The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Process

This can be filed as one of the frequently asked questions: “How can I apply for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan?”

This article addresses that question in a very straight-forward and easy-to-understand manner.

So without further ado, here are the steps to take.

Step #1: Attend The Loan Orientation. Officially, it’s called Loan Counselling Session. It’s conducted at any Pag-IBIG Office all over the Philippines. Check your nearest Pag-IBIG Fund office to check their scheduled Loan Counselling Session.

Step #2: Fill Up Some Documents. Normally, you will be asked to accomplish the following documents:

  1. Preliminary Counselling Questionnaire – Some basic questions that are easy to answer.
  2. Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS) – This will be used by the assigned staff to check your records and contributions to the Pag-IBIG Fund.
  3. Housing Loan Application (HLA) – This is the official document where you signify your intention of getting a loan.

If you are qualified for a loan, you will be given the Checklist of Requirements (COR) depending on the purpose of your housing loan. Fill-up the HLA only after knowing your status. (Read Step 3)

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Step #3: Submit HLA And Other Required Documents. This will probably take a couple of days to comply. But once all of the documents in the requirement checklist are ready, submit them together with the Loan Application Form. You will be asked to pay the processing fee, which is non-refundable.

Step #4 Wait for The Notice of Loan Approval or Letter of Guaranty. Or if you can’t wait on your mail box, phone them to follow-up the status of your loan application.

Step #5. Sign Loan Documents. There are some and will be provided at the Pag-IBIG Fund office.

Step #6: Visit the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Registry of Deeds.

  • Pay for the documentary stamps and capital gains tax at the BIR.
  • Have the Registry of Deeds put an annotation of mortgage on the Land Title.

Step #7. Get Loan Proceeds. But you have to show Pag-IBIG Fund the following documents:

  • Original Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) in the name of the applicant with annotated mortgage
  • Deed of Absolute Sale with original stamp from the Registry of Deeds
  • New Tax Declaration in the name of the applicant
  • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt (for house and lot, if applicable)
  • Occupancy Permit (secured from LGU Engineering Office, if applicable)
  • Assignment of Loan Proceeds

That’s it for the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan process — only seven steps.

Most likely, you will also be asked to make an advanced payment on the first monthly amortization immediately following the loan release. So have your cash or check ready.

Further Note: If you are buying a property from a real estate developer, this whole process would be easier. All that are needed is for you to follow Steps 1 to 3. Ask your agent or broker if he/she can assist on the housing loan application most often you will be extended an assistance.

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The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Process is written by Carlos Velasco in response to website visitor requests.

  • liza v

    hi,i just wanna know if your loan was approved it would be a cheque or cash given to you or to the owner of the house?tnx

    • admin

      Hi Liza,

      Quick reply on that one: It’s always Check issued in the name of the seller.

  • Teody Lloyd M. Silla

    I’m Teody, currently having a residence visa here in Dubai and been working here for almost 5 years as a customer service Officer / Pricing officer, i just want to know how can i apply for housing loan to your good office and what are the requirements needed in availing that loan specifically for an OFW like me.

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  • Amor Aguelo

    Thank you for writing the processes. I hope that you can help us finance the house of my father in law. Is that possible? My husband is the member of pag-ibig. Is he qualified for that house financing loan?

    • admin

      Hi Amor,

      Bear in mind that only Pag-IBIG members are allowed to get a Housing Loan and the collateral Land Title must be in the name of the member.

  • Jay Sindac

    I’m Jay Sindac, my documents are complete & submitted already by my developer only last week, how long it will take to release my check since I want my husband to finish all the transactions before coming back here in AbuDhabi on Aug 12. Can you help me to follow up my application to avoid paying interest again to my developer if I’ll fail to pay them on or before Aug5. as they told me. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Jay,

      If you have already applied for a loan, then call them up when they will release it. Of course, it always take a while to move the money from Pag-IBIG to the developer.

      But, if you have a letter of guarantee, your developer should give you the time to wait for the release of the payment.

  • Darlene Blando-Surriga

    Hello Pag-ibig Personnel,

    I want to purchased a house and lot amounting to 380,000.00 no title yet because the owner is still paying the NHA.what shall i do to avail housing loan from pag-ibig?and how much will be available for me.
    thanks and Godbless,

    • admin


      Please check if you can assume the mortgage the seller. The way it works is you have to pay the seller a certain amount, he will work on transferring the title. And then, you can apply for a loan from Pag-IBIG — make sure you are qualified first.

  • Clifford

    Hi Admin,

    Our lot is under my parents name. They gave me the 1/3 part of the lot. Can i apply for a housing loan in this situation?


    • admin

      Hi Clifford,

      First, make sure that the land title is in your name before you can apply for a housing loan. That’s a requirement.

  • Catherine Sarte

    Just wondering what’s needed to pay after you get the Notice of Loan approval if the amount approved is 1,942,000 pesos. Can you pls provide me the breakdown of all the taxes needed to pay in order for the title to be transferred to your name and so Pag-ibig can release the loan amount of the seller. Basically, all the charges involved to transfer the title and who do you pay it for. How long does it normally take to process ang get the approved loan amount be released to the seller.


    • admin


      A real estate professional of Lawyer can help you on this one.

  • Juv

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Just want to inquire regarding OFW Housing loan Program. My husband and I is here in Dubai for the last 4 years and we are planning to start building our own house with the assistance of Pag-ibig. Reqquirements needed is already prepared (employement contract plus SPA). Can you please provide me the complete details on how to submit our application, terms of payment etc.

    Looking forward to hear from you very soon,.



    • admin

      Hi Juv,

      I think the next step is for you to look for a property. Your broker/agent/developer might be able to help you in getting a loan once you have selected a property to buy. If not, you can always proceed to any Pag-IBIG office after you have all the details of the house you are buying.

      Better, get a attend a seminar on Pag-IBIG first and then get pre-qualified.

  • brian

    Hi, Im brian i have my own house and lot and i want to improve or to extentend it but the problem is i’m not a member of PAGIBIG i have also a small bussiness. please help me regarding with my plan. thanks

    • admin

      Hi Brian,

      You can always to try apply for a loan from a bank instead of Pag-IBIG, where only the members are allowed.

  • vivian m guzman

    hi,im vivian im n toronto canada,im interested to apply d program of housing loan n d phil,saan po dto makakakuha ng aplication.tnkz vry much..

    • admin

      Hi Vivian,

      Please visit the nearest Pag-IBIG Office.

  • Ramil

    Hi Admin,

    Am planning to attend the counselling seminar but based sa schedule may retail and developer accounts what does it means? May loan folder na ako from the real state developer.. meaning developer account ba ako? thanks

    • admin

      Hi Ramil,

      Developers are usually companies that develop the subdivision or condo projects, so obviously you are not a developer.

  • randy de chavez

    i’ve already buy a house and lot thru in house financing. i’ve been paying it now for 2 years. i want to transfer it to pagibig so that my monthly amortization is not too much high. as of now im paying 11,600.00 per month. my agent told me that if i transfer it to pagibig maybe about 4,000.00+ only per month. im already a member of pagibig but i haven’t met yet the 24 months policy of pagibig before you can avail a housing loan.. im here in jeddah now, can u tel me which is the nearest pagibig office here so that i can pay the whole 24 months, and i can apply for loan?
    ‘m looking forward to your reply… thank you…

    • admin

      Hi Randy,

      Please check this link for the International Directory of Pag-IBIG.

      One other thing you should know: Pag-IBIG is now very strict and will no longer allow spot payment of 24-months equivalent to automatically qualify the member for a housing loan. You really have to wait for 24 months and become active at that period before you can apply.

  • bob

    just want to ask how long it would take for PAGIBIG to issue the letter of guarantee? Assuming we already passed all the requirements. \thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Bob,

      It should take about a week.

  • analyn duenas

    gud day,itatanung ko lng po sna kasi nagloan po asawa ko nung 2006 hanggng ngaun di pa nababayaran, pano ko po malalaman kung magkano na ang babayaran?sa lawton po yung branch nya pwede ko ba ma inquire un sa ibang branch?thanks hoping for your reply.

    • admin

      Hi Analyn,

      Your questions is very surprising.

      Anyway, you can always go to the Pag-IBIG branch where the loan was applied.

  • Djonna Icalla

    i am applying for POP home improvement loan. The hose and lot is under my parents name. I am not married and was told that i only need mortgage accommodation form signed by my parents since they are agreeing using that house and lot as collateral. Please explain further, any affidavit is needed? Where can i get the mortage accommodation form.. It is not in pag ibig website nor pag ibig office im our province. I thought everything will be easy but additioanl requirements keep on popping up everytime. My sister’s name is in my SPA so she can do the follow up. She even attended seminar since i am here in abu dhabi. Thank you very much

    • admin

      Hi DJonna,

      I was wondering why did you not ask them to explain further while you (or your sister) were already there!

      One of the requirements is for the member-borrower to have the Land Title in his name. Please ask again the branch if they have a pre-printed form for that document.

  • agnes leal


    i just want to ask if its acceptable for pag-ibig if i would buy the house and lot of my parents? meaning, my parents would be the seller and i would be the buyer?


    • admin


      The Law of the Philippines doesn’t prohibit you from doing that and Pag-IBIG should be able to deal with it just fine.

  • agnes leal

    can i attend the seminar to provincial branches of pag-ibig office even though my employer is remitting my contribution at the NCR branch? by the way the property that i wish to purchase is located at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan


    • admin


      Yes. You should attend the seminar to the branch where you are planning to get the property.

  • Mon

    Hi Admin,

    Good day!
    thanks for this site its a great venue of learning about the processes of pag-ibig loans. such a great help indeed!
    btw, Im 23 yrs. old am thinking to apply for a loan coz am planning to purchase a property (house&lot) in one of subdivisions in our place which happen to be accredited by pag-ibig.


    1. is there a minimum age requirement?
    2. if there’s a down payment needed or a reservation fee, do i need to pay that or it will be shouldered by pag-ibig?

    Thanks & more power 😀

    • admin

      Hi Mon,

      Thanks for dropping by the website. I congratulate you for taking an interest in buying your house at a young age. Here are my answers to your questions:

      1. There is no minimum age requirement. As long as you are qualified member, then you can apply for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

      2. The Reservation Fee is usually very minimal and you should be able to pay that one. The main purpose of the Reservation Fee is so that the property will be put on hold in your favor such that no other buyer can get it for a period of time.

      The Down Payment (also called Equity) is usually in the range of 10% to 30% of the selling price. Depending on the price of the property and the capacity of the buyer, that amount can be small or a big financial burden. If you can pay it, then good. Sometimes Pag-IBIG can take on that and other times you have to shoulder it. You will find this out with the help of your broker/agent or by getting pre-qualified with Pag-IBIG on how much loan amount they can lend you.

  • Lei Uy

    hi! I submitted all the documents to Pagibig and they already checked the property that we’re buying. does that mean the application is already approved? Coz why would they bother check the property if they would disapprove it…And when they were there to check the property, it took them less than a minute to look at it and they left. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Lei,

      What they are doing is simply inspect that property and getting an estimate of its price. This is called appraisal, which will become the basis of the property’s price and therefore your loan amount also.

      No, just because they checked on the property doesn’t mean you will be approved. This is only a part of the process.

      Were you surprised that the inspection was done very quick? Maybe they are already very familiar with the place and they already have a sense of the property’s appraised value.

  • butterfinity

    Hi there,

    I’m currently having issues with my PAG-IBIG housing loan. I wonder if you can help. (Sorry this is gonna be a bit long…)

    I recently applied for P3M loan for house construction and have asked my sis to be my A-I-F as I am currently based in the UK. She has been going back & forth to the regional office in Isabela to submit the requirements but for some reason the people in that office keep changing and so is the list of requirements. The last time she went there the manager told her that we have to spend P500K of tangible construction cost on the project before the loan can be released. Although I wasn’t really expecting that, we went ahead and started with the project until we spent the said amount. Last week, my sister received the letter of approval from PAG-IBIG and it now says we need like over P1M of tangible construction cost before release of the loan!?! What the ****!!??!! Is that even part of the requirements in the first place? I don’t remember that being ever mentioned in the seminar or in the list of requirements.

    Now I’m stuck with a started project and got no funds to continue. This is really causing me a lot of stress coz the house was meant to be completed by Feb next year for a very special occasion. It’s even more difficult coz I cannot be there to get to the bottom of the issue. I’ve asked my sis to look into it but she’s also very busy at the moment.

    Is there any advice you could give me and perhaps if you could clarify the req’t for cash to be spent before the release of the loan that would be much appreciated.

    I told u it’s gonna be long… looking forward to hearing from u though.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Hi butterfinity,

      Now you understand that you should not really on mere verbal statements like “the manager told”. A transaction like this should be put in writing to be considered official.

      I don’t know how your case went, but the Letter of Approval is the one that’s really final.

      Please understand that just because you applied for 3M doesn’t mean that the whole 3M will be granted. And even if you are granted that much, a large amount of equity and collateral will also be required from you.

      In many cases, the standard practiced by the financial institutions is you have to put 20% down and only 80% will be covered by the loan; sometimes, it’s 30-70. Maybe this should have been explained to you before you even applied for that loan so that you can prepare.

      The way I see it, if you really want to have that loan, you should shoulder the 1M construction by getting the money from other sources.

  • Lenie

    Good day po. Nakapag purchase po ako ng lote sa owner po ng lote. ngaun po gusto ko tayuan ng bhay ung lote n nabli ko at gus2 ko po idaan thru pag-ibig. na i transfer na din po sa akin ang title. ano po mga dapat kong unahin na gawin para po makapag loan ako sa pag ibig ng pampatayo ng bhay po

    • admin

      Hi Lenie,

      I wonder which part of the document you did not understand. Please re-read it, the whole process is already there.

      The first step really is to make sure that you are an active member, then attend the orientation and everything else will follow from there.

  • Alma F. Amaranto

    We already finished our first housing loan.We wish to apply for a house improvement loan, is this possible? If yes, Do I still need to attend the seminar? thank you and hope to receive your advise soon.

    • admin

      Hi Alma,

      Yes, you can always apply for a home improvement loan. You need not attend the seminar.

  • Alma F. Amaranto


    • admin

      Hi Alma,

      Let me answer your questions in reverse order.

      5) Go for the seminar if it doesn’t hurt. 😉 Each branch has a different rule on this. Perhaps, Pag-IBIG has some important information that they want to share this time. It is also for your on good so that you can ask anything you want at the seminar.

      4) The maximum term will depend on your age and in your case that’s 20 years!

      3) Usually just one time. But in other cases, it’s progressive especially on bigger projects.

      2) They have it in Caloocan.

      1) Again, this one depends on your capacity to pay.

  • Linda P Lee

    Dear sir/Madam,
    Have an nice day.
    About housing loan. Do the housing Developper can process our Loan without our oreginal documents? How long it take.? After fillup all the form and start process by developper Do we have right to stop it if we change our mind.? If can How? How do we know if our loan is processing by your office or not? Strongly requested about the loan amount. Please notice the barrower first before it release to developper.
    Thank you and hope for your great Kindness.
    Respectfully Yours
    Ms. Linda Lee

    • admin

      Hi Ms Linda,

      1. Your developer should be able to assist you in processing the loan. This will save you time and headaches.

      2. I don’t understand this part: “Do we have the right to stop it if we change our mind?” First, you can choose not to avail of the loan and yes, you are right on that. But why would you want to apply in the first place?

      3. Unfortunately, the loan amount will be released to the name of the developer, not the borrower.

  • ramon zafra

    Hello sir member po ako ng pop andito po ako sa saudi arabia at plano ko pong maghousing loan.Ang tanong ko po kailangan bang may existing na bahay na akong pinapatayo para makaloan ako(sa akin po ang lupa na pagtatayuan)?Hoping for your response.

    • admin

      Hi Ramon,

      It doesn’t have to be an existing house. Here’s the process in simple terms:

      1. You get pre-qualified to determine how much you can loan.
      2. You apply for a loan.
      3. The loan is released. But sometimes, the money is released based on the progress of the construction.

  • shaq

    hello admin.
    good day.
    i am a member of pag-ibig for more than 5 years now. i am planning to apply for a housing loan. the purpose is for home improvement. actually the land’s title is in my parent’s name. me and my siblings would want to have the loan to improve our house.
    1. do we need to transfer the title’s name to ours?
    2. compared to acquiring a house and lot, is home improvement loan amount lesser?
    thank you very much and god bless…

    • admin

      Hi Shaq,

      1. The land title must be in the name of the borrower.
      2. The limit is 3M also even if it is home improvement, but you will have to put a larger value for the collateral.

  • Arvin


    ask ko lang po,,possible po ba sa PAG-IBIG HOUSING LOAN na makapag loan ng 500K kahit ang contributions nya monthly ay Php100 or less Php100 .. ksi po ung wife ko member na sya ng PAG-IBIG for 8 yrs mula nung mag start sya sa work nya,until now nagwowork pa rin sya at continous ung contributions nya,pero sabi nya ay automatic dw na ganun lng ang kinakaltas sa kanya..klangan po bang i upgrade ung kanyang contributions montly pra makapag loan ng 500K sa pagpapagawa ng bahay..

    thank you very much ..


  • khel


    gudpm po! i’ve been a member of pag-ibi for 7 years ask ko lang po sana if possible po ba kaming makapag-loan ng 500k-700k, we will use sana the combine family because member din ang husband ko!!! ano po ba ang basis ng computation kung magkano ang pwede naming ma-loan.
    hoping for your kind consideration.
    thank you po, god bless….

    khel :)

  • John

    Dear admin,
    My wife and I recently applied for membership and a loan in pag-ibig, we were told it would take six months to apply. However, recently, independent agents of other realty companies have begun telling her that she will not be able to acquire a loan due to pag-ibig being investigated for corruption. I’m an OFW and I’ve researched multiple filipino news sites on the internet and it seems only to be the higher of pag-ibig currently having problems. I know my wife has friends that enjoy tsimosa so i believe it’s just another hoax to discourage my family from advancing in life. Please help me with this, my wife is starting to stress…

    John I.

    • admin

      Hi John,

      Yes, there is an investigation going-on at Pag-IBIG, but hopefully, this will not affect your loan application.

  • Hennie


    My husband purchased a house and lot before we got married thru Pag-ibig. He’s paying the amortization for almost a year now. We want to have extension and complete finishing po sana before we move to that said property. Can I avail of the additional housing loan for improvement purposes?



    • admin


      Yes. I am assuming that you are also a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • adelaide

    Gud pm po. Just want to ask these before i go for a seminar at city.

    1. I dont have a lot yet, n dont intend to have a developer construct the house. I have a cousin who is an engineer and will ask him to build the house. I understand that the check payment of the lot purchased be named after the seller, but should the check payment of the development be named after my cousin? What would be his requirements or would he need to provide any?

    2. Say I won in a lottery 5years after i made the loan, could i pay for the loan in advance or pay it in full? Would there be changes with the total payable amount?

    3. Could you post the schedules of the seminar for your office at Palawan?

    thanks a lot

    • admin

      Hi Adelaide,

      1. It is to be released in per progress basis to the name of the contractor, who is, in your case, your cousin.

      2. Yes, advanced payment is allowed and is in fact encouraged.

      3. Usually, it’s every Saturday in many branches in the country, but you can call them in Palawan to verify.

  • Rikki

    Hi there! i really need an advice. My partner and I have a rent-to-own condo unit, and by Feb. 2011, we need to pay the remaining balance of around 2.4M. Our agent told us that PAG IBIG can only shoulder up to 2M pesos. But i just saw in your homepage that “2-3M has an interest rate of 11.5%”. You wouldn’t put it there if it’s not allowed right? So I’m quite confused now. It would really be a big help if PAGIBIG can shoulder the entire amount. Hope to hear a response from you.

  • Marites Cordenete

    tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng marefund mga contribution ko sa pag-ibig kung sakaling hindi na ako makapagtrabaho at hindi narin po kasi maipagpapatuloy na mahulugan.

  • Carlthel

    I have a Housing Loan, but we would not be able to live in it. There is an interested buyer who is also a Pag-Ibig Member. My question is, is it possible to transfer the housing loan to them? They will pay me what I have paid to date and they will continue? I asked, because what if I decide to purchase a new house? I would not be able to do so if I have an existing housing loan that they are continuing to pay but still under my name.


  • Connie

    Gud am… I am a first time to apply for a housing loan. Please provide me the steps on how to apply for a housing loan.


  • betsy


    after po lahat ng req naibigay….title na sa pangalan ko, how many days will it take for me to have the cheque?

    thank you very much

  • Pat


    Medyo nalilito lng po ko… Nag advance payment po ko ng (P1,600) 8 mos. worth of contribution sa pag-ibig last month for housing loan para po maqualified po ko. I informed the pagibig personnel to distribute the P1,600 para po maqualified ako sa housing loan. Pero pagtingin ko po sa receipt for the month of september lng ung binayaran ko. Sila na daw bahala magdistribute. Nung nag punta na ko sa developer namin sabi magkakaproblema daw po yun.
    Ano po ang dapat kong gawin ngayon? Thanks! God bless!

  • Jhune Esta

    Dear Admin

    I just want to ask if I can avail Housing loan using not Land Title but only a RIGHTS saying that i buy the lot from my old friend witnessed by the real owner of the land the lot i am talking about is along the highway in bicol area.

    best regards

    • admin


      It has to be the Land Title.

  • Randy A.Lonasco

    Dear Admin,gusto ko po sana makakuha ng pag-ibig housing loan dito sa BCDA Ususan Taguig City.Ikakaltas nlang po sa sahod ko.ako po ay matAGAL ng member sa pag-ibig at ito nga po,,san po ba ako pwdi mag avail non?matagal narin po kasi kami nagrerent.halos 10yrs narin po kasi.sana po my response ang massage kong ito.marami pong salamat.

    • admin

      Hi Randy,

      My suggestion is for you to start looking for properties to buy. Walk around your city or visit any real estate exhibits. Or better yet, attend the orientation conducted by Pag-IBIG Fund in your place.

  • katherine tan dy

    hi! Am Kathy, I would like to ask if i could apply for a housing loan for my parents property. We would just like to renovate our family home. Is it possible that me and my husband would have a combine housing loan for the said property. Hope you could help us to avail the housing loan program. tnx.

  • Ram

    Hi Admin,

    Kamusta na po? I’m currently an active pagIBIG member and qualified to take up a lon. I know that you have mentioned so many times that the title must be in the name of the borrower. Isa po ako sa mag aapply ng housing loan to construct the house of my parents.
    Tinanong ko dito sa PagIBIG officer kung ano ang gagawin, sabi niya is kahit consent letter lang daw ng parents eh puede na daw yun. Is there any statement in pagIBIG website that states this?

  • lyn

    hello, mag inform lang po ako. gusto po ng pag- ibig member bilhin ang bahay ko… may requirments po ba akong dapat send sa pag-ibig? para bayaran ako?

  • r,nava

    kapag nag housing loan ka po ba meron po ba syang collateral..

  • joanne

    i have already sent you a message via the Contact tab before i saw this portion. im just going to re-post my question here:

    i have a little over 24months PagIbig contribution when i was still working. i admit im one of those members who didn’t know how beneficial it is to continue paying for your dues even when your unemployed, so when i stopped working altogether 4 years ago, my contributions have stopped too, naturally.

    now my husband has been working in the middle east since 2002, 2 years under his first employer and 6 years under the current one. he has no knowledge if his company complies with RA9679 which states the mandatory membership of OFWs to PagIbig. he said he’s going to ask around.

    my question is this: supposing his company hadn’t enlisted its employees in PagIbig, can I apply for a housing loan in my husband’s behalf? am i qualified even if i am currently an inactive member? can i reactivate my membership and apply for a loan afterwards?

  • lueeze

    2. I use to work in the Philippines, but I am now and OFW. What happens to my previous contributions? Can it be combined with my Pag-IBIG Overseas Program contributions?

    Your contributions while you are here in the Philippines an as employee belong to Pag-IBIG I. You can continue with it and contribute still or just leave it to earn dividend. In any case, you can claim that money plus all other dividends it earned when it matures.

    On the other hand, the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is different from Pag-IBIG I and is applicable to overseas Filipinos….

    Hi, I’ve got this Q&A in the FAQS, my question is the same, is it really true that i can withdraw the money that i’ve contribute in the philippines?

  • mary grace

    hi po.for clarification lang answered po before that we can still continue our contribution when we are working in local so you mean po ba yung months na covered ng payment ko before as local pwede kong madagdag now that im working overseas.kasi po gusto ko po kumuha ng bahay ,isnt it the required months to avail housing loan should be 24months,sa local po kasi i have 18months na so kulang nalang po ako ng 6months to make it 24.pwede po bang ganun idagdag ko yung previous na hulog ko so i can avail na po ng houusing loan.

  • http://yahoomail,facebook Maria Theresa I. tapales

    Gud pm. I want to know if BFS is still not allowed to have transactions with ur office? My husband and I were applying since last year pa, the agent said that it’s easy 4 us to be approved since both of us are working as teachers in public school and we didn’t get any progress on the properties we want to buy located at Palmera Woodlands, Brgy. Cupang Antipolo City. I hope i can receive a reply from ur office and still looking forward to have a property w/c we can be proud of someday for our future family. Thanks and God Bless!!

    • admin

      Hi Theresa,

      I have no idea about that BFS the your mentioned. Please get an assistance from your agent.

  • irish cris epondulan

    hi gud evening po.tanong ko lang po kasi my husband is a seaman and he’s onboard as of now and he’ll be home this december..gusto po kasi naming magapply ng housing loan..ang problema nga lang po kasi nawala po yung wallet niya together with some other documents and also his PAG-IBIG OVERSEAS CARD/ID.dito po kami nakatira sa Ozamiz City. ano po kailangan naming gawin para po makakuha ulit ng ID.and ano po ang simpliest way po para maka pagapply kami..thank you and more power to all. God bless

    • admin

      Hi Iris,

      The simplest is to get the help of a real estate broker/agent to assist you in getting a loan. If the property you are buying is owned by a developer, they will usually extend an assistance.

      As for the Pag-IBIG ID, please proceed to any Pag-IBIG Office to request for it.

  • irish cris

    one last thing sir, gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano po mga requirements para makakuha ulit ng ID?
    kailangan pa po bah ng husband ko nga affidavit of loss, birth certificate, etc.?

    thanky you and looking forward for your response…

  • irish cris epondulan

    hi po,last thing nalang po tanong ko lang sir..kailangan pa po ba naming magdala ng like affidavit of loss sir or birth certificate, etc.?

    tahnk you po and looking forward for your response

  • admin

    Hi Irish,

    Normally, you would be asked to fill-up a form where the details are already included. But who knows if the rules have changed?

    If you can bring those documents, you should. Bring as much identifications as you can. Photocopies if possible.

  • jhen

    hi my pag.ibig housing loan is already approved.Ano po ba yung take.out and how long will it take?

  • nightshifter

    sir/mam i have a question i just filed a pagibig loan and i was approved according to my developer and last july i signed the loan docs. i’m planning to transfer company will this affect my housing loan and my contribution? i’m currently working in a call center company for 3 years now. please i need your advice so i can decide.

    • admin

      Hi Nightshifter,

      Your question is very good.

      What you will do is inform your new company that you currently have a housing loan and that you want to continue paying it via salary deduction. There is a form (Authority To Deduct) in Pag-IBIG that you need to fill up and then hand to your next employer.

  • jun tamad

    I have a question with regards to takeout of housing loan. I applied for housing loan trough the real estate agent and last june 2010 i received the notice of approval but since then i still haven’t got any news with regards to the takeout of the said property. How long does it normally take from NOA until takeout process? if ever where can i follow up my loan since my agent says that all we can do is wait. T&R.

  • Joselito Madarazo Saupan


    I’m planning to apply for housing loan for 2.5m pesos to construct our dream house. We owned the lot – approximately 600 sq m.. I have started developing and had cost me 600k pesos already.
    I heard there is equity that I have to put up. Can I use my lot and its improvement as my equity?

    Can you reply to me in my

    Thank you very much.
    More power to Pag ibig

  • Birdie Nakpil


    Nag financed po ako ng condo thru PAGIBIG this year, kaya lang yung condo ay hindi finished. I would like to ask kung pwede bang ipafit-in un, I mean change yung tiles, ceiling, paint and lighting. I heard hindi daw pwede itouch ung property for 2 years. Totoo ba yun?

    • admin

      Hi Birdie,

      You can improve on the unit after (not before) your loan is already granted.

  • danna

    Hi mr admin,

    i’m currently working here in singapore and i’m planning to buy (through pag ibig housing loan) my cousin’s house and lot in angono. my question is.. i understand that one requirement is to attend the housing loan counselling seminar, Is there a counselling seminar here? If wala po, do i need to attend the seminar there in the phil. or can i ask my mother to attend on my behalf. Thanks :)

    • admin


      Please with the branch there in Singapore. You will be the one to attend the seminar, but you can assign your mom to be your representative after you have applied for the loan.

  • mayette samson

    would like to inquire if we can take out a loan for house extension? My husband and I are Pagibig members. Our house though is mortgaged to our company which granted us loan when we bought said property.

    • admin


      Is it mortgaged with Pag-IBIG? If yes, then you may apply for additional loan for house improvement.

  • mark christian

    hi. i just want to inquire.. im planning to apply for a housing loan. but the house that im eyeing for is mortgaged in a bank. it is said that i can still apply for housing loan even if its the condition. my question is, upon submitting the requirments, who will give the letter of guarantee? is it the seller or PAg IBIG? tnx

    • admin

      Hi Mark,

      The Letter of Guarantee should come from the lending institution. Actually, what that document essentially says is that you are guaranteed to get a loan from them.

  • anabell

    hello po, gusto ko lang pong itanong kung pwede po na ung kuya ko po ang magprocess ng housing loan application ko since na narito po ako sa abroad?

    • admin

      To Anabell,


  • henry

    Hi Admin,

    I appreciate you have this very straight-forward and accurate Q&A portion in your site. Here’s my query

    i want to have a big advance payment to my pagibig loan to be lessed in the principal amount. How will i execute it? I am an ofw and im paying my monthly loan thru post dated checks.

    • admin


      You can simply proceed to any Pag-IBIG Office that accepts payments. And don’t forget to have them provide you with an updated statement of account.

  • Mary Y

    Hello Admin,
    Tanong ko lang po kung pano ang procedure ng title transfer sa assume na townhouse. Nakuha ko po ang townhouse nung 5 months after n ma-turnover ng developer un unit sa first owner. Since wala p daw po 2 yrs di p pede mag transfer ng title. Kailangn daw po muna matapos un 2 yrs at directly sa pagibig n un amortization payments saka pede i-process ang title transfer saken from the first buyer. Ako n po ang nagbabayad ng monthly amortization, ang nangyari paid by lang po muna ako under ng name ng first buyer. Since malapit n po mag 2 yrs kaya gusto ko po sana malaman yun process ng title transfers at yung pag tuloy ng amortization sa pagibig na nasa pangalan ko na.
    Your help is very much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • reymund an

    san po b pwedi d2 mgbyad s qatar ng contribution ng pag ibig?

  • Joselito Madarazo Saupan


    I’m planning to apply for housing loan for 2.5m pesos to construct our dream house. We owned the lot – approximately 600 sq m.. I have started developing and had cost me 600k pesos already.
    I heard there is equity that I have to put up. Can I use my lot and its improvement as my equity?

    Thank you very much.
    More power to Pag ibig

  • Lyneth

    Hi Admin,
    Pagibig is my primary choice for housing loan. However, they have the highest rate at the moment. Also, why is it that their interest rate is base on the amount and not on the loan term? All bank’s interest schedule are like 9.50% p.a. fixed for 2 to 3 years etc. That is how I compare as I shop for banks but I could not compare it with Pagibig since their interest scheme is different.

    Please advise.

    Thank you very much!

    • admin

      Hi Lyneth,

      Good question. And it’s good to know that you shop around before finally deciding on which lender to consider.

      Actually the interest rates used by the banks depend on the loan term. It’s like 9.5% for 3 years; 10.5% for 5 years; 12% for 10 years.

      In Pag-IBIG, the interest rate shown is only a guide and it assumes at 30-year loan term. Of course, the interest is lower for shorter terms, but that will be decided when you apply for a loan.

  • dream

    may nakita kaming bahay na binebenta pero may mga 1-2 meters po yata syang sinakop sa right of way.
    iaallow po ba ng pagibig un?

  • Anna

    Hi Admin,

    I just want to ask,i been member in pag.ibig for 2 years, after 2 years i been loan money then after 1 month ,i’ve end of my work alraedy, so i never pay the deduction for next month it could be possible that i need to pay a penalty or interest?

  • jun tamad

    I have a question with regards to takeout of housing loan. I applied for housing loan trough the real estate agent and last june 2010 i received the notice of approval but since then i still haven’t got any news with regards to the takeout of the said property. How long does it normally take from NOA until takeout process? if ever where can i follow up my loan since my agent says that all we can do is wait. T&R.

    • admin


      I think that’s it, not unusual for a this kind of transaction with Pag-IBIG. You need to wait.

  • jun tamad

    sir/maám thanks for the feedback.

  • Ferdinand Liberato Callueng

    Dear Admin.,

    What is your factor to compute the estimated monthly installment for a Pag-ibig Housing loan in the range of 400K-750K for 20, 25 and 30 years?
    How can we also avail of the Express Lane counter for Housing Loans? Thank You for your prompt reply.


  • megan bueno

    what are the chances of a housing loan approval under the following condition and how much would it be approved for:

    1. 25 years old, government employee,
    2. total monthly earnings: 17,810.00
    3. monthly deductions: 661.50
    4. 47 pagibig contibutions, no loan
    5. TCP of house and lot: 657, 000
    6. equity payable in 6 mos: 27,000
    7. wants to pay it within 30 yrs
    8. husband is earning the same

    please help. thank you.

    • admin


      You have a very good chance of getting that loan. Go and check the property anytime with an agent/broker and if you like it, apply for a loan.

  • dream


    how much po ba yung cost ng insurance?mandatory po ba un?




  • admin

    Joel: You have to check it from the branch where you applied for your loan.

  • mischelle

    gud day!!can i ask the status of my husband housing loan,richard p.manapat…under pop..tenk u so much…

  • rose

    Good day po. I was advised by the pag-ibig personnel to follow-up the release of cheque today, Nov. 24, 2010. I am the seller and the loan was applied by the buyer of our house and lot. I just would like to ask the documents needed when claiming the pag-ibig loan cheque before I go into your office. At present, I only have my company ID, maynilad bill and NSO birth certificate? My buyer is asking if it is also needed for him to go into your office when I claim the loan cheque. Pls advise. Thanks a lot & God bless

  • lani

    Good day!

    I am planning to purchase a house and lot thru pag-ibig cost 350k, but my employer cannot release ITR since I am a minimum wage earner. I just want to ask if I can still avail the PAG-ibig loan without ITR.

    And I have only 13 months remittances,but somebody told me I have to pay the lumpsum to make it 24 months.


    • admin


      Currently, the minimum requirement is 24 months contributions. I think, they have a table of salary for each corresponding loan amount. That should be your guide.

  • kopi_sweet

    Hi Admin,
    Just want to ask po sana regarding sa housing loan application. Nagsubmit na po kasi ang ng application ko last week para sana sa Purchase of lot and construction of house. Sa kapatid ng lolo ko po kasi yung lot and sa kanya nakapangalan yung title. The problem is nakalagay din sa title yung name ng wife nya na matagal ng patay. Ang sabi sa akin need ko pa daw wait ng 2 years before I can submit my application again. My question is what if the title will be transfered to my name. Pwede ko na po ba i-loan yun for construction of House kung naipangalan na sa akin yung title? Yun na lang po kasi ang questionable dun sa mga requirements ko na ipapasa. Hope you reply on my inquiry it will be very much appreciated.

    • admin

      Hi Kopi_sweet,

      Once the title is already in your name, then you should be able to apply for the loan.

  • Dyna Enriquez

    We been paying our house for 4 yrs and the terms of payment we had is 25 yrs..My husband and I decided to make it 15 yrs to pay. Is it possible to change the terms of payment??

    • admin

      Hi Dyna,

      Yes, you can have it re-structured or you simply pay in advance to save on the interest payments.

  • kopi_sweet

    Hi Admin,
    Thanks for your prompt response. Ask ko lang din po sana kung may months pa ba na dapat i-consider if mag-aapply ng loan? kasi sabi ng friend ko di daw magandang mag-apply ng loan pag Nov to Jan kasi daw mas magiging mataas daw ang interest. Is it true? And then back to my first situation, after transfering the title to my name, is there a waiting period before I can apply for housing construction? Thanks again!

  • rose

    Good day po. I was advised by the pag-ibig personnel to follow-up the release of cheque today, Nov. 24, 2010. I am the seller and the loan was applied by the buyer of our house and lot. I just would like to ask the documents needed when claiming the pag-ibig loan cheque before I go into your office. At present, I only have my company ID, maynilad billing statement and NSO birth certificate? My buyer is asking if it is also needed for him to go into your office when I claim the loan cheque. Pls advise. Thanks a lot & God bless

  • Juan Paulo De Leon

    Dear Admin,

    Sorry it’s a bit long, I just want to ask how can I follow-up my HLA w/ Pag-ibig, and if these scenarios really happen or if our developer is just taking their time to process our HLA w/ Pag-ibig, I’ve applied my HLA last week of August 2010 and already I’ve already given all the requirements to the developer, before the end of september the developer asked for new set of payslips, they said it was asked by pag-ibig to update our docs, by october the developer asked for another set of payslips, also by october my wife and i decided to give up our apartment and live in my in-laws house to save up money to pay for the gov’t & loan fees, by end of october i was asked to give proof of billing & since we transferred to my in-laws i’ve also given them the certification that we lived in my in-laws togehter w/ the proof of billing by my mother-in-law w/c is also the owner of the house we lived in right now, by first week of november we’re asked again to give another set of payslips, I wanted to follow-up because it’s taking too long to process the application, our developer said that once we passed our req’ts we’ll just wait for 2weeks for NOA, if they attended to our application immediately we didn’t need to pass those payslips and another proof of wife and i have already paid in full the gov’t & loan fees, the only remaining is our move-in fee, if ever our application is denied can we refund the reservation, gov’t & loan fees and move-in fee because we will pay the move-in fee by the end of the december, Pls. help us regarding this matter, we have already invested all our savings just have this dream home. Thank you very much!

    • admin

      Hi Mr de Leon,

      Normally, the developer / financing institution will ask for the latest 6 months payslips before they can process it. And it would be unfair if you submit another set of payslip each time there is a delay. The main reason why they are asking for the latest set is so that they can establish you current income. But in the absence of this, an Employment Certificate indicating your salary would also serve the same purpose.

  • victoria montalbo

    hi sir:

    i have a question my husband and i were planning to buy a lot worth 2,000,000.00 pesos and gusto namin ipasok ito sa pag-ibig para hulugan ang bayad is it possible, we were both employed. thanks


    hi, i am beth, i have more than 2 years of hdmf contribution ofw in the amount of $20/month and i am planning to avail housing loan thru developer, can i ask the procedure? Is the developer can ask for equity payment even they didnt commence the application to hdmf yet? after approval of hdmf, is it ok to pay them for first 3yrs as their seasoning period? hope you can help me to clear my mind and proceed my application.

  • makoy

    i just want to ask if pag-ibig will accept checks for the monthly amortizations even if they’re not from the checking account of the borrower.

  • lelebeth patlunag

    hi, tanong ko lang po na if ever ma forward na ang application sa hdmf pwede pa po ba yong ma change? last nov. 27 palang naman na forward den the developer applied for 30yrs wherein ang gusto namin ay 5 years to pay lang..kasi masyadong matagal na ang 3yrs…can give us advice please! thanks

  • mae

    Good Day,

  • mae

    Good Day,

    Can I ask for a contact number to whom I can ask more information. I am based in Dubai and very much interested with the said housing program. Appreciate if you can send me an agent/broker”s contact number here in Dubai. Thanks a ton.

  • mary ann b.

    hi, pwede pa po ba magapply ng housing loan ang asawa ko kahit di pa tapos bayaran ng byenan ko un kinuha namin na housing loan sa kanila under my husbands name? nad un asawa ko for two years na nasa jeddah.. di na rin sya nakakahulog sa pagibig pero un byenen ko continue pa rin un hulog nila sa bahay nila.

    Thank you.

  • Ynnah

    Hi admin,

    Do you have an idea how much it would cost to transfer the lot title as well as the duration period to completely process it?

    Thanks a lot! have a nice day ahead!

  • vic paliza

    hi admin,
    ask ko lang po, ipapatuloy ko po yun house and lot ko, babayaran ako sa mga pinagawa ko sa bahay and itutuloy nya ang monthly payment for 9 years pa. But she is from abroad and not a member of PAG-IBIG. Panu po ang process para mailipat sa pangalan and maituloy nya ang monthly ng bahay is possible?thank you very much.

  • hermie mendoza

    nais ko sana mag- inquire, regarding for housing loan. ako po ay member po ng pag ibig since po nun 1996 pa until now may pagkakataon pa po ba ako maka loan?

  • megi

    Hello po,

    Pano po ba ang proseso kung bibili ng house and lot mula sa isang owner? mukha po kasing mas madali pag sa mga real estate pero pano po pag personal po na kakilala ang magbebenta? Gano po kabilis ang pagproseso po nun? May paraan po ba para macheck kung totoo at ndi peke ang titulo? Mas ok po ba ang loan sa pagibig kesa sa bangko?

    Salamat po.

  • brenda

    hi admin,

    I just want to inform for a housing loan? I just want to renovate our house im just only a member and the titled lot and deed is not under my name its from my father, can i still avail for the housing construction loan?

  • Ella

    Hi admin,
    I have been working in the US for 3 years. I am a green card holder. I was a pagibig member when i was in the phil and my contributions was already more than 24 months. i bought a lot in Manila and i wanted to apply for a housing loan thru pagibig. I am 41 years old, single.

    1) i am willing to activate my contributions. will pagibig require me to be a member again for another 24 months before i can avail of a loan? is voluntary contribution acceptable?

    2) The cost to build the house is 4M. If ever approved of 3M housing loan, will they require me to start constructing the house first equivalent to 1M before they will approve my loan of 3M?

    3) My brother is an achitect and he knows people who can help us build the house and he will be the one to supervise the construction. in short he will act as the contractor to build my house? will pag-big allow this?

    4) If approved, how will the 3M be released? will be released based on the building progress? if so how many how many releases and how much will be the initial release? will it be released to my brother, who will be my contractor of the project?

    5) is the first payment of loan be paid a month immediately after the released of the total amount of loan?

    Hoping you could help me on these questions so that i will know how to go about with the loan coz i am planning to start construction on the first quarter of 2011.

    thank you very much and i would appreciate it very much if you could enlighten me on these matters.

  • admin

    Hi Ella,

    Here are some quick answers:

    1. Since you have already contributed at least 24 months in the past, all you have to do is re-activate your membership by contributing anew — this time as voluntary member / POP Member.

    2. You need to submit the details of the project (including cost) when you apply for a loan. Pag-IBIG should make their assessment based on that. The loan proceeds will be released in staggered basis, per progress of the construction.

    3. Yes. As a matter of fact, the contractor will be the one to prepare the detailed documents of the project. And the loan proceeds will also be in the name of the contractor (company or professional).

    4. Answered at 2 and 3.

    5. Yes.

    By the way, please also consider getting a loan from a bank.

  • Bonifacio Dumayag jr

    hello po
    pano po ba ang dapat kong gawin kasi po nong 2009 lang po akonag member ng pag ibig gsto ko po sanang mag loan ng bahay at lupa pero hnd ko po n hulogan????kong babayaran ko po b ng boong dalawang taon puwede po b akong mag loan ng bahay at lupa pls po paki tolongan ninyo po ako kong ano ang gagawin ko????sana po mapayohan ninyo ako kong ano p ang dapat kong gawin kasi po mag babayad ako itong darating n feb full payment 2year po..ito p bng dadarating 2012 pwd n akong kumuha ng loan kong bahay at lupa pls sana po may sagot ang tanong ko para alam ko kong ano ang gagawin ko pls po….

  • Bonifacio Dumayag jr

    hello po
    pano pong mag loan ng housing loan kong dito ka s ibang bansa???
    kong mag babakasyon po ako kolang din po ang 30day n bakasyon para maayos ko ang lahat ng kailangan kopano po ang magandang gawin ko…Sir,Madamanno po ang dapat kong gawin??????

  • Lilibeth Usaraga


    Just want to ask if I have an existing housing loan with my company and wanted to transfer it to PAGIBIG ( The title is already named after me and it has an annotation). What are the necessary steps and documents that we would be preparing so transfer could be effected?

    Thanks and regards.

  • http://none Angel

    Hello Admin,

    Is it possible to file for a housing loan if ang property na bibilhin ko ay naembargo na ng bangko? pwede po ba sa pag-ibig housing loan kung ang property ay sa bangko bibilhin? Can you direct me to a link where i can read articles about it, please

  • Em Tulang


    itatanong ko lang po sana kung pano makaka avail ng housing loan kung nasa ibang bansa ka po.

    member po ako ng pag-ibig pero dahil po nasa ibang bansa po ako ai naputol po ang pagbibigay ko ng share sa pag ibig.
    last payment ko po ay nong taong 2008 pa..

    anu-ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin to qualify for the housing loan..

    anticipationg for your reply.


  • Jay S. Masangkay

    Hi!follow up ko lang po yun housing loan ko,pinasa ko po nun nov.29,2010 sa HDMF-Dinalupihan Branch.ilan days po ba yun approval ng loan? tnx.

  • Ser Santi

    Hi Admin,

    My fiance bought a lot in antipolo and is paying it in-house for 5yrs. He was told that the Title will only be transferred under his name once fully paid but the developer allowed him to contruct a house since he has paid 25% of the lot price already. We consulted a constructor who will build a house for 2M but my fiance cannot apply for Bank loan since the title is not transferred yet. Will pag-ibig grant him instead?Problem is;

    1. Hes been an inactive member but has contributed more then 24months in the past already.
    2. will he wait til the lot is fully paid and title transfered under his name to apply and avail Pag-ibig housing loan? do you have options in cases like this?

    and one thing unclear is that, the developer can help us avail housing loan ONLY IF, my fiance avails the HOUSE & LOT package from them, and that my fiance cannot apply the housing loan separately, why is that so?

    hope to hear from you soon.Thanks!

  • Mike

    gusto k lang po magtanong…halimbaawa po gusto ko magpamember sa PAG IBIG next month den i will for the 24 months contribution…makakapagloan po b ako agad…

  • admin

    Hi Ser:

    Good questions!

    1. He only need to re-activate his account by paying again.

    The best approach to this one would be:

    1. Continue with the In-House Financing and “upgrade” to house and lot. That way, you don’t have to worry about not having the title transferred yet.

    2. “Upgrade” to house and lot from a bank and apply for a housing loan at once making the property serve as collateral. The developer should be able to assist you with this one.

  • Joy G. Aven

    Dear Admin,

    I’m a Pag-ibig fund member since 2004 even my husband.Can we avail both a housing loan?

  • Joy G. Aven

    Dear Admin,

    I’m a Pag-ibig fund member since 2004 even my husband.How much loan can I avail?

  • Nenette

    Dear Sir,
    I was a member of PAG-IBIG since I started working in the govt in 1984 up to 1988. After I resigned from work and now employed abroad, I was not able to continue my payment ever since. Im planning to avail for a housing loan but I was not able to pay for 22 years. Can I still avail for it, what should I do? Shall I register as new member again or should I just reactivate and continue, if yes how soon can I apply for the housing loan?

  • myra atundag

    Hi admin,

    I just want to ask regarding the housing loan program. Me and my husband is interested to buy a house and lot. He will be back to his work on Jan. 22, 2011. According to our agent/developer he need to attend the loan counseling as one of the requirements.

    Is it possible that I will be the one to attend that loan counseling? Coz he doesn’t have time anymore.

    Thank you.


  • cherryl

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am currently working in Dubai, next year po magbabakayon ako pero 30 days lng.Gusto ko po sanang maghousing loan..posible po ba etong maprocess within 30 days?


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  • admin

    Joy: Yes, you can both combine your income ang apply a single loan. One of you becomes the co-borrower.

    Nanette: That’s already a very, very long time. You should consider other alternatives like Bank Mortgage Loans or In-House financing perhaps. But if really want it in Pag-IBIG, you simply reactivate your account by paying again. But I guess the first thing you should do is to update your records there.

    Myrna: Sorry, late reply. Yes, you can attend it yourself.

    Cherryl: First things first. You have to be an active member contributing at least 24 months.

  • rushel

    dear admin,

    Me and my wife have been a member of Pag-IBIG for almost 10 yrs. from my part my contri stops for almost 5yrs when i work here in abroad. If i have unpaid loan in SSS, posibble we can avail housing loan in PAG-IBIG?


  • Leonel

    Hi Admin,

    ask ko lang sana kung possible pa mag lump sum ng 24months contributions para mka avail ng loan.


  • Jun

    Hi Admin,

    I just want to ask some few question. Gusto ko sanang kumuha ng housing loan through Pag-ibig. And I don’t know my next step..

    Before 96′-2000 I worked here land based Makati – Paranaque – Makati. When I updated my contribution in PAG-IBIG Makati Branch. Nag reflect lang yung sa Makati Work ko and kelangan daw I-transfer ko yung contribution ko sa Paranaque if I prefer sa Makati Branch. I did not file the transfer yet.

    Then 2000 – 2010 I worked abroad as Seaman since before voluntary option yung pag bayad sa Pag-ibig. But I did not pay, until recently I think only last year na mandatory yung payment kahit sa seaman yung philhealth at pag-ibig.

    Then July of Last year was my last Seafaring. I decided to stop sailing and from September to present Im currently working Landbase here, so from then kinakaltasan na ako ng payment for PAg-Ibig.

    Now for my questions:
    1. Is it possible na Wife ko lumakad ng mga Transfer para madagdagan sa contribution ko?
    2. Yung 24months contri kelangan ba dapat tuloy tuloy as in walang monthly gaps?
    3. After the transfer do I have to wait.. how long? para maka avail ng loan?

    Sorry kung masyado mahaba na message ko..I have so many questions pa sana. Next message nalang.. thx for your patience and help

  • Esther

    Hi ask ko lang, kasi hindi ko pa nako-complete yung 24 months contribution ko sa pag-ibig pero may developer na nag-approve ng housing loan ko. pano nangyari yun? legal ba yun?

  • angel

    hi admin,

    my mom, uncle and auntie are co-owners of a 38.81sq. mtr house and lot. all of them are in a title which my mom will donate her share to me then my uncle and auntie will sell their share.. am i qualified for a loan to pagibig? since 2/3s only of the property will be loaned?

    may i know also what are the sections that should not be stamped on the title when applying to pagibig for me to double check. i forgot those during seminar

  • Virginia


    Ask ko lang po kung ang purpose ng loan ko is for renovation ng bahay namin, pwede ba yon? kng pwede, ano po ba dapat kong gawin?

  • Marilyn

    hi Admin, i already attended the counselling program before but i was not issued any paper to prove that i attended the seminar. I already paid the downpayment for the town house and i wanted to apply for housing loan, i am OFW from KSA. i am already a member of PAG-IBIG before i worked abroad for atleast 6 years .Am i qualified for the housing loan or should i wait for another 24 months inorder to apply?
    pls help. thanks

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  • Nyna

    ask ko lang ilang months po ba magprocess ng loan bago maapprove? thanks…

  • Robert

    Good day.
    Katatapos ko lang pay ung equity ko sa house and lot ko. Itransfer ko npo sa pagibig. Realtor po ang magprocess. During then processing dapt po ba stop muna amortization ko sa house and lot. Thnx.

  • JOHN

    what if my 2009 ITR is no longer available and our HR told me that 2010 ITR will be release this april 2011, and i know for the fact that ITR is one of the requirements. is it ok to apply for pagibig loan without ITR? or is it ok that i’ll submit the said requirements as soon as they release it? i work in cebu and im filing the said loan in bacolod and i still dont have the ITR with me.
    thank you

  • admin

    Pag-IBIG Fund is already separate from SSS and it’s a different agency. Yes, you can apply for a loan if you will re-activate your membership.

    That question has already been asked and answered several times. The short answer is “No”.

    Q1. Is it possible na Wife ko lumakad ng mga Transfer para madagdagan sa contribution ko?

    You or your wife can consolidate your previous contributions from all of your employers. But that doesn’t mean na “madagdagan ang” amount.

    2. Yung 24months contri kelangan ba dapat tuloy tuloy as in walang monthly gaps?

    It doesn’t have to be continuous.

    3. After the transfer do I have to wait.. how long? para maka avail ng loan?

    Yes, the transfer (or consolidation) process itself will take time. Please follow up from time to time.

    You may want to clarify which loan was it approved? Is the loan from a bank or In-house or Pag-IBIG. If all the documents are valid, then good for you. :-)

    Sorry, but Pag-IBIG will never entertain that kind of property. The title has to be clear and only the owner of the title can apply for the loan.

    Yes, it’s possible to get a loan from home renovation either Housing Loan or Multi-purpose loan.

    If you have attended the seminar, you already know the basic requirements. As long as you keep your membership active, you are eligible to apply for a housing loan.

    The monthly amortization has to be continuous.

    The ITR is not optional, but you can submit it later on.

  • jhen

    Hi, ask ko lang po kung magpapaencash ng pagibig loan checks, any landbank branch po b pwede or sa buendia branch lang tlga???need your reply asap..thanks!

  • leigh


    We just recently applied for housing loan, and we are currently awaiting for the the cheque…but the owner is asking us for an advance payment ‘again’, and said it will be deducted from our payment on the house. I read on one of your comments here that the cheque is named after the seller. If we pay them the amount they wanted now, would they still get the cheque or is it ok if we don’t give them the cheque with the amount that we paid as an advance? Please help.

    • admin

      Hi Leigh,

      I can only hope you have put a written agreement or contract with the owner/seller. It is not very uncommon for sellers to change their price once they smell that money is coming in. I’m not saying this is the case you are in. But be very care in dealing with this kind of transaction.

      My suggestion for you is to explain to him the target date of release and ask the help of a lawyer to draft a contract.

  • leigh

    Hi! Wow! Very prompt reply! Thank you very much!

    We paid them a downpayment and we have a contract signed by a lawyer, so the amount we applied for is less of the amount we already paid the owner, but now they’re asking for another amount. Last Wednesday, Pag-Ibig told us that we will just await for the ‘signing’/approval of the ‘insurance’. Any estimate on how long will we wait for the release of loan?
    Thanks so much! It’s ok if we wait for the release of the loan, but the owner is like asking us for ransom money, it will be great if we can also provide then with atleast a target date, because it seems they want to sell it to another buyer if we don’t pay them the amount they are asking now.

  • leony

    Good day po!
    Ask ko lang po if we applied for a housing loan under a developer, is it normal for them to collect the first 24 months of the amortization?

  • admin

    Please follow-up with Pag-IBIG on the time-frame. It should not take more than a week. If the lawyer has drafted the contract in your favor, the seller should be on a breach if they sell it to another person.

    That is usually the case. As a matter of fact, some will even require you to issue a set of post dated checks good for 24 months.

  • leony

    Thank you very much po admin for the confirmation regarding my question.

  • pia

    Hi! My husband and i are keen on purchasing a lot, P1.9M asking price. We have only about half of the amount immediately available to us. We also need funds of course for the actual construction of our house. We don’t know where to start, and need advice especially on which course would be best:

    (1) Try to borrow the maximum allowable amount from Pag-Ibig, which is 3M, assuming we are qualified, to cover lot and construction?

    (2) Use our savings to cover part of the cost of the lot, borrow balance from Pag-Ibig, and borrow cost of construction from bank?

    (3) Use our savings and borrow from bank to cover cost of lot, and borrow cost of construction from Pag-Ibig?

    Sorry magulo, we’re quite dazed and confused right now. Also if the best option is either (2) or (3), which bank would you recommend? Which has the best terms and interest rates?

    Whatever advice you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • pia

    One more pala, for the income and contributions, they will combine my husband’s and mine to get our maximum allowable amount?
    Thanks again!

  • ellen guiruela

    i applied for multi-purpose loan last january (1st week) and up to now wala pa rin pong result. how can this fund really help the needy? i tried to talk to some of the pag-ibig employees laoag branch. they kept on promising a date of loan release pero ala naman sa sinasabing date…panu ba yan? of course we want to avail of the benefits naman because we also oblige to pay our contributions…please do something about it.thanks!

  • ellen guiruela

    gud day again!
    ask ko lang po sana, why there is a need to have a request of transfer of records first from prev. employer to present? d po ba automatic na sana yun like the other agencies? hope you’ll entertain my questions. thanks again!

  • shielaf

    hi admin. i just heard from our agent that the pag-ibig terms have changed and they’ve become stricter? we’ve applied for a loan and we’re done paying the equity last august 2010. all the documents have been completed as well. however, until now, we’re still waiting for the take out. our agent informed us that since pag-ibig has been stricter, it will take us another 5-6 mos. before the take out. is this true? what could be the reason for the delay?

  • robert

    hello po
    tapos na po ako ng equity payment ko. gusto ko na po transfer thru Pagibig Financing. Yung realtor po ang magprocess and it will take time maybe a few months. Ang case po, sabi ng realtor i still need to continue my new monthly amortization pero they make arrangement na sundin ung interest rate 7% parehas sa pagibig.
    So habang process nila ung PagIbig ko, im paying my new monthly amortization. Tama po ba magbayad ako sa realtor ng new monthly amortization habang pina process nila yung sa PagIbig ko or dapat po ba stop ko yung monthly amortization ko sa realtor hanggang sa maayos nila yong PagIbig ko. Sana po tulungan nyo malinawan if i need to pay them. Sayang po kasi ung pera tha bayad ko na hindi naman pala dapat ako magbayad.
    Thanks very much.

  • Yayo

    Hi Admin,

    What is loan difference in pag-ibig? when I had my loan approval in pag-ibig my developer told me that my max loanable amount based on my basic salary is 1.2M. My total contract price with my developer is only 780k. Is it possible that the pag-ibig will grant lower than the contract price with my developer? YOur response will be higly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Carmz

    Is it true that pag-ibig is actually asking for the buyer to issue “BLANK CHECKS” para maprocess housing loan application ni buyer? Kasi my developer wanted me to issue 24 blank checks e. thanks

  • admin


    Just a quick reply for you. Never, ever issue a blank check to anyone; otherwise, be prepared to be disappointed. Please clarify that set of checks they are asking because you may just misunderstood their message. And one more thing: always ask for an Official Receipt.

    Remember that the 1.9M is the asking price and Pag-IBIG will conduct its own appraisal of the property and the loan amount will be based on that appraised value. My suggestion (not advice) is you pay the required down payment out of your savings and then loan the balance from Pag-IBIG or the bank.

    And yes, you are right on that “income combination” thing.

    Please just followup from time to time. And about the consolidation of your records, that’s the case because there is no system in place yet to automatically consolidate them.

    Your agent is good and he is right. 😉

  • Sophie

    I have a Housing Loan somewhere in Sta.Rosa, but we would not be able to live in it, kc it’s too far, coz dalaga p ko nung binili ko ung house and lot and now na i’m married we decided to live here in Calamba, were my parents and relatives also lived. I already finished paying my equity and now nasa monthly amortization n ko and 4 months ko plang xa nababayaran(15yrs ung loan term) and then I already received the take-out letter. My question is, is it possible to transfer/swap the housing loan? Meaning,they will just transfer what I have paid to date dun sa new house and lot in na plan kong bilhin in calamba? Coz,my developer also have a housing project in Calamba, and they said some are still vacant. I asked it, because my house continues to depreciate ng hindi natitirhan, and sobrang nanghihinayang ako. Please, i badly needed you reply. Thanks in advance!Hope to hear from you soon.

  • http://yahoo agnes

    hello, i would like to ask if somebody wanted to sell me a house and lot pwede po ba na dalawa kami nga husband ko ang magloan para ibayad sa house and lot na yon and what are the steps? thanks po

  • edward

    hi admin,

    i’m currently paying equity to the develepor of the property i purchased. the house is under construction and will be ready for inspection by pagibig this coming month. i just found out today from the developer that i need to pay 8.5% hdmf cost before i can move in? what is that? it’s about 130k, is this above the contract price of the property? please advise.

  • Noel Resos

    Good Day

    Tanung ko lang po. Nagbayad na kami ng downpayment sa developer for almost 6 months. Nakaaatend na din ako ng seminar last year pa. Nung pinuntahan ko site ng house & lot, weeks na lang bibilangin para matapos na. Kumpleto na din documents ko for loan sa PAGIBIG. Ano po susunod? Sa ngayon sabi daw may pipirmahan daw kami for loan application. Pagtapos nun ano sususnod na gagawin



  • Kris

    I bought a house through a real estate developer and it will be financed by pag ibig. Made my application last year, an already paid the full downpaymenty a several months ago. Sila daw ang mag aayos ng papers sa pag ibig. And they said that it was already delivered to HDMF last Sept. 2010. Up to now, wala pa ring notice of approval. I just want to know kung gaano ba katagal ang approval ng pag ibig. Considering that there is already an occupancy permit na daw. Reputable naman ang developer ko, I am just wondering what’s taking it that long to process our application…

  • charrie

    hi…can i process a housing loan in behalf of my husband? he’s an ofw in dubai.

  • ellie

    hello! ask ko lang po kung meron din kayong any info on the part of developers, specifically about the requirements for selling or constructing properties ska po if they can tie-up or get financing from Pag-ibig? thank you very much po!

  • Anne


    if i am only member now for just 6months? can i already loan a house? if not yet, when?

  • admin

    @Sophie: This is quite complicated, but yes Pag-IBIG allows to take-out a loan from another financial institution.

    @agnes: It’s possible. I would assume that you already read this article and the next logical step for you is to attend the Loan Seminar.

    @edward: I’m not sure what that amount is for also. Please clarify it with your developer.

    @Noel: After you have filled for your loan application, the next thing to do is to follow up.

    @Kris: Unfortunately, things like these happen all the time in Pag-IBIG. You can either wait and follow-up your loan application status or get another financing company to do it.

    @charrie: yes

    @ellie: some developers/projects are accredited with Pag-IBIG while others are not.

    @Anne: 24 months minimum. But it would be better if you read this article about Income and Loan Entitlement.

  • Layne

    Hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po, nag-apply na po kasi ako ng Pag-Ibig Housing loan, kaso disapproved ang application ko dahil sa kakulangan ng developer, wala pang kuryente, tubig at hindi pa maayos ang daan. May nakapag sabi po sa akin na kapag nag apply ako kahit hindi pa ayos lahat dahil lote lang naman po ang kinuha ko. maapprove na daw po yun. Gusto ko lang pong malaman kung aattend ulit ako ng orientation, I mean back to zero po ulet ako or pwede ng re-apply yun ng hindi ko na babawiin lahat ng documents ko, at kung mag-uumpisa nga po ako ulet, kailangan ko pa po bang gumawa ng letter para mabawi lahat ng documents ko sa Pag-Ibig? Maraming salamat po.

  • chris

    Hi admin, i would like to inquire if meron po possible na madis-approved sa housing loan if mababa yung sweldo, but anyways i have 1 back up na ofw na pwede magfinance sakin and to help me pay the house, which is my brother na magbbayad talaga for me. thank u.

  • Thomas

    Hi Admin, tama po ba na hindi pwede i-turn-over ng developer ang unit sa buyer hanggat wala pa deed/title from Pag-Ibig? Full paid na po ako sa Equity.

  • malang

    hi admin,

    Meron ako gustong bilin lupa s paranaque member ako for 9 yrs na

    1. ano ang kailangan kung gawin para mka pag loan ng 500k at mabili ko un lupa? can you please help me?


  • Ces

    Hi Admin,

    How long does it usually take Pag-ibig to release a letter of guarantee? Thanks!

  • Ira

    Sir/Ma’am,ask ko lang po i was a member of pag ibig before na ngwork pa ako sa private company for about 3 yrs. i resigned last January 2009. tanong ko lang po active pa ba yung membership ko na sa pag ibig. pwede ko pa po ba bang i continue po yun kahit ngayon na wala na akong work o hindi na pwede?

  • isah

    May housing loan po kami sa isang subdivision dito sa batangas. We just started paying the monthly amortization last jan. Now, we decided to pay in full. Upon full payment po ba, makukuha rin namin agad ang land title? May iba pa po ba kami babayaran?
    Thnaks po.

  • Giles

    Hi Sir!
    Tanong ko lang kung pwede ba i loan ko yung house and lot ng parents ko.



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  • Char

    paano po ba ang process ng pgconvert ng title from developer to new owner at ano ang kailangang dokomento?

  • paulice

    Hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po if allowed na maapprove ung housing loan if we will use newly issued TCT. Ipapatransfer palang po sa pangalan ng mother in law ko ung tct nila. It was under his father but pinaghati hatian na nila ung lupa after mamatay ung father nila. Please advice if we can use this TCT as collateral for home construction loan.


  • Nel

    Hello Admin,
    May buyer ang House and Lot ko at iaapply daw niya sa pag-ibig. Tanong ko lang kung kailangan bang nasa pangalan na niya ang TCT? What’s the best thing for me to do and what is required from me? Bago pa kasi ako sa ganitong transaction. Please help… Thanks.

  • Gilbert

    Hi Admin,
    It’s almost 4-mos since natapos yung DP ko sa haws. Talaga bang matagal ung process sa pag-ibig? Kumpleto ako sa requirements and I’m already paying my Monthly amortization since january. Nag-email nko sa Pag-ibig, sabi nung kausap ko sa e-mail ala akong loan application… tapos sabi naman ng developer CI daw. Panong ngyaring pre-approved ako and nag-pass ako requirements then CI na naman? Help naman please…


  • admin

    The seminar is effective for 6 months. You have to apply for your loan within that period or attend another one.

    Yes, you may be disapproved that way. But you may ask for your brother to become a member also and make him a co-borrower in the loan.

    That should not be the case. Once your loan has been approved, there is a move-in schedule also that goes with it.

    You need to attend the Loan Seminar and you can apply for a loan from there.

    about a week but it depends on the case also.

    Yes and yes to both of your questions.

    YOu may still wait for some time for that title to be in your possession. But it’s definitely a yes.

    Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow that one.

    Your developer should take care of that.

    It depends on the kind of title. Please proceed to the Pag-IBIG Office and have them assess your title.

    You need to bind yourselves on a Contract To Sell. Please ask the assistance of a Lawyer on this one.

    SOmetimes it may take long for the loan to be released. Please ask the assistance of your developer also.

  • Alvin Garcia

    Hi Sir\Maam

    Tanung ko lang po pede po ba kami magdeviate sa PLAN actually ung sa materials lang po, may loan approval na po kami for home construction.

    Ung mga pang foundation po ang nakalagay sa PLan nmin is 16mm pero ung 12mm ay pwede na since 1 floor lang overkill to use 16.

    Ung hallow blocks po ay 6in pero dapat ay 4in lang sana. dahil baka kainin ang floor area nmin na 48sqm.

    Hindi ko narin po nareview ung Plan kasi eh.

    Thank you very much po

    Please help

  • Darwin

    Hi! Admin

    Yun sister ko gusto ibenta ang house and lot sa akin, qualified member naman po ako. Pwede po ba? kung pwede ano po ang kaukulan na paraan. Umaasa sa inyong kasagutan, marani pong salamat

  • Mer

    Hi Admin, I am applying a housing loan from Pag-ibig. I already have an NOA but my property was not yet taken out to me. However, my wife and I found that there is a better property to buy .Can I still put on hold the NOA I received from Pag-ibig and instead undergo to re-assessment to the new property we found better than what we got earlier?

  • kate reyes


    I want to apply for a loan,me & my bro.wants to purchase my uncle’s house & lot,where we grew,its 180sq.m 50% was paid by my bro & 50% will be mine,I dont have cash at hand,how can I pay for my share thru pagibig housing loan if the title will be both in our names? the house is quite old thats why its needing reconstruction also.

  • Gilbert

    Hi Again Admin,

    I’ve just been advised by our developer that all projects that was initially applied for pag-ibig loan need to be converted to bank loans. How is it true? Based on their explanation to me, Pag-ibig requires a lot of documents on top of their original requirements. Hope you can help me again, coz I’m prioritizing my housing loan other than that of what I have in mind.

    Thanks Again,

  • melly

    Hello admin,
    Good day po!
    OFW po ako, married pero more than 7 years ng separated sa husband ko. Pangarap ko pong magkaroon ng sariling bahay at lote. Nag try na po akong mag apply ng loan for house and lot 3 years ago pero palagi na lang required ang signature ng spouse. Ang problema po di na kami nag uusap about these matters, so ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin para magkaroon ng SARILI KONG BAHAY na walang participation ng estranged husband ko. Umaasa po ako sa inyong kasagutan.
    Maraming salamat po at more power.

  • sevastra alms

    good day admin,

    employed po ako for about 7 years na. Kaya lang po hindi po kami kinakaltasan ng company namin, at hindi pa po rehistrado ito sa pagibig . Gusto po sana namin maging member na. Nagtry po ako na mag apply as waived company na lng, kumpleto po ang pinakita kong requirements ngunit tinanggihan din po ito ng staff na akin pong nakausap.. Ano po ang tama naming gawin para po mairehistro ang company namin????salamat po ng marami

  • admin

    I’m sorry to hear about that. One of the ways you can do it, is to become a co-borrower with your sister or brother. Or let your son / daughter be the buyer and while are paying for it.

    It could be true for that particular developer.

    Your company should be the one doing its own registration. Please have them visit the Pag-IBIG Office and they can have all the necessary forms there.

    your case is quite complicated and I’m afraid Pag-IBIG won’t accept this kind of property.

    I think that is possible, but please refer your case to the nearest Pag-IBIG Office where you are planning to get the Loan.

    Yes absolutely.

    Yes that’s possible.

  • sevastra alms

    hi admin,

    f-up inquiry lang po ito..Ung employer po kc namin wala pong balak mgparehistro..kinausap na po namin siya tungkol sa pagpapamembership, pero balewala lang po sa kanila…
    ano po ba dapat namin gawin???meron po bang departamento ng pag-ibig para po mapunan at mabigyang reaksyon??…salamat po

  • http://n/a ninet

    my property was mortgaged to a bank and was unfortunately transfered to PDIC due to bank closure.
    Can you help me finance or redeem my property from PDIC?
    I am a government employee now with 8 months deduction from PAG-IBIG and my husband is also aN OVERSEAS PAG-IBIG member.

  • mylene

    hi..pwede ba makita yung available houses nyu for loan dito sa davao?

  • Marivic Gunda

    Good Day!

    i am an OFW, i would like to ask if possible that i can process the loan here in riyadh, KSA? thank you!

  • admin

    That’s one of the requirements for all businesses here in the Philippines. Please try to see them at the Legal and General Counsel Group.

    It won’t be the easy. Please coordinate with PDIC and Pag-IBIG on how to go about it.

    Please visit the Davao Branch. They should be able to give you a list of housing projects.


  • chress


    Good day po!
    Pwede po bang makapag-housing loan ang isang tao kung magloloan siya d2 sa manila tapos ang property niya ay nasa aklan…gusto ko rin pong malaman kung pwede po bang kapag nagloan ka tseke ang makukuha para ipampaayos ng bahay?
    Salamat po at God bless po.

  • kookai

    Hi! I am currently residing with my parents and the land title is under my father’s name. However, i may need to do major renovation on our house, can i apply for renovation loan thru pag ibig though the land is under my father’s name? and if so, what would be the process.? tnx a lot hope to hear from you,…

  • Don

    Hi Admin,

    First, let me thank you for this very informative site.

    Second, may I just ask why is capital gain tax required for pag-ibig housing loan? Based on point number 16, person/s is/are exempted from paying this particular tax when the full proceeds of the sale is for construction of a new residence. And, pag-ibig housing loan is basically, as its name suggests, a housing loan. I already have filed my application for a P750K loan and base on BIR requirement, capital gain tax is 6% for the first 100K and 10% in excess to it. This would yield P71K for capital gain tax if my calculation is correct. If this loan is PABAHAY assistance from the government, P71K is not a joke. Is this a subtle way for the government to strip its people from all their resources? Kaya nga mag-lo-loan yung tao kasi walang pera na pampatayo ng bahay e.

    I hope you could enlighten me on this capital gain tax thing. Thank you very much.

  • gian

    hello po!!ask ko lng sana pwd makita ang pic ng bahay pa pwd LOAN d2 sa davao city..tnx po..

  • agnes Gardiola

    Good day po…
    inquire lang po ako,plan ko po kc ipagbenta house and lot ko,my monthly amortization po ako sa pag ibig and it takes 25 yrs po para mabayaran,pano po kaya ang transfer process nun pag pinagbenta ko.

  • bucketsale

    Same concern with kookai.. Im residing with my mom and our house is under her name. I want to help her sane in raising funds to finish the house renovation… Parents ko na kasi ng provide ng funds para masimulan na yung renovation ng bahay kaso kinulang sa budget i thought of using mg benefits thru pagibig…pls educate me how can i avail the home improvemnt loan..

  • admin

    Please refer that one to the BIR. As far as I know, the Capital Gains Tax should be shouldered by the seller of the property.

    @kookai and bucketsale:

    Pag-IBIG requires that for home renovation, the land title must be in the name of the borrower. If your mom is a member of Pag-IBIG then it’s best if she’s the one to apply. You may, however, apply for a MUlti-Purpose Loan and use that proceeds for home improvement.

    You need to file your loan application at the branch that handles the Pag-IBIG accredited project. In your case, it has to be in Aklan or the nearest REgional Office.

    You can sell it to someone and pay the balance at Pag-IBIG and then have the title to the account of your buyer. Or, your new buyer may want to assume the existing mortgage. If you choose the second option, there are documents to use at the Pag-IBIG Office.

  • Nelia Diloy

    Hi. Ask ko lang po gano katagal po yung pag release ng cheque sa PAG-IBIG? Yung buyer ng lote ko ang nag loan and we went there last Apr. 29 (where the Atrium office is temporarily relocated at Gil Puyat office). Na isubmit na namin lahat ng post approval documents and I am expecting to get my cheque but the officer said bumalik daw kami ng buyer ko in 7 to 10 business days. Ganun po ba katagal ang pag release ng cheque or dahil nag relocate lang yung office kaya tumagal ng ganon?

  • admin

    Please follow-up on that branch. Yes, it could take that long or sometimes even longer.

  • Rai GM

    Good day admin,

    Red all the post in here, just wanna ask, I have an existing housing loan at pag-ibig, two years na sya to date. Actually I sold it to one of my friend a year ago since i have to work on a different location. pero ngayun lang namin sya ipa process since yung past (and first
    ) two years nya ay sa developer pa kami nag reremit ng payment.

    ask ko lang
    1) how are we going to transfer the loan under her name? what are the processes?
    2) am I still eligible for another housing loan after ma transfer sa friend ko yung existing loan ko.

    Pag-ibig member din naman sya, and meets the requirements para makapag-avail ng loan.

    Thanks in advance


  • admin

    @Rai GM:
    1. You should have executed a Conditional Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage. Or Waiver of Rights. There are forms there at the Pag-IBIG Office.

    2. I’m afraid, you might be denied Pag-IBIG Housing Loan in the future.

    I think I have answered this question in another post. 😉 Anyway, just follow-up with Pag-IBIG.

  • jonathan s. barreyro

    mam / sir ,

    nag apply na po ako ng housing loan since april 2011, pero until now wala pa rin feedback sa akin ang developer which is rcd land inc. ang sabi sa akin wala pa daw silang funding commitment line hangang ngayon, at hinihintay pa din daw po ang notice of approval from pag-ibig. pero before ako nag avail ng early move in ang sabi sa akin ng agent after 1 month makaka move in kami pero hangang ngayon nandito pa rin kami sa inuupahan ko. saan ko po ba malalaman kung talagang wala pa silang funding commitment line ?

  • jayde

    hi..gusto ko po sana mag loan ng townhouse using my cousins pag ibig memebership, we will just make an agreement. possible po ba?? kahit may existing salary loan sia for 1 year?? thanks

  • Rai GM

    Admin thanks for the reply.

    Anyway, to what department are we going to transact in order to acquire the forms (Conditional Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage. Or Waiver of Rights)?

    We went to pag-ibig last Monday but the persons from the legal department cant give us a concrete answer.

    Also, if ever I decided to pay my remaining balance in cash, and ask my friend to apply it for a loan at pag-ibig, what are the odds of granting me a new housing loan?

  • fannie

    Hi Admin

    I have my existing multi purpose loan but I paid almost 1 year already. Can I avail a housing loan now?

  • mahmoy25


    I’m planning to purchase a unit of a condotel which ceased to operate as such. Just a quick question. Should I be the one to process the PAGIBIG loan or the seller (Can’t call him a developer kasi hindi naman siya yung typical developer per se. He’s the owner of the condotel.)?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Jenny

    Hello Admin,

    What are my chances of getting a Php 1.1M housing loan thru PAG-IBIG for a condominium unit?

    *I’m 26 yrs old.
    *Earning 28k a month.
    *Been a PAG-IBIG member for almost 3 yrs.
    *Just started my contribution upgrade to Php 500 just this year.
    *Condo will be RFO next year.

    This is just my first time to apply for a loan. Do you think I have a chance to qualify for the said amount of loan?

    Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply.

  • Bong

    Hi im bong, ask ko lang po if it is possible for me to be granted a loan of 850000 for a house and lot?
    im 24 yrs old
    regular government employee for 1 and a half years now
    earning about Php18,000 a month, thank you

  • Jocelyn

    Hello Admin,

    Nakatira po ako sa US dito po sa New York City at citizen na po ako dito, nag apply na rin ako para sa dual citizenship para ma retain ko po yong Filipino Citizenship. Member po ako ng Pagibig nuon nasa Pilipinas ako pero I did a big mistake when I cancel membership nung papunta ako dito sa US. Paano ko po magreremember ulit? May branch po ba kayo dito sa New York or other states? Please advice, thank you and more power.

  • Jeffrey


    Good day!

    Is it possible for me to avail a multi-purpose loan amounting to 500K for the renovation of my parent’s house. Does it requires a collateral?

    I’ve been a member of PAG-IBIG for about 6 years. I have an existing multi-purpose loan but its just a little amount.

    Hope to receive a reply from you.

    Thank you and more power.


  • admin

    The maximum loan amount that you are eligible for MPL depends on your contributions and TAV. Please check this article on MPL Loan.

    Sorry, but one you are out of the membership, you can go back again to being a member of Pag-IBIG. But, you have other options: you may want to use a home loan from a local bank here in the Philippines.

    The article on Income and Loan Amount will definitely be useful in your case. Please read it.

    Same reply with @Bong. Please check the link here:

    Either you or the seller can do it. That depends on your agreement.


    @Rai GM:
    Sorry, late reply. You can usually get it from the Information counter, but some branch don’t have such counter, so it’s best to ask around once you are there.

    And, I don’t understand this part, “I decided to pay my remaining balance in cash, and ask my friend to apply it for a loan at pag-ibig.”

    That’s possible but take note: It is your cousin who will eventually be recognized by Pag-IBIG as the owner of the property.

    Please check that one personally at the Pag-IBIG Office.

  • jeremie

    good day admin…
    magtatanong lang po ako, nakaatend na po ako ng seminar pati ang kapatid ko na magiging co borrower, retail po ang account, may nagbebenta po sa amin, ngayon po kumpleto na po ako ng requirements for locally employed, ang price po ng property is 1.150m, 100sq meter bungalow style ng bahay, ako po ay teacher at ang kapatid ko naman po eh nagwowork sa isa sa mga broadcasting network for 3 years, ngayon po sa tingin nyo po ba maaprobahan po ba ang loan nmin na 1.150m? Ilang days po kaya malalaman na approve po ang loan? aabutin po ba iyon ng months?

  • Home

    Hello Admin,
    I have few questions about housing loan:

    1. How long will it take to release the check to the seller after submitting all the documents?
    2. It has been almost a year since my sister which is the Pagibig borrower to process the housing loan as of now the status of the papers are for annotation as I confirmed with your office. I am the Seller of the House and Lot and the title was already transferred to the borrower and we have some disagreement and as a Seller I would like to back out and tired of waiting for the payment from Pagibig and not sure if the borrower is really processing the loan. How can I transfer the title back to my name? Do I have to pay again all the TAXES and transfer fees? Is there a way that the title can be transferred back to my name since the transaction did not pursue? Do I have any protection from Pagibig as a Seller since I felt that the borrower is not really serious processing the loan and it took about a year now still no payment.
    Thank you for your time and help.

  • Yvy Cruz

    Hi, I have fully paid my equity to my developer all of a sudden they told me that my account will be transfer to bank or in house finance. If ever want to pursue my loan through Pag-ibig they informed me that I will personnaly apply to Pag-ibig as Retail Account. So I proceed to Pag-ibig then give me checklist for my loan application. Just in case I will personally process my Pag-ibig loan, who will bear the expenses in the transfer of title? Actually I personally paid the Certified true copy to Registry of Deeds because almost 2 weeks of request my developer, PROFRIENDS told me that request from RD will take almost a month which I think is just an excuse from them. ADMIN kindly give an idea if all the transfer expenses should be paid by me or the developer? Thank you.

  • Yvy Cruz

    Nag request me ng certified true copy of title sa trece pero di ma locate sa book 6297 pag 86 ang T-1249786 ang sabi sa trece dapat nasa kanila lang un just in case wala na ibig sabihin nabenta na raw ung property….. PROFRIENDS sana naman di nyo ako niloloko.

  • Dennis

    Dear Admin,

    Good day!
    I would like to ask regarding sa payment of check. Next month po kasi I’ll be paying my housing loan at Pagibig Malolos. I currently live here at Pasig so instead of going to Malolos everymonth I plan to pay using checks. Is it possible na check ng ibang person ang gagamitin ko for example my wife’s account.

    Thank you!

  • irma

    good morning po….kumuha po kmi ng housing loan ng kapatid (hindi pag-ibig member ang kapatid ko) ko s borland…pre selling p un ,nung una inner house po ang hinuhulugan ko ng equity, pero ng ng ilang buwan n ang nkraan nagtanong ako kung may available png corner lot at pwedeng magtransfer ,ang sbi ng girl n nka assign dun s office nila n nsa site mismo, meron p at pumunta lng daw ako s opisina nila s laguna para magpatransfer at magbayad ng transfer fee…kaya nman daladali akong pumunta s laguna opis nila. nkpagbayad nman ako ng transfer fee n 1,500 at nag issue po ako ng cheque ng october 12,2009 n nag kakahalaga ng 20,000 at 9,974.52 para s kabuuang equity ng kantong pinaglipatan ko…tapos tinanong ko ung girl n nagprepared ng computation sheet ko kung kailan magkakapirmahan ng pag-ibig docs, ang sbi nia iinform n lang ako…dumating ang 2010 tumawag ako s opis nila s laguna ,nagtanong ulit ako ang sgot s akin ay ganun p rin,,antay antay lng daw po ako at iinform n lng tutal naman daw ay may contact # naman daw ako s kanila….january 2011 n wala p rin akong nrereceive n information regarding p rin dun kaya tumawag n lng ako s opis nila. nung una kong nka usap s phone n personnel ay nagtanong ako kung bakit d p ako iniinform kung kailan b ang pirmahan ng pag-ibig docs eh 2011..ang ginawa nia ,trinasfer ako s iba ng sasagot nun tanong kong un…ang sbi nia “2009 p po, dapat nkpagbabayd n kyo s pag-ibig…tpos itinaransfer n ako s iba…at ng cngot nman ako ng pinagtranferan ay ” wala p pong budget allocation ang pag-ibig pero wag daw akong mag alala kc kasama daw ako s 1st batch nila.” …mga march daw at kalangan ko ulit mag submit ng panibagong requirements…kailangan nga daw po ay 40% net ng salary ko ay maaabot ang monthly amortization ko…eh d sinabi ko s girl n kausap ko n kung ung payslip ko ang pagbabasehan hindi aabot pero kung aggregate ko ung kapatid ko aabot..dahil ung kapatid ko rin nman ang aggregate ko nung unang nagsubmit ako ng requirements s kanila..pero d n daw pwede un..dapat daw nanay ko lng dahil dalaga ako…at ang iniisip din nila kung sakaling magpapamember ang kakpatid ko s pag ibig ay baka mag asawa daw un in the future at d rin daw cla nag papaloan ng kung pag ibig member din ang aggregate ko….feb. 2009 p po ako nag housing loan at nkpagfully paid n hanggang s nakpagtransfer n ko mula s inner house to corner lot tpos s tinagal ng paghihintay ko at ng pamilya ko ay ska naman ako ngigipit s requirements nila…. bakit p po kaya ako inalloed ng developer n magbayad ng full equity at makapagtransfer p kung d rin pla papasa ang requirements ko? …may maliit n negosyo ang mother ko pero wala nman pong business permit dahil tuwing umaga hanggang hapon lng nman…may iba p po kming soure of income n hindi nman n naiissuehan ng dokumento tulad n lang din ng pag bubuy and sell ko at iba p…gusto ko n po ang bahay n nsa kantong un para pagnegosyuhan….ano po b ang dapat kong gawin? sna po ay matulunagn nyo ako…salamat po.

  • admin

    Please check your combined income against the table presented on this article:

    I’m not sure what kind of documents you used in transfering the name to the borrower. Did you try to ask for an assistance from the lawyer before you entered into this transaction? I think you should.

    The payment of the title transfer depends on your arrangement with the developer. Some developers will process it on your behalf, for a fee of course. Or you can do away with that payment (usually about 5% to 7% of the selling price) and do the processing yourself.

    Always keep all documents — official receipt, Contracts, etc — you have during the whole process.

    Yes that’s possible, but would the other person consent into doing that? And besides, since it is your account, why not just open your own checking account?

  • Rai GM

    To admin,

    sorry for the late reply, let me re-phrase my question, If I decided to pay my remaining balance at Pag-ibig (close existing housing loan), what would be the odds that I will be able to get another housing loan.

  • Dennis

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you very much for your response. My wife offered me to use her checking account instead of opening a new one.
    Another one, i just read through pagibig website that we can pay Housing Loan through accredited banks and pagibig branches. All i need is to print the billing statement. Then, we may no longer need to pay you in check. Am I correct?

    Salamat po!

  • http://Pag-ibigfinancing-mozillafirefox bernadette magabo

    I own a house and lot in a subdivision thru pag ibig financing and i sold it and the new owner is continuing the monthly amortization or the assume balance of the housing loan. I have submitted the deed of sale to the pag ibig office. my questions are : how can i transfer the title to the new owner? Is it possible to transfer the title even if the new owner is still paying the assume balance? would i be paying much in transfering the title?
    Thank you, i hope you could help me with your good advices.

  • mahmoy25

    Hi! Just want to inquire the duration of the validity of the Housing Loan Seminar. Attended it last month and will probably submit my HLA next month once I’ve paid my downpayment. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Home

    Hello Admin,

    Clarify ko lang po as per your requirements the Title of the Land should be transferred in the Pagibig borrower’s name. Right now the borrower is on step six of the housing load procedure and waiting for the annotation of the mortgage.
    As the owner of the property pwede ko ba bawiin ulit yung titulo ko at hindi ko na ituloy ang pagbenta ng house and lot sa Pagibig borrower kahit na transfer the yung titulo sa kanila at for annotation na? Paano po ang procedure and do I have to go the same process of transferring the title back to my name and paying again the capital gain tax and transfer fees?
    Thank you again for your time and help.

  • admin

    Please read your Contract to Sell and understand all that is stated there.

    Yes, you’re right.That’s another alternative channel to send your payments to.

    There are forms that you can use for this purpose. Please proceed to
    the branch that handles this account.

    It is valid for 6 months.

  • Carl

    Hello admin,

    My monthly contribution for the past 2 years is P100. I upgraded my contribution to P500/month just this month(June). I’m planning to apply for housing loan w/in this month. So, can I already avail of a loan equivalent to that of the P500 contribution?

    Thank you! :)

  • admin

    Basically, your loan amount entitlement will be based to two factors to:
    (1) Your contribution, and (2) your income. Please refer to this article on Income and Contributions and how they affect your loan.

  • allyna pimentel

    hello! member po ang husband q since 1999 pero nung magdecide po sya to work abroad nahinto po ung contribution nya for almost 4 yrs.gusto po sana namin mag apply ng housing loan pero d na po active ang pag ibig nya. ilang months po ba ulit ang ihu2log nmin para maconsider na active member na sya para makapag apply ng housing loan. thanx po.

  • http://deleted Joel

    Hello Admin..
    Can i avail the housing loan to renovate our house without title?

  • admin

    YOu only need to pay again for the contribution and the membership is reactivated anew. Please visit the nearest Pag-IBIG office soon.

    Pag-IBIG Housing loan is a secured type of loan, meaning there has to be a collateral, which is the land title.

  • hannie

    Our developer already passed all the requirements to pag ibig last may 10. They said it will only take 1-2 weeks to get the check issued by pag-ibig. Up to now, wala pa din yung check. San po ba pwede mag follow up ng status? TIA

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  • Home

    Hello Admin,

    Thank you again for your time answering all our queries about housing loan. I just like to clarify that the Land Title must be transferred to the Pag-ibig member who are applying for the Housing Loan then for annotation before submitting to Pag ibig office?

  • Home

    Hello Admin,

    Thank you again for your time answering all our queries about housing loan. I just like to clarify that the Land Title must be transferred to the Pag-ibig member who are applying for the Housing Loan before submitting to Pag ibig office?

  • Arlon

    Gud Day Sir/Madam
    Is it possible to loan on a bank housing loan since pag-ibig is a long run process then after that i will apply it to pag-ibig housing loan? Then approve amount from pag-ibig will be the payment for the loan in the bank? thank you and hope for immediate response.

  • Mae Caldito

    Hi! I would just like to ask, for example I have a total of 150,000.00 Housing Loan from Pag Ibig including all the interest and I have to pay 5,000 each month in 30 months. After 10 months of paying, i happen to have money enough to pay the remaining balance. Can I pay the balance 1 time and finish the loan? Will there be extra charges? Will pag ibig funding take off the interest from the remaining balance?

    From the 5,000 monthly that I have to pay, is it possible to pay for example 10,000 per month after months of paying 5,000???

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

  • Amber rojas

    Kailangan po bang mag attend ng seminar ang isang co borrower? Salamat po.

  • admin


    The answer is “Yes” to all of your questions. Sorry for the short answer but you are right.

    Yes that’s possible but it’s complicated in the long run.

    YOu have to get the loan approval first, then proceed to the Registry of Deeds for the title to be transfered to the buyer’s name and then for annotation.

    At the Loans Department.

  • Sanz

    Hello Admin,

    I had a Pagibig housing loan last 2007 in Bataan and then I got another house. I already had improvement on my house in Bataan and I have already paid 4 years (21 years remaining) plus the initial payment.

    Do you have any suggestion what I can do to my house in Bataan? I don’t want to continue paying for it… But I also don’t want to lose my previous investment.

    Is assumption the only way choice I have? (Conditional Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage. Or Waiver of Rights) Because it means the buyer will be paying Pagibig but it will still be under me and I can’t make another housing loan until it is fully paid.

    Is it possible for someone to get a Pagibig loan for my house. Then I will use that money to pay my pagibig loan? So the pag ibig loan will be under the buyer’s name. (Or I need to pay first the loan?)

  • jonathan s. barreyro

    hello mam / sir,

    ask ko lang po kung how many days does it takes bago dumating ang notice of approval letter ? nacomply ko po ang requirements last may 2011, pero until now wala pang result. akala ko po kasi it takes only 1 month pag process ng papers eh !!!


  • admin

    I am quite confused here. Did you get two housing loans from Pag-IBIG that you are currently paying?

    Anyway, I think it’s best if you can find a buyer for the other house who is willing to pay you in cash.

    Some would take up to 6 months, so just follow-up from time to time.

  • Andrea Lorraine Andres

    Hi! Itatanong ko po:

    1) Gaano katagal ang pagprocess ng Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)?
    2) Gaano katagal magprocess ng housing loan ang pagibig after submiting all documents needed? (note: developer po kami kumuha ng bahay)?
    3) Sa Cavite po kami nakakuha ng bahay, saan po kami mag-attend ng seminar?
    4) Saan po namin isubmit yung Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)?
    5) At saan po namin isubmit yung Loan Application form?
    6) Pag nag-apply po ba ng loan maari na ipacommute kung magkano ang amortization kung 15, 20, 25 years, etc babayaran para mai-compare lang
    7) Ang binabayaran ko po sa pagibig ay Ph100 lang every month plus Php100 from the employer, yung additional monthly contribution po ba any isasama na sa monthly amortization kung sakaling mag loan ako ng Php1.4Million
    8) Tama po ba ang pagkakaintindi ko na kapag approved na yung loan tsaka pa lang ako mag-additional contribution?
    10) Kung may developer po kami at July 2012 pa matatapos yung equity payment…pwede po na halimbawa na-approve na yung housing loan ko ng April 2012 pero ang gusto ko sana August 2012 pa ibayad ng Pagibig sa developer para di mag-overlap? Pwede po yun na kami yung magdecide ng timing at nakastandby lang yung check?

    Maraming salamat po!

  • Cherry

    How do I renew a multi purpose loan with pag ibig if I have 2 employers? I have a part time job and a full time job, both of them are paying contributions to my pag ibig accunt. I have a loan with pag ibig under my part time job. Thanks!

  • khendy

    hello po.. ask ko lang po sana kung ano mga requirements para po makuha yung benefits ng tatay ko.. member po kc xa ng pagibig. patay npo xa ngayon, may nkapagsabi po kasi na pwede daw ayusin yun para makuha yung benefits.. ano po ba ang dapat naming gawin.. thanks po..

  • joseph canaveral

    tnong klang p kung nka member ako s pag ibig ksi p sbi ng agency k rgister nla ako kso wla bngay na acount no# pno k mlman kung nka rgister tlga ako kung hnd man pno p gwin k pra mka rgister p akos pag ibig d2 p kc ako jubail mayron p b d2

  • izzy

    hi admin, ask ko lang po pag ba developer assisted yung loan sa pag-ibig sure na maaproved yung loan?

  • arlene almazan salinas

    ask ko lng po..for waiting na ang approval nmin sa housing loan dati ng developer nmin mgbayad muna dw ng miscellaneous fee bago ma approved un housing loan application.nang mgpunta ako sa office nla ngyn ang cnabi mghintay muna dw ng loan approval bgo mgbayad ng miscellaneous fee..tama po ba un? pano at san ko po pwd i follow up ang housing loan application namin..d2 po kmi sa cityhomes resortville dasmarinas, cavite..ang name ng developer namin ay serve quest..

  • jeng

    pwede po ba mag-avail ng housing loand and home improvement loan at the same time? separate cheques po ba yun if ever? we are planning to buy a residential unit but the house is already old and mejo napabayaan na, madami kelangan ayusin like un ceiling, roof, wirings,etc. thank you.

  • bhevs

    ask ko lang po plano ko po sana mag avail ng housing sa BFS dito sa Cavite pede ko ba ito ipasok sa Pag ibig ? Ano ang mga requirements para maavail ko ito ? Magkano ang downpayment na required sa BFS ?

    ask ko nga din po pla kapag po ba ang papers ay ipinasok sa pag ibig at nasa RD na po ito gaano po ba katagal ang process ng loan para matake out? ask naman po yan ng kapatid ko

  • admin

    Please ask your developer if they welcome Pag-IBIG Financing.

    The Home Improvement loan is an additional loan on top of your existing housing loan. You may still wait two years or so before applying for home improvement loan.

    The miscellaneous fee is usually related to capital gains tax, title transfer and others. So normally they would ask you to pay it before forwarding
    your documents to Pag-IBIG and transferring the land title in your name.

    Not necessarily. They will just help you save your time, but it’s still you who will be evaluated.

    YOu can check your account at the Pag-IBIG branch where your company is sending your contributions. They should be able to give you some feedback.

    Sorry to hear about that. It’s best if you can visit the branch of Pag-IBIG near your place to inquire about the status of his membership.

    No problem about that. YOu may want to visit your branch if you will be allowed for another multi-purpose loan.

    I’ll reply to that later.

  • bernadette

    i just wanna ask if ever na indi ko na makayang bayaran ang mortgage ko sa pagibig housing loan pwede ko bang ipasa ito sa may gustong kumuha ng house n niloan ko sa inyo paano po ang procedure kung pwede po ito??

  • Glen


    Good day!

    Tanong ko lang po if ever na mag housing loan po kami mag asawa magkano po kaya yung maximum loan na pwede namin makuha as husband and wife? meron na po kasi kami lot under our name bale pang pagawa na lang po ng bahay ang kailangan namin. monthly contribution po namin is 100. target po kasi namin kahit po sana mga 300k or 350k. pwede po kaya?

    thank you very much… waiting for you qucik reply

    God bless,

  • Debbie Sy

    Question lang po.. I have stopped my contribution 3 years ago, bale mga 3 years din ako may contribution tapos I stopped kasi I am now working homebased. I am now thinking of making voluntary payments so I want to know if pwede ba akong mag loan kahit voluntary member ako or dapat talaga employed ako to avail of the housing loan?

  • Loj Molleno

    Hi Admin

    I am still 23 yrs. old single and I am planning to purchase a house and lot of Pag-ibig Citihomes located at Opol, Cagayan de Oro City.Am I qualified to avail the said house and lot?I am a Pag-ibig member but my contribution doest reach yet to 24 months.What best advise you could give me?

  • admin

    Thanks for your questions. You really have to be a contributing member for at least 24 months. Advice? I would love to use the word “suggestion” instead. If I may suggest, please get your finances in order first. See to it that you have enough to pay for the loan, and the equity. Good luck. I guess you are on the right track.

    Yes, you can still avail of the housing loan, and other loans, even if you are a voluntary or self-paying member. Just make sure that when you apply for a loan, you can show some proof of income.

    Actually, that’s a small amount for a housing loan, but I like the fact that you are conservative with your estimate. Please check this link to check if you qualify:

    Yes, that’s possible. It’s a long procedure, but the two of you should go to Pag-IBIG if you both agree on the transaction.

  • mai9589

    hi im interested to apply in overseas pag-ibig program.But im not sure to apply im employed but i want to choose voluntary contribution.Could you please give me a details on how to register and become a member?thank you.

  • ambo29

    good day!
    I am an OFW now, but before I work abroad I was employed in the Philippines for 8 years in a private company. As far as I know, I am a member of Pag-ibig already. I just would like to ponder some questions bothering my mind. Hope you can give me answers on these.
    Can I avail of the housing loan granted that;
    1. I have an existing MPL before I leave my previous company which I have not paid since I left the country and work abroad last 2009. Can I pay my existing MPL in full when I get back to the Philippines? What would be the computations for this?
    2. Since I was able to work abroad, I become deliquent in paying my monthly contributions at Pag-ibig for almost two years now; will it impede me of availing housing loan program? If it thus hinder me to do so,i hope not, are there alternatives just to compensate the months that were not paid on my membership contributions?

    I will be having my vacation before the end of this year, and would like to acquire a house through Pag-ibig financing. This I will do during my vacation. It will be with great pleasure if I can get an answers to my questions to enlighthen my mind. Thank you and more power.

  • kath

    hi admin

    ask ko lang po ung housing loan ko sa pag-ibig. acquired assets sya dito sa may dasmarinas cavite. for conversion na sya ng title skin as owner, kumpleto na sana requirements ko pero kailangan din pala ng tax declaration ng building. tinanong ko sa munisipyo wala daw po.
    possible po ba un na walang tax declaration ung bahay pero dati na syang nahuhulugan ng previous owner?
    di ko na mahanap ung dating developer at sabi sa munisipyo kailangan kong ipa-assess ung bahay at kumuha ng building at occupancy permit?


    im working here in bermuda for 2yrs,,im a new member of pag ibig for 6months.i want to buy a house and lot ..i can avail a loan in pag ibig..and how pls help me and explain to me how to avail..thank you very much..anyway my monthly income is 2,200$

  • aLEx

    I’ve already buy a lot thru in house financing. I’ve been paying it now for 5 yrs and I want to transfer it to pagibig so that my monthly amortization is not too much high. As of now I’m paying 15,900.00 per month. My agent told me that if I transfer it to pagibig maybe about 10,000.00+ only per month. I’m already a member of pagibig and I have 39 months contribution already. Is it possible to transfer it to pag-ibig? May I know what are the requirements to transfer my payment to pag-ibig? Thank you veru much!

  • Allen

    Good morning po, I was wondering possible po ba i pa change ang terms ng existing loan?

    2 years ago kasi I applied for a 30 years loan, pero now I want to change it to 10 years nalang. possible po ba ito?

    Salamat po

  • jb

    hi ask ko po pwede ba ako magloan ng 350K para ibayad ko sa developer ng lupa may lupa ako nakapangalan sa akin,pero wala pang titulo kasi hnd ko pa tapos bayaran,gusto ko sana humiram ng pera sa pag-ibig para i bayad sa lupa ko para mabayaran ko na yong balanse na 350k…pwede ba ako makapag loan?wala po ako trabaho pero nag papadala ung mother ko buwan buwan pambayad sa lupa…gusto ko mag loan kasi malaki ang interest na kinukuha ng developer…

  • ann

    I just want to know, when does PAGIBIG decide to include payment of equity in housing loan? I mean, I just applied for a PAGIBIG loan and I’m surprised I still have to shoulder–and thus finish paying first–the equity thing before I can move in to the house I intend to have. I mean, doesn’t this situation kind of defeat the purpose of PAGIBIG?

    In other words, what are the criteria PAGIBIG has set so it would or would not include payment of equity?

  • ryan

    Hi Sir,

    This site is very helpful for us that are big “worriers” esp talking about loans.

    Few questions:
    1. Aside from the processing fee. Do we still need to set aside a certain budget for other expenses. You have mentioned about documentary stamps and mortgage annotations on step 6. Is this different from the processing of title expenses?
    2. About the fire and life insurance. Do we need to pay for it? or is it already part of the loan for FREE?

  • stellar

    Quick question po. in a nutshell po, what is the advantage of choosing PAGIBIG over banks? im looking at the interest and they are almost identical. Your answer might help me choose the lender for my property,

    Thank you very much!

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  • catha

    hi..i am a single mom and is planning to buy a house in a pre-selling subdivision. Nagbayad na ako ng reservation i was advised to submit docs for the pag-ibig question is..gano katagal bago maapprove ung loan ko..and plan ko din na magkaron ng extension don sa gagawain na house..pwede ko ba isama ung cost non sa loan na iaapply ko..or ang maiaapply ko lng eh ung 80% lng nong property?

    I also have another scenario, my common law husband is a seaman for 3yrs now..he is also a pag-ibig member (he applied on his own)..ang poblema lng..parang nakaka3 bayad p lng sya..di n nya naasikaso ang pagbabayad..pwede bng bayaran n lng nya ung remaining unpaid contribution nya and then can he immedietely apply for a housing loan or kailangan p nyang mag antay ng ilang buwan bago sya makapag apply? Thanks!

  • castiel

    Hi admin!

    Would like to know, how long does it usually take for approved loan to be released? This is particularly for House Construction/Home improvement? Also, are there any application denied, assuming that all requirements are submitted by the borrower and deemed accepted by PAGIBIG? Just a thought. Hope you can hit me back. Thanks! :)

  • castiel

    also, i see that there are other fees to be deducted upon release of the check. I am just wondering what is the 1 year insurance that will be deducted to the total amount granted to the borrower? Thanks mucho :)

  • admin

    Thanks for asking about the Home Improvement Loan. Indeed, this is one area in which Pag-IBIG is very subjective about. Ideally, your first loan released should be given after completing 30% of the initial construction. But that 30% has different meanings from the one constructing the house or the contractor from that of the Pag-IBIG inspector.

    About the loan being denied, that should be apparent right from the start.

    First, you should realize that Pag-IBIG will not approve a loan on a pre-selling unit. One of the requirements is the house itself to be finished plus the subdivision must be livable. So, the first problem to address here is when will the developer be accredited with Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Program?

    As to the other question on the membership, Pag-IBIG doesn’t accept payments for the missed contributions. He can only pay the current and the future ones.

  • admin

    Just in time, sorry for the late reply. We made an article out of your question. Please check this one:

    Good questions.

    1. Most developers consider it as Processing Fee. So, yes. But better yet, ask them what the processing fee is for.

    2. You still have to pay for it, but that’s very minimal and is already included on your monthly dues.

    Yes, the Equity payment is for you to shoulder.

    A Pag-IBIG Loan is only granted to Pag-IBIG Members.

    Yes, that’s possible.

    Yes, that possible. YOur agent should be able to assist you on that.

    Please check this for the income requirements:

    I think I have addressed this question somewhere.

    1. YOu have to settle your MPL first.

    2. Yes, that really takes a toll on your loan eligibility.

    Please attend a loan seminar to clear things up.

    I hope you still can read this very late reply.

    If you are still abroad, the Philippine Embassy there should be able to assist you.

  • cath devera

    I have an existing Housing Loan thru pag-ibig. There is an interested buyer who is also a Pag-Ibig Member. My question is, is it possible to transfer the housing loan to them? they will continue the amortization, I asked, because what if I decide to purchase a new house? I would not be able to do so if I have an existing housing loan that they are continuing to pay but still under my name.

  • Gilbert


    What kind of letter should I make?; My lot purchase loan was approved however the processing of the title transfer was still on going but the date to comply set by pag ibig was about to laps.. my friends told me to make a letter of address to pag ibig office requesting to extend the deadline..

    Any sample of this letter?


  • gina

    good pm admin.. ask ko lang po if do i need to pay my monthly amortization even if my housing loan is not release yet? i process my housing loan tru a developer i already paid their required equity, then they ask me to pay my monthly amortization immediately. i’m confused bcoz i attended the seminar in pag ibig makati, according to the speaker monthly amortization will take effect a month after the property was already turnover to us. need your help. thank u

  • admin

    Please clarify this with your developer. Some developers are implementing a rule such that while waiting for your loan to be released, you need to pay them something that is much like an amortization. But this should be refundable. Some call it Interim Financing.

    I don’t understand. :-) Please consult this one with Pag-IBIG or the seller of the property.

    Yes, that’s right. Please go to the Pag-IBIG Office with your buyer for the documents and all.

  • Ethel

    Hi Sir/Ma’am Admin,

    I am currently in UAE and would like to sell/assume the house & lot w/c I’ve been paying for 4 years. Do I need to be there in the Philippines to complete the transaction or my brother can just process the documents for title transfer and etc.? Please advise what is needed from my part. Thanks & more power!

  • alvin

    hi admin!

    gusto ko lang sana magtanong din..nagpplano kasi yung kuya ko na maghousing loan sa pagibig na worth 1.8million..bale tulungan sila ng ate ko na nasa ibang bansa..kaso ang problema wala naman kami money na pangdownpayment 80% lang daw kasi ang ginagrant nilang kami ang magbabayad ng 360k pesos sa nagbebenta.. may inoofer ba ang pagibig na housing loan for first time homebuyers na katulad namen na hindi na kelangan ng 20% downpayment?

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  • marnie

    hi im a seaman and i just want to avail the lot loan and house construction loan, but my agency only pay quarterly for my contribution.. but i think im more than 24 months member of pagibig since im with them since 2006 is it possible for me to avail a loan.. coz i already paid the 30% amount of the lot and i like to have a lot loan in pag ibig to paid off and also for the construction of the house is it possible tnx so much..

  • jeniffer

    I’m an on line english teacher here in the Phil and is working for companies in Korea…I pay my contribution religiously…do you think it will be difficult for me to file a housing loan? thank you

  • gretch

    hello admin,ask q lng po pag mag apply po b s housing loan eh kailangn po bang my titulo ng lupa pra mkaapply ng housing loan?problema po kc nmn ng aswa q ung lupa eh pamana lng po sknya kea wla po kming titulo..sna matulungan or mclarify nio po prob nmn,,,thank you po!

  • admin

    The land title serves as a collateral requirement for the Housing Loan. So that means, it has to be in the borrower’s name.

    If you can show them some proof of income and your Income Tax Return, that should not be a problem.

    Yes, I think so. Please attend a loan seminar conducted at the Pag-IBIG Branch near you.

    There are houses from Pag-IBIG accredited projects that require a very little amount of down payment. Please check from your real estate agents there in your place.

    You may assign your brother to be your representative here in the Philippines.

  • kath

    hi admin, ask ko lang paano kung ang nakuha nming house and lot from acquired assets ng pag-ibig ay walang house permit? kmi magpaprocess nun? wala na ung dating developer ng subdivision at nagtanong na ako sa accessors office ng municipality. walang silang record ng developer.

  • admin

    What do you need that for? Is your loan already granted?

  • gretch

    ,,admin how about house improvement do we still nid the land title? tnk u very much for clarifyng my 1st question,,

  • home

    Hello Admin,

    Yung buyer ng house ko nagloan sa pagibig at granted,naitransfer na yung title sa borrower pero hindi naman nila pinasa sa pagibig for a year na.. pwede ko ba bawiin ulit yung titulo ko or ipa stop yung process sa pagibig, ako yung seller. Paano po gagawin ko, niloko lang nila ako..

  • ric marabe

    Inquire lang ako kung qualified ako to purchase a house and lot. I’m a call center representative for more than 6 years now. I’m only earning 20,600.00(basic pay) and my contribution is only 200, share ng company and mine. I’m planning to purchase a residential house in Laguna, and the cost of it given by owner is 530,000.00.

    Will I be able to get that amount if ever I’m qualified and my requirements fulfill what PAG-IBIG is requesting. Also, how much I’m going to pay monthly and I would want to pay it for only 15years?

  • admin

    You have a good chance of getting that loan. Please refer to this article:

    That should be very useful in answering your question.

    Did you mean this already happened to you? First, you should have all the documents done legally and prepared by a lawyer. This is where the lawyer is very important.

    Yes the Land Title is really needed as a collateral even for a Home Improvement Loan.

  • jhenny

    ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang mag loan ang husband ko sa pag ibig?kasi poh may balak kaming bumili ng bhay 1.5M… bpi poh xa nag wowork..

  • kath

    admin on October 7th, 2011 2:59 am
    What do you need that for? Is your loan already granted?

    yes, the loan is granted at nasa processing na ng paglipat ng title sa name ko. pinapasubmit na po ako ng requirements, one of those is the tax declaration of the building. wala po akong makuhanan s municipality nmin. ayaw i-accept ng pag-ibig personnel (acquired assets dept) ung documents unless complete sya. kya di me makapag submit, un na lang po ang kulang. hope you can help me.

  • admin

    I guess, you have to trace it from the Pag-IBIG Fund since this is a foreclosed unit.

    It depends on many factors. If he has been a member for at least two years and with sufficient income, there is a good chance
    of him taking a housing loan from Pag-IBIG.

  • iambitz

    Good day. I would like to be advised if it’s normal for the developer to require the submission of post-dated checks to cover the first two years pag-ibig monthly amortization (which would be payable to the developer) aside from the post-dated checks for the downpayment, given that the house is still under construction, thus my loan application with pag-ibig is not yet filed. Per developer, since many members are applying for a housing loan, they are requiring the submission of the advance pdcs as part of the booking requirements so that my application would already be included in the line-up with pag-ibig. Many thanks!

  • admin

    Yes, that’s a common practice. But if your loan is released immediately and you can arrange a salary deduction with your employer, you may be able to do away with that process.

  • sset

    kapag may NOA na at nakapg submit na ng last requirements. Ilang days ang release ng check? At pwede ba syang ma-encash sa nearest branch?

  • Richile

    Hi, tanong ko lang kasi requirement sa housing loan CERTIFIED TRUE COPY ng titulo ng lupa. Nakuha ko ho yung lupa bilang pamana. Kailangan ho ba mapatanggal ko muna yung section 74 na nakatatak dun sa titulo o mapaprocess pa din papeles ko kahit ang certified true copy na ipasa ko eh may section 74 pang nakalagay? Maraming salamat.

  • kath

    hi admin, ask lang po namin magkano po ang total cost ng MRI at Fire Insurance? at gaano katagal sya dpat bayaran? thanks

  • kath

    hi admin, ask ko lang magkano po total cost ng MRI at Fire Insurance? At hanggang ilang taon po sya dpat byaran? Thanks.

  • admin

    I think I have replied on this before. I forgot the exact figure, but rest assured that’s very minimal. It goes until the life of the loan. This is one of those insurances that you should take advantage of and besides, it is a requirement. :-)

    I think, you have to hand them as copy as is… The way it looks as the original one.

    Please do a follow-up at the office.

  • leo depedra jr

    hi sir/mam

    ask ko lang po kung anu magandang gawin sa prob ko. almost 18 year na po ako member ng Pag ibig. nag try po ako na mag apply ng 10 years maturity pero di daw pwede kc may existing housing loan daw po ako. last 1995 mag apply po ako ng housing loan sa carrisa homes in tanza cavite thru pag ibig but ever since hindi ko po na tirahan at di nag deduct sa payslip ko.dahil sa malayo ang deplyoment ko diko na sya naasikaso. ano po bang paraan para makapag loan ako sa 10 years maturity sir/mam. salamat po

  • admin

    I think that’s because you still have an on-going housing loan. YOu need to settle it first. Or better yet, sell the property.

  • amir

    dear admin,

    i have a house for about 100sqm along the highway in tagaytay, how much the probable amount to be loan for the house renovation?

  • http://googles arminda murillo

    hi, mam/sir isa po akong ofw dito sa saudi arabia..ask ko lang po kong na submit na ng APEC company ang aplication ko..kc palagi po syang na pe pending for take out..almost two yrs na po ako nag aantay.nag submit po ulit ako ng new job contract kc sabi nila yon nag need nyo. para ma approved ang loan ko..ang SPA ko po ang nag aasikaso at umaattend ng simenar..kumuha ako ng bahay sa marco polo sta rosa.then sabi nila last august 15, 2011 nilagay nila for take out..tas di naman po ulit na tuloy.kc need nga po ng new job contract ko..hope na matugunan nyo ang problema ko.thanks po.

  • Marianne

    Magandang Araw po! Nung nagtanong po ako sa Pag-ibig kung puede kong i-housing loan ang pagpapagawa ng bahay namin na ang lupa ay nakapangalan sa magulang namin, ang sabi po ay puede basta may SPA lang. Pero base sa mga nabasa ko dito ay hindi puede. Alin po ba ang tama?

  • admin

    Two factors: the cost of the project and your income.

    You to follow it up at the branch. Better yet, apply for another one, you were probably denied at the first.

  • gresilda ramos

    gud day.. ofw po ang husband ko for almost 11 years pwede po ba mag cash loan kahit na 1m at how much po ang monthly nya good for 10years to pay..idea lang mo po kung magkno…tnx…and if ever na pwd ilang months bago ma aprobe…

  • Katrina Marange


    gusto ko po sanang mag apply ng housing loan but the thing is meron n po akong lote. Pwede po bng ako n lng ung magpapagawa ng bahay instead of kumuha ng house s real state?An how much po b ung maximum n pedeng ma loan ko?

  • dj

    Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for creating this website indeed it gave us easy access in some of our querries however, I have a personal concern hope you can help me with my questions:
    My husband is an OFW and I am also employed and I am a Pag Ibig member. We applied for a housing loan not under Pag ibig, can we apply for a house improvement loan(PAG IBIG)since we want to extend our kitchen and have an additonal room? If yes, what are the needed requirements? thank you and hoping for your answers. God bless You

  • admin

    The Housing Loan can also be used for Home Construction project like yours. 3M is the maximum loan amount.

    A Cash Loan actually falls under the MPL Loan Program and it depends on your contributions. You won’t probably get 1M for that type of loan.


    TO ADMIN… and to all concern…
    Is there an available house and lot or lot for sale in taguig catered by pagibig?? We are one of the family who will be affected by the government plan to be demolished here in taguig… We have lived here since i was in high school and now i have a family and needs a decent house to live… since we are not sure if the BCDA will relocate us… i was looking for a lot or house and lot that i can afford… me and my husband is working in a government institution here in taguig… please help us look for an affordable place to lived… thanks much

  • maxx

    i have an existing loan in PAG-IBIG. i used this loan to purchase a LOT in a subdivision. and i am paying my monthly dues on time. question is, who pays for the land tax? is it included in my monthly dues to PAG-IBIG? or do i have to pay it myself? thank you..

  • admin

    Real Property Tax and other taxes are yours to shoulder.

    Please start by either visiting the office of Pag-IBIG in that area or by looking for real estate agents in that place.

  • Marie

    Good day…My husband nd I wants to buy my parents house and lot. The land title was under the name of my father and my mother name was included (married to). My mother was died three years ago. Can we still purchase this house in absence of my mother’s signature..Thanks


    hi, tanong ko lang po kung ang seminar e sa makati office lang? malapit kasi ako sa pasig branch. thanks.


    another question po, kelangan po ba ang co-borrowers ko pag-ibig member din? pano po ang co-borrower ko e magreretire na after 9 years? pwede pa ba sya maging co-borrower ko sa housing loan na 30 years ang maturity? thank you.



  • deanna cano

    gus2 ko po mag inquire tungkol s maturity contribution after 20 years.magkano makukuha and wat req at san un iclaim anong branch iaaply?govt employee po ako from pagcor.tnx.

  • dennis

    hi,may existing na po kming house and lot na hinuhulugan sa pag-ibig balak po namin e benta dahil medyo may kaliitan po…may buyer na rin po kami at member din po sya ng pag-ibig pwede po ba kaya yun bilhin nya thru pag-ibig din po…thank you po



    hello, i hope you can help me with my concerns. Hoping to hear from you.

  • admin

    Yes, that’s possible.

    A co-borrower has to be a member also and will have similar qualification
    requirements as the principal.

    You can pay over the counter. But, please take back your PDCs.

    Please refer to this link:

    Yes, a Pag-IBIG Loan can be assumed by another member.


    another question po,

    kami po ng father ko ang bibili ng lote. so name po namin ang nsa title pag na-tranfer. pero ako lang po ang mag-aapply sa pag-ibig para sa pagbili ng lote. i-a-allow ba ng pag-ibig na ang may co-owner ako sa lote na ico-collateral ko sa loan ko?

  • irene

    question po ulet. pwede po ba ang ganitong set-up?

    kami ng father ko ang magloloan sa pag-ibig para sa bibilhing lote.
    kaso, sa kanya at sa mama ko lang ipapangalan ang land title. pwede po ba ako ang maging principal borrower at co-borrower lang ang father ko? mas may capacity to pay kasi ako.

  • irene

    pahabol ulet, dpat po ba ang principal borrower ang mag-file ng application sa pag-ibig o pwede na ang co-borrower? o parehas kami dpat nandon?

  • http://yahoomail mirasol

    Hi Admin,

    Please Help!

    Me and my boyfriend want to buy a house sa isang residential area dito sa Malabon. My pag-ibig contribution is not continues paiba-iba kasi ako ng employer pero un sa bf ko continues naman po sya .. anu po ba yun pwede namin gamitin sa dalawa?? pwede na po ba kaming mag loan??? 3 yrs. na po kami sa pag-ibig .. Ang gusto po kasi ng may ari ng bahay cash po namin sya mabayaran worth 650,000.00 po sya ..matutulungan po kaya kami ng pag-ibig ?? anu po ba mga steps ang dapat namin gawin??

  • admin

    Please be informed that you can’t be considered as principal and co-borrower on one loan.

    Suggestion: Ask the seller if she can wait for the money if you are to apply for a Pag-IBIG Home Loan. At the same time, you may want to attend a housing loan in your place.

    1. yes.
    2. That’s pretty smart, you being the principal borrower. As to the name on the title, that may or may not be possible. It depends on your arrangement with the Pag-IBIG. Some lenders will allow such a setup.

  • irene

    pwede po ba ako sa ortigas branch mag-seminar o magpa-assist sa housing loan? don po kasi ako malapit kesa sa makati office niyo.

  • Bea


    Im planning to apply for a housing loan, pero yong tittle ng land ay sa mother ko. ok lang ba iyon?

  • hannah

    I just want to ask if its true na 15 working days lang, if approved makukuha na yung NOA? In my case, the developer submitted may HLA this first week of November lang naman. Pag-ibig did some CI na sakin and sa office. Until when po kaya yung shortest period and longest period to wait for NOA?thanks

  • jollard

    good day po! Kailangan ko po talagang gamiting ang pag-ibig ko para makapag housing loan, at matubos po yung lupa na naforclose nang lending investor dahil sa utang sa kanila,namatay na po yung owner ng title, at may nakalagay po sa TCT ang price nung deed of sale,Panu nyo po ba ako matutulungan dito?salamat po

  • christine t. sangkula

    Hi, Gud Day. I wish to avail of loan for house improvement but the lot is not yet in my name its still with my parents. WHat should I do in order that I can avail of the loan? And how much will I be granted. I have been in the govt service for more than 10 years as Nurse II. Thanks and God Bless.

  • Russ

    Hi, Good Day. I’m planning to avail a loan for house improvement however, the lot title is not yet under my name, still with my parents name. What is the best thing I should do in order that I can avail of the loan? And how much will I be granted. I’ve been a Pag-ibig member for more than 5 years. I’m expecting your reply in my e-mail address.. Thanks and God Bless.

  • Kulas

    Hi Admin,I would like to ask for how many days the standard processing to be approve the Pag-Ibig housing loan?Thanks and God Bless.

  • lucillecampo

    Hi, admin.Renting kmi dito sa Harmony 2 Marilao Bulacan. I was able to talk to one of ur ofc staff. sabi nya malaki daw ang bayarin ng inuupahan namin. actually, di kopa nameet yung may ari. may naniningil lng sa amin na kapitbahay. d address is…blk. 48 lt 35 Harmony 2 Loma de gato marilao bulacan. kung forclosure sya sana willing akong kunin ung unit. buti relly dont know me. tnx

  • christine t. sangkula

    For the ADmin: Hi how come we are not getting any answers to our queries? Please give us feedback so that we will know what to do. Or perhaps we can find other source for our financial needs in case your answers will in the negative. Thanks and God Bless.

  • admin

    The Home Improvement Loan is available only to members with existing housing loan balance with Pag-IBIG. And the name of the title must be with the member-borrower already by the time of loan appplication.

    YOu should attend the seminar at the branch that handles the area where you want to buy.

    The title must be in your name.

    Yes, sometimes it only takes that long. But be prepared for the worst.

    I hate to say this, but time may not be in your favor. You can try to apply for a home loan to recover the title, but the process is very complicated.

    Please read the article link below for the loan amount you are entitled to.

    Sometimes it only takes two weeks, sometimes more.

    You can check it at the office.

    Hopefully, you can read this reply now. :-)

  • christine t. sangkula

    hi thanks for the reply. What other loan can we apply? Because the Multi- Purpose loan is too small for a house improvement since it depends on the contribution we have. I have my house built but I only need some amount for its improvement. How can Pag-ibig help me?

  • kaytoy

    Do you have Post on Procedures on Assuming a housing loan from other pag-ibig member?

    its like i wanna buy his house, so i also have to pay pag-ibig for its monthly amortization.

    i just wanna know the procedure for legal purposes and transfer of ownership.

    Thank you Very Much

    Pls email me

  • julito

    gusto ko pong mag avail ng loan kasi kinapos ang budget ko sa pagpagawa ng aking bahay the problem mayroon akong lupa kaso lamang hindi naka title which is one of the requirements is the land title is their solution in line with this sir

  • Roselio

    OFW po ako Qatar…may bahay na po ako sa Davao City founded by Pag-ibig almost 11yrs na po kaming nag babayad…gusto ko po syang ipa improve or level up, pwde po bang mag loan sa inyong ahensya para may pang gastos ako sa naturang house improvement… Please send me info details and requirements para naman po ma prepare ko lahat. Merry Christmas po at MABUHAY PO ANG AHENSYA NG PAG-IBIG!

  • kenneth

    Good day mam/sir,

    from 2005 to 2010 i was able to pay my contributions pero nagstop for almost 2 years, when i work here sa qatar as a nurse,,

    1. kelangan ko pa po bang mag contribute ulit ng 24 months para makapagloan ng 2million for my housing project ( i have a lot napo)or ilang months po kelangan pang magcontribute ulit para maaprove po ang loan?

    3.based from “table contribution and capacity to pay” i contributed 200 to 300 pesos before for 5 years, malaki po ba ang chance to get the 2 million loan if i earn a good salary naman po this time.

    thank you very much and hoping for your reply…..

  • admin

    The 24 months requirement must be consecutive and you must be active at the time of loan application. But sometimes Pag-IBIG gives a leeway.

    Yes, you may apply for a home improvement loan on top of your existing loan. As to the documents required, please follow the link below.

    The land title is a requirement. It must be free from any encumbrances.

    We are still on the process of making that one. :-)

    I’m not sure how else can Pag-IBIG help you on this one. Maybe the best help comes from some place else.

  • Al Ardosa

    RE: It’s always Check issued in the name of the seller.

    Is the seller/owner will receive full payment from pag-ibig?

  • Maris Perez

    I already received my “take out letter” from Pag-ibig Sept. of 2011 after two years of waiting of processing as they say…I can say that I am a good payer. I have been paying the acquired housing loan for three months now but the thing is I’m still waiting for me to “MOVE-IN”. Developer still processing such…It felt bad that I am already paying for nothing for I haven’t really occupying the unit. I asked them if its okay if while waiting for me to “move-in”, the unit be repaired. But they don’t agree since their procedure is to have the “move-in process” finished first before touching the unit. But they can’t even say when the process would lasts. It has been a very long time of waiting… The sad thing is I’m also paying for an apartment and thinking that acquiring a Pag-ibig housing loan would be a great help…I think it doesn’t apply to me…Paying two houses at a time…
    One of your objectives is to provide assistance to improve the quality of life of its members by promoting home ownership. I’m asking if there is any sanction for this kind of developer for I felt that they we’re never helpful of our situation. For the past years, I may say that I always do the follow-up…Once or twice every week but still years had passed for nothing… I may even want to pull my account from them…Is it possible to do so?…Any action that may help me to remove such burden in my heart is highly appreciable…
    Thank you very much…Hoping for your response..

  • quitiz

    kailangan po ba na 15% constructed ang house na iloloan before marelease ung NOA. Nong ivalidate po kc ako sa pagibig sabi marereceive ko agad ung NOA within 2 weeks pero over a month na wala pa akong natatanggap..ang sabi po ng agent ko wait ko daw na mka 15% ung house construction ska pa lang magpapadala ang PAGIBIG ng noa.


    Dear Sir:

    We have completed and about to file the requirements for a house construction loan with PAG-IBIG, but I have a few questions which, I hope, you will be able to clarify for us:

    1. Will PAG-IBIG require us for an equity prior to approval of the loan? We are planning on loaning P2M.
    2. Will it be better and faster to apply directly at your main office rather than at the regional office?

    Thank you.

  • Mia

    Hello po magtatanong po sana ako pero hindi po Tungkol sa loan. Mayron po akong bahay na hinuhulugan sa Camella sa Bacolod 10 years to pay po sya TCP ng bahay ay 3.3 Million mag aapat na taon ko na pong hinuhulugan pero ngayon nagbago po ang Plano naming mag asawa. Nakapag hulog na po ako dito ng mga 2.2 million pesos nais ko sang ipa resale ang bahay o ipa assume sa iba. Meron po akong broker na tutu long with asking 5% standard commission sabi Nya sakin may tubo na ako sa bahay na Ito pag naibenta dahil 2008 pa ang presyo ng bahay ko un po ang una yang sinabihan ngayon po nmn ang sabi Nya na pwede bang e buy back nlang ako Kung magkano man ang nahulog ko. Naisip ko lugi naman ko Kung buy back Lang dahil kukunan pa Nya ng commission un kung mabili man ang bahay ko. Tama po na na e buy back Lang ako sa bahay halos lugi ako sa investment ko.

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  • admin

    You receive it and give it to the seller/owner.

    Please report that case to the HLURB which has the jurisdiction over that developer.

    Are you buying a new house? If so, it must be finished first before you even apply for a home loan.

    1. Yes. Essentially, it means you have to finance the initial construction project. That’s roughly 30% of the project cost.

    2. You will always be directed to the branch that has jurisdiction over the project.

    The selling price is always up to you as the seller. But if you want to sell it fast, it must be at the price that is just within the range of the on going market price.

  • tin-tin

    Hi admin! I just want to know if I can avail of housing loan if my purpose is not purchasing nor construction/renovation but for reimbursement. The title was already transferred under my name but we’re not yet fully paid with the seller. We just came to agreement that the seller will transfer the title to me so that I can apply for a loan which I will make the title collateral so we can pay her the full amount. Thank you. Hoping for your quick response.

  • steph


    Sir, possible po ba na makapagloan ako sa inyo para sa pagpapagawa ng extension ng bahay na aking hinuhulugang bahay kahit na hindi ko pa eto fully paid? hindi ko naman po ginamit ang pag-ibig sa pagpurchase ng house and lot na ito.

  • tin-tin

    Tanong ko na rin po if important sa appraisal na ang gate ng house namin ay may 3-meters sa daanan? And ang land title po namin ay may encumbrance. Should we have the encumbrance cancelled first before applying for a housing loan? Nakalagay na rin kasi siya kahit don sa title nung dating owner. Thanks admin.

  • quitiz

    gud pm admin..kailangan po ba na 2 years active member ako prior to my application sa housing loan? 85months po ang contribution ko before akong nagstop maghulog. ung 85months po kc may employer pa ako. nag stop po ako maghulog for 3years..pinareactivate ko po ung membership ko as self employed last december. sa ngaun po active member na ako at nahulugan ko a rin ung contribution ko in advance till june of 2012 (260/month). nag-aapply po ako for housing loan at nakapagbayad na rin ng equity for 3months. pero ung house po kc na iniloloan ko ay sinisimulan pa lang. nagpakita nman po ako ng proof na kaya kong hulugan ung monthly amortization at naisubmit ko na rin lahat ng requirements sa office ng developer. may possibility po ba na mareject pa ung application ko?

  • dhea

    elow po, after po ba na maapproved ang housing loan at maayos po ang ibang pang documents na kailanagn. kailan po darating ang tseke?

  • admin

    Yes, that’s a Home Improvement Loan.

    The title must be free from encumbrances.

    Here’s the deal: If you can prove that you have the means of paying the monthly amortization, your chances of getting the loan is high.

    Normally, if all goes well, within two weeks you can have the check.

  • jilcel

    Good day to you!
    I am a member of PAG-IBIG for almost 10years, until i resigned from employment and start to work online or homebased jobs, to which i am working to a foreign country thru onlne. I am willing to update my remittance as voluntary.
    The problem is, I would like to apply for a Housing Loan amounting to P700K only (actually i was able to pay the difference from the TCP already) I am currently earning more or less 40K which is being sent thru banks as Remittance. I have proof and COE also stating my salary. May I ask, is it necessary to submit an Income Tax Return even If i could prove my capacity to pay ( my bank statement and remittance slip). Honestly, I don’t have an ITR since, according to a friend from the bank. I am also considered an OFW since my income was from a foreign country. I would gladly appreciate your help!
    Thank you very much and God bless!

  • johnny

    good evening po,i would like to ask f home occopants will neccessary pay a tax even he or she doesnt have a tittle yet?thanx

  • Dennis

    Hello, I would ask if I could refund my pagibig housing loan (still no yet fully paid now) because I have found out that my house and the entire barangay is in geohazard map under danger zone. (prone to landslide) pls. help we are not living there already.

  • Ben

    Hi Admin,

    Nakalagay po sa ito sa website ng

    New Year, New Home – Starting January 2, 2012. Pag-IBIG Housing Operations and other Departments will hold office at 409 JELP Business Solutions Bldg., Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

    Ibig sabihin po ba eh dun na din sila nagkaconduct ng Loan Counselling Sessions? Thanks and more power!

  • Ben

    I just came from the new Pagibig building at Shaw Blvd. And I was surprised that they don’t conduct Loan Counselling Sessions anymore. They just gave me forms and checklist of requirements and answered my questions.

  • http://deleted kattya

    hi admin, pwede po bang ako ang mag tuloy ng housing loan ng kapitbahay ko kung hindi na nya po gustong ituloy? if pwede po, pano po ang proseso? Salamat po and more power!

  • Benjamin

    Hi maam, I am working overseas in Saudi can i avail instant loan for housing loan in real state for my amortization.

  • Cherry

    Good Day po
    Ask ko lang po na makakapagloan p rin po b ako sa PAG IBIG if may dati akong loan n naitransfer ko sucessfully sa other buyer after two years of complete payments ?

  • almira bautista

    Good day admin! I got a few questions.
    1. We’re planning to buy sana lot sa Quezon province(near Infanta area), where will we file? which branch specifically?
    2. if the loan will be approved can we file another loan for the construction of house?
    3. My husband will be the one filing, will it be ok if the co-borrower will be my brother?
    4.Is it ok if my husband is working in Manila and the lot we want to purchased is in the province?

  • admin

    Actually, you are considered as self-employed and you can become as Pag-IBIG member as such. You are not an OFW since you don’t have to have a certification from the POEA.

    There are a lot of people like you. But always remember that Pag-IBIG will be requiring that you submit an ITR.


    1. Please locate the particular branch here:

    2. Yes

    3. Unfortunately, your brother can act as your husband’s co-borrower. But you can, you and your husband or you and your brother.

    4. Yes

    Yes, sure.

    Instant Loan? There has to be a process.

    Yes, that means you will assume the loan. Please visit the branch with your friend so that you can discuss it in details.

    I’m sorry to hear about that. But the project should not have been approved in the first place.


  • karla

    hello admin, really need your help on this one… we have already received the NOA and the documents are with the ROD for transferring of the title to our name… we were told that it would still take a month or so for the release of the new title in our name, and consequently, the processing of the loan and release of the pag ibig loan proceeds…because the seller has been pressuring us to pay the full amount of the property (P 900K), we are thinking of securing a loan from one of our relatives to pay the seller the full amount… are there instances when the check for the housing loan proceeds may be released in the name of the buyer/borrower? can the seller just execute a document saying that he has already received the full payment and that he is waiving his right to claim the pag ibig housing loan proceeds in our favor? the seller has been badgering us for the payment, we are under so much pressure that’s why we want to pay him already… thank you so much…

  • admin

    The check will always be in the name of the Seller.

    It’s very unfortunate that the seller’s attitude is like that. :-( Did he/she know that you’ll be using Pag-IBIG Housing Loan to finance your purchase?

    However, if you have documented your agreements properly, this should not be a problem. He/she should wait.

  • rizza

    hi! kumuha kmi ng house & lot worth 2.5M. ptapos na ung equity this feb 15 and waiting na lng ng loan take out sa pagibig. gusto ng husband ko na mapababa ung monthly amortizations pag nag-start na kming magbayad. pwede ba kming mag-advance payment pra bumaba ung monthly or fixed na ung monthly amort. mapapadali lng ung loan term? thanks!

  • JV

    Dear Admin,

    Good day! Just wanted to clarify.

    1. Get H&L from Developer & paid the ff.
    a. downpayment – paid
    b. paid 1 yr MA to Developer while application to PAG-ibig is on-going.
    2. After a year of paying monthly amorization to Developer, the loan application at Pag-Ibig is granted.
    3. In line with these;
    a. what would be the process ?
    b. what is the basis in computing the loanable amount?
    Example: Total contract price = 854k
    Total DP = 177k
    Ma paid at Developer = 100,222
    c. Does the MA paid to developer be submitted to Pag-ibig & deduct to the principal?
    d. What is the formula/computation of Principal & Interest?


  • Errych

    Good day po Admin

    May nakuha po townhaus subject for Pag ibig Application ngaun taong 2012 (hindi p po gawa). Nakabayad n po ako ng downpayment at equity kya lang bigla akong nagkaproblema financial kya hindi ko n kakayanin ipagpatuloy. gusto ko n icancel kya lang hindi pumayag Developer / Owner n irefund ang pera kong binayad.

    Para po di masayang ang pera ko , nag offer ang aking kaibigan cya n lng daw bibili ng townhaus (isosoli nya sa akin ang downpayment at equity ) pero gamitin ko n ang pag ibig at cya magbabayad ( After 2 yrs ay itransfer ko n lang daw ang pag ibig loan ko sa kanya) – ( Kc po mag iiba ang price ng townhaus if transfer ko po with developer concerns kya gusto nya usapan n lang namin hanggang matake out ng pag ibig)

    Tanong po:
    1. Possible po b ito sa pag ibig – pumapayag po ba na maitransfer ang loan sa kanya after two years sa halagang naiwan ko. eg if 850,000 ang haus at nakabayad n ako ng 50,000 (after 2 yrs) ->pede b nyang ipagpatuloy ang 800,000 sa pangalan n nya ang loan at mazero n ako.

    2. If pede po, makakapag loan pa ba ako after n mazero ako?

    ang iniisip ko po ngaun ay maibalik lang ang aking downpayment at equity at hindi n sumablay sa pag ibig – maari ko naman pagamit ang aking pag ibig ng two years , kya lang iniisip ko n baka hindi naman valid ang transaction na tio sa pag ibig – boljak ako –

    any advice po


  • admin

    To lower your monthly amortization, you can put a bigger down payment or extend the loan term. You can also save on
    interest payments if you pay extra amount on top of your scheduled amortization due.

    They can either refund the excess amount you have paid or give it to Pag-IBIG as advanced payment to your home loan.

    As to the formula, please be guided by this tool:

    Take note that it will only generate a rough estimate.


    1. Yes, that’s allowed since the loan is assumable by someone.

    2. You can still apply provided you do it properly. Please ask the assistance of the staff there on how to go about it.

  • Shiela F. Navidad

    God pm po! ask ko lang po kung pwede akong humingi ng list ng pwede i-occupy na unoccupied units or abandon units sa ACM Woodstock Alapan Imus, cavite. tumawag na po ako sa pagibig imus branch pero sbi po nila wala daw po silang list.. my ibinigay silang number (02 645-6556)sbi po nung nakausap ko wala rin daw silang list.. pwede po bang paki send nalang po sa email ko ung list? please po.. thanx you so much..

  • Rizalina Jacinto

    Dear Admin,

    May binebenta po bahay sa akin kaso ndi pa po nila natransfer un title sa name nila.andon pa din po sa original owner pero may deed of sale & SPA po sila. Possible po ba na ipatransfer ko un direct sa name ko un title then don din po sa seller ngyon un name ng check ng housing loan ko sa pag ibig?

  • laarni arnejo

    Good day pagibig,
    i applied for housing loan at pagibig and i submitted all the requirements to the developer last 2010. at that time i still have a work. Then they are asking me again today to subnit new set of latest requirements in order to conduct CI but theproblem is my job contract was already end and i am still waiting for another project. As of now i dont have latest payslip and c.e.c. what will i do?, wha best advice can you give? Can i refund my 10k reservation fee? Please help me what to do. Thank you and god bless.

  • almira bautista

    Good day admin!
    I got few questions po:
    1. yung agreement to sell po ba should be notarized?
    2. 1% of the total amount po ba tlaga ang babayaran na attorney’s fee kpag nagpagawa ng absolute deed of sale?
    3. sino po ba dpat magbabayad sa transfer if title kpag naggrant na ang application loan?
    4. How long/short will it take for the application to process?

  • almira bautista

    Good day! admin mas matagal po ba ang evaluation kpag nasa province yung bibilhin na lot?4-5 hours ride from branch yung place. thank you so much and God bless. You’re such a big help po.

  • paul b

    Hi Admin,

    Im planning to buy a lot. Is it possible to loan an amount including the finances to build my house? Let say 1M?

  • paul b

    and follow up to my question mkakakuha ba ako ng housing loan even if it is my first time to apply a loan w/ pagibig?

  • almira bautista

    Good day! add’l question po,if the loan amount application is 700,000.00 kc yun po yung total price so then the 20% of it is 140,000.00 kelangan po ba kami ang magshoulder nun?paano po ba yun, kc sa calculator meron 20 percent down payment? thanks po, hope you enlighten me on this one too. God bless po.

  • admin

    The down payment (sometimes they call it equity) should be shouldered by the buyer. The industry standard down payment is 20% of the selling price, but please check with the seller/developer how much they will require as minimum.

    Regarding the evaluation process that you mentioned earlier… actually, if you are buying from an accredited project chances are good that Pag-IBIG is also aware of the appraised values of the properties selling in that area of interest.

    When you apply for a home loan, your application will be evaluated and you will be notified
    whether or not your loan is granted.

    The best time to apply is when your employment contract is still active and will expire for a much longer time. Otherwise, your chances
    of getting approved will be slim. Remember that proof of income is really an important factor for them.

    That’s very complicated and eventually it will lead you to contacting the original buyer.

    We can’t and we don’t do that here on this website.

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  • tin-tin

    hi admin! ask ko po **can i apply for a housing loan khit na ang title eh nakapangalan na saken. actually, hindi pa kase kme fully paid sa real owner pro pina-transfer nya na saken ung title pra daw madaling mag-loan. **ano pong purpose dapat kong gmitin? and one more thing, **important po ba sa inyo ang right of way kase we’ve been declined sa bank na pinag-aaply-an namin bcoz of dat. hope 4 ur immediate response. thank you! :)

  • Boy_28

    Hi admin,

    Meron na po akong existing HDMI renovation loan of P2.5M and is currently paying P28,086/month and this will happen until the next 30years. I am not sure that the amount is affordable anymore with all that is happening in my expenses. Do you have any suggestion on how i can make my monthly amortization lesser. The MRI insurance is also affecting a huge part of the monthly furthermore, what will be the benefits for me for paying the MRI and Fire insurance? Sorry for my ignorance on this matter. Thank you in advance. – Boy_28

  • Bobbievillanueva

    Hi..good afternoon!.i would like to know if we can apply for a housing loan (housing construction) at the parcel of land of my mother-in-law..they are allowing us to use the lot as a it possible to avail the loan even if the title is in their name?or are there any possible option to apply for a loan using their property as colateral w/o the need of transfering the title to my husband’s name?please reply ASAP!
    Thank you!

  • helen

    good day sir/maa’m,

    may ilan lang po akong katanungan;nag apply ang mister ng housing loan na-submit narin ang lahat ng requirements and infact tumawag narin ang taga Pag-Ibig para sabihin na na-approve na daw po ang loan application ng mister ko. ngayon, ang sabi sakin ng taga pag-ibig(over the phone) i need to go to their office para daw sa mga kakailanganin pang mga papeles na i-accomplish ko( i have SPA, by the way). can you pls tell me kung ano pa po ang mga dapat kung dadalhing papeles kasi medyo may kalayuan ang bahay namin sa office ng pag-ibig..para naman hindi na ako magpa balik-balik pa katulad nung mga nakaraan kung pagpunta hindi sabay sinabi kung ano-ano pang kelangan ng para sa ganon na bitbit ko na sana lahat ng mga kakailanganing dokumento.

    saka may nababasa ako sa website ninyo na kelangan mag submit ng mga ganitong requirements for final approval; 1.)Occupancy Permit(is this true?) di ba ang permit na ito ay saka nalang i-aapply kong gusto na ninyo tirahan ang bahay? 2.)Deed of Adsolute Sale, 3.)New Tax Declaration, etc… ang mga ito ba talagang required i-submit? another thing also paki explain pls in short kung ano ang Equity kasi medyo hindi ko maintindihan ito…at kung meron nga ito paano namin babayaan? ang ina-apply naming loan is 1.2M at ang nag start narin ang construction na bahay namin i think nasa 35% na.

    thank you and more power.


  • anna

    good day!

    I just decided to apply for a housing loan, simply because I want to have my own house. the problem is i don’t know where to start? where to go, what to do first like saang location, what type of house or what is right price? hope u could help me. thanks for your time!

    god bless you!

  • anna

    do you have any program that can help us to choose the best (quality, safety) that fit’s our budget.

    recommendation i think?

    thank u again!

  • jorayma salvan

    Good day sir!

    we are already waiting for loan takeout…here are my questons po:
    1. is the check addressed to me or to our seller?
    2. can we claim the check in behalf of the seller?
    3. How about the start of payment? Can we pay thru bank? what’s the procedure?

    a kind employee at PagIbig told us that we should have been oriented on these, but no one did. But since we are on this stage already, we dont know who to ask…

    Would appreciate your reply.

    thanks sir!

  • dangsej

    hi,can I make our land in the province as a collateral if I make a loan to purchase a house and lot specifically in cavite? I owned a 5800 sq.meters lot area in our province.thanks

  • admin

    The collateral requirement must be the same lot from which you want to build your house on.

    1. The Check will be in the name of the seller.
    2. Yes
    3. You can pay through the bank or over the counter or to SM payment Centers.

    Please check with your local real estate agents.

    I’m not sure which stage you are already, but please check this link for the document requirements:

    The title must be in the name of the borrower.

    Your loan term is already the maximum. I’m not sure also if you are prepared to take on that amount, but since you qualified, I think
    you are capable of paying it.

    yes, the Road Right of way is very important. Why on earth would you buy a property that has no right of way?

  • irene

    question po:

    1. ako po ang co-borrower sa loan, pwede po ba ako ang mag-file ng application namin o dpat ang principal borrower ang mag-file?

    2. sabi sa pag-ibig two weeks ang processing time from submission ng application. but i doubt that. what’s the max time frame para malaman mo kung approved ang loan mo?

    3. once approved, gano katagal bago ko makukuha ang NOA? para masimulan ko na agad ang pag-ayos ng transfer.

  • SAW

    gud day! approved na po yung housing loan ko and narelease na yung NOA, paano po kung d ko natapos or nacomplied yung mga requirements w/in 90days? ano po kailangan ko gawin? salamat po.

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  • ailyn

    ask ko lng po kng pwd mag loan money?at kng pwd mag kano ?

  • ailyn

    kong halimbawang ma full paid kuna yong bahay ko pwd b akong mag loan money pra sa business ko?

  • admin

    There are banks who can help you on that once the Land Title is already in your name. Unfortunately, Pag-IBIG doesn’t allow such kind of loan.

    You need to comply it otherwise the checque will not be released to the seller.

    1. It has to be both of you.

    2. Give them one month max, or better yet, follow up from time to time.

    3. Two weeks should be the maximum.

  • Jhen

    Ako poy isang regular na emlyado ng governo isang guro,mag aapat na taon na po sa serbesyo, tanong ko lng po kung pwede po ako mg avail ng housing loan? my gusto po kc ako bilhin na bahay at lupa worht of 500k pero ala po ako ganun halaga pwede ko po ba ito through pag-ibig housing loan?
    Ina asahan ko po ang inyong response regarding this matter. Maraming salamat po..


    Good day po!
    May i ask, is it possible na makapag apply ng housing loan at mag apply for a home improvement at the same time sa Pag ibig?
    Then..huhulugan po siya sabay ng monthly payment?
    Possible po ba yun?
    Hope for your reply.
    Thank you very much and God bless!

    Best Regards,

  • gabby


    Good day…just wanna if possible to increase the loan entitlement since my application of housing loan is approved already. Base in the application form give to me, the loan entitlement amount was 500k only it just because my contribution is 200php. Do you think it is possible to increase my loan entitlement amount if I paid 500-1000php? As of now Im still paying the downpayment for 1 year in the developer. My total contribution in pag-ibig as of now is 61 month and before I go to abroad I’m planning to increase my contribution from 200php to 500-1000php. Do you think there is a chance to increase my loan entitlement since the amount of the purchasing house is around 1,100,000,00 php.
    tnx and more power to pag-ibig….looking for your kind and consideration

  • admin

    I hope you are able to read this. The short answer is YES. That’s one of your benefits of being a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund.

    You need to wait for a couple more months before you can take the other loan.

    The loan amount has much to do with your income than your contribution. The bigger your income, the more more you can possibly loan.

  • sheila


    I would like to ask something about or pag-ibig housing loan. The developer said that we have a equity but wala nman po kami written documents about this. Di rin po namin nakita ung legal documents like I guess ung deed of absolute sale ba po un, which nakalgay ung total amount package of house and lot namin.kaya di po nmin alam kung mgkano po talaga ung equity.

    another question. the pagibig said that pd n namin itransfer ung title smen but ang sbi ng developer babayaran dw po namin ung pagpapatransfer sa developer. but sbi po ng pagibig nabawas n dw po un sa loan proceeds e. di ko po maintindihan kung ano ba ang tama. Gusto ko pong pumunta sa office ng developer but gusto ko pong magkaroon mga papel and evidence na hindi ko kelangan byaran ung equity na hinhingi nila and ung bayad dun sa transfer of title.hope you can help me. thanks ang Godbless


    Hi Admin,

    Ask ko lang po:
    1.the difference between “Housing Loan (House & Lot)” and “Lot Purchase & House Construction Loan.”
    2. May hinuhulugan po kasi akong lote from a Bank institution and hawak ko na po ang Contract To Sell (CTS) meaning I was given authority na patayuan na po ng bhay yung lote. Pede po bang yung “Lot Purchase & House Construction Loan” ang i-apply ko para mabayaran ko na po ng buo ang lote at di na mag-interest pa ng malaki at ng sa ganun ay mapatayuan ko na rin ng bahay? kelangan ko pa po ba ng collateral?

    Sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako sa tanong ko. Salamat po!

  • admin

    1. House and Lot is already a package, the house is already built. “Lot Purchase and House Construction” means you are buying a vacant lot and you can choose how the house will be designed since you are solely responsible for the construction.

    2.Yes, that’s right, you can use this kind of loan in this case. The collateral is the land title, which must be clean.

    The equity is really paid to the developer. Hopefully, you have kept all your Official Receipts as proofs of payments. I think they can explain this to you in detail.

  • Mang J

    Admin ofw po ako at PAG-IBIG I member.plan ko po mag-loan by next year.kailangan ko pa po ba mag-enroll sa PAG-IBIG Overseas Program? o pwede na yung PAG-IBIG I ko para mag-loan.with the help of my mom siya po maglalakad sa PAG-IBIG

  • admin

    All you need is Pag-IBIG I to get a housing loan. You must be at least 24 months active by the time you apply.


    Dear Admin,

    Thanks a lot for answering my question.

    Follow up question lang po, nakapag-attend na po ako ng seminar/counselling sa PAG-IBIG Makati last year pero di po natuloy yung plano ko sa pag-loan. Kelangan ko pa po ba mag-attend ulit ngaun ng seminar?

  • admin

    Yes, the seminar is only valid for 6 months. Beyond that, you need to attend again.

  • jacq

    Hi Admin…

    Try ko pong tumawag sa Main office pero walang ans.. gusto ko lang pong malaman kung accredited nyo po yung Cityland Devt’ Corp. Kasi po balak ko pong ipasok yung nakuha kong unit sa kanila sa PagIbig… ang kaso po sabi nila personal daw po akong mag aasikaso…

    Last time na nag ask ako regarding sa Equity or 20% down payment.. thanks for your help naintindihan ko po na need talaga na mag bayad muna ako ng equity bago ko ipasok sa PagIbig…

    Pero ngayon ko lang po nalaman sa iba.. na hindi po pala lahat ng developer or project ay accept nyo…

    Paki check naman po kung okay po ipasok sa inyo yung Madaluyong Executive Mansion III sa may Vergara st. Mandaluyong St. and developer po nya ay Cityland Dev’t Corp. thanks in advance.