.

  • Riza

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for your short reply. Can You just let me know, what includes my monthly amortization for my Pag-ibig loan aside from the principal and interest? I just want to know if MRI and FI would still be part of my monthly amortization to Pag-ibig fund, during the first year of my payment since this amount has been deducted from my loan proceeds.

    Thank you.

  • Gemma

    Hi po,

    It’s me again the house and lot amount is 3M. Pero po ang monthly salary ko ay nasa 25k lang po.Maaaprubahan kaya po ng PAg-ibig once na 3M ang maloan ko?

  • cheryl

    helo po..
    ask ko lang po if ever po, avail ako nang housing loan sa pag ibig din nakapag desisyon ako na convert ko into a traveller’s inn yung house,ano po mangyayari?halimbawa, ang i apply ko is lot purchase with house improvement…as i understand kasi, may inspection if staggard yung release…pls let me know..thnx

  • admin

    You can do that once the loan is approved already. But you may have to check your Zoning Law.

    Please refer to this Table of Income and Loan Entitlement:

    The others are MRI and FI.

  • CM

    Hello po —

    I wish to buy a condo unit po, price of which is about 800,000-900,000. I’ve been a PagIbig member since 1995. How much po will i be able to loan given the ff factors:

    1) a monthly salary of 30k
    2) 45 years of age
    3) with a mom who is willing to sign as co-maker. She owns a small house in Dasmarinas Cavite worth P750,000
    4) no existing housing loan and never had applied for a pagIbig loan so this would be first time.

    Pls advise. Thanks po.

  • admin

    Please refer to the Table shown here:

    Also take note that you may be allowed only up to 25 years on your loan term.

  • maryjane sudario

    hi, pag ibig member po ako kaya lang matagal ko nang hindi na continue ang payment may loan pa ako noon. May question is , puede ko bang byaran lahat ang loan ko at ang interest noon at continue to active again as amember? because i want to apply a housing loan? Im in oversea now. thks

  • Bheng Dizon

    Good Day! Ask ko lang po may Pag-Ibig Housing Loan po kasi ako na na-stop kong bayaran yung monthly amortization for almost 5 months na kasi nawalan ako ng trabaho. Nakatanggap po ako ng letter from Pag-Ibig na pag di ko daw po nabayaran ng full yung 5 months na late payment ko i-buy out na daw po ito ng developer, ask ko lang sana is it possible na magbayad muna ako ng partial para lang di mawala yung bahay ko hanggang sa ma-update ko na yung payment ko? Kasi wala pa rin akong trabaho ’til now kung magagawan ko kaya ng paraan ng makapagbayad ng partial pwede po kaya yon? Thanks so much.

  • Lyn

    I plan to purchase a house and lot thru bank financing. The property that I want to buy is still under mortgage with Pag-ibig. Is it possible for the bank to takeout the existing home loan with Pag-ibig? If so, how do we go about it once our bank loan application is approved?

  • Antonio

    I already have a Pag-Ibig housing loan (house construction for the 1st floor of my house) and i made my first payment just last September 2011. Now, I am planning to construct the 2nd floor of my house. Could I request Pag-Ibig for additional funds for the second floor? What are the requirements? Where I could apply?

  • admin

    You are only allowed to have one Pagibig loan at any given time.

    It’s possible, but the process is very complicated.

    Yes, that’s possible. Just explain your case and be sincere with your succeeding payments.


  • Antonio

    admin, im no. 97 above. How bout if my wife will loan from pag-ibig for the construction of our 2nd floor, wil it be feasible?

  • renei

    Admin… pwede po bang iapply sa pagibig ang classification ng lupa is commercial pero ang actual usage eh residential?

  • John


    Good day!

    Am planning to apply for a loan sa Pag-ibig worth 500K to purchase a portion of a lot currently under the name of my Aunt. Ask ko lang po kung pano magiging process?Will Pag-ibig ask for the land title as a collateral?Apparently,I dont have the land title yet(the reason why I am applying for the loan). Am referring to below list of requirement taken from Pag-Ibig website:

    Certified true copy of TCT/CCT/Free Patent Titles issued under RA No. 10023/miscellaneous sales patents or
    sales patents issued under RA No. 730, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 2004 in the name of the
    borrower with proper mortgage annotation in favor of Pag-IBIG Fund (RD’s copy)

    Can someone explain to me po kung ano ibig sabihin nito?

  • nicky


    I was planning to buy a house&lot worth 900k, i read about the in-house financing in pag-ibig i was wondering if i can increase that loan to 1.2M for the renovation of the house&lot that i was planning to buy? is it possible?


  • admin

    If you qualify for that amount, yes sure.

    You will know about this when you apply for a Housing Loan at the office, specifically once you get a letter of guarantee. The title transfer will be done at the Registry of Deeds. I wish I could discuss this further, but maybe in some other article in the future.

    Pag-IBIG will only entertain a residential type of housing.

    The loan officer or inspector will have to assess that one. YOu can try.

  • Sanz

    Hi Admin!

    Good day… I acquired my house thru Pag-ibig loan 3 years ago… It is 25 years to pay and I’m currently on time paying it. However, taishin real estate (the developer of the house) just sent me a mail asking for Php6,000.00 payment for the mortgage and transfer of the land under my name within 15 days. They show me the title that it had been transferred to my name. We never had an agreement that I will be paying any extra money aside from the equity I payed to them and the Pag-ibig loan I made should settle the remaining balance to them and I should be paying only to Pag-ibig now.

    The agreement before when they were selling the house is the only payment I need to give is the equity and Pag ibig loan… Then after 2 years the title will automatically be transferred to me if I’m a good payer … That is why I keep on following up with Pagibig if the title is already transferred to me since it is already more than 2 years and what Pagibig said when I inquire is that it is on process… Then suddenly the developer send me a mail asking for Php6,000.00 within 15 days for mortgage and transfer of the title which we never agreed and they never informed me about it.

    I can pay the amount but the idea of them making charges without my prior consent/knowledge is I think not right.

    Do I really need to pay them? If I don’t pay them within 15 days, will they have the power/authority to force me out of my house? The house is under the pagibig loan already for 3 years now and I don’t think the developer has any authority on the house anymore.

    Please kindly enlighten me on this matter.

  • Rey Balicanot

    where can i find out here in saudi arabial my acoount details
    (balance amount to pay etc..)

  • Sanz

    @Rey Balicanot, I think in Battah there is an accredited payment for Pagibig… Check in the Al Raji Building in Battah or you can ask the Filipino merchants there.

  • May Buen

    Hi, I am renting a town house in Pasig now and the owner wants to sell it to me. Her town house is under PS Bank housing loan and have a remaining balance of 700k for 7 years. Can I use pag-ibig housing loan? In this case it’s assuming balance but I would like to know if I can take advantage of using Pag-ibig housing loan.

    Can you please advise what to do and what the steps are? I hope to hear from you soon.

  • july anne malunes

    i wnt to have our own house but i cnt fnd in the google the right place for us..and i wnt to hve a personal loan in my own..can you help us to fnd a house that we can afford

  • John

    Hi Admin,

    Im John from number 102.

    Am currently preparing the necessary documents needed for Housing Loan Application – purchase of a fully developed lot.

    I would like to clarify the requirement for the Location Plan and vicinity map. Do I need to have it approved or a copy of the map/land plan will do?I already started to have the land surveyed but the Engr told me that the processing will probably take around 3 months to have the Location plan approved up to the regional registry. He however told me that he can give an advance copy 1 week after surveying.

    Appreciate your immediate feedback.

    Thanks and best regards,

  • ruth salonga

    ask ko lang po kung possible po bang ilipat ung housing loan na kinuha nmin sa bangko sa pag ibig…nagloan po kami sa banko gusto po sana nmin na ilipat un sa pag ibig para un nlang kami sa pag ibig maghuhulog..thanks

  • admin

    That’s possible.

    It must be the official copy and your developer should be able to furnhised you a copy of that one.

    @May Buen:
    You will be dealing with 3 parties here: the seller, the bank and Pag IBIG. That’s possible, but be aware in advanced that it will not be easy.

    I thik you are right! They should make it very clear from the very beginning what your expenses will be. Please ask them to clarify again what that payment is all about.

  • Janz

    im an interested buyer of a house and lot under an in-house financing.. id like to know if i could pull out from the developer the existing loan and transfer it to pag ibig in case id pursue with the purchase?

  • flor

    hello…may nagpasa po kc sa amin ng housing loan…na take out nya nong july 2011 lng kaso d n dw nya kayang bayaran kaya un kami n ngtuloy ng bayad mula nong sept.2011 at lumipat n dn kmi.gusto ko po sana maitransfer n sa name namin asap…pano po b gagawin ko?

  • Fides

    i’m on the process of complying with the documentary requirements for housing loan application. i’m however having a hard time complying with it after I changed my employment status from employed to self-employed. as a backgrounder, i was still employed when I reserved a housing unit and paid 2 months equity. after 2 months, i became self-employed working as a (registered) professional consultant. As such, I was required to submit 1701Q and 2551 M as proof of income. However, that only covered my income from my consultancy, covering a period of 4 months starting from the month I started as self-employed. Based on Pag-IBIG evaluation of my 4-month income, I can only avail 300,000. The required loanable amount for my unit is 890,000. Since the required proof of income for housing loan is an annual ITR, my question is: can my proof of income (which is 2316)prior to my becoming self-employed be counted or credited? My net income/salary then was P50,000 per month. Aside from the 1701Q and 2551M, I also showed PAG-IBIG supporting docs like Service Contracts.

  • John

    Hi Admin,

    I don’t have a developer. Am applying for Housing Loan using Window 3 accounts.By the way, I already received the copy of the advance plan. Can I use it temporarily during my application while waiting for the approved land plan?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Che

    May housing loan po ako nag start lang nun March 2011. Gusto ko na po ibenta un house. Pwede po ba i-transfer yun loan? May nagsabi po kse sa kin na kailangan daw muna tapusin yun 2 years before ko mabenta.


  • admin

    I’m sure it came as a surprise to you. You can do that, submit the income details of your past employment, but take note that Pag-IBIG will be looking at your ability and capacity to pay. With your current early self-employment status, they have no way of know that yet. In other words, this one will really affect your loan application.

  • admin

    Yes that may do since you are still at the early stage of your loan application. Be prepared once they require you to submit the official plan.

    You can sell that property or have someone assume your mortgage loan.

    Please coordinate that one with the branch that handles that property.

    In most cases, that’s possible. But that question must be directed to the developer.

  • JOHN

    Hi Admin,

    I went to Pag-ibig last week. I showed them the necessary documents I have to facilitate my loan application. Basically, almost all requirements are ok except for some minor clarifications. I would like to clarify the following:

    1. Our house is already built on the Lot I am purchasing from my Tita. The construction was financed by my parents some years ago. If I will be applying for a loan, should it be purchase of lot only or purchase of house and lot?
    2. If the deed of sale contains the selling amount of 500K including all improvements therein:
    A. What if upon assessment of Pag-ibig, it is less than the selling Price, what will be the basis of Loan that Pag-ibig can provide me?Based on my MSVS, my loan entitlement can be 500K or higher.
    B. Will the amount of Loan be based on Lot only or House and Lot?

    Thanks in advance

    JOHN (from number 115)

  • JOHN

    One more clarification Admin, Will the capital gains tax be based on the Selling Price or Assessed value of Pag-Ibig?Thanks

  • http://ricoonjune Rico Cuasay

    inquire ko lng po member ako ng pag ibig two years na kaya lng po dko naituloy hulog ko 4months lng po,then after vacation ko nag hulog ako sa pinas 5 months kc po required daw,intitled po ba ako na mag loan kng ituloy tuloy ko lng po ng two years kc sbi po dapat daw 24 months tuloy tuloy.pls let me no.thanks and more power;

  • Joanne ML.


    CTC po ay nakapangalan sa father-in-law ko, stated married to my mother-in-law. pero yung father-in-law ay patay na po 4 years ago na. Pwede pa rin po ba gamitin ito for application ng home improvement? Meron na po ako SPA from my mother-in-law.

  • carlo torres

    Hi ask ko lang po kng pwede ako magloan?kakaresign ko lang pero nagbabalak ako magself-employed.first time ko magloloan sa pag-ibig.tnx



  • van

    ask ko lng po kung kapag nag bank finance ako then after q matapos sa downpayment, pwde ko po ba itransfer sa pag ibig ung remaining?

  • admin

    You mean, you’ll borrow for the equity from the bank?

    There will be an assessment, and yes you may qualify.

    Please remember that you need to show them that you can capable of paying the loan.

    Please bring that title to the office to have it evaluated.

    Right. It must be 24 months consecutive.

    The Capital Gains is always based on the actual selling price of the real property.

  • ianne

    hello po..ask ko lng yung friend ko po kc bumili ng bahay tru SSS..pero d n nya po nababayaran..baka maforclose nrin po xa..pwede ko kya bilin ung house nila khit under xa ng SSS ngaun..gusto ko sana maghousing loan s pagibig at yun nlng ang kukunin ko sna…thank you

  • Belle

    Hi. I have a house and lot, which my brother wants to buy from me since I’m planning to go abroad. Can he buy this through Pag-ibig? If so, can you give me details on what will be needed or if there are any conditions to facilitate this?

    Looking forward to your answer and thank you in advance!

  • http://smartwimax juvy

    7 months na po ako di nakabayad sa Pag-Ibig Housing Loan kasi matagal akong nagkasakit simula noon aug. 2011 hanggang ngayon puede po ba akong magbayad muna ng dalawang buwan at wala bang magiging problema?

    salamat po mrs. juvy d. nava

  • Irma Miranda

    is it possible under the tacking loan provision for my niece and nephew who are both single to avail of a housing loan as principal and co-borrower?

    thanks so much! i’d really appreciate your response…


    hi, i’m cuurrently processing my job requirements, and their looking for my pag-ibig ID card, just wanna know how to apply and get it?

  • admin

    If you have been employed before, please check it at the branch or your past employer. If, however, this is going to be your first job, your new employer should take care of that.

    I wish you the best!

    Yes, that’s possible. For more information on that, please refer to
    the article linked below and read under the Co-Borrower part.

    Pag-IBIG has a loan re-structuring program, but it only applies for those with less than three months in arrears. Please visit the office immediately to resolve your problem.

    Yes, that’s possible. Please ask him to attend the loan orientation so he can apply too. Since you are siblings, this should be easier and should not cause any problems.

    That’s under the SSS so please refer the matter to the agency.

  • Belle

    @ Admin: Thank you very much for your response and this website, which allows people to ask their questions and concerns, and actually get helpful replies! God bless you all. :)

  • Ariel Javelosa

    I am a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, As far as I know I am contributing PhP100.00/month and the government is contributing 100.00 as well as counterpart of my contribution. Could I possibly contribute additional 250.00 contribution so that I could avail the 1M amount of loan? thanks….

  • admin

    Sir, you can do that, but really this is how it works: You can continue with your current contribution (a total of P 200 /mo), but once you qualify for a bigger home loan amount and your loan is granted as well, you will be automatically asked to “upgrade” your membership contribution to a bigger amount.

    You’re welcome. And best of lucks! :-)

  • flor

    113.flor on December 2nd, 2011 5:09 am
    hello…may nagpasa po kc sa amin ng housing loan…na take out nya nong july 2011 lng kaso d n dw nya kayang bayaran kaya un kami n ngtuloy ng bayad mula nong sept.2011 at lumipat n dn kmi.gusto ko po sana maitransfer n sa name namin asap…pano po b gagawin ko?

    Please coordinate that one with the branch that handles that property.

    good day ulit…ung nsa taas yan po yong Q&A natin so pumunta ako ng PAG-IBIG,Malolos Branch ang sinabi sa amin c developer ang dapat mgtransfer kc wala pa daw sa kanila yong housing loan n un…ano po b tlg?mattransfer po b un sa name namin o hindi?pls help kc pinagpapasahan kami ng pag-ibig at ng developer…

  • Enya

    Hi, i would like to buy a house and lot through the assume balance, what do i need to submit to qualify?? And can i also apply for a cash loan to pay the deposit payment to the seller?

  • ronnie

    hi, Pwede po ba ako mag MPL kahit na walang bank account?ksi po payslip lng po yong sa akin hindi po ATM..pero 2loy2loy nman po ang pag hulog ng employer ko 4 years na po akong member!!! Ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin??

  • michael

    gud day, ofw po ako nandito ako ngaun s abu dhabi itanong ko lang po sana kung member n kmi ng pag-ibig, pano namin malalaman ung pag-ibig number namin kung member n kami, thanks po

  • bob

    sir want ko po mag housing loan bale po naevaluate na po dati ko and aaprovan nalang kaya pinahold ko ang price po ng bahay almost 1m plus equity na almost 200k..and gusto ko malaman kung kung yung amount ba na yun eh pwede ko icash loan at ibili nalang ng house and lot…need your advice asap xed plano ko ituloy this march thanks…………

  • benj

    gud pm admin.. very interested po ako mag loan ng house and lot kaso 1.2M po ang price e ang monthly contribution ko po nung tinignan ko sa payslip ko 200/month lang po .. is it still possible for me to loan my dream house .. isa pang [prob ko 8am-5pm po ang work ko mon-fri kaya hindi po ako makapunta sa pagibig branch .. hope you can advise .. thanks in advance .. god bless…

  • Irene

    hello po!
    ask ko lang po kung pede po ba naming ibenta o isalin sa iba ung hinuhulugan ng mister ko na haus sa Pagibig located in pampanga?we are not financially stable sa ngayon po kasi at wala po kasing gustong tumira don.
    Nahulugan na po namin yun ng 3years.,kung pede po,saan po ba namin pedeng ibenta un?or isalin?
    May makukuha pa po ba kami don?o wala na?
    Hoping for your quick response.
    thank’s po.

  • admin

    You can submit it via the Marketplace Section of this website and somehow we can help you sell it
    by listing it on the website. But you’ll be the one to entertain the inquiries.

    If you have sufficient income to cover the monthly amortizations, you’ll have a good chance of getting a home loan.

    Please check this article that talks about Income and Loan Entitlement:

    I’m a little bit confused about your question. Please remember that a Housing Loan is different from a Cash Loan.

    Please check the FAQ Section of the website:


    The document requirements are listed here:

  • rock

    gud pm po…me and my husband are both teaching in public,, ask ko po if pwede kami magloan para pambili ng house minimum of 500k.. ano po ba ang net pay na kailangan sa aming dalawa.. we’re both 27 years old. thank you

  • dennis untal

    good day sir maam
    ano pa po ba ang other requirements to file a house impro-
    vement yung asawa ko po ang member pero ako po ay ofw may
    copy na po siya ng hulog niya sa pagibig since 1996 sana po
    makapagavail po kami kasi aalis po uli ako sa april 41 po ako
    40 yung asawa ko salamat

  • admin

    Here is a list of home loan document requirements:

    It’s important that you understand that the loan amount also depends on your combined income. Please read this link:

  • jaris

    just wanna ask if the loan is approved, check shall be given in the name of the seller d po ba?
    -kelan po kya marereceive ng seller ang check from approval of loan? aabot b years?
    -if the more than 1 persn ang seller, lahat b ng names nila malagay sa cheque, or just one of them?

    (i’m actually sa seller na side.. )

  • Vanessa

    Hi! This is really helpful for a total clueless like me. Anyway, I just bought a lot and have a plan to put up a house. My contractor advised me to get a loan in the bank instead of Pagibig since the application process and the release of money may cause delays with the house construction. My plan now is to get a bank loan and get it with a fixed rate for just 1 year so i can low amortization. I will eventually transfer this to Pagibig for lower interest rate and longer term. Is this possible?


  • Badetsky

    Pag-ibig member ang brother ko. Gusto ko sanang bumili ng bahay under his name. Problem is privately owned ang bahay and hindi kasali sa programa ng pag-ibig. Posible ba na mabili namin iyon through Pag-ibig? One more thing, maliit lang ang contribution ng brother ko. I think its 200 lang monthly. The house costs 1.2 M. Puwede kayang mas malaki na lang ang downpayment para ma-accomodate ng pagibig niya yung balance?

  • janice

    ask lang po, if ever babayaran napo yung remaining balance nung na loan namin na bahay, ilang d0ays po ang processing para ma release yung titulo? hope you will response asap… thanks…

  • jomel

    pwede na po ba ipaayos ung bahay kahit di pa naaproved,acquired assets po ung inaplayan ko

  • admin

    Technically, the property is not yet yours so why would you want to renovate it?

    It would take about 2 months maximum.

    That’s perfectly fine.

    Since it’s just for a home construction loan, Pag-IBIG won’t allow that. And I think your contractor is right about just using the bank instead of Pag-IBIG Fund in such as case.

    yes, it will be in the name of the seller. It would take roughly two weeks for the check to be ready. I’m not sure about
    the names to put if there are multiple owners. Please have the property checked at the branch for details.

  • Marcus

    Hi Admin,

    Good Day,

    Ask ko lang po kung pedeng mag Housing loan for Lot and Construction of residential unit, ang seller ay civilian lang po (not developer), thanks.

  • mantra

    Hello po,

    Possible po bang magpa-finance/loan sa Pag-Ibig kung ang bibilhin kong property is already existing (the property was not financed by Pag-ibig when it was constructed)? Means, bibilhin ko lang po ito sa isang individual person hindi sa developer? Salamat po ng marami sa pagtugon.


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  • reymond

    gud day,
    admin im planning to buy a h0use kaso nakasanla sa bank pwede po ba yun thru pagibig? pano po ang proseso? thanks

    God bless us all

    • admin


      It’s complicated, but it’s possible. I would suggest that you coordinate with your bank and have yourself pre-qualified at Pag-IBIG too.

  • joy alicante

    my father was a member of pag-ibig when he was active in the service of PNP but he is retired now, m asking if he is still a member and if its possible for him to loan in the housing loan? thank u.

    • admin


      If he is already retired, his membership with Pag-IBIG also ends.

  • john

    Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to apply for a housing loan in PAG-IBIG.

    One of the requirements that I saw in the checklist is the Updates Tax Declaration and Real Estate Tax Receipt.

    In my case, a portion of land was donated to me by my Aunt. A separate title has already been issued to me. However, during the course of application for TCT, the Tax Declaration of the lot that I submitted was still under my Aunt’s name.

    Now that the land is already in my name and to satisfy the requirement of PAG-IBIG, do i still need to request for a separate Tax Declaration of the land or should the Tax Declaration under the name of my aunt will suffice?

    Also, just to add to this, our house erected on the portion of land donated to me has a separate Tax Declaration and is already under my name.

    Hope you can enlighten me on this. Thanks

  • john

    Hi Admin,

    John here again. I cant see any requirement of PAG-IBIG for any building plans, layout etc which I thought is one of the requirement when applying for a Housing Loan- Home Improvement. Any change in PAG-IBIG system recently or am i seeing the wrong checklist?Thanks